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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in 1966 Plymouth Fury 3   
    I went rummage to see if I had the gearbox linkages for the car; I do not.  However, I did come across a couple gems, the door lock set (no trunk lid lock but hey ho).

    Predictably those are rusted solid so a bit of oil on them and that can soak in.

    Also found the screen wash pump. 

    It was also locked solid and full of dirt, both in the case, in the motor and in the pump.

    A little bit of gentle persuasion and it again pumps.  That's a saving.
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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in 1966 Plymouth Fury 3   
    Adjusted the carb a little, now it'll start up by itself just by hitting the starter, and idles.
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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in 1966 Plymouth Fury 3   
    I'll just leave this here.
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from hennabm in The worst car you’ve ever owned   
    It’s a toss up between two for me.
    A 1990 H reg Ford Orion 1.4glx (first year of the new shape Escort/Orion). This thing was an absolute shit pile on wheels. Everything in it had a mind of its own and either worked or randomly didn’t next time it was used, engine was a gutless turd that would never stay running for the duration of any journey, electrical faults and random smoke/burning smells, drive in rain or any damp would turn the headlights off permanently until dry. It leaked badly too, used to get incredible amounts of condensation on the inside. It was an absolute dog. Couldn’t sell it (nobody stupid enough to buy it!) so scrapped it… imagine my surprise and disgust when, a few years later, I spotted it parked outside shops not far from home! It’s definitely dead now though.
    A 1991 J reg BMW 316 E36. I hated this thing. It was utterly worn out everywhere and was falling to bits. It was the car that turned me against BMW’s, the previous E30 was a brilliant car imho but this replacement model was utter shit. A real disappointment. It was uncomfortable, cheaply made and felt cheap and tinny. The engine was rattling its tits off too. Rear brake lines had rusted through and were a pain to sort. It stank inside because of mould, which was there because it leaked like a sieve. Sold it for a big profit believe it or not! And probably could have sold it a few times over given the interest I had in it. Don’t know why? But it sold to a pair of chavs who turned up in a modified Saxo which probably says it all. I can’t imagine it lived much longer tbh given the state of the Saxo and how they drove away.
    Id say the BMW probably takes the title. Just! 
    I’ve got absolutely no desire to have another (but an E30 would be a different matter) yet, strangely, I’d probably have another Orion. Just one with a bigger engine.
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    danthecapriman reacted to CreepingJesus in Lazy spotters thread   
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    danthecapriman reacted to wheel nut in Lazy spotters thread   
    I’m just back from a holiday in Turkey. Temperature was brain meltingly hot so didn’t often venture away from the swimming pool but I did manage to spot the following:

    Tofas Sahin - there were a lot of these - based on the Fiat 131 and made in Turkey

    Renault torus - a turkish built renault 12. 

    Our hotel featured a beach party one night and the mobile stage used was set up on this old truck.
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    danthecapriman reacted to LabRat in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted on our chalet site in Chapel St Leonard's Lincolnshire. A 1946 Austin 10 in full oily rag resto condition, apparently it's a daily driver through summer! 

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    danthecapriman reacted to Wilko220 in Lazy spotters thread   
    Not often you stumble across one of these 

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    danthecapriman reacted to CrapCarNerd in 1985 Ford Escort Mk3 - 1.1 Popular -9 years & 30k miles later!   
    This brings us up to 2020/ 2021 where I started renting out my Car for films and music videos. Its not had tons of work but at the moment its been in 2 Rap videos (duno why) a Sky internal training video, Levis advert (dont think they used it in the end) and a short film where it ran someone over. 

    While I was working on the two above projects I was having problems with the Alternator showing the Battery light on those cold wet mornings. Trying to get a head of this incoming problem I sent it to my local garage rather than just doing it myself, dont know why and they said yeah its your alternator and fitted a new one. Didnt fully solve the problem though. Electrical smells started to apear in the cabin and it turned out to be the connector between the ignition switch and rest of the loom. Sometimes you would get in it and the car was just dead. Phoned GS Escorts in Runcorn or put me right. 
    Its a bit gheto I know but just crimping them seemed the best way. The wires were too tight to do much else with.

    You'd think that would have been enough for a while but no. I was using the Escort a lot to drive a few miles to my 8 month temporary Covid Job. It was only about 8 miles a day but all the speed bumps on the way I think took their tole on the 35 year old suspension. I got a nice gig recording for a Radio 1 artist at Metropolis Studios in Chiswick and as I was on the way over thinking "I hope the clutch ratchet doesnt go or the points or something" turned a corner and one of the rear Tie Bars snapped!! Luckily I was only doing about 10 mph as it was pretty ropey.

