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  1. Fantastic! Really enjoyed following all your hard work on this its superb
  2. I think Tasmin. Ford have given us some great shades of blue over the years
  3. Wonderful. GL as well. MID RANGE WIN.
  4. Always good to see some autoshite Jersey action! Really must pay a visit one day
  5. 1 - BMW 2 - 306 3 - MX-5 (if its not rusty and rotten) 4 - Merc 5 - Vitesse 6 - Sebring
  6. Not surprised at the missing driveshaft bolt I've seen that a few times. Glad the shafts came out easily they can proper weld to the hubs I guess that missing bolt has done you a favour and kept it all loose! Probably worth changing the auxillary belt and tensioner when doing the cambelt, water pump should be OK though. It looks like a good one!
  7. Proper 1980's "loadsa money" Ford ? Superb pics really glad its back on the road and looking better than ever ?
  8. Great news trig that is one fine looking car. I didn't think that rear wiper action when in reverse thing came in until the mk3 Mondeo learnt some new Ford knowledge there!
  9. Looking good. Fluid change on the box should see it fine for a bit. Driveshaft bolts are crap they often work loose and fall out. Definitely check out the handbrake shoes though the whole assembly can fall to bits and ruin the rear hubs
  10. @Six-cylinder Red is the colour of the day there! Cav and Sierra looking very good
  11. I never thought I'd see this much time and effort spent on getting a fucked D5 going again. Well done
  12. RichL

    TV cars

    I'm sure Lindley was rolling round in a Jensen Interceptor in series one
  13. RichL

    TV cars

    John Hallam drove a red Sierra 2.0 GLSi in London's Burning. Loads of other chod and junk in that series as well
  14. Excellent work Trig! I love the boot badges on this era of Ford's... Its a SCORPIO and in case you didn't know, that means it's a G R A N A D A
  15. Well bought trigger. I knew you'd end up buying that when I saw it in corts thread, too good to miss!
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