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  1. You are probably all sick of seeing this thread at the top of the forum, but anyway, here is some more: 1988 Fiat Uno 45 Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr These cars have got really uncommon rather quickly, although this one was seemingly holding up well. I think the clear front indicators suit them more however. 1990s Chrysler Vision 3.5 Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Interesting car parked right outside where I live, wearing export plates. 1975 BMW 2002 Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Unusual mods, they look pretty good bar that front air dam. 1982 Ford Cortina 1.6 Base Saloon. by bramm77, o
  2. More spots from my travels. 1986 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 L Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Suits the house just fine, I'd love to think this is owned by a Sid and Doris type couple who look at it every morning. 1984 Ford Orion 1.6 GL Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Who needs proper spares, when you have imagination? 1987 Toyota Carina 1.6 GL Automatic Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr 1984 Nissan Sunny B11 1.3 Jubilee. by bramm77, on Flickr Makes a change to see a prefacelift B11. 1976 Vanden Plas 1500 Automatic. by bramm77, on Flickr 1983 Opel Manta GTE Coupe. by bramm77, on Flickr 1983 Fo
  3. All in one morning?! Your area is clearly absolutely amazing for shite, I could only dream of stuff like that all in the space of a few hours. Impossible to pick a favourite, but the abandoned MKIV Cortina and Montego are great finds, I bet the latter was a real weapon. Once.
  4. Trigger, you need to let us know what you have bought! I am really quite excited to find out, and you should update your spotted thread today Dicky. I am grinning because I have been informed of two old Rover 800s location in Basingstoke, and there is apparently a MKII Astra style Pontiac LeMans going around now too.
  5. Jacksons was the name of the Basingstoke Ford dealer, and there is a few of their old stuff still floating around, the only MKI Sierra I know of was sold from there, for example. They went out of business around 2003ish, I think they had to relocate following the Festival Place redevelopment as their showroom was where they wanted to build. Anyway, here is some more: 1990 Rover Metro 1.0 Clubman L Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr 1988 BMW M3 E30 2.3 Coupe. by bramm77, on Flickr First proper M3 I have seen in aggggggggggggggges, love the exhaust. 1985 Toyota Starlet 1.0 GL Hatchback. by bram
  6. Here is my way of trying to restore the shite balance in this place, you may have seen some before, but here you go, here is a selection of my recent spots: 1985 Toyota Space Cruiser 2.0 Automatic MPV. by bramm77, on Flickr The more two tone and gold a Japanese car gets, the better, in my opinion. 1988 Mazda 121 1.3 LX Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Rarely seen 121, although since taking a photo of this one, I have seen three others. 1985 Ford Escort XR3i 1.6 Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Remember that rotten Maxi? Yeh, this is the owners everyday car, excellent. 1973 Volkswagen Beet
  7. I'm grinning because in the past two days, I have spotted two bits of early 80s BL shite on local numberplates, and one was even wearing a Leycare sticker in the window.
  8. Today I got warned by a security guard at the Meadows in Sandhurst/Camberley to stop taking photos in the car park as the buildings are private property. When I was stopped (and searched) by the Police a few months back (in Oxford) as to why I was doing that, they were fine with it and only checked because they had seen a lot of trouble in said area in the past, but clearly I wasn't doing anything wrong. I got the impression that going to the Meadows again with a camera may result in me getting banned.... I have never been caught by anyone owning a car taking photos, just the Police and Secur
  9. To anyone with a 3G phone suffering from web issues and call dropping, it may be worth checking to see if you SIM card is a 3G one, because if not, they can really struggle. Free to get a replacement, with the same number too.
  10. Something weird has happened in Basingstoke recently, I barely see anything at all now, up until early this year I could go in any day of the week and spot at least one interesting car in the car parks, but now I see one a week, if I am lucky. As far as I know, they haven't all been scrapped, but it's just unusual. Still see plenty around the Aldershot way, but thats due to the sheer amount of towns and villages crammed within such a small area. Anyway, the R8 shape Rover is still common, but only the 200, the 400 is getting a bit uncommon now. Rover 100s, the earlier ones seem to have more l
  11. Well I work at O2, and the amount of awkward customers who own the iPhone is around 75%, they always seem to have an issue with the warranty if they get a replacement handset. And they seem to think it's waterproof, trust me, any amount of water that turns the indicator paper a different colour on the inside will render the warranty void and you will get hit with a £139 repair quote (optional). Whilst they are good phones (I have one), they aren't the cream of a bad crop anymore, the Samsung ones, and HTC ones are good. Put it this way, HTC phones are so reliable we have to book them in as
  12. Sorry to drag up this thread, but I finally figured out where this lives the other day, and decided to take a visit to the near Brixton road it lived on, only to find it not there. So I did a DVLA check, and sadly, it has been scrapped! The blue Talbot Avenger is thankfully on SORN however.