    This is me blocking the way into the studios which wasnt ideal. Getting a tow back home was also less than ideal during covid.

    Good thing this happened when it did though as the next thing I did was drive down to Goodwood and take it round the track for a few laps...

    Which you can also watch here if you like on my Youtube channel ...
    After this I also did the clutch ratchet. Pulling off at Goodwood I almost lost the gears completley as some teeth had flown off. What a pig of a job!!! Again theres a whole video on this if anyone wants to see my pain. Hopefully I wont have to do it again. If I ever do the clutch myself I'll be taping/cable tying the cable to this bloody thing.

    I also bought some second hand lowering suspension. I dont really want to modify this Car but after the tie rod thing I thought the spongey suspension had to go and as I'd dont the Capri myself Id do this. 

    In all honesty I preferred it before even though its much nicer to drive now in some ways. 


    I think in the future I'll put some Xr3 springs on it to get the best of both worlds. The way the front sits is great but the back is a bit low I think. 
    Doing this job is where I realised it might be a bit rustier than I first realised... 
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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in 1966 Plymouth Fury 3   
    Never mind.

    The spare carb from the Pontiac fits.
    To put it in context, that's like having the carb from a Standard Ten fit a Chevette.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Dick Longbridge in Allegro - a tale of build quality and limited budgets.   
    Taken from an AR Online article I was reading. I thought I'd share it here too. Interesting to hear the contrast between BL and Volkswagen at the time:
    Former British Leyland man Michael Wattam recalls the process of the Austin Allegro’s productionisation…
    And the reaction from the firm’s South African outpost when presented with the option of building the ‘new driving force from Austin’.

    The original sketches (above) and clay for the Allegro looked pretty impressive, but things changed as the car made the transition from paper to production line. The production guys took a sharp intake of breath at every panel and slowly got the design modified so that it looked pretty awful, but possible (and cheaper) to make.
    For instance, door swages which were designed in and needed to add strength and cut panel vibration down, were eliminated and the extremely bulbous door panels productionised. The reason was that the press tools on which the doors were to be pressed, were fairly light and could only cope with simple bends and not deep, clearly defined 3D draws.
    The press dies themselves were made of a low-grade steel material which wore quite quickly and would have needed relatively frequent renewal. This applied throughout the car – all because there was no cash to buy heavy presses and quality, deep draw steel dies.

    There was a huge amount of manual selectivity and compromise ‘fitting’ required of panels on production, with manually-applied spot welds at the absolute minimum. At the same time, Volkswagen Group was investing heavily in cutting-edge automated whole-body production.
    The above and the inherent lack of torsional strength implied by a very lightly engineered and simplistic bodyshell design, led to all those problems with doors stuck when the car is jacked, and the terrible acoustics when driving, particularly with the most powerful E-Series motor.
    I remember getting into a 1750 Sport and being appalled by the poor drive quality, drumming and general thrash. What a disappointment…

    Finance Controller John Barber wasn’t that clever, either. Had he simply been a ‘car guy’ and not a fanatical bean-counter, he would have instantly cancelled the whole bloody thing and sat on his hands.
    I was unfortunate enough to take pictures and tech details to Leyland South Africa in 1973, pretending to be all positive about the new car. Clearly the first question we were going to ask them is, ‘will you take this car in sufficient numbers and at a unit contribution, which would make assembly there a worthwhile exercise?’
    One look at the first pictures of prototype cars (perversely all photographed very nicely in a muddy quarry?) and their decision was already made, no need for any viability study. In about 15 minutes, said they would not build it. They were on good terms with Stokes so, when I got home, I was given a right royal rollicking by senior Longbridge management – anybody who knew Harold Musgrove would understand the expletives used!

    Other more ‘tied’ organisations such as BL Italia and BL France took a more pragmatic approach and asked for complete cars with unique low specs which they could sell in budget market niches, and when BL found getting cars registered in the UK profitably and in decent volume just wasn’t happening, acceded to their NSC requests for ‘specials’.
    Nobody really wanted to know whether making Allegros was ever profitable – the marketing and financial systems used at the time were aided by sticking a wet finger out of the nearest window.
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    danthecapriman reacted to SiC in 1974 MGB GT - The Mustard (Mit) Mobility Scooter - Local car meet and (surprise surprise) it's broken again...   
    My MGB has been sitting getting a fresh rain wash on my drive while it thought about itself breaking. In truth at least it did it now rather than on the way to the MGB60 event next month.

