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  1. Cant't believe I've only just been made aware of this. Comedy genius.
  2. Of course it is. You can't choose to be Irish, but you can certainly choose whether to identify as a 'Traveller'. Which in itself is a ridiculous term, as half of them have lived in semi-permanent settlements for longer than I've lived in all of my previous 5 residences combined. Does that mean that I can identify as an English Traveller and complain about anyone who uses a slang term to refer to me? More specifically, 'pikey' is used to specifically refer to people who are blatantly behaving in an antisocial/criminal way, rather than just any Irish person with scruffy clothes. Your oth
  3. 'Pikey' isn't racist, because 'pikeys' don't belong to a different racial/ethnic group. I'm aware that there was some bullshit legislation passed to the contrary a few years ago, but as I've said before: if they passed a law stating that apples are root vegetables, it wouldn't suddenly become true. You cannot choose your ethnic group based solely on your life choices. Pikeys are ethnically caucasians from the British Isles, just like the majority of UK inhabitants.
  4. Just had to go to the delivery office in the next town, as the seller of my latest watch had considerately used so much packing that it wouldn't go through my letterbox. It's a G-Shock FFS.
  5. I shall seek one out in readiness for the next fill-up, cheers. I'd assumed that the tank was full (didn't check) , but on my way to work this morning the gauge was showing around 85% 🤨 I must have really weird airlock issues in the filler neck.
  6. Absolute legend. "Do ya think I'm bloody sexy? ...... Err, no, not really"
  7. I love the way that some of his creations don't even look like mad custom projects - they could realistically pass as factory prototypes, or even production models in some alternate universe. I wonder if any of the older guys at Honda have seen his stuff?
  8. This evening I got drenched with petrol at the local Tescos. Pump cut out once, I pulled the trigger again and it continued chugging away merrily. 5 seconds later, as I turned back towards the car, it violently spewed about a pint of juice out of the filler neck. Truly bizarre, I don't think I've ever had that happen before in any vehicle - I've only ever managed to overflow by applying the faintest pressure after it's cut out about 5 times in a row. Anyway, 3 hours and several washes later, my hand still reeks of it. FFS.
  9. Maroon Austin landcrab. One of my earliest memories of actual physical pain, was getting out of the black vinyl seat in the middle of summer while wearing shorts. I genuinely thought that I'd de-gloved my thighs. There's an awesome photo of me sitting on the roof of our blue Bedford CA van, but weirdly I have no memory whatsoever of our owning it. Then there was the Mk1 Granny (VUR906S), the yellow Cortina estate (XBH875X) and then the Accord (A627PNK) which I eventually inherited as my unofficial first car, complete with hammerite tidemark and DIY vinyl on the roof. Dad bought cars
  10. I never locked the house when I lived on Anglesey. Whenever we went away on holiday, it would take me about an hour to find the keys.
  11. You could also join without un-muting yourself, and just use the 'chat' function. It's great if you're nervous about the whole thing, as you can just be a passive onlooker. Then when you have something to contribute, you can speak up, and become incredibly depressed and insecure when nobody listens to you or even acknowledges your voice. Even after speaking up on 4 or 5 occasions. Before realising that you're still on Mute. Good times. On a serious* note, if you really struggle with tech shizzle, have some beer. It makes it all much easier.
  12. There's not much room for them, no. Which didn't help to alleviate the awfulness of the day.
  13. It would be awesome if we could make a regular (or semi-regular) habit of it. It's a great idea for lockdown, but also just as a way to chill with people that we kinda know but wouldn't normally get to meet. Yesterday I'd spent 10 fairly awful hours shuffling around central London, installing wine coolers in £1.5M flats - you have no idea how much I enjoyed spending (virtual) time with a bunch of $hiters after that.
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