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  1. 1977 Renault 5 GTL Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr 1981 Honda Civic 5A Auto. by bramm77, on Flickr 1980s Talbot Tagora SX Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr 1985. by bramm77, on Flickr 1982 Suzuki Alto FX. by bramm77, on Flickr Rover, meet Ronda by bramm77, on Flickr 1983 Datsun Stanza 1.6 GL Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Probably best not to include cars not owned by a member on here, I think show cars would be fine however...
  2. My dads last ever car is still alive in the village next to the one I live in, but it has only been taxed for six months, until the start of March next year, which is a bit worrying, I may have to go and enquire... is it a good idea? The Legacy it replaced only lasted until 2004, no doubt rusted away in the Highlands. The Sierra, which no one remembers the numberplate of, probably did no better than 2000, we did see it on the odd occasion for a few years when we visited my Gran, but it did vanish rather quickly.
  3. I am fairly unfamilar with the Brighton area, but there is a shoddy Vitesse near/in Hanover and a utterly crap looking Herald near by, one of the roughest cars I have EVER seen. There is also a crusty early 80s Mustang in Hove, but I am unsure as to if it's a resident, or was merely a visitor. Brighton is good for spotting though, I saw that red Carlton a few weeks ago too!
  4. What the! How has this evaded me?! I have never seen this car before, although there is a VW Santana I need to track down, as well as a rather hilariously 80s giffer spec Triumph 2000. Looks like Chineham shopping centre, awesome find!
  5. Oh dear, now Barretts gone and said it... But no, in all seriousness, this is a fantastic spot Trigger, I couldn't believe it when I first saw photos of it, and I still can't, can anyone even remember seeing a non sporting facelifted model recently either?! Even for Fiats, they survive terribly, in everyday state.
  6. Hello again, welcome to the latest installement of spots, from all around London/Hampshire/Surrey. 1989 Isuzu Piazza 2.0 Turbo Coupe. by bramm77, on Flickr Mint Piazza was a shock spot, looks insanely clean. 1997 Ford Festiva 1.3 Trio Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr Festiva, most likely from Australia. 1982 Ford Fiesta 1.1 L Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr OAPriffic Fiesta. 1993 Grumman LLV 2.5 Van. by bramm77, on Flickr 1992 Aeromate UMC 2.75 Step Van. by bramm77, on Flickr Insane pair of imports in South London, clearly someone likes their walkthroughs. 1987 Fiat Uno 60 S Hatchback.
  7. I find it genuinely worrying there is people like that out there. I think the only thing he's ever done right was to give himself some apt username/alias. Also, Napalm Death, Doom Metal? Yeh, right. Definitely known for their incredibly slow tempo.
  8. This wouldn't be the garage with loads of 2CVs and an Ami outside it, would it? Definitely saw that from the roadside yesterday! There is also a few BXs laid up on a road near Lincoln, I may be able to find out more details when I remember for certain where it is. Quality purchase though DW, that is a superb piece of shite. Like other members, I can't remember when I last saw a MKI Estate, how many are left?
  9. 1987 Fiat Panda 1000 CL Solar. by bramm77, on Flickr Here is another unusual Panda SE, this being known as the Polar. I belive quite a few Fiats at the time were sold with this name bolted on, I think the full length sunroof came as standard, the black tape however, did not. There is two left on the road, including this one. Dealer editions are often a bit weirder, I came across a Bluebird Flair yesterday, it looked a bit... normal. And here's another: Speedwell Special.... by bramm77, on Flickr This was on the side of an Uno, but does anyone remember the Uno Breeze? Quite possibly the best l
  10. Just got back from holiday in Lincolnshire, it was lovely! Attended the BL day, of course, a shame I didn't see anyone around, apart from Darren (reallyloud), I myself was pretty easy to spot.... Tell you what, it's seriously difficult to shite spot where I was, there is barely anything elderly still in use, although the stuff I did see tended to be pretty good. Surprisingly, we went to Amersham today on a slight detour, and I was shocked at how much was still in use, saw so much shite on the roads, we even got passed by a Fuego going in the opposite direction, that was a real WTF moment. Now
  11. Going to Worthing for a few days and finding a Colt GTO a few doors down, whaaaaaaaat!
  12. Probably. It was 104.9 last September. The other day, I found a perfectly preserved reciept from 1996, 35 litres of Premium Unleaded, and it cost £19 odd. Depressing.
