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    danthecapriman reacted to warninglight in Volvo C202 Laplander - small progress   
    As said in the last post, I had just got started into this again, and I managed to break my thumb. That was 2 months ago now, so I'm just about back in action, with (I think) a fairly good idea of where I'm going with this.
    I had intended to keep the boxy body, and incorporate a pop top, maybe like this:

    There's a Dutch guy rebuilding one with the original steel roof panel working as a hinged pop top, I really like that design as it's invisible when down, so that would have been the preferred option.
    Unfortunately there's no getting away from the fact that the body is utterly knackered. All 5 doors need extensive work to the frames and skins, the floors are knackered throughout, the rear section of the roof is full of holes, and even stuff like the switchgear in the dash is rotten and seized.
    At this point it's worth remembering how I first saw it, in this photo, posted on here by Nigel Bickle. It was parked up around 1993, so I'm probably 20 years too late to be able to save it in an original guise.

    As bad as the body is, the chassis seems (so far) fairly sound, and I managed to score a spare set of axles, springs, gearbox, transfer box, steering box and even a B20A engine from a guy in Manchester who is building one with 300tdi Landy bits throughout. So I'm confident that I can build a driving chassis without too much trouble.
    One very handy thing is that I can reduce the amount of bodywork I have to contend with, as they also made a pickup version, and even an ambulance version which left the factory as a chassis cab. All I need to do is drill a few spot welds, and fabricate a flat panel to bolt onto existing holes behind the seats, and I can have something like this...

    Apart from the engine cover (and most of that is battery, which I will relocate to save space) that leaves me with a useful chassis to play with.
    I can get it roadworthy much like that, and then fabricate a flatbed body to suit, so it can be really useful. I'll have that so it can be lifted off with a few bolts, with the intention of, in time, building a lightweight insulated camper body to plop on as and when.
    If it's going to have double duty as a workhorse and a long distance travelling toy, then it really needs an engine to suit. My plan for that is to modify an M47 gearbox (the 5 speed version of the same family the original 4 speed M45 came from) to fit the original transfer box, giving me an overdrive gear, and, by sourcing that gearbox from a diesel 740, it'll bolt straight on to a VW TDI. I'm a bit short on space, and I'm not that keen on the 6 pot used in the 740s, but I love the 5 pot used in the 850s and V70s. It'll take some work to convert to mechanical injection, or to get it working with original ECU (my preferred option) but when it's done, it should be characterful, useable, and still have some Volvo heritage! Thanks @scdan4 for measuring his spare, I reckon it'll fit with a modern slim radiator.
    With all that in mind, stripdown work is continuing every spare hour I get...

    Hoping to have a chassis on the lift and the cab on a stand by Christmas! Then the hunt will be on for an 850/S70/V70 TDI donor...
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    danthecapriman reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Inside of the door was primed on Sunday.

    It took a while to fully cure, so I didn't get to do the other side until yesterday. 

    With all four doors stripped and primed now, theres just the bonnet and spoiler left to prepare for bodywork now. As the weather is set to be colder for the foreseeable,  I reckon now would be a good time to make a start stripping the paint off the tailgate spoiler. It has been painted over the factory finish, and there is crazing in certain places, so the only way to make it right again is to take it all off. 
    I've tried a patch sanding the majority off then finishing up rubbing it with thinners on a cloth - it worked well, but was incredibly time consuming.  I'm gonna see if I can get hold of some decent paint stripper to try and speed it up a bit. 
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    danthecapriman reacted to HMC in The new news 24 thread   
    Down but not out 

