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  1. Top work with the spots there! Ital is of course, amazing, but that first gen Probe is a rare sight indeed. I also like how its still possible to see knackered looking Granadas on the road, while at the same time seeing mint ones at shows. I dont think any cars image is transformed as much as a Granada when it loses its wheeltrims.
  2. That Bijou must be incredibly rare, surely?! The Atlas van also looks incredibly nice, what a great show it was! I will definitely make the effort to get to it next year, I will be driving by then anyway. Good shots, they look fine! Ask for a tripod for christmas
  3. Watching 'When Playboys Ruled the World'. Its bloody good watching I think.
  4. ^I know that car, it really is stupidly clean, heres some more proof in this photo. Also, the stuff in the background, I have never seen ANY of them before.
  5. The lighting in the NEC is terrible at the best of times, and its perfect for ruining photographs. Your photos are good, Ive seen them on flickr! On my camera I presume there is some mode for that lighting, under scene mode. But you have an SLR, and I know nothing about them. Looks like it was a great show, its suddenly dawned on me that the next one Im going to is at new years in Brooklands..
  6. Hand roll with liquorice papers too. I was the only person on the bus and I cba to report anyone, last time I did anything about complaining I got a free dayrider gold anyway, just because the bus was 2 minutes early haha.
  7. Have they forgotten what they were taught, or have they simply never passed a UK test? I blame the parents... (well everyone else does, ) Baaaah! I meant the individual stands. Like so, in this mega old photo from 2004. I once had a driver who smoked whilst driving. Last year. Funny.
  8. Bus drivers round here reverse out of the bus station, although it used to be fun spotting all the bent metal barriers where it had clearly gone wrong. They arent a bad bunch and I seem to get the more experienced ones on this route, although one of them once had a go at me for not having a light when he had to brake hard for the bus stop in the dark. Pretty sure you should be considering the possibility of passengers at stops.
  9. Booked my theory at last, for the 25th of November, heres hoping I do well and dont fail.
  10. Agreed, I read most of the classic car magazines we get delivered here, and there is sometimes nothing in it, it feels like youre reading a massive catalogue. Retro cars seems to sell well, we usually sell all three copies we get in, that may sound like nothing, but its very rare for us to sell every copy we get in. We have a few customers who always buy the higher end classic magazines too, such as Octane or CSC, they have a reliable fanbase, but some of the other ones seem to be trying to attract the sort of person who doesnt know anything about cars into them, I can understand that you need
  11. Is one of the 2000s yellow with slotmags? Yes, it is! I think. On the road which has awkward markings meaning you have to attempt a slalom. Ah I remembered another one, on the main road to Oxford, there is a LWB CF1 rotting by the roadside over a fence, looks like there is many other vans of equal age still there too, I imagine they perhaps belong to travellers or a farmer? Literally a couple of metres from the road, near a petrol station.
  12. Doesnt surprise me, no one buys it anymore anyway and it really isnt whats 'hot' amongst its target audience anymore, and probably hasnt been for nigh on half a decade anyway. Sadly, its appeal was based on something with limited lifespan, perhaps fitting that they should die completely at the same time. I tell you what, classic car magazines sell so much better than they used to (at least where I work), which makes me happy. When I went to the Autosport show last year, I bought Max Power on the way there, and it was okay, Ill admit, but it just didnt have that readability factor to it, if yo
  13. Wow, the Princess Wedge has always been one of those cars Ive seen pictures of and thought 'Nah, never going to see one.' Top work seth!
  14. Bristol must be one of the very few Marques left where most of the population in its country of origin have no idea what it is.
  15. Currently driving round the Aldershot area, on driving lessons, I see many cars parked up but I have no clue where they actually are as that whole place is laid out really weirdly... Some examples include three Triumphs outside one house, two 2000s and a 1300, Granada rotting in a driveway, Metro doing the same, E reg Sierra LX, and there also appears to be a Citroen nut around the area too, couple of XMs and a BX last time I went past. Theres one I remember seeing years back, around 2004, near the A1(M) where it joins on to Edinburgh, there was an old garage with half a dozen old recovery lor
  16. Great spots! I like both the Granadas, and I bet you the MKIII Fiesta is the rustiest Ford in that car park trio.
  17. Nice work there, that Mini is ridiculously crusty, certainly havent seen one that bad for a long time now. The Talbot Minibus is great, again they must be pretty scarce these days and the Iveco Daily camper is so grotty its fantastic. Bet it smells like damp dog and Old Holborn inside.
  18. brammy777


    That reminds me, I saw this the other day. 1990 Foden 4450 CAT Power Fairground Lorry. by bramm77, on Flickr
  19. Okay so I was going to wait until the next update to put this one in, but my god, I first saw this car a few months back on the way to Tadley, and I have been hoping to see it ever since. 1980 Ford Escort MKII 1.3 L Saloon. by bramm77, on Flickr Local plate, no sunroof, and it never turns at up at shows, so I wonder what the story could be. One owner perhaps!
  20. Okay that is scarily similar to what happened to me yesterday?! Whats bringing out all the old Fords?
  21. Well I was going to post in the grumpy old man thread about not being able to go to the NEC this weekend, but the amount of shite I have seen in Basingstoke lately has made me pretty happy! Also, I do enjoy winter, the rain went away at 12 today and it really brightened up, into a pleasent (but cold) day.
  22. I suppose it all boils down to the fact that if you own something, you can do whatever you like to it, and maybe this guy just really likes patina or whatever, from his daily driver I would assume that is correct! In some senses I guess it draws the same reaction in the way a custom car sometimes does from a 'true enthusiast', that things should be left original and true to how they left the factory. Personally, I love custom cars because they often improve on the original just because that shot of originality from the owner has created something so individual, like a form of artwork (obviousl
  23. Being pretty much deafened by an ERF EC with a Rolls Royce engine (I think?) as it passed me earlier today in Basingstoke made my day, those things sound incredible. Actually it was probably the Caterpillar engine, I dont know. The one that sounds really meaty.
  24. I dont think SL was calling it a bad car by any means.... They have quite weird proportions, that bonnet length really is massively long, which coupled with the short boot makes it quite the looker. Personally I like them, I cant comment on any level above what I think of the looks, but my college mate ended up buying one with his dad and it is very well kept, I am rather jealous to say the least. I have sat in it, mighty tempting as it was to ask for the keys I wouldnt trust myself in it at the moment. Remember, looks are subjective! 1967 FORD ZODIAC MKIV 3.0 V6 SALOON by bramm77, on Flickr
  25. I have a retro mode on my camera, but its only usually any good if there is a bit of a focus issue...Like this one for example, which had a MAJOR soft focus moment. Basingstoke, 1995? by bramm77, on Flickr
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