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  1. Well, I'm in the next county so kind of local. Although this week I've been in Wolverhampton, Bognor, and various places between, so I could be a massive walking vector, who knows? Count me in anyway, YOLO etc...
  2. Yeah, that figures. I'm sure they could've sourced some nicer ones though. I mean, I love Senator lights, on a Senator. I do wonder how Bristol managed to stay in business from the 80s onwards. Surely all of their sales from that point must have been to existing customers with a bizarrely strong sense of brand loyalty? I appreciate it's in the eye of the beholder etc, but they could have bought something far lovelier for the same price, or less.
  3. I was shocked by how late they were making them. That one's a contemporary of the Mk1 Focus.
  4. It's like the designer started with really good intentions, then when they handed him the Senator rear lights he just gave up (on life, probably).
  5. Everyone can switch off their cameras, for I have won at Spotting: I can't stop looking at it, for all the wrong reasons.
  6. Wow, that's practically clinical Equinophobia. Fairly rare, as phobias go, and nearly always due to traumatic childhood experiences with horses. Out of interest, do all large animals affect you like that?
  7. No need, they're lovely. Learn a couple of simple rules about horse body language (actually mostly head language) and you'll be fine.
  8. My instructor was great, to be fair. The only other learner was a girl who managed to grab the front brake and fall off before she'd even ridden a yard. She wanted to go home straight away, but he talked her into doing the car park stuff on an auto scooter instead and really worked on building her confidence. She was adamant that she was too scared to go out on the road, but he persuaded her to go anyway, and she only made one real cock-up in the whole 2 hours. She was proper chuffed at the end. I copped 2 bollockings, once for cutting a mini-roundabout (not on purpose, I was too pre-occupied with clutch misery) and once for not slowing down enough for a tight corner (again,I wanted to slow down but couldn't stamp on the shifter quickly enough). Top bloke though, I hope he's still there when I go for my DAS.
  9. I CAN HAZ CBT Amazingly, the instructor said I wasn't remotely close to the worst rider he'd had, and wasn't even the worst rider he'd given a ticket to. I'm just immensely grateful that the roads were semi-deserted. I have no idea how the hell people do it in cities. Hilarious* habits I still have include: Trying to pull away with my foot on the brake. Smashing down through the gears and snatching at the clutch, but not at the same time. Forgetting how violent engine-braking can be, and lurching back and forth at low speeds like a pleb. And stalling, a l l t h e t i m e.
  10. Uhh yeah, sorry about that 😏 (the roffle, not the cap) That's the second time I've ruined a roffle for everyone. I regret nothing though, it's an absolutely belting car.
  11. I haven't yet, so thanks for the recommendation!
  12. Bike Stop? That's my 'local' - I live about half a mile away.
  13. Is that seriously true? I mean, I adored the bikes in Akira, but I can't really see much resemblance in the Vultus. The Akira bikes were more like track bikes crossed with drag racers.
  14. Apparently aimed at those people who can't decide whether they want a scooter, a cruiser, or a sports. The fact that those people don't really exist might explain why you never actually see these things anywhere.
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