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  1. Indeed! Im presuming you meant this one.... 1994 SUBARU SVX 4WD AUTOMATIC 3.3 COUPE by bramm77, on Flickr God knows where this new one is though. Is 36 really right? I heard 100....
  2. Hopefully that wont be me when I finally pass. To be fair I think its only the non confident drivers who wear the P plates, I suppose it can be fairly daunting going out by yourself for the first time. No one I went to college with did it though.
  3. Its times like this that I hate the fact I live in a flat with no garage or anything. Someone save this please. It does look pretty rusty, but it could be way worse and there is literally none left. Mr B? Ratdat? Sorry to be one of those 'oh if only' people, but I would seriously have this if my accomodation was any different.
  4. Perhaps WVM means something he would like, so Im imagining RWD and maybe blue oval?
  5. Like I said on flickr, a great batch of spots you managed to find on your holiday. Im glad that there appears to be a steady source of shite still around in France. The 104 and 305 are particularly nice examples.
  6. That is horrible, I really hope they get better soon. Do they have a history of heart problems in the family? I do, and it does sometimes worry me that I could perhaps have issues in the future. Basically my dads body produced too much cholesterol and this greatly contributed to it. I have had tests in the past and they suggest nothing is wrong but I cant help but worry. I suppose the course of action with your friend may be a pacemaker? But I wonder why it just randomly started doing that.
  7. Toothache is back, Im really hoping its a wisdom tooth coming through and not the same one as before (which is incidentally, the one next to it), as I had a filling put in it a month and a half ago. I think it somehow tops an ear infection on the pain stakes.
  8. brammy777

    Sexy Rears

    I think the Skyline is a great looking car in all its generations, but the further back you go, the better looking they get. Have this:
  9. I only go to supermarkets to check out the car parks! No, but seriously, I once did some food shopping for my Mum and its the worst thing ever, I swear no one knows how to use the self service aisle, and how hard is it to understand how a queue works? I was here before you, so I should leave before you, thats all you need to know. I think they should put an item limit on the self service machines, people who take whole trolleyfulls seem to have a complete incompetence with them. Morrisons has the worst self service machines ever. I feel sorry for the people working there, having to deal with f
  10. I think the Sapphire kit looks brilliant, sadly there is probably only a handful left, if any! I think the only 80s Fords still around with RS bits and bobs are Orions, I have seen two locally with them. They both dont have the sideskirts though, which looks weird.
  11. Well done for some great spots, weird how both the London updates had two Talbot Avengers! Amazing. That Fiat is also great, and I will always love Londons ability to provide some real timewarp sights.
  12. Each to their own I guess, although I was saying it was harder to do than bolting on some bumpers, Lexus lights and some rubbish bin exhaust pipe.
  13. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Because this contains some skill rather than the half arsed NFS Underground copies you get on there. I wonder who is doing it though? Is there some wonderful base that these Citroens offer for the custom car enthusiast?
  14. Incredible work EL, I was wondering when youd update next. I actually visited London on Monday to get some spots, and you are right, youll know within a few minutes if you have found somewhere good or not. I love the Avenger and Allegro obviously. Each area of London appears to have a handful of 'OMG' moments. Keep up the good work! Also, what is that Wispa Mint monstrousity?
  15. There is clearly someone local to me with a fairly eclectic car collection, because there is constantly interesting cars coming out of Kings Street. Today, I saw one of these! Who on earth is this person! I once saw a Ford Consul esque 'Ute' driving around as well, more than once. It makes me happy knowing theres someone like this near me.
  16. Perhaps the most radical ground effect car, sadly never raced, because the other teams went beserk when it was revealed. It had a dual chassis system and was basically a massive ground effect wing. Who knows how well it could have done? Probably wouldnt have, but Chapman was never to be underestimated.
  17. Torsten selling his Acclaim then? Perhaps to make way for something else...? Looks like its got quite a few fans judging by the amount of bids.
  18. There has actually been more than one 6 wheeled F1 car, but the others had different wheel set ups from the well known P36. Behold: This was the only one to feature dual rear wheels, never raced. Width would have possibly been an issue. The FW08B also didnt race. The rear suspension setup looks pretty complex. The March 2-4-0 was again, never raced, but did okay in hill climbs apparently?
  19. The Rebaque HR100 looks identical to the 79, probably because it largely was due to him racing one beforehand... he always seemed to the successful Lotus cars the year after they did well, thus he was fielding a car that was now out of date.
  20. I went round a dodgy estate near Euston last year and the only thing I spotted was a Nissan Prairie loaded up for Export..... I wonder what you saw? I went to Clapham today, really friendly welcoming place. I got 28 photos, RL has probably posted most of them but its always nice to get your own shots too. Quite a large amount of older Japanese cars still around.
  21. Also if you want F1 flops, no one can forget BARs first season. All the bragging from them, insisting they would be the ultimate F1 team and it came to nothing. Fairly sure it was the only car to carry a livery which was different on each side too.
  22. Heres some good old F1 photos, from the more interesting teams. The Brabham fan car was ridiculous... it could have been a massive thing but of course every other team complained. Amazing!
  23. And Hesketh were a force to be reckoned with when they had James Hunt driving. Obviously because they suited each other down to the ground, a perfect match. I also admire Wolf racing for doing what Brawn racing did last year (to a somewhat lesser extent) and winning a few races in their first* season. Then diminishing further and further after that. See also Fittipaldi Racing. *I think they ran cars with Frank Williams before that, but not as Wolf racing?
  24. My mum currently needs a supervisor in the shop, as they quit AGAIN. So the last three have left for the following reasons; -Needed to sort their life out, and they were expecting a baby. -Stole from every shop they worked in. -Family issues. And everyone who has applied so far has stated they cant work weekends and/or early mornings. Wise up you lemons, thats two of the essential criteria for the job, you cant just edit it for your own good. Why cant people just take a job which requires no qualifications happily? Pretty sure the company is breaking the law by making my mum work like 80 odd h
  25. Drawing round wheels takes time, generally at the angle I normally sketch in it turns out to be oval anyway. I once actually did draw John Dodds 'The Beast' using a ruler and compass and using the correct engineering drawing methods. It took fucking forever.
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