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  1. Wow, I have been exploring through tons of SW London andI only recognise a few of those, that first one is a Toyota right?! Never seen one before, what model is it? The Taunus you describe, I know what it looks like, saw it around a year ago... 1970 Ford Taunus 20M 2.6 Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Also, that white Yugo is amazing! Seriously think London is the only place with Yugos still in daily use, I know of another two on the road and taxed...
  2. There is a property not far from me which has seven Citroen CXs in varying states of decay outside. I agree that places like this, with so many vehicles abandoned are now rare, I remember it being a lot more common even 10 years ago, but there is still a huge amount of abandoned cars on driveways from what I can gather, and have seen.
  3. That is utterly superb, good to see you keeping the Ladas alive, one I spotted in Colliers Wood recently was scrapped, so this makes up for it. London does seem to be the only place with these still around, I have seen 4 in the past 10 months, more than anywhere else.
  4. That Alfa is mega! Weirdly, went throught Streatham the other day by train and parked at the Homebase/B&Q next to the station was an identical one, but on a UK plate, what are the odds of that? It was in great shape too, I did think they could be the same cars but I doubt residents from Dorking would travel all the way into South London to get DIY goods.
  5. The only interesting buses run out of Basingstoke now are these: 2000 Dennis Dart SPD 'Stagecoach In Hampshire'. by bramm77, on Flickr Insanely noisy, and pretty quick when pushed, despite the utterly ridiculous gear ratios. They are also visibly rusting around the arches now. 1996 Dennis Dart SLF/ Plaxton Pointer II Bus. by bramm77, on Flickr Ex Hong Kong Dart, there was loads of these operating until mid last year, when they were sent somewhere else, they had fairly comfortable coach like interiors but my god, they were so slow. Dart Dash. by bramm77, on Flickr These didn't die, ever. The
  6. Good to see Padworth breakers has still got a few interesting motors hanging about, I always used to see a fair bit when I visited them. Out of interest, did they mention where it was tugged with no insurance? I only ask because I did actually see a similar looking Ambassador out and about in Blackwater nigh on 2 years ago, and the numberplate looks seriously familiar... The Alfa and the 3500 look to be in the DO NOT TOUCH corner, I think they put stuff of higher value over there.... hence why the CoD has not been issued. Also, Felly, there was a Tata Indica in that same scrapyard a few months
  7. Well, in that case, this is most definitely not right.. The seller is just a con artist, it's an old advert saved through printscreens. XMC834Ais NOT showing as insured on the Motor Insurance Database today.
  8. I think the most obvious part of that Merc advert being a scam are the DVLA details. The vehicle details for XMC 834A are: Date of Liability 01 02 2007 Date of First Registration 05 01 1990 Year of Manufacture 1963 Cylinder Capacity (cc) 2300cc CO2 Emissions Not Available Fuel Type PETROL Export Marker N Vehicle Status Unlicensed Vehicle Colour MAROON Vehicle Type Approval Not Available
  9. Oh, didn't see that thread! I know that yard very well, been there multiple times, pretty helpful bunch too. They issue the CoD mega quick though, literally as soon as the car lands, a tightnit run operation I think. They generally spray a tick on the windscreen though.... They always have some form of shite there, so you might spot some other stuff too. Ideal basis for a thread if you take a camera too
  10. Knowing the area pretty well, I bet it's either a red one..or this one: 1984 Austin Ambassador 2.0 HL Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr
  11. That mega long Granada is apparently in Farnborough, no idea where though... I think it's one of the more well off areas looking at the houses. I may have to try and spot that before it's sold.
  12. College friend of mine had a Corsa like that, but it was the most crudely done 'replica' ever, it had blue detailing on the dashboard with drip marks resembling a join the dots puzzle, bucket seats which were so wide the doors had to make contact with them to close properly, and reading lights installed on the dash to illuminate it... Still, those 1.6 Corsas are fairly quick when pushed. Not £6k quick though, irony value in that ad when it says you should contact Barry at the bottom.
  13. This was the one for sale in Alton wasn't it? Right on my doorstep that is! Glad it went to someone who will look after it, you never see the earlier, pre plastic bumper CX Estates now.
  14. DVLA details for that timewarp trio checks out as well, all have been untaxed since 1990, 1991 and 1995, what on earth! Just shows you what is still out there though. Lets hope they have a Talbot or FSO coming up....
  15. ^ Good god it still has the fuel filler cover on it, I seem to exclusively see ones missing that now! Are they always owned by people who take their rage out on it?
  16. Considering you owned one before, I put my money on it being an Uno.
  17. 1988 Freight Rover Sherpa 255 Diesel Flatbed Van. by bramm77, on Flickr I was recently contacted on Flickr by the owner of this, who first of all, found my photo on the web, and then a few days later, informed it had been stolen from him, on the evening of the 23rd of November. This van was parked down Chalford road, which is near to the town centre. Quite a rare thing to see now, so anyone local, please keep your eyes peeled for it. There is a fair amount of scrapyards near to where this one used to live, but the largest one is quite tight in their operations, so I doubt it has gone there. An
  18. Here we go, the first bus I remember getting on was the 401, which went right down my road in Bexleyheath, there was no room at all for anything else when it went past. T - BEXLEYBUS - B118 WUV - Route 401 - BEXLEYHEATH (1) by Routemaster RML2323, on Flickr They soon went over to red though. Is the B+W plates a leftover from when these Titans operated for LT? T - BEXLEYBUS - THX 184S - Route 269, A652 THV - Route 401 - BEXLEYHEATH GARAGE by Routemaster RML2323, on Flickr SR, MR - BEXLEYBUS - F156 FWY - Route B16, SELKENT ROUNDABOUT - E644 KYW - Route B16 - BEXLEYHEATH GARAGE by Routemaster
  19. 1980s Talbot Tagora SX Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr I couldn't really pick anything else.....
  20. Wow! Nice first spots, I am impressed! I think I know what hand painted Cherry you are on about, literally a shed on wheels, has it still got the hilarious grille on it? Speaking of North London, Finchley and the surrounding areas are LITTERED with tat, check it out if you get the time. I would do bad things to see a Montrose, my favourite Mazda....
  21. That whiter than white Cortina has been for sale for absolutely ages, you get the feeling the owner doesn't actually want to sell it, hence the ridiculous price it's currently at.
  22. This looks like somewhere I passed in Lincolnshire, but that was a Garage of some sort, I just caught a glimpse of a few BXs and a Dodge 50, buried in a few hedges, is this it?! There was also another garage not so far away with a GS and a mega early SD1 rotting behind a hedge, got in trouble for approaching those though..
  23. Having a bad day? Then look at this. Right now.
  24. I am still pretty peeved myself, I was well chuffed about my photo (and yours) appearing on TGs website. However, not all doom and gloom, I did once get a photo printed in the AC owners club magazine, they sent me a free copy as well as crediting me, which was nice. I was asked about the photo, made a change to be messaged about that rather than the location of the bloody AE86 I keep getting asked about...
  25. Well Top Gear have done the feature, my photos are numbers 6 and 11 but i can't see any sign of the credits they said they would give me. http://www.topgear.com/uk/photos/a_diff ... 2011-11-02 And mine is number nine, with no credit as well. Charming.
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