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    danthecapriman got a reaction from busmansholiday in Project Capri. Runner! & Driver! pg.46.   
    Here’s a few pics of the stuff I was on about in the last post.
    Bonnet latch/spring which was an absolute arse to fit.

    New and old bonnet latch. Old one worked ok but looked awful!

    Been waiting for a couple of bits and doing a few odd jobs around the car in the meantime. One of which was to use some clear Dynax UB wax on the inside of the stainless centre caps for the wheels.

    3 of these are new old stock items and I selected the best one from my original four to make up numbers. The wax is to try and stop the sprung clips on the inside from rusting and breaking. Might be a bit over the top but do it right!
    Here’s a crappy pic of the sill carpet, stainless sill step trim and replacement footwell kick panel all fitted.

    Im still having trouble with the new door seals. Passenger side one has relaxed significantly since last time, and moulded to shape really well with the door being closed on it. It’s still pushing against the door but you don’t have to slam it nearly so hard to fully close it now so hopefully it’ll sort itself out in time. 
    Drivers door seal is still a bitch! It’s incredibly hard to shut the door fully and you can hear the air being forced out of the gap in the rubber when you try, it’s that tight. 
    I’ve re-aligned the door and striker a touch so it closes better and lines up better now but I’m hoping it just needs the door leaving closed on the seal for a few weeks to flatten it and shape it. I don’t know if there’s anything apart from that you can do with the seals? Maybe a light coating of vasaline or something might help make it a bit softer and more supple?? 

    The fuel door is open as I was filling the void in the hinge with cavity wax. They have a tendency to rust from inside out if you don’t. Also did the bonnet leading edge while I was at it.
    While messing around with the bonnet, I wasn’t happy with the release handles operation. It worked, but felt very slack and loose. Turned out I was missing a tiny clamp which holds the cable outer sheath still while the cable is pulled. Without it the whole cable moves around and you loose that firm ‘pull’. I can’t remember this car having this clip while I’ve had it tbh, but it’s got one now! It’s been cleaned up, painted silver and fits under the slam panel where nobody will ever see it to appreciate my fantastic paint job!

    Im almost done now, it’s just the door seals causing problems that’s slowing things down. I’m pretty certain you won’t be able to close the drivers door fully properly from inside the car the way it is now. Obviously that doesn’t help if you want to drive it! 
    I need to bleed the brakes again too, I’m pretty sure there’s a bit of air still in the system somewhere.
    Im also installing lights and sockets to the garage next week. Shouldn’t be hard but takes time away from working on the car itself.
    Heres the grill badge after the touch up with silver permanent marker! Brilliant idea that was captain 70’s!

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    danthecapriman got a reaction from LightBulbFun in Project Capri. Runner! & Driver! pg.46.   
    More done today.
    Mostly cleaning the interior this time. The seats are fine, being new material, but the dash and most other bits of trim were filthy and looking dull from years of storage so I’ve cleaned it all down with some trim cleaner and a cloth. Incredible how much crap came off on the cloth! It looked grubby but it was far dustier than I thought. Then did a few coats of black cockpit shine and buffed up with a microfibre cloth. Looks absolutely fantastic now!

    It’ll most probably need a few more goes over with the shine as some of the plastic had gone very dull. But it’s not been cleaned or polished in years.
    Spent ages over the last few days sorting the door and tailgate seals too. They’re all new and are making shutting the doors/tailgate extremely difficult. The rubber is so stiff and thick it’s stopping things closing properly. Managed with the doors, although I think it’ll improve with time once the new seals soften and take the shape of the closed doors. But the tailgate is not having it! I think I need to loosen the hinge bolts and slide the tailgate up a touch as I think the seal is hitting in the wrong place on the underside of the tailgate.
    Also finished cleaning and shining up the replacement footwell kick panels. They’re looking great now and just need fitting. I’ve also wax injected the A pillars and inside of the door hinge areas so now just need to fit the kick panels over them.
    And, I had a great find recently! 
    I’ve been thinking about the steering wheel recently. Been keeping an eye out for a better one - couldn’t find anything much of an improvement over mine so thought about getting the leather wrap on mine retrimmed. 
    Then a really nice one turned up on eBay so I bagged it!
    Heres my original. These are different to normal mk2 steering wheels. Mine being an early car they carried on using up stocks of mk1 wheels. Which look way nicer too imho.

    And here’s the one I got off eBay.