    Totally on the button and roadable* but for a puncture, which I’ll sort at the weekend.
    * copyright USA
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    danthecapriman reacted to Shite Ron in Why are Classic Cars so expensive?   
    I was born at the very end of the 60’s so  grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. All I wanted was a Cortina ( my dad had a Viva which I hated) I liked Jag’s and Granada’s but they seemed out of reach. Ferrari’s and Porsche’s held no interest at all for me. I also have little interest in car’s from 83 onwards. The 60’s were probably the best for style, I love most 70’s cars now and early 80’s cars are probably the nicest to drive with all the comforts required, after that it all went downhill style wise in my eyes. The value of cars is pretty much irrelevant as I have no intention of selling any. If anything it helps curtail me adding to my collection as although I would like a Jensen, I think they are now too expensive. In some ways the increasing values take the fun away as I used to enjoy the fact a £200 Cortina was so much nicer to drive than something costing  100 times more 20 years ago. I know not everyone will agree with me but cars are about what makes you happy not what other people think or what they cost.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Zelandeth in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    Still remember just standing by the tailpipe of this thing when it was running at the FotU and enjoying the lazy "Blub, blub, blub" idle.  Sounded like it was idling at about 200rpm which seems to be the norm for their stuff.
    I really quite enjoy American cars which aren't trying to pretend to be anything else.  I *really* wanted to bring back the Chevy Astro that we had as a runaround back in 2014.  It was the "low end" version over there (rather than the day vans you tend to see), but it was just so, so, so comfy a thing to waft around in and I've never been in something that was just so easy to drive.

    It was hilarious though looking under the bonnet.  Over here it would be a 2.0TD if you were lucky...No, V6 petrol here - all 4.6 litres of it. 
    It had such a long stroke because of that that the torque was absolutely ridiculous...It pulled like a train from idle, and the gargling exhaust note was just hilarious.  Not quite as hilarious as how the thing would stand on its tail end and take off like it had been fired out of a cannon if you did floor it was though.
    Sadly it was going to cost well north of five grand to get it shipped back though (plus the purchase price!), so I just couldn't make it make sense.
    Even though this is a very "bread and butter" vehicle, it's just so very American...and that means COMFY and EASY where motoring is concerned.
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    danthecapriman reacted to flat4alfa in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    Love these!
    Smoked about in this last summer
    Drives much better than would have believed

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    danthecapriman reacted to PhilA in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    Thing is, they were never... Slow. Not the biggest engined ones, at least. 
    Lazy, yes. But that uninspiring push at low speed just continues well up to the legal limit. Most get really wheezy above 3500-4000 rpm and the shift points were a bit optimistic but a hefty multi-element torque converter meant that you would accelerate like in a Jaguar. Suddenly you're going fast after a but of noise and not much feeling of actually doing anything.
    Very squidgy cars, given that America had last spent any major money on road infrastructure 30 years prior to this being built, so a lot of very worn concrete and potholed and inexpertly patched asphalt was what you got to drive on. It shook contemporary european cars to pieces if they didn't break down expensively and get sacked off for something Ford or GM.
    That's why people bought them. The unchanging bland squareness represented something that lasted, something built to withstand the streets here and be comfortable on the long, straight journeys. Also, doing big family things or stuff with the neighbors kids was and is still quite big here so that's why once these had gone, the minivan and suv reigned supreme.
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    danthecapriman reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1222 hours of work - Engine is in the car!   
    Continued doing various small jobs all over the place.  The seats now have the plastic side trims fitted.  These are usually broken to some extent but luckily I had some spare ones and made an almost perfect set.
    The engine is now ready to start.  Everything is fitted/connected and I've filled it with coolant and oil.  I've also put some ATF in the power steering and will top that off once its running.  The gearbox is ready to go back in so a few more hours and I should be ready to turn that key.
    The oil is Millers 10w40 which is the recommended grade for these engines.
    Coolant is Comma 50/50 premix - The water here is liquid rock so some premixed stuff will do a much better job than a rad full of limescale. 
    I've used waterless coolant several times in the past and I'm personally not convinced after trying it in several different restored cars/vans.  Everything I've poured it in runs hotter because the waterless coolant is so thick.  From my experience you need extra coolant capacity over standard if you wish to run waterless coolants.

    A square post battery is in the post and that should complete the look inside the engine bay.  I've lots of little jobs and details to fuss over but it only makes sense to do that once its proven it can run and drive.
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    danthecapriman reacted to JJ0063 in My new e-furty   
    Built a Clarke instant garage today. Impressed. 

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    danthecapriman reacted to JJ0063 in My new e-furty   
    Just realised the front is slightly wonky, I’ve ordered some more subtle screws so will adjust it when I change them over.

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    danthecapriman reacted to juular in Juular's ovlov rescue centre - poking holes in a 240 (now fixing some)   
    New hinge reinforcing bracket.

