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    danthecapriman reacted to Volksy in Lazy spotters thread   
    Clocked this old bean today!

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    danthecapriman reacted to Willy Warpit in Lazy spotters thread   
    Willenhall this morning

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    danthecapriman reacted to Austat in Lazy spotters thread   
    My old man spotted this lovely MK1 Cortina today:

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    danthecapriman reacted to Zelandeth in Lazy spotters thread   
    Rare one from today...sorry I only caught it just leaving the carpark...

    Bloody rare sight in the UK!
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    danthecapriman reacted to crad in The grumpy thread   
    its the same in the south east- i've no chance
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    danthecapriman reacted to bunglebus in Stupidly obvious things we've missed   
    I did that with the oil cap on my 1st Sierra, after spending days getting the engine bay squeaky clean
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    danthecapriman reacted to N19 in Stupidly obvious things we've missed   
    Inspired by Mr HubNut's rotor arm...
    ...how many of us are willing to admit to similarly stupid things they've missed when fault-finding?
    A couple of years ago I was servicing the Capri. The alternator was failing, and was going to be the next job. So, after having replaced all the service parts (points, plugs, oil, filters etc) and it failed to start, I thought the battery had drained again. I checked (ha) through everything I'd done, then brought the Nissan around to give it a jump... clipped the jump lead to the earth on the engine and wh- oh....

    Who else wants to confess?
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    danthecapriman reacted to adw1977 in Al's spotting thread   
    330. 1983 Ford Escort 1.6 GL 5 door

    Seen in south London on 25th November.
    ELL 126Y
    ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 October 2021
    ✓ MOT Expires: 28 October 2021
    Vehicle make FORD
    Date of first registration 3 June 1983
    Year of manufacture 1983
    Cylinder capacity 1597 cc
    Fuel type PETROL
    Export marker No
    Vehicle status Taxed
    Vehicle colour BROWN
    Number of previous owners: 1
    Current owner since Apr 2014
    Mileage at last MOT: 37,067 (or 137,067 etc.)
    Mileage since previous MOT (2015): 4,170
    Seems to have recently returned to the road after a gap of about 5 years.
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    danthecapriman reacted to adw1977 in Al's spotting thread   
    328. 1957 Rover 90

    Seen in Burgh Heath, Surrey on 11th November.
    UXB 562
    ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 October 2021
    ✓ MOT Expires: 8 October 2021
    Vehicle make ROVER
    Date of first registration 14 January 1958
    Year of manufacture 1957
    Cylinder capacity 2638 cc
    Fuel type PETROL
    Export marker No
    Vehicle status Taxed
    Vehicle colour BLACK
    Number of previous owners: 4
    Current owner since Oct 2020
    Mileage at last MOT 100,820 (or possibly 200,820)
    Mileage since previous MOT (2013): 2,266
    Offered for sale by Bradley James Classics in August 2020.
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Heidel_Kakao in OMG SNO KAOS - pics or stories?   
    If we get snow this year I’ll be recreating this, in my estate!
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    danthecapriman reacted to eddyramrod in My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear   
    I had a word with my sparky this week.  He seems to think you could be on the right track there!  He said bring it round Monday or Tuesday, and if it doesn't start, he wants to come and see it intact, as-is-where-is.  So let's see what happens...
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    danthecapriman reacted to Shep Shepherd in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    I often wonder how much The Volvo is worth. I paid £805 for it in 2003, and I reckon that nowadays I could get at least that amount back if I sold it, which I have no intention of doing, not least because I've just spent £300 on a replacement catalytic convertor and lambda sensor in order to get the car through another MOT.
    Such are the bizarre economics of old Volvo ownership.
    An estate in a state, this evening:

    13/10 WUD RECOMEND
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    danthecapriman reacted to Amishtat in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    I did the same with mine when I first got it. Won't be too much longer now so in the meantime I'll just perv at yours.. Just looking forward to driving something other than a Transit Connect, decent little steer though it is. 

