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  1. Was that loads of airbrushing by the producers to remove all cars and people from the pictures?
  2. Every day is a school day - I didn't know the Capri was sold in the US. Thank you Mr J.
  3. Or put it through the blanking plug between the two switches.
  4. This is exactly why we need more plods out there. Scamera vans do not help sort this. There is still some justice out there..
  5. With the M8 as it is, there is the biggest pollution problem for Glasgow. Are they going to include the M8 in the ban? If they do then the kitten killing monsters will have to avoid the M8 and go around Glasgow, creating longer journeys and more pollution, but hey it won't be in the centre of Glasgow. If the M8 is not included then I don't see it making any difference. The daily traffic jams will continue to pollute and kill kittens. What about LPG vehicles? They are currently LLEZ exempt but not ultraLLEZ. BTW I get a massive £10 a year rebate on my road tax for having LPG. That's only 120 years to recoup my investment......
  6. I don't think the SI boards are still available but a pair of new batteries soldered in may well cure the ills if they will not reset. So long as the batteries haven't leaked and ruins the board. I had to do mine on my 525e. Batteries available via t'internet.
  7. I can vouch for this. Back in the late 90s I had an 85 ( 525e in the same colour and it started leaking petrol from the pipes across the top of the tank. Did a tank swap and it wasn't too bad a job. Coated the new one in many layers of paint and wax and grease to stop it happening again. The E30 and E28 eta engines both had manual boxes in the North American market. A friend of mine in Canada had an E30 one in the 90s. Not sure about Europe.
  8. Ahhh - I see now. What make of horseless carriage do you possess sir? Possible solution in post above.
  9. "Turn on the ignition and check that the engine malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) illuminates and then goes off. On some vehicles it will be necessary to start the engine before the MIL goes off." Engine MIL inoperative or indicating a malfunctionMajor ‚ÄčIf the MIL lights when you turn the key and then goes off when you start the engine, isn't that doing what it should?
  10. Quote from new manual on under trays etc (under section 6.2.1) https://training.mot-testing.service.gov.uk/documents/manuals/class3457/Section-6-Body-Structure-and-Attachments.html#section_6.1
  11. Yep you read it correctly. You are allowed to drive it away from a test - be that to your home or a place of repair. Even with dangerous defects on - as you can now. The onus is on you - not the garage - to ensure road safety when choosing what to do with the vehicle after a failure is issued.
  12. You can get a failure currently with a "dangerous" defect listed. The garage cannot stop you from driving away at the moment and the new rules after 20th May do not change anything. It is in the new manual showing the new defect listings but says nothing about not being able to drive it away. https://training.mot-testing.service.gov.uk/documents/manuals/class3457/Introduction.html#section_7 The DVSA website did say initially that the owner couldn't take it away but then quickly changed it to read as the manual.
  13. Ahh yes - the BMW Zafira. FWD BMW - no, no, no, no. That's for Minis and other cars not proper BMWs.
  14. I was there a few years ago and wouldn't have recognised it from the card if the name wasn't in it.
  15. For many years Inverness dealer was Calterdon - an independent agent and one of the smallest in the UK. Calum, Terry and Donny were the brothers that started it and derived the name. Always had great service from them when I was in Inverness. Bought a number of cars off them including UBL 44Y. Shame the dealer belongs to AC now.......
  16. As a boy I loved the look and thought of owning a 911. I finally got my chance to try one back in 1988 at Knockhill. It wasn't the turbo but looked like one. The thing I found off putting was the noise in the cabin. It was alright as a toy but to use everyday would have got too much in my opinion. I still love the look of them but would never own one.
  17. I had one of these "Halfrauds" specials where you plug it into the cigarette lighter. Worked OK but took ages to pump it up any decent amount. It also have a torch and flashing lamp built into it. Trouble is with this design is the amount of power it can draw through the lighter socket which limits the capacity fo the compressor. I have now bought one that feeds direct from the battery and will take a flat tyre to 30psi in seconds, not minutes. IIRC it's a Ring heavy duty model and works well. It also has a long hose with it and can reach up to 7metres apparently. Useful for getting to the back of the ovlov.
  18. How about looking at a similar aged X5 if you want a Chelsea tractor type 4x4 instead of a P38? Running costs about the same and a choice of engines both petrol and diesel from 3.0 to 4.6.
  19. ^ what is on the roof of the green R12 on the left of the picture?
  20. NTAs Looks like the British general public can be entertained by anything. 17th time in a row Ant and Dec voted as best presenters on TV. REALLY????????? The race to the bottom is almost complete.....
  21. Could be - looking at the C&U regs it talks about January 68 but nothing as specific. It seems to be more like 83 when the big changes were made. This is the legislation to be read http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/part/II/chapter/B/made followed by the schedule which relates to each of the numbers in the legislation. http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/schedule/3/made
  22. IIRC it was for all new models from 68ish and the MG certainly wasn't. Similarly I had a 69 Herald with a single line.
  23. In terms of the regulations and MOT, the handbrake is only the secondary brake IF the vehicle does not have a split system on the footbrake. Since around 1968 all cars have had to have dual line brakes on the foot brake. That is why the parking brake on a post 68 vehicle only needs 16% rather than the 25% if it were classed as a secondary brake.
  24. I had one of those as a kid. Great fun.
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