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  1. Today I saw yet another prefacelift MKII Granada on a recovery flatbed, and yet again it appeared to be rotten and missing a few parts. Shame, but not really a surprise.
  2. I have 28 issues of Street Machine just begging to be scanned in, the readers rides section was always a laugh. MKII Granada rear lights were often put onto cars just for the heck of it, even a Simca of some sort wasn't safe. Anyway, heres some I scanned in a while back. 1965 THAMES SIX WHEELER 1.7-Street Machine February 1982 by bramm77, on Flickr This tasteful pickup (six wheels was awesome back then) lasted a mere 9 months after this was published. 1968 VAUXHALL VIVA HB 4.7-Street Machine April 1982 by bramm77, on Flickr Seems to have been painted with the then BP Livery in mind, dead by
  3. My Secondary School had a 400 series Minbus for ages, and it was the butt of many jokes with students and teachers alike. Apparently it didn't like going onto any grassy surfaces, and required a push start on more than the odd occassion. I can remember going to other schools when in the hockey team in it, and thinking they must have thought we were right cheapskates when it parked up next to their brand new Transits.
  4. I'll check it out later, although JC destoyed a Yugo way back in 1996 when he did his first video release, which was shot with a tank and subsequently run over with said tank. This being the same video when he nearly awarded the MKIV Fiesta Ghia with the worlds best car status.
  5. Turns out that she got her first Tattoos in the same Dunstable parlour I did, although the bloke running it has aged a bit since then.
  6. 1994 Ford Escort 1.8 Ghia Si Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Here's another car which is dwindling in numbers, but that has got me thinking, I can't remember the last time I saw an Orion badged MKV Escort Saloon. Again, these things were easy targets for the scrappage scheme, so it's no surprise really.
  7. Ultimately it all depends where you live. There is a H reg Primera and a Phase one Safrane right on my doorstep, but they are the most interesting cars on my street now. Sierras are thinning out pretty rapidly, quite a few of the local ones I knew of were scrapped last year, and the prefacelift revised models are now very uncommon to see out and about. Same goes for the MKIII Granada, and sadly the one I used to see all the time (and is on streetview parked outside) is now likely consigned to the scrapheap as the owner recently died. Weirdly I seem to see more N13 Sunnys than the one which re
  8. There is a hell of a lot of car recovery 'specialists' around here, all driving dubious looking Transits. I saw a french registered BX estate on one the other week, although that could have been going to an enthusiast, and a prefacelift MKII Granada last year. That one had clearly been sitting for a decade or so though, and it was rotten.
  9. That must be one of the best brochures ever made, it's like they made with the future in mind. In a bizzare moment of WTF, a couple of weeks ago I spotted a 1977ish Sherpa pickup with a 'safe' looking homemade winch on the back, travelling through Blackwater.
  10. What a hectic few weeks. Apologies to all those who PM'd me in that time, I haven't had the time to come on here, and sort of forgot about it. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I am pretty much out of work and I have been making many trips to the job centre and sorting out JSA, which is a right pain. So many forms to fill out, and my last payslip was backdated to the middle of January, meaning it was way above what I had declared what I was earning, which got me a few sour comments at the job centre. And apparently I have to send them off yet again, despite me receiving a letter stating I had
  11. Well seeing as I haven't got a full driving licence just yet, I suppose I'll have to share my experiences of other people putting the pedal to the metal. I was once in a 1.1 2002 Saxo (they are shit, don't care what anyone says), and it was doing an indicated 109mph. All the way from London to Basingstoke. Not good. I think that might be the fastest I have ever been, my Mum once 'accidently' got up to 96 in her C3. Oh, and my ex went 118 in a 1996 Ka. I think the speedo may have been slightly out. Certainly felt pretty shaky...
  12. Good god, that is terrible news. Just a thought though, clearly someone knew you weren't around when this happened, you haven't had anyone approach you recently and mention the car have you? I'm not trying to point a finger, but you never know sadly. I'll keep an eye out too, I'm not that far away.
  13. Seriously well done, I bet it feels like such a weight off your shoulders now. And three minors! That is some good going! Should be proud of yourself. I have had 30 lessons now, so my test will be booked sometime soon, the sheer cost of it these days is utterly ridiculous though. I remember looking at quotes for myself a few years back, the lowest was something like £512 on a Metro, but that was on my Mums name and I lied about it being garaged.... I always get the feeling I have left it pretty late to do the test, but saying that, my older brother is 30 and hasn't even attempted to learn.
  14. 1982 Volvo 760 GLE Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Great articles Trigger, it must get so boring scanning them all at times, so well done with the commitment. I should really start putting my 25 odd issues of Street Machine on flickr one day.
  15. Having a quick catch up on my spots, to bring my Flickr uploads sort of up to date on here now. If you've seen them before, sorry! 1990 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT Cabriolet. by bramm77, on Flickr 1985 Honda CRX 1.5 Coupe. by bramm77, on Flickr I think there is a reason why a fair few cars in London need VIC checks you know. 1988 Austin Maestro 1.3 City X Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Take that Scrappage Scheme. 1986 Nissan Bluebird T12 1.8 SLX Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr And again. 1983 MG Metro 1.3 Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr What a survivor, hopefully no one has tried to break int
  16. My iPhone alarm worked fine yesterday, but my normal alarm clock has been a right **** lately, pressing the snooze button has made it go off a little later than the normal 9 minutes. A whole hour later.
  17. ^ So it's basically an upside down boat with holes in it.
  18. Ooh forgot about this one, on 155v6s manor. 1986 BMW 325i E30 2.5 SALOON by bramm77, on Flickr Name the Red Saloon! Non-Autoshite members only please! by bramm77, on Flickr 1983 DATSUN STANZA T11 GL 1.6 SALOON by bramm77, on Flickr 1985 VAUXHALL NOVA 1.2 L HATCHBACK by bramm77, on Flickr There is also another MKIV Escort Estate opposite the Beemer.
  19. Choosing not to party last night was a good idea as I decided to go to the Brooklands New Year show, and it was incredible! Heres a taster: 1977 Ford Cortina MKIV 1600 GL. by bramm77, on Flickr
  20. My god, but this must be one of the best first pages on a spotting thread I have ever seen?! Great work, you really are doing well.
  21. Woah. Cheers for the picture Lobster, that detailing is superb. Of all the post Hornby Corgi Vanguards, I have only bought the Nova, which was good, but not great. But that looks brilliant, better than the MKIII Cortina one. Chaseracer, they do have a Hillman Avenger but not in that colour.
  22. Blimey, that is some top notch work there, well done! That Astra estate is utterly superb, as is the Civic. Also, welcome aboard.
  23. I think it's a Y reg, it possibly sat in a dealer showroom? Unless it's on the logbook and VIN of a MK3 Escort.... My guess is that the Mk3 estate was a bit late arriving so the Mk2 soldiered on alongside the newfangled FWD hatchbacks I dunno, my mum had a W plate MKIII Estate. With a Vinyl roof. And a 1.1 engine.
  24. Haha, I agree Station, the handling is like a trolley travelling through an aisle of treacle. The cars themselves look alright still, but the buildings look terrible. I rate the first one more, the second one just didnt gel with me. GT5 is terrific. I have been buying shite all the time, won one championship with a 1990 RX-7 with over 350 bhp on tap.... handling was interesting though. I also like how the loopholes are still there, for example: There is an 80s Japanese Challenge, any car from the 80s is allowed to enter. So having won a mid eighties Honda Civc Mugen race car earlier on, I used
  25. Passing my driving test and getting a car, hopefully before March 12th. And then coming to wherever the shite meet will be this year!
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