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    danthecapriman reacted to Tim_E in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    A few interior pics of the Volvo.
    I've parked it up but immediately started dreaming of driving it again... The Mondeo is very very different and feels tinny compared! That was kind of expected though.
    I managed to get the roof rack off with little fuss, that will come in handy one day I'm sure.

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    danthecapriman reacted to Tim_E in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    I quite like this pic. More family outings.

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    danthecapriman reacted to Tim_E in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    Ok my first pez shot (I have put fuel in before now with fuel cans just because I had then there with fuel in) and a wash after all the gritty icy sludge recently.
    I have verified the fact that the boot doesn't leak, but water pours in if you open it when there's surface water on it! 

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    danthecapriman got a reaction from NorfolkNWeigh in Your breakdown stories   
    My only real breakdown (that I couldn’t fix or ignore!) was in the Mercury. 
    It was the trip home from the importer’s in Milton Keynes. They rang me and said it was in their warehouse and ready to drive away, so I arranged a Friday to go up and drive it home. 
    Got there about mid day, to find the car still in the warehouse up on the ramp. This isn’t looking good!
    It turned out that the battery had gone flat. Despite my car being the only one (of 4) that came over the pond together whose battery survived the ship journey and started straight up at this end and able to jump the others. 
    So, battery replaced it then started causing problems with the starter motor! Why they didn’t try these things before dragging me up to their place before hand I don’t know. Anyway, the starter was pronounced dead and nowhere had (funnily enough!) a replacement for a big block Ford V8, so as a get me out the shit fix, a much smaller starter from a small block Ford V8 was fitted. It worked but sounded a bit laboured. 
    Set off for the south coast, by this time it was rush hour on a Friday which I’d tried to beat, but hey ho.
    Things started off ok, but once we hit the M25 the engine just didn’t feel ‘right’ and it was beginning to get hot too. I tried to stay in the left hand lane next to the hard shoulder as much as possible as it really was getting that bad. Traffic soon started getting heavy though and the stop start aggro was really pissing the car off. In the end I managed to limp it to Fleet services on the M3 with a plan of waiting for traffic to sod off then carry on. However the car had other ideas! 
    I drove into the car park where the cut out on the way in, so I coasted it into the nearest two spaces and tried to restart it, which it refused. It was clearly getting hot so I left the bonnet open to help it cool. 
    After an hour or two of sitting about, the traffic had cleared so I decided to get going again. Turned the key to start and there was an attempt at turning the engine over followed by a horrendous sounding bang and the sound of tinkling metal! 
    looked underneath and couldn’t see anything but that noise turned out to be the sound of the wrong type of wimpy starter motor deciding enough was enough and literally exploding under the pressure of trying to turn over my huge engine! To make matters worse, that starter motor was actually off someone else’s car and was still needed! Not my fault though. 
    So that was that. No starter left and stuck at fleet services with a fucked American land yacht... I’d also left my wallet and phone in my dads car who took me to pick the yank up and who I’d gotten split up from on the M25!!
    Managed to get hold of my insurance company though who provided recovery so got back home eventually. It was midnight from memory, then we had to push the car up the road and onto the driveway- with no power steering which was a nightmare.
    Great fun!
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    danthecapriman reacted to Tim_E in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    Oh and I went at the centre console with a screwdriver, and made it marginally less wonky.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Tim_E in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    It looks like spillage, I'll get it dry and see anyway. I did look under the carpet and it's brand new under there.
    Most of my cars have had 'slight oil leak', my BMW was doing oil like teenagers do vaping so it's really not much to me. I might get it sorted one day.
    Room for gentle and gradual improvement 🙂
    I managed to spray carpet glue up into the holes in the headlining (there are more today than yesterday thanks to children!) And it's now very torn but at least stuck to the roof.
    One day I'll get a whole new headlining in there, but these are all little things.
    Car works. Loving it 👍
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    danthecapriman reacted to Motown in The Castle Gresley Rover 820   
    Despite yesterdays failures and the weather working against us i awoke this morning with renewed energy and a huge sense of confidence and drive.
    After a few phone calls this morning i managed to find a pair of rear brake discs with the correct fitment at a motor factors a few miles away from my house. They were the last pair in stock so i flew down the A1 in the Vitesse at no point making use of the S4 mode or exceeding 70mph in order to get there as quickly as possible  

    After securing the brake discs i arrived home just in time for the glaziers and watched anxiously as they fitted the windscreen. 

