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  1. As said, V6 models had the reinforcement sections, 4 cylinder cars didn’t. 
    Strut tops are common issues on these (hence the repair panels available for it!). You can tell if a cars got its original ones because it’s got the VIN stamped into the panel around the top strut mount. My 74 car is still on its original ones! God knows how!

    Rear spring hangers are another rot spot well worth looking at. If they’re good, cover them in underseal or wax etc to keep them that way.

  2. 30 minutes ago, grogee said:

    Oh, and while I worked at Ford there was an RS3100 for sale on the noticeboard, didn't buy it. Twat.

    A mate of mine bought an RS3100, went half’s with his brother, back in the early 90’s. It was bought really as a bit of fun to blast about in and of course they were worth sod all back then. He admitted they ragged the hell out of it everywhere! 
    It died of rust and being worn out in the end and got scrapped. 
    Naturally, when he told me this I told him how rare and valuable they are now!😆

    Real shame.


    Another one of mine was back in 2001 when I bought my mk2 Capri. It was parked on the side of the road with a 4 sale sign in the window. But, behind it was a mk1 (pre facelift) K reg 1.6XL also 4 sale from the same seller. He wanted £700 for it,which I would have paid but sadly I just couldn’t lay my hands on that much so got the mk2 instead. 
    Fast forward a few years and said mk1 appeared on a local farm, in a right state. Rust everywhere and looking really sorry for itself. No idea where it went after that though. I really really wanted that car. Still do actually!

  3. A metallic silver/grey Jag mk10 with red leather interior. Absolutely immaculate. I was on the cusp of buying it but dithered and held back because I was supposed to be moving to Cyprus within a couple of months. Still kick myself for not buying it, even worse because I didn’t move in the end so really there was no reason not to buy it.

    A 78 Volvo 244 GLE auto in dark green. One owner from new and in fantastic original condition. Couldn’t make my mind up how far to bid on it (eBay) and lost it. I wish I’d gone higher on the price as it was lovely. Another car I really regret not getting.

  4. 2 hours ago, motorpunk said:

    Thanks for that. I had a passenger ride in a 3.0 car as a young kid but had no frame of reference for how fast it was, I do remember the driver trying to hit a ton in 3rd. A mate rented a 280 Brooklands a few years ago and he got left behind us with anything vaguely modern pretty quickly, but it did look cool. 

    Thanks Dan :)

    By the standards of their day they were ok. Perfectly adequate for their intended purpose, like most other cars then. But probably not exceptionally fast in any form. 
    Nowadays they’re going to get left behind by most things! My 1.6 is (from memory!) about 75 hp. Which is nothing now, you can get more out of a modern sub 1.0 shopping trolley these days. Even the 2.0 pinto is under 100 hp. 
    It’s all about the looks and ‘cool’ factor now. It doesn’t matter how little power they make or how slow they are now. It’s a cool car, looks great, dead easy to do anything on and you can have fun with them.

    I did used to use mine as a daily in the 2000’s, all year round, and it did it with little issues… but realistically they’re not really well suited for that anymore. Too old and hard work to keep them from dissolving! Plus, things like steaming up, ice on the inside of the windows etc etc gets really old really fast. There’s far more capable cars around now for that. Capri’s are cars for pleasure use or nice weather. 
    Mind you, that’s probably true of most classic cars!


  5. 6 hours ago, motorpunk said:

    PS - I’ve never driven a Capri, can anyone tell me what they’re like?

    They’re great to drive! 
    They’re not sports cars. At all. They’re a GT cruiser which they’re great for. The cabin is well laid out and comfy, everything feels like it’s exactly where it should be to feel ‘right’. They are low though, both low down and the seats are low too and there’s not much room in the back seats! Front is great though, loads of leg room and very light airy interior. 
    As much as I love the older models the later cars have better interiors - more comfortable and better made. 
    The handling isn’t very good really - leaf springs on the back and rear drive. But they’re fine unless you think your a driving god or full of Clarksons pub bore bullshit! Tbh cars that handle badly are way more fun anyway!

    I absolutely love them tbh. They were my hero car when I was a kid and when I actually got one at 16 they fulfilled the dream and I’ve never been disappointed with them!

  6. Fab work trigger, looks a really good solid and original car.

    My mate used to have a 2.0 laser, exactly the same as yours which was a one owner car, well looked after and very solid and original. Sadly he didn’t look after it very well and after a few years it began to look quite sorry for itself. A shame really but luckily he sold it as he couldn’t afford to keep running it and it went to someone who restored it. 
    We used to take his and my mk2 out for drives together on weekends. That 2.0 pinto with the twin Weber on his laser used to leave my 1.6 for dead!

    Anyway, great to see a thread on this beauty, always enjoyed reading your threads and seeing your handiwork.

  7. Doesn’t look all that bad under the carpet etc, certainly in a better way than mine was!

    Iid definitely try to save the original carpet, most of the new replacement ones are two part and the fit is shit. One of the regrets I’ve got with mine.

  8. I think it’s just silver originally. I don’t know how they applied it at the factory but it’s not very hard wearing and just rubs off in time/weather. 
    The trim on the windscreen rubbers and door cards is chrome effect, and that’s got that silvery coating under the plastic, but, again that falls apart and peels with age. 
    Some of the dashboard trim and facia edges should have a silver lining though too, I think.

  9. I’m afraid I’m going to rip the arm rest/door handle off the inside of the door when trying to close them from inside!😆 

    Its ridiculous how much you have to slam them or force them to close. Breaking the window is the other worry.

    Ill definitely stick the badges on I think. I’m glad you lot have said the same, confirms it for me! I think drilling holes is asking for trouble long term. Fingers crossed I don’t screw up the decal for the ‘II’ logo. Although I think I do have two, just in case.

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