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  1. Try the post office. They are supposed to do tax class changes now.
  2. Yeah thanks. I don't think I will see her again, but I don't think I needed you to spell it out like that. My dogs ashes were in the van. Take the piss if you like. Blame me. It cant get any worse. Take that how you like. And fook off. I really am grieving about this. Its the pinnacle of three shit weeks.
  3. What was in the back came out of a SWB. Dont have pics but the leading fire officer saw in the back of the van and agreed it wasnt overloaded
  4. The RAC are refusing to accept liability. I will have to go to court over this.
  5. Oh and the loss adjuster says C&S claim the van was overloaded. Was that why they loaded it up then?
  6. As I said, it wasnt driven away. Theres a lot of our life in that van. For one the ashes of the dog that died 18 months ago. Gary took em to work with him
  7. The van still had no front hub/wheel. It had only one of the two on one side and that was held on with only two wheel nuts. NOT driven away
  8. Stolen from S London whilst awaiting repair. B324VKJ. Pictures on her paint thread. If you see it please private message me, thanks.
  9. Thanks, but no comment on the rest. Lets leave it.
  10. Firstly I do thìnk I have the right to get pissed off/upset/outraged/defensive with whats happened. Read the thread title again. It might give you a clue as to what I am going through. I was not looking for legal advise here. Now the facts 10.30 ish wheelbaring goes RAC called. 11.30 patrolman arrives. Confirms fault 14.00 ish first truck arrives. Driver announces the van is too big for his 7.5 tonner. Says he will call for another truck. Drives off. 16.30 I find theres still no truck. RAC tell me the first driver has cancelled the job. We were not told. Another truck is sent. 22.00 second truck arrives. Another 7.5 tonner. Driver asks what the fault was and is told. Does not look at the van in any way. Asked if its loaded but does not look in the back. During loading the van leans dangerously over the pavement spilling petrol over the truck, road and pavement 22.17 I call 999 for the fire brigade as the C&S driver has called a full lift hiab and I am terrified of how they intend to use it 00.30 the brigade have righted the truck bed using a very slow winch. 01.00 another truck arrives. A 12 tonner. The van is loaded an is now leaning badly over the N/S of the truck. I travel with the van to S London to where it will be repaired. Another patrolman escorts the truck with the beacons on. Its a slow trip. 03.00 the van is unloaded. 04.00 we get to bed. I dont sleep. I havent had a nights sleep since this happened. So forgive me if I am mardy. My life appears to be going down the toilet. Oh and we took out the insurance a week before this happened so again forgive me if I havent examined the policy yet.
  11. Unbelievably I thought that, as I had nothing to do with the loading or operation of the recovery truck, I cant take any of the blame. So what part of the above will lead to my being 'taken apart' in court? Seriously.
  12. I completely disagree. The first time this was on the internet was the night it happened. Everything I have said has been fact. I have had one call made to me from my incident manager (though I have made countless calls to the RAC). Now I have made my case known on the internet, I have had one call and two emails since posting, and of course one from my insurance company. I really do believe if I just went off and sat in a corner the RAC would look forward to my going away with little better than an apology. No I dont currently have a solicitor, that doesnt mean I am not going to keep fighting. What else do you expect me to do?
  13. Not sure. The loss adjuster is finding out
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