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  1. Vectra estates were out on a P reg, we had a.transporter load of brand new ones in, all P--- SNK, they were GLS models and had a separate locking remote - I've got a set of keys for one of them still.
  2. I would be wary of painting the inside of the cam cover, there may be a risk of the paint flaking off and blocking parts of the lubrication system. You can get sticker sets from ebay for the black parts of the wheels and for the silver circles on the wheel centres. This project is coming along nicely.
  3. That's exactly what I do with mine, though I tend to change the filter at every other oil change, so 3,000 miles for the oil and 6,000 for the filter.
  4. It's attention to detail, I recently re wrapped the wiring loom, got some Motorcraft stickers for the old Banner battery, new washer tubing, cleaned the plastic tanks - all the little things which add up. To reproduce the wide tape on the wiring loom, I used normal black shiny duct tape which I dulled down with some abrasive paper. The cloth loom tape is good at finishing things off. A Google search of engine bay pictures should give you a good idea of what they were like when they left the factory.
  5. I like the Pinto, nice simple engine, mine came with some shiny bits. I had a nightmare painting the exhaust manifold on mine, what I found to work was brush on Barbecue paint, the much more expensive Halfords high temperature spray paint flaked off after 10 miles.
  6. I used an ebay sticker set for the silver circles on the centre caps.
  7. The 185/70s on the Cortina, wheels recently powder coated, standard suspension springs.
  8. I went from 165X13 (original fitting) to 185/70X13 on my Cortina, it's a little bit heavier on the steering at low speeds - counteracted by a slightly higher tyre pressure of 30psi as opposed to 26psi and it's quite stable at speed.
  9. They had an Europcar agency, we had a few good trips up there collecting hire cars, Sierras, Novas & MK1 Renault 5s.
  10. I had a bit of an argument with a plate collection driver who was picking up a sale Cavalier Expression or some special edition from us which had done its time on the rental fleet. It had alloy wheels on it and when he checked the spare he was confronted by a nice brand new, never been on the car steel spare, he said it should be alloy, I said standard spec on that model is steel, he then went on to accuse me of stealing the alloy spare and replacing it with a steel one. I think it ended up with me telling him to fuck off and to get someone else to sign his paperwork.
  11. Probably for the European market, the MK5 Cortina shaped Taunus was available with a 2 litre Cologne V6.
  12. Peugeot did the 205 Denim with denim seats incorporating a jeans like label.
  13. As a teenager working in car rental we had the Granada 2.8 GL saloons and estates on the fleet, the last lot of estates were the 2.8i Ghia X, it was always a bit of an occasion to drive one and the further away the collection point - the better. I had the opportunity one day to combine both cars discussed here, with a trip to London where we swapped a 2.8GL saloon for 3 SD1 Vanden Plas 3500 EFi, which we hustled back in convoy. As far as I know over 30 years later one of those Rovers is still on the road.
  14. I snapped a half shaft on a MK3 Cortina, unfortunately it was on outer side of the bearing so the wheel nearly fell off. Over the next day I ended up sourcing a complete used axle and replacing it in a car park where I had to leave the car.
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