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  1. Looks like I will be coming to this now, rather excited for it!
  2. 1980 Austin miniMetro L Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr
  3. No idea yet, may not even be on it at that time, thanks to some staff fucking around at my mums work again. And I need to check if I can even get the time off of work first, which I probably cannot...
  4. I really want to go to this, it may fall on a day I am on holiday, so, with some persuasion, I could ask my mum to take me there, footing the fuel bill or something.
  5. You could of course mention the fact that the mobile operator, by contract, has to provide you with a phone capable of making calls and texting, and has lost the function to allow you to end a call yourself. Worth a try.
  6. You sent it off today and they are saying that?! Thats a bit quick, I presume they have a seperate repair workshop right, which they dispatch phones to?! We generally don't even quotes through on our system for 2-3 days after the phone is sent off, so they have done that really quick, and that quote is nigh on a tenner more than the ones we provide for liquid damaged phones, it's usually a phone that resembles something someone has played 10 games of tennis with that commands a hugely inflated price like the one they have quoted you for the credit card payment. I am actually flabbergasted at t
  7. Seeing a car I had spotted 30 odd miles away pass me on the bus was a bit of a shock, second time this has happened now!
  8. Cavette- Did you send it in for repair? Generally, I think they can't really fob it off as water damage unless it is opened up. because the markers inside show up as orange/red when liquid damaged. £140 is the generic iPhone quote, as they won't repair your handset, just give you a refurb unit (as new however). It is a real pain, you will probably have more luck with Orange than Apple, they are notoriously difficult to push when it comes to warranty issues, and are the only company to give a one year warranty, rather than a two year. I have seen iPhones doing this before, I will have an ask
  9. More spots a-coming, here we go: 1994 Fiat Tempra 2.0 SLX i.e Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr First Tempra saloon I have seen in absolute ages, but it was parked where the grotty Allegro used to be. 1987 Rover 213 S Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Someone bought a low spec model and put high end alloys on it, thats the way to go. 1979 Volvo 244 DL 2.1 Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr And someone bought this and went straight to Aldi for the cheep wheeltrims. 1986 Mercedes Benz 430 2.3 Van. by bramm77, on Flickr 1989 Austin Metro 1.3 City Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Surprisingly unrotten for
  10. The enquiry is complete The vehicle details for XON 249T are: Date of Liability 01 10 2011 Date of First Registration 01 03 1979 Year of Manufacture 1979 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 1748CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour BLUE Registered as a Leyland Cars Maxi, weird.
  11. Trapsed around a small local area today, briefly, and stumbled upon a laid up Chevette, and unbelievably, an X reg Simca 1100. Both impossible to photo, but I may investigate futher....
  12. 1979 Leyland Sherpa 1.8 Diesel 'Scrap Wagon'. by bramm77, on Flickr My favourite find of ever, ever.
  13. How do you see so much BMC and BL stuff?! Great spots as per Dan, keep it up. Really got a strong liking for the Allegro at the moment.
  14. That Calibra 'utility' was for sale on the side of the road in Winnersh for a few days, good to see it didn't end up selling.
  15. Recently appeared on my spotted thread, however, a relative of the owner commented on the photo today and said this: Car was taken from the Surbiton area, so could be anywhere in London presumably, or elsewhere. Not entirely sure what the name is of the person who contacted me, but I will enquire further. Here is a photo of said car. 1985 Toyota Space Cruiser 2.0 Automatic MPV. by bramm77, on Flickr
  16. I had forgotten all about the Quintet, looks like a fastback version of MKII Accord. Clearly it sold nowhere near as many units as the Maestro, which actually did pretty well considering how 'dated' it was on launch. Honestly though, I think the Quintet looks a lot older, design wise anyway, a lot of chrome detailing which was seemingly a lot more 70s looking than the Maestro as a whole, ARG may not have even supplied the Maestro with a diesel lump of equal worth if they had gone down the joint development route, and that would have deleted a whole load of sales anyway. Considering the Maestr
  17. I actually got a Canon Ixus 117 HS because they didnt seem to have any of those Fujifilms in store! Could have done with the larger zoom, but I am happy with this one.
  18. Tried out my new camera today, I am very impressed with it! Cost quite a bit more than I was hoping, but otherwise, it is perfect. Has a really handy mode for 'arty' shots too, so I made full use of that: E9. by bramm77, on Flickr Didn't go back to Putney today, that can wait. It is far too hot.
  19. Some more recent spots from my (stolen) camera: 2001 Rover/Ledbury Maestro 1.3 Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr At one point earlier this year, I was seeing Maestros three to four times a week. 1980/81 Ford Escort 1.3 Ghia Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Now departed early MKIII Escort. 1994 Subaru Justy 1.2 ECVT Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Quite easy to come by in London still. 1966 Vanden Plas Princess 4 Litre Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr GR8 4 PRE68 1990s Vauxhall Calibra 'Pickup' by bramm77, on Flickr UGH. 1969 Bristol 410 5.2 Sports Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr This Bristol
  20. I'll echo the words of others here, superb work and I bet you are glad you decided to get it restored as well. I haven't seen one of these for absolute years now. EL, where did you find this wonderous batch of shite?!
  21. I remember seeing that 323 when I was on a driving lesson, and I was a bit taken aback at how cheap it was considering the good shape it was in. A shame it sold to someone looking for a quick (lol) buck.
  22. I foolishly left it on the bench and they took it when they sat down next to me, because I got up and realised I no longer had it, and it was nowhere to be seen. Jokes on them though, the battery cover had broken off, so it's worth nothing. Thanks for the offer RG, but I think I am buying a new one on Saturday and testing it out the day after. I have seen a Fujifilm JZ510 on Jessops reduced by £150 down to £99.95, and it doesn't appear to be on flickrs camera finder. Customer reviews look good, what does everyone else think? Sorry about the off topic nature of this post... Oh and just
  23. Some dirty crackhead stole my camera at Putney station today, just after I had taken a few photos too. A bit gutted, considering I had hoped to keep it for a long time, and it was working again. To be fair, I had the chance to ask them if they had taken it, but I just thought the risk wasn't worth it, dunno if they had a knife or what not, but they did look the type. So, now I need genuine camera suggestions again, I have a few days to decide as well. The most gutting part is the fact I had spotted both a Renault 12 and a B11 Coupe. I'll go back on Sunday however...
  24. However, I know there is more than one 1982 Volvo 760 GLE still around, as I see it when I go to Camberley most of the time! Unless of course it's been put on SORN. The enquiry is complete The vehicle details for XPD 571Y are: Date of Liability 01 11 2011 Date of First Registration 01 11 1982 Year of Manufacture 1982 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2846CC CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type Petrol Export Marker Not Applicable Vehicle Status Licence Not Due Vehicle Colour GREEN Vehicle Type Approval Vehicle Excise Duty Rate for vehicle 6 Months Rate £118.25 12 Months Rate £215.0
  25. This website may be the single greatest thing for the shitest, of particular interest is the special edition models of certain cars. For example, there is only FOUR Metro 'Red Hot' models left, and only 6 of the 'Jet Black' ones, but the lowest is the Gala, with two left. Also, there appears to be only one HL left... Around 100 miniMetros still around, that is pleasing! RE the Mk3 Cortina bit, I think the way this website works is off of the DVLA system, and I think few are registered with their generation number too.
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