  13. Weird, that Piazza is around 15-20 miles away from an identical one! Which could be the one you're thinking of Wat...?
  14. Went to a work thing last night, and drank Westons Perry, which is quite a strong cider, and suffice to say, after three, I was feeling it. Feeling it so much that I passed out in bed at 11. And I have work in a few hours, retail on a Sunday is hell on earth. On a plus side though, I did drunkenly spot (without my camera) the recently semi restored Stagecoach DAF 2300 Wrecker, which I hadn't seen for a year.
  15. That is utterly superb, seriously. You have to give these old blokes kudos though, no one can keep a car in better shape than they can. It is weird though, you often stumble across proper battered OAP cars, it is getting harder to see gems like this one. Bet the Talbot seller who sold him that didn't see it lasting 30 years...
  16. It would have been impossible, and I have mentioned it so many times, but my Gran had one of these for years, and it failed an MOT and was then scrapped, I loved that car. Might see if there is any actual photos of it about, that would be nice. But it was basically this, bar the LHD. It was actually a rare car when it was scrapped too, even worse!
  17. I had a nice chat with an elderly man yesterday, about his 1981 Honda Civic. He has owned it for 20 years and doesn't ever want to sell it, it belonged to his mum before he inherited it. He also said it had never broken down, and the only issue he has with it is rust, along with proclaiming his disliking for new cars, because of the electronics. What a great guy!
  18. Lol, that white Metro Clubman is another one of my photos someone has taken off of Flickr (read, printscreened), and done some awful MS Paint registration blanking!
  19. Here we go, some more to keep you lot satisified! I recently got a new camera, a Canon Ixus 117. I quite like it. 1986 Fiat Uno 45 S Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr 1988 Volvo 340 1.7 GL Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr 1983 Austin miniMetro 1.3 L Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr 1984 BMW 320i Automatic Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr 1990 Proton 1.5 Pulse Aeroback. by bramm77, on Flickr 1984 Volvo 240 DL Estate. by bramm77, on Flickr 1978 Morris Marina 1.3 SDL Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr 1985 Toyota Starlet GL Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr 1982 Ford Cortina 2.3 Ghia Saloon. by bramm
  20. Sadly no, but there was also an 80s Mercedes SL next to it, and it's currently not on the road, again with the whole numberplate issue, it's difficult to tell what the story is!
  21. Good news chaps, I did indeed stumble upon a Tagora today, and it was an SX too. Owner seems to have put a fake numberplate on it however, which seems a little confusing...
  22. Just found a Tagora on streetview, fairly local too! Going there tomorrow, there appears to be a lot of stuff nearby too, lets hope this pays off...
  23. Your fault? So that would be using her word as the sole truth, I presume, against what two other people say? Excellent, good to see logic playing its course in customer services, yet again. Also, if you have a copy of the original policy agreement, it should tell you what the excess is, I believe they cannot make it higher without telling you? Not that I know, I still get the bus, but it surely that must be how it is?
  24. I am getting annoyed with how often this keeps happening, seeing something really rare/interesting whilst out and about, but finding it is under a rather secure car cover. Last time it was Simca 1100, this time it was either a Lancia 2000 or a Flavia Berlina. I got a photo of the mudflap however.
  25. Good bump chaps, I shall scan in some more stuff either today or tomorrow! I have a healthy amount of Street Machine magazines to choose from. That MM Van was at Wheels Day as well, but there was about a million people crowded around it, making a photo impossible. Neat use of Allegro indicators.
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