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    Burnside reacted to Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    Just pipped me to it...

    The Corvair was released in June 1961, and according to the Great Book Of Corgi, was the first model to feature Venetian blinds fitted to the rear screen. The Fiat 2100 followed in August 1961, and did indeed use the same blinds in the rear.
    The Fiat 2100 was, unusually, an updated casting of the Fiat 1800, released only a year earlier in May 1960. It was reissued with a baseplate modified to read 'Fiat 2100', and gained the Corvair's rear window blind as a cheap and cheerful feature update.

    I haven't yet compared them, but I think the Ford Thames Airborne Caravan (released in 1962) also used the same blind, as well as the same colours as the Fiat.

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    Burnside reacted to barrett in Shite in Miniature II   
    Looks like it's a pastic copy of the Tomica Dandy Crown

    Other YCT models I can find are also plastic Dandy copies. Interesting stuff!

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    Burnside reacted to flat4alfa in Shite in Miniature II   
    This is a Corgi Chevrolet Corvair and a Corgi FIAT 2100, earlier this morning

    It does appear to be the same blind, yes

    The steering wheels are shared too, but the interior moulding is different and modelled off the real cars

    I found this FIAT's front suspension was down at the front too, at both sides.  If you take a thin screw driver and probe into the wheel wells, you can lift the 'suspension' rods back into place quite easily.  On this FIAT model, at least

    Looking at them together, you'd think the Corvair (despite being a 'compact') would be much larger and Corgi scaled them to similar size to fit packaging.  But in fact, in real life there is just 4½ inches difference in length and 3 inches width.  Which made the FIAT body a bit of a hefty car to be saddled with the 60bhp 1500cc petrol engine in the Taxi rank version...
    The FIAT measures to 1:48 scale and the Corvair to 1:47 
    The Corvair ought to get painted but the FIAT will stay as it is, despite the added Humbrol effort on the roof
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    Burnside reacted to flat4alfa in Shite in Miniature II   
    I bought a compound that came recommended off a modelling forum.  See www.glasspolishshop.com but got it through Amazon, not expensive
    Polished with a light rotary power tool, a 12v USB rechargeable cheap 'dremmel' that came with polishing and cutting accessories

    It is pretty good at finishing off (not unlike Doris)
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    Burnside reacted to flat4alfa in Shite in Miniature II   
    From antique shop on Honiton High St, (Devon)

    Majority with repro boxes.  At those valuations, I think I'll just keep painting old tatty ones and be done with it
    Some of you might like these though

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    Burnside reacted to bunglebus in Shite in Miniature II   
    Not a lot at the boot sale today, bought this as it was so crap that I had to have it

    Some odds and ends out of a huge box they were trying to sell me for £20 - I've got more than enough to get rid of already! Most of these are going in the projects box

    They we headed to Saafend where I got these out of a 2p machine, mostly with change I found left behind

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    Burnside reacted to 155V6 in Shite in Miniature II   
    A few buys from this week.
    The Welly StretKa came from @Tenmil Socket,I don't really buy 1/24 but couldn't resist this.
    The Corgi Rockets Escort is something I've been after for ages at a reasonable price.This one had no front axle,& was about £14 posted from eBay 😀    
    The rest came from a car boot which I haven't been to for years.The Britains truck I bought because we'd been nearly right round & I hadn't found a single thing 😂
    The rest came from one seller.The Polistil Ford Consul is nice but missing the driver's door.The plastic Toyota Crown is by YCT,it has a broken B pillar but should be fixable.The Majorette pickup is one of my favourite castings ever,so I couldn't leave it behind
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    Burnside reacted to flat4alfa in Shite in Miniature II   
    All is not lost!!
    Just found out SCHUCO did a 1/66 Escort Mk1, 1969-75

    It also does have the SUPER SCHNELL wheels and a pubic hair on the door to confirm the growler era.
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    Burnside reacted to flat4alfa in Shite in Miniature II   
    While Ford Escort Mk1 was current, the Citroens were DS, GS, SM.  Renaults were 16, 17, 5.  Simcas were 180 and Matra Bagheera.
    Majorette had small lines in those days - but for 1969-71 they did produce Merc 280, Porsche 917, DAF truck as the foreigners
    For 1972: VW Beetle, Fiat 127, Jaguar E.
    For 1973: VW K70, VW Type 2 and the first of the model that became the Dodge pickup/fire truck/snow plough/safari etc.
    For 1974: BMW CS, Plymouth Fury.
    Simca 1100 and Renault 4 van didn't arrive until 1975!
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    Burnside reacted to flat4alfa in Shite in Miniature II   
    I've stopped being completionist and things are better now
    Still don't understand why Matchbox didn't release an Escort until Mk2 though
    Or Majorette, Lone Star, MC Toy etc
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    Burnside reacted to bunglebus in Shite in Miniature II   
    I'm amazed that works so well, nice job!
    While I was looking at pictures of the two castings last night I found something to irritate completionists - the mainline and 5 pack cars are not quite the same

    Fast and Furious 5 pack car has tinted glass and no Hot Wheels logo on the rear quarter. Off to check my collection...
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    Burnside reacted to AndyW201 in Shite in Miniature II   
    Not bought a lot of diecast lately but found some newish Hot Wheels stock in Morrisons.
    I like the HW Buick version of the A-body cars. It looks more 'factory' than the Chevy Monte Carlo casting as it doesn't have the bigger rear wheels and hood scoop.

    I nearly passed this one up as I thought it was the previous version of the Celica until I realised it's a different shade of green. The wheels are slightly better on this one too IMO.

    The newer shape MX5/Miata looks good in this grey colour scheme. But what's that?