    In situ. Old one above, new one below.

    Chopped out. Not too bad a match.

    Last bit of new inner pillar.

    Took ages to get a tight fit but got there in the end. I'd be stuck without the power file. Also, neodymium magnets out of old hard drives are brilliant.

    Cleaned a little bit of surface ginge off a bit of pillar I really didn't want to get stuck into. The metal is sound but pitted. Treated with hydrate 80 just to be sure. Goes nice and blue.

    Another bit made from a rusty cutout.

    In situ.

    Managed to pigeon shit it all together before the darkness and wind killed progress. Thankfully done in time for a quick bit of primer as well. So that's the inner pillar done.

    Didn't have time to finish this. But it's starting to take shape.

    Next job.. If all goes to plan I'll be able to start gluing on the outer panels I made earlier and if really lucky I might be able to test fit the door.
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    danthecapriman reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    I didn’t have much time this weekend for playing with big American barges, but I did figure out the tailgate.
    It’s got a frameless glass window, pulling the handle latches it to the side. Instead of that Putting the key in with it shut  and turning it makes the window Go down electrically; and reaching the inner handle then lets it hinge downwards.

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    danthecapriman reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Its been all go at the shed today, sadly not all Cavalier based, but still got a bit done. Mrs Stool's car was in first for its annual oil,fuel and air filter service - followed by my van, which recieved new shocks and bottom ball joints. The remainder of the day was spent stripping the paint off the last door. No time was found for this during the week, but the whole door was done today to catch up.

    Just need to finish the window frame, and I can get it epoxy primed tomorrow. 

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    danthecapriman reacted to N19 in The new news 24 thread   
    Maybe this isn't the best time of year to take the Capri down a muddy wood track round the back of Croxley? The resultant mess at least forced me to wash it, which I've been putting off for ages! 

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    danthecapriman reacted to loserone in Shite Magazine scans   
    @danthecapriman, yesterday
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    danthecapriman reacted to juular in Juular's ovlov rescue centre - poking holes in a 240 (now fixing some)   
    Awful weekend, doing my best in between the squalls. Started rebuilding the inside of the A-pillar.
    I can haz garridge? 


    Sill fruit machine jackpot, payout in iron 

    Started making new parts based on rusty offcuts.

    Metal bender got some use.


    Test fitting

    On to the part above that. I have to do a bit of extrapolation from a small rusted fragment here.

    Pretty damn close!

    A little touch up and holes for the plug welds.

    Tacked in.

    Earlier lower bit added in

    Pillar starting to look right again. Next big job is to replicate that rusty hinge reinforcement bracket above the new bit.

    Wee chunk of inner sill replaced as a spot weld had rusted here and eaten right through.

    There was a funny little bracket /plate layered in here that had rotted away entirely. I had to guess what shape it was as there's literally nothing left but the flanges.. I guess as long as it performs the same function then it will be fine.

    That's all for now. I have a question though.. 
    Does anyone know if BOR-8 is any good to stop flash rusting? I'm always going to have this problem as I don't want to paint anything until I'm closer to completion of a section.
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    danthecapriman reacted to phil_lihp in 1977 Princess 1.8 HL - UnSaggy Brown Joy: Paint!   
    The new seal and ring combined with a splodge of hylomar seems to have done the trick, no more drips.  
    This is good, as it means her royal brownness is back on the road.  I celebrated by putting £20 of Asda's finest in it and then driving about running a few errands and apart from the alternator belt being a bit noisy, it behaved perfectly.  It's running superbly now that the fuel isn't 50% sand.
    However,  it is a Princess so to redress the balance, the clutch master (slave?) cylinder started leaking. 