    Put it in its usual configuration

    Checked the new roughly matched the old.

    Bolts go into captive nuts, so a simple job of whizzing them off with my Milwaukee stubby.

    Engine side is clean.

    Front is filthy. This looks like the side that potentially has failed but then it also will get all the grime stuck to it.

    I elected to remove the hoses and cooler in one. They connect to the block and the oil filter housing here:

    And here:

    I chose to remove the rear hose first as it'd give me better access to the front oil filter hose. I removed the oil pressure gauge hose as gave much better access. Wish I bought a replacement hose for this gauge though.

    On the oil filter housing, the coupler came undone before the hose.

    This used a crush washer to seal the gap. Same one as used on the sump.

    New hoses checked. The right angle side attaches to the cooler. Much more flexible than the old and I'm glad that I did replace them. Not least the fittings on the old oil cooler were seized on.

    Refit it all. Hoses are a bit of a pain to get through the radiator shroud. Used the original rubber grommets as in good condition and modern rubber can be shite.

    The hoses have a rubber strap to hold them together. Original fabric coated one unfortunately perished. It broke a few months ago.

    There was two straps so I put one each side.

    Ran the engine and checked for leaks.

    Oil was low, so topped up. Took pretty much a full two pints. Handily what was remaining from the last oil change.

    I used this oil. Don't think it's got much or any ZDDP in but it doesn't thin as badly as some oils with heat. The engine seems to quite like it .

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    danthecapriman reacted to mat_the_cat in Korean Cortina - WTF is going on with my cooling system?   
    It's stuck me that the gauge, with the sender placed close to the top hose outlet from the inlet manifold, is most closely measuring the temperature of the water going into the radiator. Hence it's not really a good reflection of any cooling system improvements. But the radiator fan switch is located close to the outlet, so even if the gauge creeps up, if the fans doesn't kick in that means the radiator must be doing its job. I'm thinking of rigging up a couple of LEDs to tell me when the two sets of contacts close and open. It'll be a crude indication of how well things are working, and easy to read on the move.
    And in other news, is this the first film to feature a Stellar in a starring role?
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    danthecapriman reacted to mat_the_cat in Korean Cortina - WTF is going on with my cooling system?   
    As expected, there was a queue to get into FOTU. Took around an hour all in, and yes, the gauge does rise from the normal 12 o'clock position.

    But doesn't seem to rise any further, and the second set of cooling fans were cycling in and out as they should (when AC was turned off), suggesting temperatures between 92 and 97°C. It did this before however, so I'm not totally convinced there's been an improvement, although it did give me enough confidence to leave it idling to prove that it wouldn't boil over. It smells less hot, as a completely subjective test!
    It all reinforces the need to get proper measurements, but I'm less convinced there is actually anything wrong. It was fantastic to have a decent drive in it again too 😀 
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    danthecapriman reacted to mat_the_cat in Korean Cortina - WTF is going on with my cooling system?   
    It may well be a better option, but ive gone down this road for now so will see how it pans out.
    All back together now and bled.

    I ran it up to temperature from idle, and couldn't get the second stage cooling fans to kick in. It is a fairly cool ambient temperature at the moment, so can't say for sure whether this is an improvement or not.
    The test drive never got the needle over half way, even dawdling - so this is a definite reduction in gauge temperature. Even slowing to 50mph on the motorway was enough to show an increase previously. Hopefully the trip down to FOTU at the weekend  will give further encouraging results :-)
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    danthecapriman reacted to doug in Truck Shite   
    Spotted at Biggar.

    Sent from my SM-A127F using Tapatalk

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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Vantman in Truck Shite   
    Anyone seen this?
    Amazing old truck with a bit of a history to it which gets touched on in the vid’s. Looks like an interesting project! The guys also got an old Autocar tractor unit too.
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    danthecapriman reacted to eddyramrod in Goodbye Huggy, hello Handsome   
    Well the day finally arrived, and Handsome has now been to the garage for some suspension fondling.  As far as I can tell it now works ok, but then since I picked it up on Friday afternoon I haven't been anywhere.  Cost for fitting: £78-odd.  Happy customer!
    I'm going a bit further tomorrow (like maybe 2 miles each way) so I should be better able to judge the outcome.
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    danthecapriman reacted to CrapCarNerd in 1985 Ford Escort Mk3 - 1.1 Popular -9 years & 30k miles later!   
    So... after getting it back from the welders I used it sparingly for a couple of years toying about with different stereos. Think I sold this one again as it didnt work that well but looked cool with the graphic eq. I decided to fit ISO blocks to all my stereos so I can swap them for shows etc. Pretty easy on the Escorts pov spec dash, you can just push them out from the back 🤪

    Someone reversed into it and luckily some mates saw it. I got some cash off the guy to sort it out and managed to get two bumpers for it in the end. After that I put the new metal number plates under the bumper incase it happened again.