    Another Then & Now that I'll have to find the older sibling of...

    Another colourway for the muddy-boots Volks-Porsche. Got a new release of the Matchbox version of the 914 heading my way too!

    And as shown in junkyarddog's post, the brand new Land cruiser casting is an absolute gem. 

    That front end detail is superb for the scale and price point.
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    Burnside reacted to Soundwave in 605 of Doom Blue poverty   
    Lovely stuff! I know where there's a Phase 1 SRDT in a similar hue, been sitting there since at least 2014. One of those "I'll leave a note under the wipers one day" cars, except I never do.

    I'll be following this thread, maybe it'll inspire me to get my thumb out of my arse and give it a shot.

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    Burnside got a reaction from Split_Pin in Dumped cars in your area   
    Spotted this pair last year nearby on the same property.  They haven't moved since then by the looks of it, seeing them again today.
    No idea what the story is but the house is clearly full of furniture etc. Although not sure if it's occupied. 

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    Burnside reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    Well, that was confusing and muddled. On the train they announced Change at Taunton for Bristol parkway, as this trim is no longer stopping there, where you will get a coach. Then there was an announcement that the coach was late so stay on, and get to Bristol temple meads. Then a coach to the connection. Then there was a fault with another train to they went to Weston-super-mare, and with that my connection went up in smoke.
    TL;DR- train problems.
    Then I just decided to cycle it after getting to Bristol. After a lot of slow steady progress (not as fit as I was!) I finally got to the new car.
    Its a posh connoisseur se rover 75. I’m a bit excited about this as I’ve never had a posh one before. It’s blue (does anyone know what blue?) the clutch is ok (the seller wasn’t telling porkies) that’s not true as the listing said there was an airbag light on, and it does come on as it should, and then Goes out. 
    The journey itself was draining , and the price (£400) made me feel a bit Suspicious about it but it seems ok in most rover 75 trouble spots. It’s not full of water where they like to fill with water. The sills look ok. There rear suspension arms haven’t dissolved/ had the coil spring punch through them. It does seem to ride a bit high at the back though to my eyes . And it’s been breathed on by x-power so this cdt is basically a Cdti. No ball of fire, granted, but ok rather than plain slow. 
    Verdict so far- better than it has any right to be for the money. I’d forgotten how well they ride as well. By modern standards a revelation over typical British roads.

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    Burnside reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    On the train after a breakfast detour

    Alas, after getting to Plymouth station it turns out engineering works that cancelled my train yesterday have disrupted the route today with a connecting bus at some points. I recon my bike won’t be welcome on that.
    Sorting a plan b from Bristol- a lot more cycling but I’m in no rush and at least it’s not raining. 
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    Burnside reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    First leg. Seat repair just about holding up. Crossing former RAF Harrowbeer on the edge of Dartmoor.

    I think there’s a 1940s event going on this weekend but it must be on the other side of it, it’s all very sleepy at the mo 
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    Burnside reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    Thanks! I’ve got hold of something estate shaped, but worse. It’s road legal although broken in a few places and waiting for collection tomorrow in the Cotswolds. 
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    Burnside reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    Fleet news. 
    The v70 sold to a long term forum member who is collecting in a couple of days. 
    The Peugeot 405 is currently waiting its turn/ being done in between jobs to be welded at my local shite friendly garage.
    And that’s it. Hence for the first time since February 2002 (when I bought my first car) I will not have a functioning vehicle of my own to use from Thursday. All is not lost as I can use the Elgrand of ms_HMC and my bicycle but it’s certainly an unusual place to find myself!
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    Burnside reacted to MJK 24 in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    I had to do a Mercedes heater matrix last summer.  Great fun was had by all...

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    Burnside reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    The Volvo has been a loyal servant (ie it hasn’t broken down / disgraced itself) and done all asked of itself.

    A Volvo doing all asked of itself, earlier.
    All except not have a leaky heater matrix. This was a particularly obvious one as as soon as you cranked the heat up, steam would come out of the vents along with that sticky sweet smell of doom (glycol)
    Anyway, something had to be done. Unusually the heater matrix didn’t have the rest of the car built around it, as the phrase goes. Because of the unique way Volvo decided to do things, it was a relatively simple job to take the lower dash panels off, whip out the heater box, and change the matrix. I needed a couple of torx sockets (t15 and 25) and that was it.
    Its been leaking for a while!

    Fairly swiftly I had the new part, with o rings and foamy strip thing out and ready

    And everything back together with the foam deadening layer dried out under the floor.
    Verdict- if you’ve got a dodgy heater matrix, if it’s in a Volvo 850/s70/etc it’s easy (even for me) to sort it.
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    Burnside reacted to Split_Pin in HMC motors- Jag s type R   
    Provided it's stuck open, which it will be, then an inline thermostat in the top hose is the solution. A Renault 5 item used to be the choice but now DMGRS sell them for about £10 to £15.
    All 3 of my diesels had this and its an easy job, if a little time consuming to shove the thermostat down the top hose. Submerging the hose in hot water as you work it down is what I did .
    Replacing the actual thermostat is a pig of a job and replacements rarely last.
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    Burnside reacted to TheXUDfiles in 605 of Doom Blue poverty   
    It probably managed to be AS the second it was launched. I like the colour and spec too "exists only in old magazines" spec.
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    Burnside reacted to TheXUDfiles in 605 of Doom Blue poverty   
    You ain't missing much.
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    Burnside reacted to TheXUDfiles in 605 of Doom Blue poverty   
    Pinin did the interior, but surprisingly, Peugeot did the exterior themselves. Pininfarina submitted proposals which influenced the finished car, though.
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