    It’s in absolutely lovely condition. The soft trim is all perfect and the plastic is all really good. I think it’s actually off a higher trim car than mine as it’s got a soft padded centre section whereas on my old one it’s hard plastic. All it needed was a quick wash and some cockpit shine buffing on and it looks a million times better than my old one.

    Its got a really pleasant smell too! That old musty car smell with a slight hint of old tobacco! Or rather it did, until I cleaned it.
    Anyway, almost there now. Just a few bits to finish then time to hit the queens highway. (It’ll probably be kings highway by the time I get it done!!) Main thing stopping me driving it now is the tailgate not latching down.
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Shite Ron in Project Capri. Runner! & Driver! pg.46.   
    I’m afraid I’m going to rip the arm rest/door handle off the inside of the door when trying to close them from inside!😆 
    Its ridiculous how much you have to slam them or force them to close. Breaking the window is the other worry.
    Ill definitely stick the badges on I think. I’m glad you lot have said the same, confirms it for me! I think drilling holes is asking for trouble long term. Fingers crossed I don’t screw up the decal for the ‘II’ logo. Although I think I do have two, just in case.
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    danthecapriman reacted to 320touring in 320touring's major Morris manoeuvrings   
    On Wednesday, I went over to fit the new oil pump to the Oxford.
    This only took place as @Supernautwas able to procure some 8mm spring washers for me - cheers again!
    The new pump spins easily by hand, whereas the old one was stuck fast.
    New one in position

    The sump and new gasket were installed, and oil poured in.
    I pulled the spark plugs and turned the engine over using the starting handle. In short order, we had oil at the filter housing.
    The new filter was fitted and the engine cranked on the starter.
    Oil pissed everywhere..
    The old filter was refitted and we tried again.
    Same result.

    Here it sits in disgrace. I decided to tidy up rather than continue as I was getting frustrated.
    I have some ideas in hand, so will try them shortly.
    At least the bottom end is all new and buttoned up, and the oil pump sorted.
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    danthecapriman reacted to 320touring in 320touring's major Morris manoeuvrings   
    i took an early finish at work today, so was able to get over to the unit for 3 today.
    Determined to make progress, I enclosed my dad to assist in getting some niggling issues sorted.
    First up was to try and sort the drivers handle so it didn't constantly come out of the retainer at the non lock end.
    Some tape was applied to make a firmer fit,

    And the handle location was altered using this screw.

    Next up, sorting the passenger door. Since I have had it, it had to be unlocked using the interior handle, and the exterior handle would never operate correctly.
    It turns out that despite having NO seatbelts, the bloody car has child locks on the FRONT doors ..
    Moving this lever resolved the issue.

    Whilst working on the doors, I took the opportunity to re-locate the doorcards. They use diamond shaped metal clips that you can tap into holes in the door skin.


    Whilst I was sorting them, my Dad cleaned all the surfaces in the front - it looks a million times better! I stuck some Saab 9-5 mats in. As they line up ok.

    I got the choke cable retaining nut properly tightened, so the cable and handle no longer flap about. And it locks on properly 

    I then got distracted by the gear surround ..

    The metal retainer was in pretty poor condition, so I elected to remove the 4 crews and pull the plate off.
    The gear lever gaiter was not in braw shape either.

    The retainer was attacked with a wire wheel 

    Then given a couple of coats of primer

    Before receiving some wheel silver and lacquer

    I'll smarten up the screws and refit. I may get round to polishing it one day but it was an easy win.
    By this time @dome and @Supernaut had arrived, so it was time to get stuck into the remaining brake work.
    I'll spare the photos - it was exactly the same job as the other side. Except one of the cylinders worked . So it now has 4 new wheel cyls on the front, and two new Flexi lines.
    We learned from previous experience and pulled the line that links the two cyls off completely. This made it much easier to reattach it to the new cylinders.

    After some dinner, we got the adjusters sorted, then bled the brakes with new fluid. The pedal feels much more positive, the brakes operate and release on each of the 4 corners, and the handbrake is very effective.
    Much success!
    I was then feeling confident and decided to tackle some serious work.
    As the car had been seriously overfuelling due to the fuel pump having a blocked pressure cutoff (fixed by @blackboilersuit), the oil was very thin.
    Seeing this as an opportunity, the decision was made to drain the oil and pull the sump.
    The oil obviously had a fair whack of petrol in it, but thankfully no glitter!
    The sump came off easily, revealing a story of many types of RTV sealant..

    seeing that, I decided to pull off the oil pickup and give it a good clean.
    Initially, it didn't look too grand.

