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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in 1966 Plymouth Fury 3   
    Apparently it's hard to paint, and even harder to touch up when it chips... But, on a big flat sided car it works. 
    Usually it's coupled with matte black but I'll be going the other way and using chrome as the detail instead.
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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in 1966 Plymouth Fury 3   
    Alrighty, I think I've settled on a color.

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    danthecapriman reacted to puddlethumper in The new news 24 thread   
    Sitting next to the Taxi is an F100 with guess what ? Yep more Nitro.

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    danthecapriman reacted to puddlethumper in The new news 24 thread   
    My mechanic is a bit of a loon. For example, how about a taxi, dropped 5 inches, v6, I think not 100% sure, with a fair sized turbo and, get this, NITROUS FFS !!!! Evidence of loonery below.

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    danthecapriman reacted to rusty998 in That little bit of welding, Allegro content, water ingress   
    Due to the welding wire running out last time I was working on the car I had left it how it was, I returned to RPE today to find I had a small amount of water inside the car after last week's rain,
    a quick feel of the bottom of the door card confirmed my suspicion that the door membrane had either split or was missing letting water in, once I had removed the door card it was plain to see that it was in fact missing, this door the drivers door is not original to RPE and the membrane had been removed while it was fitted, so while I was in there I changed the door handle and the chrome trims as these are not correct for a Series 3the door membrane here I got from the spares car, I used stretched butyl tape to seal the plastic membrane to the door then taped up the bottom section as Austin had done in the factory, I will wait and see if this works before I look at the door seals.
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    danthecapriman reacted to junkyarddog in The new news 24 thread   
    Out and about in an ageing Volkswagen. 

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    danthecapriman reacted to bicycle repairman in My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear   
    mine just sleeps in the car,shes 10 not even mine but my daughters who about 8yrs ago can you look after her for weekend,ended up being mine,daughters back home again dogs all over her bloody traiter lol,she goes every were me and mrs,

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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear   
    Use any reason you can!

    Today the dog didn't want to walk so we went for a joyride!
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    danthecapriman reacted to bicycle repairman in old barge need love lol   
    cheers eddie thanks noticeing fan belt lol,cured the red light issue dash back in again lol,just been in the loft dug out my cortina manuals under bonnet needs a good clean

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    danthecapriman reacted to Sheefag in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Eddy, if you like two women having fun together, I've got some cracking stuff on Betamax for you.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Split_Pin in The new news 24 thread   
    I welded* the Cavalier sill today. I did not enjoy it.
    The slightly rusty bit above the hole also developed after I'd welded the bottom bit and was happily grinding it back. Fuck. Off.

    This was my first time welding a car. The metal used in the sill was expectedly incredibly thin so getting any kind of nice weld run was impossible without blowing holes. Both settings on my MIG were turned right down. Then the wire feed started playing silly buggers and slipping even when the adjuster was screwed right down.
    Eventually I managed to get it all done in a 'point and shoot' fashion.

    It looks like utter dog shit in the above picture. I ground it down more and made more holes where the weld was shite. Eventually I got everything metal that should be metal and it the 2 plates didn't fall off.
    Then another small  hole in the very bottom corner of the inner wheel arch decided to show up late to the party.

    There is a lot of factory sealant here and digging it all out would have been a right old a war. In the pictures below you'll see I ground the hole back to decent-ish metal. There are already 2 bungs here and lots of factory sealant so another round hole with more 'factory- style'  Tiger Seal was opted for. 

    I then painted it with some 'special stuff'. Some frost blue is in the post.

    It's better than it was.
    I also ground back and painted other small stone chips on the sill at the same time, together with some rust on the door bottom.
    Any tips on sorting out a slipping wire feed or indeed welding thin metal are welcome.
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  14. Haha
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    danthecapriman reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Managed to get a couple of hours on this today to get the back end rubbed out.

    Just got the top edge adjacent to the boot seal to do, then with a bit of luck this weekend I'll be getting stuck in to fettling the front end up to the same stage as the rest.  
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    danthecapriman reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Nearside rear quarter finished off this week.

    Identified some low spots in the rear valance, they were given a thin skim of fine filler.

    Then rubbed and primed again.

    The dolly was shortened and bolted on today, surprisingly it fitted absolutely perfectly - wasn't expecting that!

    After that was done, good tidy up and vacuum session happened - it was incredibly dusty in the shed.

    Once that was done, I continued taping up the inner front wings in preparation for fettling up the front end. Just got to give the rear panel its final block/rub and I can switch ends.  
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    danthecapriman reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Offside was finished off today.

    The nearside was given its final rub up as far as the rear quarter.

    The dolly has been fabricated,  just need to shorten the uprights a little, then bolt the wheels on and the shell will be mobile.  

