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    danthecapriman reacted to inconsistant in Replacement for the Porsche 924 is a Porsche 924   
    9 months on and probably time for an update. There is very little to tell since not a lot has needed doing yet and it’s not been used much over the year. Very happy with the first, but like everyone I really hope the second changes some time soon. The white one sold in May.

    So this is mostly what ownership of the red 924 has looked like for most of 2020:

    I did some maintenance over the summer though. This 924 has an engine undertray, very exciting as I’ve heard about them and wondered where and how they fitted. I had no idea how this came off and it covers the cross member I normally use to jack up the front so I bumped the front wheels up onto some chunky timber to raise it up enough for a peer under to find the fixings. It came off nice and easily, and gave me access to the cross member so could get it up high enough to put on ramps for a service and a check over.

    I changed fuel, oil & air filters, did an oil change, which ended up being one of my messiest yet. I obviously learned nothing from previous attempts to get the oil from sump to container and seem to be getting worse at it and not better. 
    Next a coolant flush, I managed to get pretty much all of it in the bucket. The rubber hoses felt nice and soft and flexible but sort of crispy sounding when squeezed, I undid a couple to have a look and found rusty deposits and small chunks of brown covering the insides.

    Investigating further it looks like the ends of the coolant tube (‘watertube 047 121 073B’) that sits under the expansion tank and connects the thermostat tube to the radiator tube has started to disintegrate at each end. I’ll need to get a replacement one I think. I removed all hoses, flexed and squeezed them all to remove as much crustiness as possible, and re fitted them. I flushed the coolant system until it ran clear, and put everything back together.

    I also put a set of new HT leads on, a new distributor cap and a wiper arm. The old stuff is probably fine but I wanted to replace stuff I knew how to do so I could get to find out a bit about the car. I’ll keep the stuff I’ve taken off as emergency spares. The temp gauge on this one seems to be a bit more lively than the previous 924, it’s not gone up into the red but it does appear to swing around and climb to 3/4 more readily than the other 924. This is all fine in the scheme of things but it does make me nervous that it might be the first sign of trouble so I though it would be a good idea to replace the water pump and thermostat anyway, along with the timing belt and alternator belt since they’ll need to come off for the water pump and they’re pretty cheap. I’m not sure how old any of them are and I thought if I started ownership with new ones I would have complete coolant peace of mind, although I forgot to buy gasket sealant so will do those jobs (and new sparkle plugs that I realised afterwards I forgot to fit with the other service items) once the sealant arrives.
    I took the battery out to check out the condition of the battery tray, a well known 924 rust problem area, and it all looks very happy indeed in there which is reassuring.

    I take a bizarre pleasure in seeing these little drainage flaps. I’m sure that’s not normal. Maybe it is. After not having them on the other 924 they seem like a bit of an extravagance, but I like that they’re there, quietly doing their job and making the car look complete and original in details in a way the other one was never going to be.

    With the car back on 4 wheels I went to put the undertray back on and it wouldn’t fit under the car, it was too high to slide under the valance to get into place.  Realising this was going to be an ongoing problem I decided to make a pair of stepped wooden blocks to drive it up on to to raise the front up just enough to get it on/off in future. Maybe this is why lots of owners don’t seem to bother with the undertray?

    In August 2020 while the lockdown rules were loosened to allow for non essential travel and socialising with social distancing, I drove it to Littlehampton on a lovely warm Sunday morning for the first Sussex Transaxle Get Together with Alex in his 924 turbo. A good turn out of interesting and varied 944s and a couple of 924s too. Alex’s turbo was much admired by the 944 gang, as was the pascha interiors of both his and mine.

    The car ran nicely, and was relaxed, smooth and quiet. Maybe, perhaps, a little too quiet. Looking underneath (which is actually a nice thing to do because it looks so lovely under there!) I see it has two middle silencers whereas the white 85 only had one, although both have S/S exhausts. Hmmm, I wonder if it’s possible to remove one of them?