    But the application of some soapy hot water and a brush made major studies in cleaning it. You can also see the oil pump here which I had started to clean up too.

    Here's the finished article : all the mesh is clear, there is just some rinsing water in the spaces.

    Next up will be some more engine/sump cleaning and a fair few new gaskets I think.
    Lastly, a picture of the oil filter. This is a spin on adapter used to replace the original canister type. They are apparently notorious for leaking, and this one had telltale drops at the bottom of the filter.

    I'll order up a new filter and get it all cleaned and reassembled.
    Then I can get the sump on and get it filled with new oil 😀
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    danthecapriman reacted to 320touring in 320touring's major Morris manoeuvrings   
    Went over to do more on this today.
    @Supernaut and @dometurned up and were an epic help.
    Drained the diff, ptfe'd the plugs and refilled. Vactan'd the rear of the car, refitted dampers.
    Got it turned round and figured out why the pedal was shite.
    Fitted two new wheel cyls and a new Flexi line to front left.

    Brakes now much more positive.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    A couple of coats of high zinc content paint,PU seam sealer as required and two litres of Gravitex stone chip later Boris's offside welding is officially complete.
    I was never aiming for show winning standard repairs more a rot free honest car that wears its many blemishes with pride and one that won't need welding up again anytime soon.
    I'm going to turn him around this weekend and have a poke at his nearside rotten bits which from memory were not quite as bad as the offside in as much as the passenger door was still able to open and close without needing to be lifted a couple of inches.
    I have a house move planned for the middle of next year so really need to pull my finger out.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    My cleaned up suspension had started to rust after just one week so I decided to give everything a thick brush coat of waxoyl to seal it.
    I keep seeing ads for that lanogaurd stuff and wonder if it would be any better than waxoyl brushed on once a year.
    I did still have a bit more welding to do on the offside in the shape of the lower quarter repair panel and the last bit of the inner arch.


    It actually went in really well.
    Instead of doing a continuous welded seam on the outside where the repair joins the quarter panel and introducing loads of distortion and extra work I have just tacked it on with a handfull of welds on the inside of the quarter instead with no distortion. 
    It's not as if it's a critical structural panel.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    I finished bolting this corner together this afternoon.

    When I pulled it apart I didn't mark where the arms where in relation to the splines on the torsion bar and had a bastard time getting the ride height fairly level with the near side.
    Although they're still ok and just lightly pitted Boris could do with a new pair of discs (Marina/Ital jobbies) but the cheapest I can find are £45 each and I am way too mean to pay that I thought solid discs for an unloved bit of 70's Porridge would only be about £40 a pair.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    I am about ready to turn Boris around and start on the nearside so needed to fit the suspension back on.

    The upright and the trunnions are not that old and just required new seals/bushes fitting along with a good lube up.

    The chassis leg where the lower arm pivot bolt fixes was suffering from cracking so needed a couple of runs of weld to beef it up again.

    The lower arm bolt has had the soggy rubber bushes replaced with  poly ones also a 3mm washer has been added to give the set up a bit more negative camber which is a common Minor modification.

    There's still a few bits of welding to join up around the floor and centre cross member but all the grot has now gone from the offside.
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    danthecapriman reacted to adw1977 in Al's spotting thread   
    506. 1992 Honda CRX VTEC