    I also found a guy who had wrote off his Escort and was selling all the spares. Got these original wheels which replaced the Capri ones.

    Then around 2016 I had the scuttle panel replaced and some rust touched up around the rear windows. Unfortunately (which has always been the case with this car) the body shop struggled to match the paint. Its never been the original Rosso Red so they did me a deal and flashed over the whole Car again. Unfortunately it lost its Popular stripes in the process and this is where it had to start living out side due to the Triumph Spitfire ...

    ... and me relocating to Crouch End, London. I loved this as it meant that I could go down to Ace Cafe regular and later on when we moved to West London go to loads of the West London Car meets. 

    This is probably the Escorts peak. I entered it into Festival of the Unexceptional 2018 .

    I started doing a bit of maintenance at this point as it wasnt doing to well in the London traffic. Changed the Radiator, hoses, thermostat to try and get the temp to chill out about. It turns out a leak on the bottom of the carb didnt help.  
    I also tried to track down the original garage at this point. No luck unfortunately apparently everyone who owns 'Southern Cross Garages LTD' is now gone and the Market Deeping branch where this Car came from is now a Co-Op.

     After I bought my Capri (told you we'd get back to that) which was a total fixer upper, I started getting braver with this one and did some well overdue maintenance. I did the tappets and long over due oil change. At this point i realised how much id neglected it and how important oil changes are. Since that I got an oil leak from the oil pump. Its behaving more now but shows how you have to do regular oil changes. 
    Up next, renting it out for films, electrical problems, moving north and my old friend rust returns! 

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    danthecapriman reacted to CrapCarNerd in 1985 Ford Escort Mk3 - 1.1 Popular -9 years & 30k miles later!   
    After reading the Escort Base model thread I thought I'd share my Escort 1.1 Popular that I have owned for nearly 10 years now. Its proper chod spec and I love it!!
    I always wanted one of these. When I was a kid my dad had a Sunburst Red Base Model 1.3 (x reg) until about 1998 followed by a mk4 1.4 GL. I always assumed I'd own a Red 3 door Escort mk3 when I passed my test but, that was 2005. My folks helped me with my first shit box which was a £900 Saxo and they wouldnt help to buy an Escort as they thought the ones they had were shite. I was stuck for a while until I was making my own money. Saxo died one Friday and I was looking for a mk3 in Red in a hurry. Didnt happen but I landed a mk5 3 door in Red for work on Monday (2008). I also test drove a Capri 1.6 but we'll come back to that later.
    During owning this I went to view a mk3 (sunburst red 1.3) that a scrap yard in Manchester had put to one side. Went along with £300 which was what it wasnt selling for on ebay. Fell in love, was told to go home and bid. When I got home they'd taken it down and I was gutted! Even drove back and pleaded with them to sell it me. The bosses son wanted it apparently.  Anyway... had the mk5 for years, followed by a Focus when that died, then I was in a position where I was about to make some decent money as a touring musician which meant I could own a second car.
    Although I was always looking for one of these (still do to this day) one hadnt popped up in Red for 3 years and during the rehearsals for said tour a C reg 3 door 1.1 in Red popped up for sale on ebay. It seemed like it was meant to be so I went down to Peterborough and had a look/test drive. I loved every minute of it and thought it was hilarious at the same time. The steering wheel was so thin, the gear stick really long, the seating position was less sporty than my old mk5. I had to have it. The seller said you've checked it over havent you and happy with it a few times... alarm bells should have rang but it looked fine and solid. Put my fingers under the arch and they seemed solid (should have looked harder as you'll see). Anyway I bought it with my heart and not my head. Enjoyed the summer of 2013 with the medium wave radio cranked and the single centre speaker working its bollocks off then it lived in my Dads garage in the winter. 
    Apologies for the Photobucket watermark on these early pics.

    As stereo upgrade from medium wave to Cassette medium wave. 