    I’m really loving the factory sunroof, it came out whenever possible over the summer. I’m also enjoying having a CD player, but it would appear the car was not designed with this future technology in mind since one has to change down from 5th to 4th to be able to change CDs. First world problems eh?
    Each journey in the 924 is generating a to-do list but nothing daunting at the moment, and nothing that needs urgent attention, which is ideal.
    *Drivers electric mirror won’t adjust electrically.
    *Whole passenger interior door handle surround falls off when pulled
    *Heater controls won’t stay in far right position, and move back to centre when I let go.
    *When I brim the tank the gauge only shows about 3/4 full. 

    *Reg plates ‘need’ swapping for the new ones I’ve had made up. I’d like to get a pair of plate holders first though, I think they look better with a small gap behind them.

    *Need a new watertube 047 121 073B as mentioned above.

    There was some water inside after jet washing but it was a really tiny amount so this is fine with me. In fact I’d go so far as to say I’m delighted this is all that got in.

    With the car tucked up in the garage I felt a Disklok would be a good idea so I picked up a second hand one. They seem to hold their value well so I hope that means they’re effective.
    Another future technology that the 924 wasn’t designed to accommodate is the iPhone. The little tray between gear knob and stereo is not quite the right size and shape, and with charge cable and stereo lead attached it gets a bit messy, so I asked Father Christmas for Halforld’s cheapest bargain bin phone holder, which I’ve fitted but not yet used, so that’s something else to put on the 2021 things I’m excited about list.

    Having not driven it since August I popped round to the garage on a dry day over the Xmas hols to start it up and possibly have a little local run but unfortunately the battery was flat. If I’d known when I parked it up I wouldn’t be using it for so long I think I’ve have disconnected the battery. Maybe even put it way clean. And maybe just SORNed it to save a bit of money. Anyway I tested the battery and it was showing 12.2v so I took it out and brought it home for a trickle charge. Overnight 12.8v was achieved so it went back in the car and started first turn of the key and idled up to temperature nicely where it showed 13.6v running and 13.3v with the engine off. I decided to disconnect the -ve battery lead where it bolts onto the body to avoid battery drain, and I’ve hidden the bolt as an added security measure. Just hope I can remember where I put it when I come to use the car again.

    £270 road tax was paid this morning, and hopefully for the last time, since the car will be 40 yrs old in August 2021. Need to look into what to do.
    Mot due in February. I'll have owned it for a year then. Nothing further to report.
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    danthecapriman reacted to adw1977 in Al's spotting thread   
    335. 1988 Range Rover EFi auto and Rover 400 series tourer

    Seen in Hamsey Green, Surrey.
    F57 UTW
    ✓ SORN
    ✗ MOT Expired: 31 July 2017
    Vehicle make ROVER
    Date of first registration 21 September 1988
    Year of manufacture 1988
    Cylinder capacity 3528 cc
    Fuel type PETROL
    Export marker No
    Vehicle status SORN
    Vehicle colour RED
    Number of previous owners: 9
    Current owner since Mar 2015
    Mileage at last MOT: 43,028
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    danthecapriman reacted to adw1977 in Al's spotting thread   
    334. 1991 BMW 318i Touring

    Seen in Hamsey Green, Surrey on 5th December.
    J487 MJL
    ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 October 2021
    ✓ MOT Expires: 23 September 2021
    Vehicle make BMW
    Date of first registration 16 September 1991
    Year of manufacture 1991
    Cylinder capacity 1796 cc
    Fuel type PETROL
    Export marker No
    Vehicle status Taxed
    Vehicle colour WHITE
    Number of previous owners: 2
    Current owner since Feb 2018
    Mileage at last MOT: 129,796
    Mileage since previous MOT: 5,615
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    danthecapriman reacted to adw1977 in Al's spotting thread   
    333. 1979 LHD Ford Transit 350
    Seen in Whyteleafe, Surrey on 5th December.  Labelled as a fire service vehicle from the German city of Lichtenau.  Badge of Blankenrode, a district of Lichtenau, on the bonnet.
    ETH 799V
    ✓ Taxed - Tax due: 1 June 2021
    MOT Exempt
    Vehicle make FORD
    Date of first registration January 1980
    Date of first registration with DVLA 1 May 2019
    Year of manufacture 1979
    Cylinder capacity 2000 cc
    Fuel type PETROL
    Export markerNo
    Vehicle status Taxed
    Vehicle colour RED
    Number of previous UK owners: 1
    Current owner since Oct 2019
    Mileage at last MOT (2019): 26,018 km
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    danthecapriman reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    The inside of the wheel cleaned up pretty well.