    They did a smashing job (no pun intended) 😆
    The car didn't come with the original windscreen trims but i do have some in the loft for both saloon and fastback models so when the weather improves il fit them along with new rubbing strips and metal trimmings.

    I still haven't found a mk1 820 fuel pump and as such haven't got the car running again but i am looking into possibilities of making up a replacement from a similar fuel pump as @Isaac Hunt suggested. 
    Thank you to all the people who have helped the project along so far. More to come soon all the best 👍
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Coprolalia in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    They are very good for motorway use, they’ll do 70+ easy enough but quick they aren’t. They’re more suited to long distance cruising in comfort. Remember, these Volvo’s sold very very well in the USA where long hauls are commonplace and there’s a good reason they became popular. 
    The down side is the fuel economy isn’t great. It’s not V8 levels of bad but for a mid sized 4 cylinder it’s not great!
    I had a 2.3GLE auto saloon before my current estate and I did some long runs in that up and down the country and it handled it all with ease, tbh there’s few better ways to do it imho, providing you don’t mind paying more for fuel. Even now most 700’s are 30 years old and they can still do the job well, says a lot about how good these cars are.
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Low Horatio gearbox in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    The flame trap is a little breather element in-line with the engines crankcase breather system, it basically stops lumps of oily crud and liquid oil residue etc from getting drawn into the engine as it recycles its own dirty oily air. 
    It’s located directly beneath the inlet manifold on the B2xxE engines, it’s hard to see and a bit of a pig to get to sometimes but does often need doing. There’s a few rubber hoses coming out/into it and it’s a little black plastic case that separates into two halves with a breather filter element inside. A new element costs pence from volvo specialists and I think you can get them on eBay too.
    I covered it on my thread about mine. A little Over half way down the page. 
    If it blocks it stops the excess pressure inside the engines crankcase venting, the over pressurising starts oil leaks and can even damage gaskets. On one of my previous cars it actually used to cause the oil dipstick to pop out of its tube when you revved the engine!
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    danthecapriman reacted to Squirrel2 in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted this on a used car dealer’s line-up on the London Road, Pembroke Dock. It has a Pembrokeshire reg number so possibly local to here all it’s life. No MoT from 2018 but that’s probably because someone is taking advantage of the exemption. Goodness knows what horrors may be lurking... 
    It’s for sale too.

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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Tim_E in Operation Pig Iron: Volvo 740, Exhaust finished, Pg 20.   
    Still no car yet...
    But, have a pic of some of the parts that are now delivered and ready to go.
    IMG_0343 by Dan Clark, on Flickr
    And, my US front end has arrived from sunny SanDiego!
    These are absolutely fantastic and look like brand new. The chromed surrounds are cleaned up good condition originals, the steel back plates and adjusters are all fully stripped and reconditioned original parts and the sidelight/indicators are brand new items.
    They come with sealed beam full beam lights and standard LHD sealed beam dips which will be changed for RHD standard lights with standard seperate bulbs.
    IMG_0345 by Dan Clark, on Flickr
    IMG_0344 by Dan Clark, on Flickr
    These are the new RHD lamps.
    IMG_0348 by Dan Clark, on Flickr
    I think it's going to look brilliant with the Yank front end on it! Much more interesting than the standard Euro look.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Danterzza in The new news 24 thread   
    Went on a exploration with the mutt the other day and found this lurking down an alley in a nice bit of Notts.

    Arches look solid. Sport leather inside and manual if it was a 325 would be worth some coin. Left a note saying if you want to sell holla at me.

    Still people seem to pay a lot for e30’s nowadays so worth seeing what happens.

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