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  1. So, after all the Maxi action on here, imagine my delight at seeing one in Andover last Monday. Well it gets better, as I was on the bus today in Basingstoke, what do I see parked on someones drive? A pristine Sandglow Maxi. WHAT IS HAPPENING.
  2. Ah The Getaway Black Monday, that game has loads of shite in it. From the top of my head I can think of: Vauxhall Viva Citroen BX Vauxhall Cavalier MKII and MKIII Rover Metro Vauxhall Nova Renault 19 Vauxhall Carlton Renault 5 Rover 216 (R8) And the Droopsnoot, which is a hidden car down some weird little roads.. Most of the stuff in the first Getaway game is now shite or at least borderline, it was released 8 years ago now.
  3. I have read about that National before, truly bizzare thing to do, but clever at the same time! Sad to see it in that state though, although impressive it has survived that long. Good spots, loving the Audi and Prelude.
  4. Got quite backlog on Flickr right now from my last update, so here we go again. If anyone has seen these before, sorry! 2000 Chevrolet Venture LS 3.4 V6 MPV. by bramm77, on Flickr I sincerly hope someone from the Armed Forces brought this over, imagine their shock at seeing a Sintra for the first time. 1990 Mazda 323 SX Javelin Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr These late 323 models look smart still, not really keen on red cars myself though... 1980 Austin miniMetro L Hatchback. by bramm77, on Flickr I imagine a Mr Trebus a-like living here, this slightly over lit Metro has been there since
  5. This forum gets more argumentative by the day. Just calm down, christ. Anyway, I am in an awful mood for many reasons. And I am sick of this weather. I have seen too much snow in the past few years. Done with it now, thanks.
  6. Hold on, I just remembered that I went to a Monster Truck show around this time, and we still have photos from it. If I remember rightly, the cars being crushed in the display (well the ones at either end) went as follows: MKI Cavalier, Mini, Volvo 340, Mini, Acclaim. They also wrecked something else, I will have to dig these shots out. Just felt this would add some clarity as to what was fit for that sort of thing back then, i.e. scrapping.
  7. This is the current Ypsilon. I like it. Alot!
  8. Didn't Top Gear say something about Lancia being different now due to Fiat Ownership? I am sure they did. Despite the fact Fiat have owned them for over 40 years now. There is an imported Lybra in Basingstoke, and if you go to London, expect to see a Lancia, be it old or new. I think the new Delta looks slightly better than the late 90s version, which looked like it had fat cheeks. Worked on the Kappa, but not the Delta... Apparently the new Delta is 'only' 97mm wider than the original! Bit longer, mind you.
  9. I dont know why, but I actually like it. Okay, so its no original Delta, but considering how all modern cars look, surely no one was expecting it to?! The Ypsilon (Epsilon) is a good looking car at the moment, and would have probably done quite well here but considering the current model has been out since 2003 I am presuming its all new design now? Could do alright, but Chrysler do not have the customer base to begin with to do this! I want this to do well, but I have a strong feeling it won't.
  10. The wheel trims are indeed genuine items, god knows how many were replaced by some sort of awful tri spoked alloy over the years though! Where's Station? Wouldn't he be the best person to ask?
  11. You need to check out the condition of the Starion thoroughly, because as it stands I would imagine the XR3i is worth more than it. Saying that, the Mitsubishi is alot rarer and could actually be quite a good one... but from both those pictures, I would stick with the Escort.
  12. Celica it is! Cant even remember when I last saw one of these, probably single figures remaining in the UK.
  13. I was trying to figure it out myself! Cartell says it was a Toyota Celica ST.
  14. I love seeing photos like this, thanks for linking them on here Trigger! I notice alot of Maestros, particularly the early ones. That Y reg one would have been 16 years old at the time, so it survived quite a while. Metros are to be expected, I cant actually remember seeing any Talbots on the road bar the Horizon. Last couple of times I have been to scrapyards, I have seen alot of Omegas and E34s in them. Troopers as well, but very few Rovers.
  15. Superb work, great to see another Maxi being rescued by you. I look forward to seeing the end product! Perhaps you should try and get a 'full house' of BL saves? I know where there is a horrendously rotten W plate Metro that could do with saving.
  16. Sadly I am too young to remember battered Cortinas on the streets, the hard kid at my primary school was dropped off in a manky MKIII Granada which got gradually worse as the year went on.
  17. Right so all of these are pretty much ready for postage now, I just need all your addresses (and payment, lol) and then I can set them off. I would like to apologise if any are delayed. Minivan, P5, Cambridge, Austin Anniversary Set, 80 Police car and Ritmo still availible. I may or may not offer more up for sale in the future, trying to make my collection smaller as I did really buy slightly too many. Also just out of curiousity, when did Vanguards MKI Granadas become so valuable?! I have one, but I think its a keeper... and its got awful wheels on it anyway.
  18. Christ for a second there, I thought my mate was selling his XR3i. But no, it hasnt got a massive dent in front of the door.... Also, have a look at this. Not quite ruined. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1985-NISSAN-MICRA-1-0-/320628394844?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item4aa6f10b5c
  19. Wow, that was quick?! Yep that all sounds good, Wat the Scorpio has been sold but you can have the Mondeo yes. Tenner for the pair sound alright? I would imagine postage will be like £3.50, VWP you are allowed as many as you like! And Lord Sterling, would you rather I send them all together or seperately?
  20. Right, got alot more Diecasts up for grabs now, and I really, really cannot be bothered with ebay these days so here you go. The MKIII Cortina and Scorpio are now sold, Eddy I shall get them all ready for posting tonight, I figured out a way to send the book and model together now! Right so here is what else is now up for grabs. Vanguards Triumph Herald 'ANH646'. Boxed, still has removable convertible roof. £4.50 Schabak Audi 100 (C4) Estate. Special dealer model from when the car was new, bonnet, boot and doors open, good models! £5 Vanguards Austin Mini Royal Mail van 'MUL189L' Boxed.
  21. I always thought RX was a Reading registration, so the fact it was sold in Croydon is slightly confusing? Unless pre-registered further south beforehand.
  22. The fact that people are protesting against paying more when they themselves are damaging things, and in turn, making people pay for its repair, is a confusing situation.
  23. Like I said before, there was no mention of it last month when I went there, but if it is the case, then one of you HAS to buy the Polonez when it gets listed.
  24. Lol, I wouldnt think so, considering he first let me on for free when I was going to get my (ex) gf. He also somehow went to Camberley and back from here in an hour, and when it takes 40 minutes each way, thats quite something. But I digress! Good weekend.
  25. Dont apologise, you didnt do anything wrong! This guy clearly needs to be a big man to impress his boyfriends, I wouldnt worry. Also, my face feels like I have been punched. Several times.
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