    If I don't have the wedge to get these powdered, I could always do them in POR15 - I'll have to see what's left in the kitty after the bills have been paid.  
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    danthecapriman reacted to N19 in The new news 24 thread   
    Bluebird went to see the nice man from the ministry this afternoon. Passed! Still have a few bits and pieces to keep me busy. 

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    danthecapriman reacted to Tim_E in The new news 24 thread   
    Here is my attempt at a Swede in the Snow...

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    danthecapriman reacted to phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL   
    Some progress has been made...this is the closest I could get, it's meant for a 1.3 Marina apparently.

    The observant amoung you will note that, owing to the outlet being at a slightly different angle, the top hose no longer reaches so I will have to hunt around for something as a suitable replacement.  I bought a length of generic hose a while back and this is plenty long enough but just kinks in the middle instead of curving so still scratching my head on that.  Still looking for a replacement stud, too. 
    What did go better than expected was the speedo cable - the new Borg & Beck one is a perfect fit, the old one unscrewed from the gearbox easily and I had no issues unclipping the remains of it from the back of the speedo just by reaching up behind the dash.  The new one took about 2 minutes to fit - the hardest part was feeding it though the back of the dash correctly.  No need to disturb the delicate dash structure, fortunately.  Can't test it yet with the stat housing not installed but I've no reason to think it won't work fine.
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    danthecapriman reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    I was probably a bit harsh but I had initially intended on writing something much more offensive.

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    danthecapriman reacted to STUNO in Been to the races   
    Saturday was just an ordinary day, except that my neighbour had said " lets go to the races", or to be specific to the NZ Historic grand prix, which was being held in Taupo only 40 minutes drive away
    The program included saloons, formula junior, trans am and the old but impressive and noisy formula 5000 open wheelers.
    Have a look. the camera is poor and did not pick up the noise, but I am sure you can imagine the sound of a straight-piped 7 litre Ford , or a Dodge Viper.


    ^^^^ A company car !!

    After their races all the Anglia drivers got together.

    Crap video to come soon !

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    danthecapriman reacted to red5 in The grumpy thread   
    Ah. That explains where that's gone. Shame the usual idiots can't keep politics out of it...bearing in mind it's 'them' that got what 'they' wanted.  Double standards much.
    Supermarket fuel stations. Remove them all. ,Back to real 'filling/service' stations..😁
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    danthecapriman reacted to TripleRich in 1975 Ford Granada Coupe - 1332 hours of work - Getting close now   
    I've done quite a bit more work since the last update.  Over the past year or so since I painted it I've spent a lot of time with the car and got to know every defect no matter how small.
    Something I decided to do a while back was repaint both quarter panels when I had the opportunity.  When I painted the car originally I had never done anything like it before.  As a result my filler work was basic and only focused on areas I could see or feel.
    The results of that method are missing ripples and shallow dents.  Once the paint goes all of them show up when you look down the side of the car.
    Now with more experience, the right tools, products and method I set to redoing the rear quarters.  I rubbed them down with a long block which shows up all the highs and lows.  Applied a skim of filler to the entire panel and then blocked it down.  It's much more involved than that but you get the idea.  I found lots of issues and worked hard over the course of 4 days to get them right.

    Primed the panels and blocked that back to prepare for paint.  About two days to prime, prepare and paint.  Much happier with it now.

    It won't look all that different in pictures but it really has made a massive improvement to the car.
    With that difficult and daunting task complete I flat and polished the panels to remove the orange peel.  Then put everything back together, about a days work.

    Back on track I continued adding the final few parts.  This is a factory under tray, not often seen in the UK but was an option on these cars.

