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  1. For 2 grand I am sure you will get a decent old luxury car that was pampered in it's early life. We have got a 1982 4.2 Daimler, a poverty spec 1982 2L merc, a 1988 240 2.3 volvo top of the range, and a Mk2 granny, all with T&T when we bought em, all collectively under 2 grand! The merc is the most uncomfortable, the most the Daimler but it's not good on petrol. The volvo is excellent value, electric everything, and well looked after. It really depends on what you are looking for, in terms of size ans economy. Insurance would all be classic and cheap, if you can get it.I don't do modern, so can't comment....
  2. Now that was hardly the transit's fault was it?
  3. Have seen a really hideous one, had some huge steel plate thing going on in front of the engine, and a riot style grille on the windscreen, will see if I can dig it out.
  4. Why thank you, well spotted. 15' 6" floor length. I likes em big
  5. I have never met anybody with a bad tale to tell about 70s and 80s transits.
  6. beat you to it on that one, but a Mk1 would come in handy if you want to build one!
  7. Transits and er, transits, oh and a Mk2 granny!
  8. Shit that white one is cheap! The early ones go for more, and that's a tidy example. The bad news is I seem to remember 1976 is not a good year for rust. Took so many parts off P regs I could have legitimately changed the number plates on me 74! It was something to do with the steel strikes in the early 70s, they got naff steel in from the third world and it rusted like it had been stored in an estuary. Also P reg (obviously) is not tax exempt, which detracts a bit. If it has T&T I would say about the £800-1000 mark, depending on the dreaded tip worm....
  9. I don't know too much about ecorts, what year is it? My thing is the good ole DI, and it won't have one of those!
  10. That's the thing though, transits don't have a badge for the Mk, and people make it up, conveniently forgetting they cam in in 1965!
  11. Nope, the one after that . They are all family, the top one we've had the longest, she was driven by Richard Hammond in Topgear's Transit 40th Special. She was in her natural accessories then (like the spoiler).
  12. Any idea what make of pump it's got? Lucas, forget it. Bosch and you are on a winner! Bosch you can run up to 70% in warmer weather, 50/50 as long as it's not too cold.
  13. any tax? I know, don't want much eh?
  14. In the transit world, when I get all excited having been told it's a Mk2, to find the thing was a Mk3 registered in 1988! Also all this Mk3/4/5/6/7/8/9 shite, like if it's got a slightly different indicator bulb it's a whole new Mk! People think it's picky, but when you get a 20 year old van, believe me you will WANT to make sure you get the right parts. Even Ford says there was only ever 4 Mks up to 2001 (Mk1, Mk2, Mk3 (the wedge one, never mind what grille it has) and then the ugly one. If there was a new Mk every time something like the shape of a light was changed, I make it Mk9 by now!
  15. Post 1971 Mk1 phase2 on a D plate??? How do you get on this....I'll bung the Mk3 on it.Don't know about Car Searchers, but you can sign up with me......
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