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  1. Thought I should update this to catch up with flickr again, where some of will have seen these beforehand! But anyway, here we go again: 1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint. by bramm77, on Flickr No idea why this was parked on a road, I would seriously NOT trust anyone else even walking past it. 1994 Toyota Crown 2.4 Deluxe Diesel Estate. by bramm77, on Flickr It was fun trying to guess what this was from a distance, even if I didn't even get close to what it was. They have really modern looking front ends (well for 1994), and the rear end doesn't really match. 1977 Bedford CF Box Van. by bram
  2. The worst mistake I ever made, was one of the first times I did a practical at college, teamed up with a classmate, we were eager to get the wheel off first. Car in question was a hateful MKI Punto which had given up ages ago and been donated. Undid all the wheel nuts, thought they felt a bit tough to take off. Last one is undone.. CRUNCH. What the?! Turns out we hadn't jacked it up. I think I made a good impression that day.
  3. This shouldn't make me grin, but it does. Today, whilst getting a Bus from Bordon to Aldershot, an alarm tone kept going off, coming from the dashboard, the driver had no idea what it meant. Gets back to the station about twenty minutes later, and there is a huge oil puddle underneath it, with drips leading all the way back out. Nice one. Also, looking up a cars details after putting the photo on my computer, and finding out it was last on the road in 1991, having spent 8 years on the road!
  4. That Subaru GLF Estate is incredible, such nice looking cars. Also, that bizzare 127 is a previous spot of mine, quite a few of them seem to be appearing on ebay at the moment.
  5. Dunno why nobody has commented on this, some extremely good spottage there Ceri, nice work. Just a quick question, what is that two tone comically rusty car? Difficult to tell, for some reason I seem to be thinking facelift MKI Carlton or Stellar, probably isn't either. I seem to vaguely recall that Zastava from when I went to Luton, although that could be my mind playing tricks on me.....
  6. Getting the bus to Basingstoke on a battered N reg Dart Dash, only for a tow truck pulling a (presumably) restored c.1990 Olympian in the ye olde Stagecoach Livery to stop along side at a roundabout. Made quite a contrast....
  7. Old Basing?! Wow, another local shiter, this wouldn't be somewhere near Basingstoke would it? Anyway, excellent first post, reminds me of all the old cars dumped at my uncles farm nigh on 20 years ago...
  8. I was going to nominate the Stag for the predictable best survivor award, but numbers have gone up, presumably from the amount returned to the road.... On the subject of Sierras, there is apparently only 15 Sapphire Classics left, which was the ultimate base model. And on the subject of base models, there is 5 (!!!!) EMAX Base models left, one being the Ex BT model in south London, which somehow got another MOT recently. Of interest to Jap lovers, there is LOADS of Bluebirds still around, and apparently nigh on 20 Datsun Micras about?! Where the hell are they hiding? Over 1000 Maestros left as
  9. I think the reason why the XR4i isn't necessarily worth as much on OSF, despite the three door shell, is the unique rear window layout, thus ruling out rough ones as 'Cosseh' reshells. Saying that, they are a hell of a lot more interesting, and something I would love to own. Good luck with the sale, an honest, near original one like that is hard to come by, and it looks in fantastic shape.
  10. Just looking up the older Subaru models, there does appear to be around 70 odd of the 'classic' 1.8 GL/DL models left, I'd love to see one of those again, and the 284 'Brat' pickups seem to survive really well given their hard lives, nigh on 700 remaining apparently. But the real confusing one is 98 Sumos, I know of one lingering around the back of OMG PIKEY MOT station near here, but that's it...
  11. I don't trust these figures too much, as previously mentioned by Hirst and others, the amount of errors on the DVLA system regarding model names is ridiculous, Apple and Ledbury Maestros are registered as ROVER MAESTRO 1.3 under marque or sometimes something even more ridiculous, and I know of a few mid 80s cars on the system as model unknown, when they are normal cars, and I once saw a MKI Transit with something stupid like 'FORD NON CAR DERIVED VAN'.
  12. I know I am rather late to the OMG fray here, but seriously, OMG. What a top save, can't even remember when I last saw one in prefacelift form, the Tempra saloon is hard enough to come by these days! Good thing you snapped it up too, I doubt anyone else would have booked it in for an MOT again, let alone a week or so after buying it...