  13. A Nikon compact, and it is awful. The detail washout is a bit too iffy for my liking, you attempt to zoom in and the detail decreases rapidly. Okay, so I am not the most camera smart person around, but even my older Samsung was way better. Speaking of which, it has decided to now work, with some pretty intense focus issues however.
  14. Bought a camera yesterday, and it is is awful. Whether I haven't toyed around with it enough or not, it is seriously below expectations and I am returning it today! Got my eye on a better spec camera with MUCH better reviews for the same price however, lets hope Argos don't mess me around, I have everything needed for a return....
  15. My camera broke today, took one photo and then just started making grinding noises from behind the lense, and then sounded the obstruction to lense tone, and won't stop doing it. Good....
  16. brammy777


    I live just up this road: It has barely changed in 25 years, most of the buildings are the same colour too. And my Mum is from Aberfeldy, I go there most years, the Square has barely changed too, the parking has probably got a tad more accessable. And I lived near here, 5 years later: Bexleyheath Broadway, such a misnomer. I remember those Leyland Titans very well, the 401 went down my narrow road all the time, they probably hit so many car mirrors.
  17. Found some more shite rally cars, obligatory Yugo addition to this: Concerningly, it appears to have been competing in the Yugo Cup, I imagine the viewing figures for this were the biggest rival on TV to the 911 Challenge/Cup series. Oh and there is this: These were officially entered into the 1993 Safari rally, which I would imagine was a slight baptism of fire for these cars, the Mcrae car retiring with suspension damage, as you can no doubt tell from the picture above, with that leaky hydrogas rivalling droop on the front corner.
  18. More Lada action, this time with the Paris Dakar. Further to my earlier post, the Samara did compete, but not in Group B guise, another desert effort: I suppose that when Group B was cancelled, quite a few of the remenants went on to compete in the Paris Dakar, or even Pikes Peak, which has had some truly insane looking cars over the years, although that is more of a hillclimb than rally, if there is even a difference... And in another off tangent, the RS200 even competed in IMSA, and looked ridiculous.
  19. ^Those BX rally cars are rare, even for homologation models, Citroen destroying quite a few of them because they were 'ashamed' of it. Here is a Group B Lada, sadly never went beyond the prototype stage, due to the series being cancelled:
  20. As far as I know, Ashok Leyland did have BL involvement at the time they started up, although they would have been known as Leyland at the time. Weirdly, they also made Ford Cargos under licence at one point, imagine the flying plughole being planted on that. Also, weirdly, for a company with that logo stuck on their products, they have done pretty damn well.
  21. Really busy day at work, mostly friendly and easy to get on with customers. Bar one person. And of course, as usual, it was an iPhone owner. I myself own one, but this guy was ridiculous, first of all he was miffed he had got back a refurb phone as a replacement, which is standard practice for handsets replaced through warranty issues. They are pristine ones though, you don't get sent one someone has played table tennis with down the stairs with. Then he got (seriously) annoyed that it didn't mean his warranty was re-extended to 12 months. The standard procedure with the iPhone (and most other
  22. Some epic spotting there, you have certainly seen a lot of shite. Same area or all over? The MKI Sierras appeal greatly, good to see one is still in use though, I know of one laid up near me but it is impossible to get a photo of, it's a good few metres up an awkward driveway. That G reg Ballade is really weird, second time I have seen photos of one which has a plate on it newer than the date they were apparently replaced, confusing...
  23. Excellent photos Seth, it was such a good show, I swear I don't even remember seeing half of those... the 130 for example. Did you see this bizzare Capri? 1976 Ford Capri II 3.0 GL Coupe. by bramm77, on Flickr I saw your Hillman but my camera decided to die after I took a good 80 shots, I think the battery is on the way out now.
  24. No, it was a Silver E plate Saloon, nearish the entrace, on the bank.
  25. It took us an hour and 10 minutes to get into the arena from Farnborough Main station, which is around 4 miles away. Anyway, things like this made up for it: 1973 Morris Marina 3.0 V6 Custom Van. by bramm77, on Flickr
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