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    danthecapriman reacted to eddyramrod in My 1973 Cadillac, Huggy Bear   
    I've had a couple of days filling and sculpting, and this is what Huggy looks like after all of that.

    At least it shouldn't fall off now!  The paint is some leftover (always use leftovers up) gold Hammerite.  It isn't very pretty but it's better than raw filler and bare metal.
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    danthecapriman reacted to N19 in N19's fleet - Without a Cair(n) in the world...   
    No tinkering today, but had a good tidy up of the garage in preparation for the hopefully-soon arrival of the roffle win lift. 
    Also installed another tool holdery thing. Trying to give the commonly used tools their own homes, without having to fart around looking for them all the time. 
    Good excuse for a photo of the Ford contingent of the fleet. 

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    danthecapriman reacted to Skizzer in Skizzer’s shed thread: Lotus, Victor, E30 update   
    My current work project finished last week so I’m making use of some time to catch up with car and house jobs, plus a bit of filming.
    The Elite seems to be running generally well and the coolant leak has calmed down, but is still under close observation.  I’m braving a slightly longer run, and there should be a video next week on how that goes. Here’s a preview pic.

    The Vauxhall 2300S is in good health and featured in my latest film, as you may have seen. The video seems to have gone down pretty well with a lot of views by my standards and some nice comments - who knew there was so much fondness for FE Victors out there?
    Thanks to @dollywobbler for being a sport and letting me use his brand in the title, and to @Kiltox and @RoadworkUK for a helpful boost on Twitter.
    The Victor-that’s-not-a-Victor needs some cosmetic work soon though - microblistering in the paint on the bonnet and wing has turned into tiny rust spots after a very damp winter, so they’ll need stripping, treating and professionally repainting.
    The E30 320i is up and about but resisting various measures to even out its idling when warm.
    Anyway, bypassing the air slide valve (no, me neither) has got it to the point where I think it might scrape through an MOT emissions test, so I’ll book it in and see what happens.

    I’m also thinking about converting it to the later Motronic system. The current setup is clearly moronic so I was hoping I could just add a T, but apparently there’s a bit more to it.
    Next up is putting a new fuel pump on the XJ-S, which should be pretty simple as it just sits in the boot, then the same on the Royale (Vauxhall not Bugatti, in case you're new here). After that it’ll be the SD1’s turn to get some love.
    I was supposed to be off on a car-related day trip to England today but the weather is rubbish so we’ve postponed. Meanwhile, just for the record, it’s nice and sunny here in Wales. So nerrrrr.
    It’s nice to feel I’m finally making some progress again.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Tickman in The new news 24 thread   
    I've corrected that for you.
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    danthecapriman reacted to dozeydustman in The new news 24 thread   
    I have been a little secretive about my week away. I come home late Saturday.
    I am currently abroad. Not for a holiday nor for work purposes.
    In 1984 my maternal grandparents moved to Spain but ran their garage business remotely until 1987 when they sold up. My maternal grandmother passed away last year and we’ve carried out their wishes as per their wills and testaments. Where they moved to was part of the Graham Maynard timeshare scandal of the 1980s and was featured on The Cook Report.
    basically the place they moved to was largely incomplete and granddad finished off his apartamento and those of his neighbours and landscaped the barren ground which became the common gardens for all the resident.

    My mum, my aunt, me, my brother and my 4.5y/o niece scattered their ashes this morning in the gardens they created.

    I am willing to put money on a number of you saying that I’ve been totally irresponsible by travelling abroad during a pandemic. This was booked on nan’s passing last April as we thought C-19 would have been over. If it was a normal holiday I would agree; This time I think not. (Aside from the church service and the interment of my grandparents ashes we’ve remained isolated in our villa save the occasional trip to a Mercadona and taken LF tests daily.)
    Descanse en paz abuela y abuelo.  Estás descansando en la casa de tus sueños y te extrañamos mucho.
    On the plus side I spotted this in the car park on the way back from the church.

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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in 1966 Plymouth Fury 3   
    Just found 3 of these in the undergrowth.
    I'll keep looking for a 4th.
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    danthecapriman reacted to bicycle repairman in old barge need love lol   
    abslute pain fit took ages get dash back in screwed cluster back to dash,tried and i treid to fit steering wheel had cut plastic  colum that fits to steering wheel,think he sent wrong one oh well its in,bad news ign switch key wont turn,ready smash it up,must done something  steering lock not comeing on switch is in the locked postion ,have good look tommorror walked away lol

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    danthecapriman reacted to bicycle repairman in old barge need love lol   
    not done much all done was to get rid off the sticker off dash,am happy nearly bought another one bit saved another fiver to value,

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