    Cleaned up the jack and spare wheel hardware.

    Made and fitted the last bit of trim for the boot.  This covers a void between the quarter panel and boot floor.  It's originally filled with foam but I've left that out as it causes rust in the wheel arches.
    Finally I flat and polished the sills and ordered some new tyres.

    Very close now, perhaps another 8 hours of work and the car should be finished.

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    danthecapriman reacted to Tim_E in Tim's Fleet - The rain in Spain falls mainly on the rear window.   
    Volvo armrest, the old one was from a 940 so I swapped it for a 740 one.
    Much better.

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    danthecapriman reacted to willswitchengage in Lazy spotters thread   
    Norf Landan weekend sightings... although around here anything that isn't a Tesla SUV counts as 'rare'.

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    danthecapriman reacted to 1970mgb in Americans and oil changes..   
    You have a wide range of conditions in America, from below sea level to places miles high and in-between, plus places where there's always snow on the ground from November to April and places that have never seen it.
    On the whole, I don't think it's fair to universally say "crappy low octane fuel." The numbers LOOK different than in the UK/EU because you all only designate fuel by the RON and we use the RON/MON average(called the AKI, anti-knock index). You can't DIRECTLY convert them, but the rule of thumb is that the RON will be 4-6 points higher than the AKI. For a given fuel, there's usually a 10-12 point difference between RON and MON.
    Consequently, what you all have as 97 RON corresponds to 91-93 AKI. You'd have to go out of your way to find a station that does NOT have fuel of that quality,  generally sold as "Premium unleaded." With that said, the exact value can vary.  Here in the People's Republic of Illinois, the "Casey's General Store" up the corner from me has 91, while I can go down the road and get 93 octane Shell V-Power. Back when I lived in Kentucky, most stations had 93, and budget stations typically had 92.
    Of course, your 95 RON would correspond roughly to our mid-grade 89 AKI gas, which is better than standard 87AKI here.
    It's difficult to find higher than 93 octane here, but it does exist. There's one station, I think a Sunoco around here, that sells 96 street-legal.
    The best selection I can remember seeing was in Bowling Green, Kentucky quite literally just about a block away from the Corvette Factory(where, BTW, in normal times you can actually take delivery of your new Corvette). Several of the pumps, in addition to 87/89/93 also had 96 and 99 unleaded and then 110 leaded. The leaded was padlocked and under the big, bold "NOT STREET LEGAL" marking stated "Attend must dispense. Can only be dispensed into approved container or vehicle on trailer.'
    Many cars now, especially high compression, high performance engines specify 91 minimum.
    As a side note, too, Denver does have an elevation of 1 mile high or greater. There, and in other parts of Colorado, they sell 85 AKI gas. It's completely safe for cars specifying 87 when at that altitude, but if you want to go down the mountain you'd best make sure you have 87 or better in your car.
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    danthecapriman reacted to 4wheeledstool in Cavalier mk2 - another blue giffermobile.   
    Not been at this for a few weeks for a variety of reasons. The most recent reason was the inability to get to the shed due to flooded roads. 
    Got the tyres off - it's still too cold to do any body work stuff, and there  isn't a right lot left to do apart from that.

    I had an exploratory session with power tools to ascertain the general condition, and was pleased by the face of the wheel.

    The back was not quite as pleasing.

    I duly got stuck in with the wire wheel stuff.

    Not too bad at all - they're all very straight too. If I can afford it I'll get them all blasted and Powder coated.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Joey spud in Boris the '59 Minor.   
    While it's too wet outside to do any Minor work i have decided to look at making good the drivers door.
    For a sixty year old bit of tin its not in bad shape the rot in the base is most likely been caused by rain water passing down inside the door due to worn out window seals and blocked drain holes.

    I cut out the worst of the grottiness and tacked in a new piece on the doors base.

    Then fannyed about letting in bits of fresh metal which took an utter age and looked a bit pants too but once a bit of filler is added i thought it would turn out ok.

