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  1. ^ Same colour as the interior in my old 2-Litre.
  2. Out and about yesterday, O/H is driving and comes up behind someone doing 50ish on a NSL dual carriageway. "Look at them, dawdling in their FLASH car" It was a 'Y' plate Rover 75.
  3. No you haven't you dribbling bellend, you've used it to drive to the RAILWAY station.
  4. The Cortina sailed* through it's MOT today, AND I had the moggy running for the first time since I bought it last August. True, it ran out of petrol after about 30 seconds and then wouldn't start again as the fuel pump had died (again), but it did run... *Had advisories on low parking brake one side, front No. plate and lack of rear bumper end caps.
  5. What's the engine in that silver moggie?
  6. We've got a wheelchair converted 58 plate at work. In fact it's sat outside my house as I type this as I've got to go to Reading tommorow for training. It's a 1.6 pez badermatic and has covered the grand total of 7063 miles. It shat one of it's PAS pipes a while ago and the exhaust rotted out, doubtless a result of the short journeys it does. Having the ramp fitted means it has a non-standard exhaust so the garage welded a new section in. The spec is a bit weird, it's got air con and electric windows but rubber mats. It's a pleasant enough thing to bumble about in.
  7. I will be loading some kit in the Cortina and driving to the lock up to work on the moggie. The same as I do most Sunday afternoons.
  8. Seeing a mint looking, giffer piloted V plate maxi in Asda car park.
  9. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/warning-over-illegal-used-tyres-001952848.html#klqfZHD JESUS. FUCKING. WEPT.
  10. RESPCT YO! to the owner of the Rover 100 I saw yesterday with an unpainted wheelarch repair panel Pop* riveteted on. *Other brands of blind rivet are available.
  11. How did laying new floor tiles in the bathroom become: Lay new floor tiles Replace bath panel Repaint skirting Tile in window reveal Re-grout tiles Paint coving Replace bath taps Paint walls Paint medicine cabinet Replace shower screen The worse thing is I seem to have suggested all the extra work myself, some of which after reading a home improvement magazine in an optician's waiting room... I R LORUNCE LOOELIN BOEIN
  12. Oh, and re: Threads. The following is a message to to any producers of dramas set in the 80s. DO YOU SEE THE TATTY 15 YEAR OLD CORTINA? DO YOU SEE IT? DO YOU?
  13. Ah, Threads... scared the shit out of me too. If you weren't around then it's had to explain how real the threat of nuclear war felt. There was an American film out at around the same time call something like 'The Day After', was less graphic IIRC.
  14. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/mystery-cars-surface-floods-151700473.html#WuaLzCW NO SHIT SHERLOCK. Fuck me, you were dragging an Escort out of a ditch, not raising the frigging Titanic.
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