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  1. I can haz klub membrshipzz? 1.4 for All The Horses, fairly worrying electrical gremlin somewhere under the bonnet, but the leccy windows are flawless. Genuinely does not feel like a 23-year-old car to drive. [/threadhijack]
  2. Fitting the 45 with a nice shiny 52mm throttle body resulted in the (not unknown) issue of a high/erratic idle, which while bearable, ideally needs fixing with a minor remap. Shortly afterwards, the exhaust also started blowing from somewhere in the middle section. Easy fixes both. My dilemma is that I'm currently getting an utterly awesome-sounding muffled pop from the exhaust on over-run, and I'm worried that fixing one or both of the above issues will remove it. Such are the quandaries of a shallow twat like myself. On the plus side, the TB's added a shocking amount of low-end torque without much effect on mpg, so no regrets in fitting it.
  3. Speaking of the dizzying height of professionalism from BBC reporters:
  4. Either that or he'd just spied someone using one of the plastic cups.
  5. I'm genuinely shocked that my cack-handed OMGHGF repair has held up over a 500-mile round trip at prolonged *allegedly* excessive speeds in 30º+ temperatures. I made Bedford in around 3:40 with no explosions. Go me. @Sunny Jimis a solid-gold legend for organising this, it was an awesome weekend all round. $hite cars, forum legends, and alcohol, all in one of my absolute favourite parts of the UK. Also, BEST_DUG_EVAH. Thanks to everyone who put up with my inane semi-drunken blatherings and industrial-grade snoring, and apologies to @davidfowler2000 for despoiling one of his spoons (my offer to effect a repair with wob and sandpaper still stands). I loved finally meeting all the people who I'd 'known' for years, even if I was too inebriated to actually express it. Cannot wait for the next one. If @Cord Fourteener could just put in a few more hours on the Highland pipes before then, it'll be 100% perfect.
  6. Loving the new haircut Mat. Not too sure about the dress, though...
  7. If you're very lucky, I might be able to find my Erik Carlsson rally-spec die-cast model. Don't get your hopes up, mind.
  8. Y0 @Sunny Jim do you know if the derelict garage near Llanrug still has the Horizon and Capri rotting away outside? Potential photography pilgrimage?
  9. Is there a limit on how late we can arrive on Friday? I'm hoping to get there before 20:00, but my plans usually get shat on from a great height.
  10. Slate museum is good, as is Electric Mountain (or at least it was 10 years ago)
  11. Good points, but right now I'd happily take huntsman spiders, malaria risk, and the occasional flash flood in return for the ability to breathe comfortably and sleep at night. Obviously my attitude will change completely once it cools down again...
  12. This hot/humid weather doesn't need to do one. It needs to stay the ****ing same long enough for me to acclimatise to it, just like people in far hotter/more humid countries do. I'm currently gasping like a bronchially-challenged fish and wiping litres of sweat off my head/arse/chair/floor every few minutes (despite the fan & iced water), in the certain knowledge that a couple of weeks will see a plunge in temperatures and probably a ton of drizzly rain. How/why the hell did any sane civilisations stay long enough in Britain to make it an actual 1st-world country? It has the most utterly stupid, crappy, inane climate of any place on earth. I can't blame global warming - it's apparently been just as retarded for the whole of recorded history thanks to eternally-battling weather systems, and still people actually CHOSE to stay here and build cities and stuff. WHY?!
  13. In that case, you might as well take the SMR to the summit of ¾ of the way up Yr Wyddfa. (Because apparently it takes years to replace a short length of single narrow-gauge track)
  14. I can take them (assuming they're not F1 or tractor tyres).
  15. A brew would be most welcome, thankyou!
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