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  1. A shame there’s no locomotives in there! I think it’s the Lone Star OOO gauge track?
  2. Not seen one yet, but there is a blue Mercury Cougar Villager station wagon in there.
  3. Made a start sorting the big mystery box. Some of the usual suspects in there (days gone & yesteryear!) but some pretty good items too. Anyone know much about Lone Star railways? I’ve come across a bundle of very old looking clip together cast metal track lengths.
  4. Just won another one on eBay!! And got another one on the way in post too! I’ll wait until everything is here before updating my 4 sale thread though. Same sort of stuff as before, some really old stuff, Matchbox sized and weird odd stuff too. All sorts!
  5. Good god I’ve done it again! This is big! And heavy! @bunglebus I have some potential donors you might be interested in in this lot from those you posted above… Capri, Mustang…
  6. That Majorette 240 is definitely my favourite casting of the 240 in that scale. It looks really good, certainly better than Corgi’s effort that looks squished! Ive only got the plain copper-ish colour one but it’s complete. Seen here parked next to an Oldsmobile!
  7. There was a reason I put that bit of newspaper in there…😆 I reckon you might have gone beyond help though!!
  8. That is a ridiculous waste of a rare car. Another example of common sense being ignored in the name of stupid rules and red tape. Im actually surprised the banger boys haven’t had it on the oval! Which would be a better end for the poor thing than sitting on a rack before getting cubed.
  9. I don’t think I put this pic up from when I was sifting through everything before. Two Corgi versions of the same basic tanker. Early Bedford S cab & later TK cab.
  10. 😁glad you like them! And also, hold that thought… I landed on another big box load! Just waiting for it to arrive.
  11. Weather has been ok for the last few days and today wasn’t a bad day at all so, Still premature as it’s still winter, but I got the Mercury out from hibernation! Checked it over, hooked the battery back up and fired the big bastard up! Took a while to get some petrol to pump up the float bowls, but once it did it fired straight up and ran with no drama. Got it nice and warm and drove it up and down the driveway. Can’t really hit the king’s highway yet because of all the shitty salt but it’s nice to just spend a few hours messing around with it! Roll on spring!
  12. That gift set looks absolutely fantastic! It does look just like they should from the catalog pictures. Is it all staying out on display now!? Your new Mini’s look like a good find too.
  13. Glad you like it! I’ve got one myself (Laing version) but missing the dozer load. That one is the original tractor, trailer & dozer set. One rear tyre came from a random odd one I found in another job lot box as one was missing on the trailer. The dozer cab came from yet another box, but oddly there was no sign of its dozer! Must have long since gone to toy car heaven/bottom of pond/buried in sandpit etc etc! But it was such a coincidence I just happened upon all the bits from different sources. Funny how things work out sometimes.
  14. Great to see updates on this! The lights look brilliant.👍
  15. Yep!😆 that brings back memories!!
  16. I’m 99% sure the STP decal on the bonnet of the last one is not original. That car, and the black wagon and two T birds were mine from childhood, and I’m sure I got a sticker set with number plates etc etc from somewhere or other.
  17. I’m still mystified as to wtf that yellow Porsche is all about! I did wonder if the sticker on the base was the code for the combination lock but it didn’t seem to do anything when I tried? But even if it did… what would it do!? That pickup has scrubbed up pretty well!
  18. Never seen that little set! I can’t remember seeing them at all. Your box is still here, just waiting on one last thing for it so I’ll put it in your box. Hope your daughter likes it! Hmm, that’s why I didn’t recognise it then. I (wrongly as it turns out!) assumed the Hoynor trailers all had blue cabs. Clearly not. I think I’ll have a look for a military trailer for the green cab…
  19. Maybe it was something else I was thinking of? Husky maybe?
  20. Had a wonder into town earlier, popped into a local charity shop just on the off chance anything was in. Not much really, but I did rescue these for a few quid! Majorette Impala police car in pretty good shape. Corgi Transit isn’t too bad. Lesney Mercedes looks rough but it’s complete and rolls well too, and it’s one I don’t have already! The dumper says zylmex but reminds me of early Matchbox/Lesney ones, even the mechanism for the dumper. The odd ball though is the Matchbox Bulldog! It’s got a rollamatics style wheel and mechanism so the jaw opens and closes as it drives along! No idea what that was from!? I only took it as it would have been lonely on its own! Anyone want it free?? But the real treasure (imho!) was this, Yeah ok the screen is smashed out. And the chassis plate is loose so the 5th wheel coupler doesn’t work unless you hold it all together, but it’s not bad otherwise so I’m going to get a replacement glazing piece and strip it for a code 3 repaint! Anyone know what trailer it would have had? I don’t recognise the logo or the yellow chassis?
  21. The worst job is trying to remove years of hair that gets wrapped up on the axles!🤢
  22. I never noticed the cab interior colours! Makes you wonder what a big toy of this quality would cost nowadays? Just picking it up you can feel the ‘heft’ and quality of the things. I’m well impressed with them. Heres the spares list; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/373306508125?hash=item56eacd435d:g:mFEAAOSwMrxfiDK6&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsPTU2MRGX1BpmNUjS9pQtyWhculpLmxZK5PHUg0E%2F1XZVsuMYuK%2Bck2FMAWxrhGX9QASCZSjVWB9ZA8ynaXVEMflmx9gb4CB%2FkdbKHQkF%2BCDbBBffCd2JltJaSwIEKAjuvDN4X70GMZNTE0Y63RE2hvtVbhbVKojaMQXqzOLRX3zfrNqjTsKIbDfOtVmXNiaAM5GE40OXTI4VltE9n3svh9kfYRzwNROUUCkmKdNlfjQ|tkp%3ABk9SR-aorrS-YQ I might get a set of hoses for mine. What are you cleaning yours with? Mine needs a clean but I really don’t want to damage the old stickers.
  23. Couple of other recent additions. Corgi Regal’s. Matchbox Mini, Mercury, Zodiac, Escort, Capri & the Cortina I posted above. Heres my Dinky AEC tanker. Missing its hoses…! I’ve checked inside the tanker. Only a scrap of paper in there! Oddly mines has grey tanker tops & caps. Wonder why they did different colours?
  24. Couple of new additions in the post today. Really nice Matchbox Cortina to replace my old rough one in the same colour, and one you’ve seen before courtesy of @Datsuncog thanks for that, it’s a lovely model!
  25. 😆Bloody hell! I wonder how long they’ve been in there!? Great result.
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