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  1. I would only go to a Ford dealer if I felt like being laughed at.
  2. This is definitely down to what happened, nothing to do with driving
  3. Well the gloves are off. "At this stage it is not possible to accept any liability in the matter as I am not in receipt of all of the facts. Without seeing the report of the garage I cannot confirm what the time frame for repairs will be or the extent of them. Unfortunately, it would not be possible for us to arrange for a replacement van at this stage and I understand you have previously confirmed the use of an alternative. As a gesture of goodwill at this stage, without any admission of liability, I am willing to reimburse the cost of 3 days van hire or a maximum of £60.00 per day to the total of £180.00 subject to receipts being provided." wrong answer. Spoke to a journo and this will be front page next week
  4. The damage caused by the RAC is worse than we thought, with a crossmember ripped and a spring hanger squashed. Now would be a good time for us to be offered a hire van
  5. The axle has locating pins, one for each spring. These have snapped off allowing the axle to slip up the springs. A new pin can be welded on when we replace the springs
  6. yep that's what I said earlier. I want the RAC to pay for the repairs, cos this monumental fookup is not our fault. Then there's the loss of sleep and flashbacks, I kid you not!
  7. Pass side springs are fooked. The rear axle has twisted back on the pass side and forward on the drivers. The hub that had the dodgy wheelbaring has cracked from being dragged up the bed siezed. Got off light really. If she went over that would be it
  8. There you go, communication again. Bendy truck causing gridlock in West London aside, the rest of the fiasco was purely down to nobody talking to each other. We ALWAYS state its a twin wheel luton, mostly hear from a patrolman they were expecting a van.
  9. Oh and I contacted the CEO cos I got sick of waiting on hold for 20 mins, getting cut off and not being called back. Its called keeping your customers informed.
  10. Because I called the RAC, not C&S. C&S represent the RAC, and are thier agents. I pay the RAC membership, and pay C&S nothing. If the RAC want to sue C&S to recover any compensation paid its up to them. My contract is with the RAC. And it was me that dialled 999, C&S were going to faff about with a lifter.
  11. I have now had a reply from the incident manager, not the CEO. He tells me C&S have inspected the van (WHY?). This is looking like the RAC want to shift the blame. I have replied that I do not want to be catght up in a denial of liabily argument, and if the RAC wont accept liability I will have to resort to legal action. Oh and C&S, I've shown you mine, now you show me yours.....
  12. Fair point. Just an acknowledgment would be nice
  13. I emailed the CEO of the RAC yesterday and still no reply. Customer service is none existant
  14. I am happy for you really I am. That may change for you
  15. FFS! Getting worried now. Looks like I am very much not alone with this.
  16. The problem with many smaller rec firms is they wont take even light commercials. Others have an age limit
  17. The truck that twisted went off empty. The one that eventually recovered the van was a 12 tonner. Very valid point about this happening on the hard shoulder, even worse as you say on a roundabout. Loving the image of the boss in the office LOL!
  18. Have emailed the CEO. It was long but l didnt swear!
  19. Richard can you re join the AA on an offer, at a different address?
  20. just so you know, you can dial 999 without credit, you don't even need a SIM card or normal network...... Hope she gets home OK, and they don't send C&S to her.
  21. AA, yep, pretty much what I am thinking
  22. Here's the after pic, showing the damage to the springs..... BTW they drove her to me mechanic like that, not a pleasant trip!
  23. Just composing an email to the CEO now. Let's hope he doesn't give me the run around too.
  24. You dont understand. That WAS while the van was dangling off the truck, with 3 fire engines in attendance and the whole area rammed cos the road was closed. You try not to swear in that situation. 59 MIN 32 SEC ON THE PHONE TO THE RAC AND STILL NO WISER!! 20 min of that was on hold. That was today, and not one curse word was uttered
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