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  1. 4 star recently advertised a Touring 325 for over £12 big ones. Seems like it went for near that. 🤯 It wasn't me gov, but I know a man that did.
  2. BTW, the 323 came in 139 or 150bhp flavours. It had rear discs and 51mm struts. The 320 had drum rear brakes, unless specified with ABS.
  3. I've just scrapped a 90 320. The tin worm had munched through the sunroof drain pipes leading to lots of water entering the cabin. It had also eaten the sills, under the sill covers and the final straw was the NSR spring mount rotted out. Still, it's turning out to be a nice little earner and someone kindly took away the shell for free. I hadn't done badly out of it. Bought it 14 years ago for £70.
  4. Must be around that time, I remember the Transatlantic trophy been cancelled at Mallory Park, due to snow.
  5. Ahhh yes I remember the square well as it is in the photo. The BMW is Inverness registered, so likely to have been sold by Calterdon.
  6. hennabm

    RR P38

    I considered one - but due to reports similar to those found in this thread I decided against it. Instead I bought the X5 3.0i. All I can say is that some of the issues are the same as they are very much the same underneath. Electrical issues certainly are a bugbear, rear air bags and BM54 module. Even though mine is only a straight six the mpg is around 16 - 24mpg. The V* version from BMW is around 8 - 14mpg. Old 4x4s of the era, by the time we get hold of them will have been neglected and maintained only by distress. This of course leads to some of the issues then encountered. Like me, it then takes time and money to sort. The return is a lovely driving position and a good solid car beneath you and the noise of the car - especially if a petrol V8. You pay your money and take your chance. Just try to find the best you can for your budget.
  7. Ok, so let me think; 1 pot Several mopeds - mainly SS50s 2 pot DAF 33 Fiat Twinair Punto 3 pot I've driven several 4 pots missing a pot at the time. I have had my paws round a small number of 3 pots including the Daihatsu type thing and the later BMW engine (yuk). 4 pot Many, including the boxer Alfa engine; V4 Fords; VW including Karmann Ghia. 5 pot I once had an Audi 100 2.2 Avant. A great engine. 6 pot A good number of BMWs including 3 on fleet all with 6 pots under the bonnet. BMW M1 - yes really. E type 6 pot. D series turbo and none turbo Volvo B10M R series coaches 8 pot D series Perkins V8 Rover SD1 Rover P6 3500 None reciprocating engine types; RO80 - still had the original engine. This was brought in to the Ford dealership where I was working as a Px. I had to service it for resale. BMW I3.
  8. May I ask what these are going for now in a similar condition to the photo?
  9. I love the look of the BBS style wheels. But, having got an E30 with them on, the downside is keeping the buggers clean.
  10. The majority I have seen all have black satin sills. Even if they have factory sill covers on, beneath them they are satin black.
  11. Currently 6 - all set and ready to go - but only 1 taxed. The one on the road does the least miles per gallon....
  12. The above work previously mentioned was joined by a new viscous fan coupling, before I got my car back today. I know these cars are expensive - but I think even the specialist repairers see an X5 and add noughts to the bill....
  13. Unfortunately not. I sold off all my meccano back in 2000 at Ingliston toy swap meet. There was a set 10 as well with the multikits. There are something sin life you regret doing - yep this is one of mine.....
  14. Hi Kiltox Don't know how yours is getting on but mine has now developed a couple more leaks. Not from any previous repairs - ohhh no. This time it is the oil filter housing to block gasket and a power steering pipe that have joined forces and decided to pollute the underside of the car. Thankfully no further than the under tray as yet. Another William heading my way.
  15. Looking at the Dinky catalogue reminded me. In the TV times around the launch of the crane multikit, there was a competition to name the bridges pictured. The prize being the crane multikit. I only went and won one. That added to the army and highway kits I already had.
  16. Ahh memories, thank you. I used to have the exact same combination. The cab I found was interchangeable with the TK and I used to to pull the car transporter and the excavator trailer as well, at times. Looking good there, Amishtat.
  17. The laser launcher in the 88 catalogue shows some resemblance to the old CR super booster.
  18. It does but thankfully the switch allows me to turn them off. The light switch turned to the left gives auto function. Turned to the right gives the standard side and then head lights.
  19. I had a small crack in the middle of the screen and asked the insurance to do it. Unfortunately Autoglass cracked it even more when attempting a repair. So I had to pay £140 for a new screen. I'm sure yours, like mine will have the light and rain sensor in it behind where the mirror sits. I you don't want these to work I'm sure a base spec screen should be cheaper, if they do such a thing.
  20. Similar for mine. Someone back in mid 2002 went in and ordered a mint green X5 with pale green leather interior and coughed around £43k. Just why would you choose that combo? Oh and ticked the poverty spec petrol engine - being the 3l straight 6 instead of the real beast of the V8 or the economic diesel.
  21. Blimey. ? What was the purpose of this ? Yes it was promotional but who would want to sit for 40+ minutes watching this? I see they used the 323i version. Nice to see all the older BMWs in there as well.
  22. I have the GM 5 spd box as well. I had my g/box ecu updated - it had to have a complete software update by the Indy. It gave it a far smoother performance afterwards. Took a good few hours to do apparently.
  23. It was an involved job. I let my local indy BMW specialist tackle it. It was a day's work IIRC and around the £300 mark.
  24. Mine was the sump gasket and while it was off the engine mounting was shot so that was replaced as well. Good luck on the diagnosis.
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