    The following year as I remember it went for an MOT and they poked the little hole I'd found at the bottom of the driver sill, all the way around. Gutted!! This is the time I should have put it back on ebay, especially as on a now defunct Escort forum a guy couldnt sell a Base model 1.6 3 door in terracotta for £600. After a while I found some guys in Stoke-on-Trent who could restore it for me for a reasonable price so in it went... as you can see they found more rot than initially thought.  

    All done! with some new wheels off a Capri, probably killing off all the wheel bearings.

    This is probably 1/3 of story. Its 2014 at this point. My girlfriend had moved to Glasgow for a new job so I was occasionally using it to go up there (Still had my Focus Estate too). Mainly I used it to listen to the Smiths and Tom petty cassettes round Manchester when back from touring with various bands. At some point it was kicked out of my Dads garage when he bought a Spitfire 1500 in early 2017 and then I took it to London with my later that year when I moved.
    I'll continue this later on when I have more time. As a long time lurker on here I thought I should maybe share my own tails of automotive woe with you... we havent even got to the Capri yet. 

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    danthecapriman got a reaction from CreepingJesus in Truck Shite   
    Anyone seen this?
    Amazing old truck with a bit of a history to it which gets touched on in the vid’s. Looks like an interesting project! The guys also got an old Autocar tractor unit too.
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    danthecapriman reacted to juular in Juular's Scandi Noir. C70/240/205. A summer of shite.   
    The 205 stuff.
    Summer started with a wee ned flinging a brick at it.

    I chased down the scrote and got some good photos of his ugly mug which were swiftly passed on to the police. The police were decent enough, but they're so underfunded and understaffed that I get the feeling this stuff goes on a lot without consequence.   The fake-tanned mother of the ned stopped us in a shop a week later and gave us mouthfuls of abuse and threats from her financed A Class, so it's clear to see how the brat ended up the way he did.  That event spurred the police into actually going and charging the little cretin and giving the mother an official warning, so hopefully that's the end of that.
    It clearly didn't like having a brick flung at it, as it decided to go into a fit of flashing its headlights, indicators and running the wipers constantly.
    Here's why.

    That and a few other earths were cleaned up and fixed, and the shonky positive terminal replaced.

    Next up it gained a habit of randomly dumping its coolant from THAT pipe in the driver's side wheel arch.
    Since it had been pressed into FOTU duty at short notice I replaced it with a bit of straight stainless at 8AM on the morning of departure.

    The stainless was the wrong size but we made it fit.
    It was then FOTU approved.

    A French convoy was created with @Lacquer Peel

    The A66 was buggered, so we took the A69 then all the back roads through the hills, where the 205 is right at home. I enjoyed every second of it.

    FOTU was great, easily the best 'official' car show I've been to and it was good to catch up with people from here, as well as the Scotoshite crew.

    I was really looking forward to taking the 240 down, but kind of glad I got a chance to really drive the 205 on a proper trip.  I had lots of fun bombing it down all the lanes and back roads. Although I had plans to sell it, I think I may have actually bonded with it to the point I'll keep it for a bit longer.
    @davehedgehog31 and I did a bit of a trade and now I've got a Bosch fuel pump that will drink the veg. That'll be the next plan for this little nugget, then we'll see how things go.
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    danthecapriman reacted to juular in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Chopathon - Weldathon.   

    Braced up.



    Taking out the floor was a real highlight.
    More quality repairs removed.
    Make shit.


    Copying the outriggers before chopping those off as well. 

    Weldy weldington McWeld.

    Churning through the wire here.

    Grinding, then priming. This marks the point where the A pillars and everything forward of them is now complete.

    Next up - floors and inner sills.
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    danthecapriman reacted to juular in 1964 Volvo 122S - Amazonian rustforest. Chopathon - Weldathon.   
    Decided to have a look at the spare engine to see what shape it's in.

    I didn't want to have to lift it into the van using the engine crane as the stones make it an absolute nightmare.  I've found that if I strip the block right down I can lift it.

    On the plus side, everything came apart easily, no seized pistons here.  As per the other engine, the bearings look healthier than they have any right to.
    However, I'm not sure if this is going to be a deal breaker or whether it just needs cleaned out and honed.

    Even if it's no good, I now have a good twin carb head, a good block, and an overdrive gearbox.   The plan is to create one good engine with new piston rings, seals and gaskets (I am reusing those bearings.. there is absolutely no point throwing them out).
    Into the van and back to HQ.

    Did a little bit more cutting and welding on the actual car.



    The wind then picked up with a vengeance at this point, so I packed it in and went for a drive.
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