    While i was troweling on the filler i thought it might be a good idea to make sure the base of the door is still straight.
    Er not a chance.
     It wasn't any where near how it should be,my slap dash/fuck it that'll do approach to body repair has bitten me hard on my backside as the door is now distorted way out of true along it lower edge and no amount of pudding is going to make it look right so i have now done what i should have done in the first place.

    I have purchased a lower repair panel for a reasonable £26.
    So this weekend i will mostly be up the shed trying to right my cock up.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Inspector Morose in The American Ford Escorts   
    US Escorts were the base of two electric cars. Firstly I bring you the Jet Electrica

    The Jet Electrica was originally manufactured by Jet Industries of Austin, TX, which produced about 3,000 EV conversions while they were in business. Most Jets were based on Ford Escort and Mercury Lynx chassis purchased new as from FoMoCo as "gliders" (body and chassis without engines). To convert the Escort to electric, Jet mated a Prestolite 96v traction motor to the original Ford transaxle, fabricated battery boxes front and rear, and added a speed controller and an on-board battery charger.
    Then there was the EVcort.

    EVcort The EVcort was an experimental electric car produced from 1981 to 1994 by Electric Vehicle Associates of Cleveland OH and later by Soleq Corp. of Chicago IL.[1] It consisted of a stock body and transmission from the Ford Escort, refitted with an electric propulsion system, every component of which was engineered and manufactured specifically for the car. It incorporated features such as regenerative braking and a multistep charging algorithm, that are common on modern electric vehicles but were quite innovative at the time. The intent was to produce a practical alternative-fueled vehicle with performance comparable to gasoline-powered cars, but like many electric vehicles of that era, the EVcort proved far too expensive to be commercially viable. Nevertheless, the it was used extensively by a variety of institutions for electric vehicle demonstration and testing programs.
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    danthecapriman reacted to flat4alfa in The new news 24 thread   
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    danthecapriman reacted to Skizzer in Skizzer’s shedlife   
    Not an enormous amount of news on the Skizzer front - the Royale still has issues, I’ve bought an early Renault Espace but haven’t met it yet as @RobT is looking after it for me due to lack of room and lockdown restrictions. And also Rob is a better person at looking after things than I am.
    However, I have started making films about driving and fixing the fleet on my YouTube channel, Grand Thrift Auto.
    Think Harry’s Garage if Evo magazine had bombed, and also if he had a rubbish sound engineer.
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    danthecapriman got a reaction from Sidclark96 in The Doctor's travels through time - You've got red on you.   
    Normally I’d say chrome, and if the car was a darker colour I’d say chrome.
    But, the red looks good on this so I’ll go with red! Almost a GTI look!
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    danthecapriman reacted to SiC in eBay tat volume 3.   
    @danthecapriman @sickboy

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    danthecapriman reacted to phil_lihp in Phil's 1977 Princess 1.8 HL   
    I decided to change the thermostat today.
    On the plus side, the old stat is now out and predictably manky.  I have a shiny new one ready to go in...however...

    I used copious amounts of plusgas and gentle taps around the studs with a hammer, initially without success so I tried winding out a stud by putting two nuts on it.  
    Fail number 1.

    The stud sheared off at the bottom of the threads.
    However, as the above photo shows, I did eventually persuade both parts of the housing to come off.  Once a tiny gap opened up, I tried levering it up with a screwdriver, which worked but turned out not to be a great idea.

    So now I need a new one of these.  MGB ones look similar but most have no fill cap on top, the ones that do have an extra moulding which means it won't fit so I will have to do a bit more research.
    On the plus side, I have been finding that it turns over a lot on cold starts before firing if it's been left a few days.  I found there was slack on the choke cable so adjusted it up, I'd guessed it might not actually be getting full choke when the lever was out.  Tried it for the first time in a week today and it's much better, so I'm calling that a win.
    I've got a new speedo cable on order too, so when that arrives I'll start the mildly terrifying process of pulling the brittle dash apart to fit it.
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    danthecapriman reacted to Six-cylinder in Lazy spotters thread   
    Friday this was parked outside a village store near me. It has something about it but the ground clearance under the diff is not that great and the position of the spare wheel will risk it grounding out.

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