  13. That is a quality spot! Amazing example of a now seriously rare car, I have only seen one in the past decade or so now. CAP numerplate, unusually the same area code (Brighton) as the only one I know of around here: 1984 Austin Ambassador 2.0 HL Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr AP appears on a lot of bus numberplates in Basingstoke too.
  14. Such a good update, incredible to see what is still on the roads over there! Clearly the dry climate has done wonders for the older cars, especially the Japanese ones. Subaru coupe for me please, such a great design. RE the Maxima, they look very much like the U11 Bluebird we got over in Estate form (most notablly) up until 1990ish, the T12/T72 models sold in the US were badged as Stanzas, they were a bit iffy with the naming system over here as they actually replaced the U11 with the U12 in 1987, which we didn't get in the UK. Confusing model range at the time..
  15. Great idea for a thread, here is one of my favourite photos from my camera: Wedges. by bramm77, on Flickr I just saw the chance for the shot and took it, had no idea it would come out so clearly! This camera is a pretty basic Samsung PL55 P+S, but it has got a really good focus on it most of the time, and it puts quite a few of the other more expensive cameras I have used to shame. However, it hates shooting against sunlight, so I am pretty restricted when it comes to summer, whilst my newer camera is probably going to be sent back to Kodak soon enough.
  16. Wow, some excellent shots here chaps, that looks like an amazing show! I am a bit miffed about the fact there doesn't to be any good ones going on near me for a while now. That Rancho is excellent, I actually had a dream last night with one in, although it weirdly had a Honda Civic MKI front end on it....
  17. As I have said on flickr, those are some great spots you get! That Marina must be one of the best finds of the year, especially with the trailer on it. The shot of it with the AWD equally as mouldy would look great in a book or calender. I have often toyed with the idea of a book with (collectively) our best spots in it, but I think the legalities regarding the numberplates may be a bit iffy....
  18. Finally got a photo of the wob laden, welded about four million times, hot piece of BMC van action that turns up around here about two times a year. I got a filthy look for it, but who cares.
  19. All ours bar the two ex London wrecks have high speed diffs; the one I had today isn't the fastest, that honour goes to the newer Mini Pointer on an 04-plate which got the engine and gearbox out of the big one which went on fire - it does 61 according to the GPS doodah. Quite fast enough for an 8.8m, though handily they will also go round bends at that speed due to the fact they're like a big bloody gokart. The really, really dangerous one is a late Euro 2 example with a 6-pot ex MOD engine in it putting out slightly more than the factory intended... before it ate it's gearbox (which lasted
  20. I am getting slightly frustrated with the fact something always seems to 'occur' on this forum when I am at work, these last few weeks have been pretty turbulent. I won't delete my account, and rarely get annoyed with any members on here! It is just the internet, but as previously mentioned, it can be difficult to digest some comments which are meant in a light hearted manner, as some people may be unaware of said users mannerisms. But hey, that's just my opinion! I wouldn't recommend any divided sections however, the simplicity of this forum is something that attracted me to it in the first
  21. That print looks amazing, nice one! From the dimensions you mentioned on Flickr it is rather large too... Hmmm, regarding the GT5 Autoshite challenge, I may be up for this. I have LOADS of cars in my garage, I used to go and build my credits up just to go and buy the used cars, I will connect my PS3 up to the WIFI and see what I can do.
  22. Two Renault 18s in one spotted thread?! Nice work! And that Austin Taxi, a relatively early (well they started making them in '58) FX4 is wonderful.
  23. Hold up, isn't that 300C Estate the one that Buckley bought?
  24. Typical survival article, I think the numbers they have for the Lada may be a realistic amount for the early models which didn't carry the Riva name. But there is a lot more Rivas still about.... Half of those are pretty normal though. Interesting they didn't mention the Maserati Kyalami, apparently there is only one of those in the UK.
  25. Isn't this one of Brammy's spots? Indeed it is! I was lucky to get a photo of it then, considering the owner has just given up driving. I love how the interior looks great, whilst the bodywork looks awful.
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