    Looking at it, I cant understand why.  It looks immaculate and totally hasn't got mouse damage on the gaitor or any obvious corrosion.
    I'm hoping an MGB one will fit.  Certainly looks similar but I'll try and find some part numbers first.
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    danthecapriman reacted to HMC in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    The former keeper has come up trumps finding the paperwork, as well as uk stuff there’s the original book pack and service records. Looks like it came from Ambler, western Pennsylvania......
    I always did think it could of had a drive on part in Groundhog Day
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    danthecapriman reacted to vulgalour in The new news 24 thread   
    We got our garage roof replaced just in time.  We opted to pay someone rather than DIY since we needed it done quickly and well.  Would have likely taken us at least a whole day, it took them 4 hours and the weather was bright and sunny for the entire job.  Fifteen year guarantee on it so hopefully we won't have to worry about it for at least that long.  They removed the bad beams, replaced and reinforced them, redid the pointing and reseated the capping tiles properly in addition to fitting a whole flat roof.  This was way more work than we could have easily done ourselves, going the paying-someone-else route was definitely the sensible one, especially since it's been absolutely chucking it down since the roof was fitted and the old one certainly wouldn't have survived it.

    Means the Lanchester is nice and safe from the weather now, which was our biggest worry and the reason we got this done as quickly as possible.
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    danthecapriman reacted to gm in The grumpy thread   
    A grump from yesterday - I was happily working away in the garage with a bit of 'Maiden blasting out and some soppy sod at apple has decided that my hearing is at risk ! I turned it up again and ten minutes later it turned itself down again  fuck that, I'll just turn up the amp instead  

    (I don't use headphones, it was plugged into my amp via the headphone socket)
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    danthecapriman reacted to Shirley Knott in Shirley Knott's Evil Web Of Shite   
    Amazingly my week long V70 mini resto challenge is now complete, and on day 4!
    Last steps today were to give the car a good wash and then spend four hours a brief period working the car with compound/polish before waxing.
    After this, I cheated slightly and had the chap from 'Dent Devlis' round. Martin is a lovely bloke, I've used him before and for a fixed price agreed before hand he worked the whole car getting out everything and anything he could dent wise- the car was covered! He was on for about 3 hours, the price was more than reasonable and the result truly impressive.
    Photo taken from indoors as I didn't feel comfortable going out and brazenly taking pictures of his van

    So in the space of 4 days the car has had 2X new bumpers, 2X new wings, a new rear door, a new boot interior, dent removal and a set of 17" alloys refurbished and fitted.
    Here's how it looked just over a year ago after arriving battered and bruised at casa Knott as a £350 car...

    And a year on....

    It's difficult to show in pics just how much the car's come on, but suffice to say I'm very pleased with it. With a little elbow grease I've managed to cobble together a presentable V70 with fresh handbrakes/discs pads all round, overhauled mechanicals and fresh timing belt, and as an added bonus it's only got 92k on the clock, all for £NotMuch.
    It can only go downhill from here- It's bound to shit itself any minute after all that work, the only question is how? PLACE BETS NOW!
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from 500tops in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    This, X a million! 
    These old yanks are, in many ways a million times better than the bland miserable crap the rest of the world were churning out. Most of the haters don’t really have a clue or have been listening to the local pub bore who watches too much top gear and other nonsense then regurgitates it all! They’re fantastic, comfy old things to burble around in. Try one before slating them!
    Yours looks absolutely gorgeous, great colour too! It’s the little brother of my yank! These on the downsized platform which replaced the earlier full sized monstrosity’s like mine of the late 60’s early 70’s after the gas crisis. These are arguably one of the best platforms Ford did, being so long lived and popular. The sedans made very good cop cars too.
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from timolloyd in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    Was yours really slow?
    My sedans actually rather quick, albeit in a straight line! Most people are actually surprised how quick mine is tbh as it’s not what you’d think of as being so. Mind you mines got the bigger 429 ci (7.0 litre) big block without any of the emissions control stuff, maybe that makes a difference?

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    danthecapriman got a reaction from DVee8 in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    Was yours really slow?
    My sedans actually rather quick, albeit in a straight line! Most people are actually surprised how quick mine is tbh as it’s not what you’d think of as being so. Mind you mines got the bigger 429 ci (7.0 litre) big block without any of the emissions control stuff, maybe that makes a difference?

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    danthecapriman got a reaction from eddyramrod in HMC motors- Ford LTD crown Vic station wagon   
    Was yours really slow?
    My sedans actually rather quick, albeit in a straight line! Most people are actually surprised how quick mine is tbh as it’s not what you’d think of as being so. Mind you mines got the bigger 429 ci (7.0 litre) big block without any of the emissions control stuff, maybe that makes a difference?

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