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  1. Kenwood, Alpine, Nakamichi, Pioneer. They only do audio stuff. Modern Blaupunkts are just rebranded Chinese stuff now.
  2. Suddenly a misfire appears. When this happens to these cars, it is bad news. It was overfuelling horribly so I flipping disconnected the battery and never touched it until I put a new O2 sensor in. O2 sensor did the job, but a previous misfire developed into something that sounded like it was running on 3 cylinders. Completely undrivable and missed MOT because of it. New spark plugs are £60, I'll get the wires as well. Ignition coils are £1000 EACH from Mazda - I think I'll try and find aftermarket ones. The heat in the engine bay kills everything. Lifted the UIM to access the 'rat's nest' below and coils etc. Two of the eight solenoids broke instantly. I'm going to strip down the whole engine and replace rat's nest and check every single sensor. Look how meaningless and dark this whole thing is once you get to the heat soaked electronics. The problem is: I have to run the car as the coolant can eat through the irons if it sits I can't run the car as it's running lumpy and unburnt fuel with cause bore wash which is really bad I can't switch the car off after a short period of time as this floods the engine - I've only done this once (after ten seconds) and it was a pain in the arse to unflood it - if it's overfuelling I can't run the car for long. I can't run the car inside the garage as it fucking stinks of fuel, and I can't put it outside because I can't push it into the garage unpowered. To unflood it, you have to take the spark plugs out, and spin the engine over. The spark plugs are only accessible under the car in a small cavity. The clearance underneath is about two inches. FUCK!
  3. LOL, it's been hard! I finished this recently. Li'l* bit o' filler Welded the door shut properly - it had started to crack. Using this bastard: Getting the door shut lined up perfect like:
  4. One of these in this colour: I couldn't afford a car back then.
  5. Thanks for your work. Maybe it's time to get proper hosting though, the site has been up and down for ages - if the whole site is in one persons hands, anything could happen to it and I bet nobody wants to lose 10 years of quality shite postings.
  6. Sensor looks completely mashed. I've never got one out of a car without breaking it. I have on a Saab though, they seem to be better quality and fit OK.
  7. Matt, that Nippa should 'FYL THREw' an MOT, it's done about -20 miles since the last one. Sepang is the Malaysian GP track, hence the anamorphic chequered flags in the side.
  8. Nobody is saying appeal everything, I've had about four parking tickets, and I'm bewildered why anyone would want to pay £35/£70 for overstaying parking for five minutes, having one wheel over a yellow line or having the nerve to park on the edge of the kerb. No doubt I'll eventually get corrected by someone for some reason. Anyone should feel free to pay it though, it makes no difference to me.
  9. I've contested everything, parking fines, DVLA, and win them all. They give up because they're clerks doing a 9-5 job. If you remember me getting clamped three times at once, I did the same and heard nothing back. Just offer dispute in court, you have done nothing wrong.
  10. Argon, or Argon mix (co2/argon) is meant to be the business for sad old bleating back street mechanics. I used it and didn't really notice much difference but I'm far from a professional. I've tried to get pub gas many times - loads of garage owners I know can get it for me, but when I actually need it, nobody can get it.
  11. No they just suspend it. They want my driver's license/passport, utility bill, a recent photo of my bollocks, a reggae/ska rendition of Bach's 'French Suite No.1' played on an Ondes-Martenot, a full 5000 word description of a dream I had in July 14th 1984, etc They also debit my actual real non-pretend bank account and I have to tell them the amount. Not debit like regular banks, but take a small amount of money out. I hate paypal.
  12. Great stuff lol! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-39456449
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