    Seen at Beaconsfield motorway services on 30th June.
    J264 XSG
    ✓ SORN
    ✓ MOT Expires: 19 June 2023
    Vehicle make HONDA
    Date of first registration 24 June 1992
    Year of manufacture 1992
    Cylinder capacity 1595 cc
    Fuel type PETROL
    Export marker No
    Vehicle status SORN
    Vehicle colour WHITE
    Number of previous owners: 4
    Current owner since Aug 2017
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    danthecapriman reacted to Wack in The grumpy thread   
    You put your phone number on a car ad and all you get is arseholes 
    Just had a call 
    Hello I'm calling about your life insurance and a possible shortfall 
    OK which life insurance policy , which company 
    We work with various companies 
    OK but which company am I with 
    I don't have that information 
    No you wouldn't because you're a thieving scamming cunt now fuck off 
    I wonder if they record calls for training purposes, I'll be on the really pissed off don't call again list 
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    danthecapriman reacted to Wibble in Wibble’s Wittering - Cortina & Senator ramblings   
    Thanks, it was a huge relief. There is also one on eBay now in Germany but has no top tint so must have originally been destined for a low spec Carlton I guess.
    Anyway, fingers crossed all goes well next Wednesday and I can then get it in for an MOT.
    Still needs water pump and matrix but I’m being put off by the HBOL saying the crank pulley needs to come off for the pump and other threads I’ve seen have suggested this will be a nightmare. May have to be booked in to my usual classic friendly garage for this when I can afford it….
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from AnnoyingPentium in Wibble’s Wittering - Cortina & Senator ramblings   
    Hopefully you can get it back out on the road before the winter and dreaded road salt comes…
    Glad you managed to get a screen though!👍
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Wibble in Wibble’s Wittering - Cortina & Senator ramblings   
    Hopefully you can get it back out on the road before the winter and dreaded road salt comes…
    Glad you managed to get a screen though!👍
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    danthecapriman reacted to 500tops in Lazy spotters thread   
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    danthecapriman reacted to Wibble in Lazy spotters thread   
    A colleague spotted this in Basingstoke this morning. Another with an original buyer too tight to opt for a passenger side mirror!
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    danthecapriman reacted to Wibble in Wibble’s Wittering - Cortina & Senator ramblings   
    I must be on a roll, Auto Windscreens rang me today, they have located the correct screen! Fitting booked for next Wednesday 😃
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    danthecapriman reacted to Low Horatio gearbox in 66 Mustang coupe   
    Car continues to car.
    Though in the last 2 weeks it has felt somewhat hesitant at times slightly rough running but only momentarily. The usual visual inspection of opening the bonnet and sucking teeth while vaguely poking  like I knew what I was doing yielded little obvious culprits.
    Till yesterday when I opened the bonnet to show a friend  and petrol was liberally dripping out of the carb from the  accelerator  diaphragm.  Opening it up and the rubber had given up  where it meets the metal disc.  9 quid and one was on it's way and arrived today. Not quite the right fit - my screw holes are slightly closer, but making it fit was about 5 minutes work with a punch and the leak is gone, performance restored and improved and no puddles of petrol.

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    danthecapriman reacted to Dyslexic Viking in 1963 Mercedes Benz 190DC Fintail.   
    Things have been wild this past month and I've been pushing hard to get as much done as possible with this one and now I've run out of weather and money  it's time to calm things down.
    And I have realized that my welding will never be at the level this one deserves so I have decided to get someone else to weld the 2 holes in the floor. But this will have to wait until spring as I can't afford it now.  But I have painted the floor, excluding the areas around the rust holes, with 3 layers of Por 15 and I am very happy with the result.  And the red is all the places where I exposed metal when I scraped away the sound dampening materials and the reason why I didn't use Por15 there is that it probably won't stick as well to clean metal according to several sources. And I also got some paint on the underside of the floor.

    I have put a lot of trust in Por 15 on this one, so I hope it is as good as everyone says. And hope all this work I've done can keep the rust away for a while. I have also sprayed the inside of the cavitys and the sills with Fluidfilm I have good experience with this so that should calm down the rust that is there and it is not toxic or flammable so it should not cause problems for future welding if necessary.
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    danthecapriman reacted to adw1977 in Al's spotting thread   
    505. 1991 Mercedes-Benz MB100D camper

    Seen in Brockley, south London, in June.
    I don't think this model was ever sold in the UK new.
    H612 EJR
    ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 October 2022
    ✗ MOT Expired: 15 October 2021
    Vehicle make MERCEDES
    Date of first registration July 1991
    Date of first registration with DVLA 17 October 2006
    Year of manufacture 1991
    Cylinder capacity 2400 cc
    Fuel type DIESEL
    Export marker No
    Vehicle status Taxed and due
    Vehicle colour WHITE
    Mileage at last MOT: 196,450 km
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    danthecapriman reacted to Joey spud in Lazy spotters thread   
    Medway services M2 today.
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    danthecapriman reacted to EyesWeldedShut in Lazy spotters thread   
    Got my mini-HGV plated today and, lurking in the far corner of the shed, K reg Cossie hemmed in by an artic and a large Ford tractor

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    danthecapriman reacted to UltraWomble in Lazy spotters thread   
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    danthecapriman reacted to Stanky in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted earlier in Southsea

    That's an impressive frontal area...
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