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  1. 77k, £3750 - does look extremely nice from the pics. FB group link
  2. I don't think I would knowingly buy a car that has been owned and maintained* by someone who couldn't tell the difference between a plastic tank and an engine, and who failed to comprehend what the actual picture of an oil can on the filler was referring to. I dread to think what other atrocities they've committed.
  3. The only reason ignitions were ever on the column, was so they could be mechanically linked to the steering lock for primitive security. There's absolutely no logical reason for it to be there on anything remotely modern, and as GIE says, it's a thoroughly stupid location to hang a bunch of keys from.
  4. Pressure washing should be fine, as long as you properly wrap all the wiry bits with carrier bags & duck tape, and keep the jet away from them. On 80s tin, there's probably only 3 or 4 places to bag anyway.
  5. Seller hasn't grasped that "barn find" refers to things which are found inside the barn. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barn-find-Restoration-project-Genuine-VW-Polo/183879043153?hash=item2ad00b8851:g:AlIAAOSwJJZc970B
  6. Really?? £350. Form an orderly queue.
  7. Where are you? EDIT: near Leeds, presumably...
  8. Apparently we can no longer 'like' our own posts. I am disappoint.
  9. Bump. Please don't let me waste this utter gem on the unwashed masses of FaceTree.
  10. I know - gutted is an understatement, but cars (and several other things) are on hold for a while
  11. Umm, yeah... the ex-Ghosty R8 is up for grabs. Life has hurled some very unpleasant and unexpected stuff at me over the last few days, and I need to get shot of a few things very quickly. Can't copy/paste or link because phone, but the original thread's not far away. £200 ono - car's in N Wales near Caernarfon, can pick up at Bangor station or could deliver for £train.
  12. Just make sure you get new dealer plates fitted before importing it.
  13. Well, yeah, that's a good way to ensure that you win one. You'd need someone equally unethical to 'buy' your ticket for you though, and you'd still need to get rid of the Rover somehow.
  14. This times eleventy million. Ignore their phrasing of the questions - they need to know what you're like at your very worst, even if that only happens once or twice a month.
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