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  1. People treating me like a moron and lying through their teeth. Especially over petty nonsense.
  2. Say Something In Welsh on BBC Radio 2 at the moment. Jeremy Vine doing better than I did in my first lesson. I knew I hated him.
  3. (nervously waiting to be told I have finally fallen for one for the jokes) Spare me the embarrassment
  4. Wolf from Gladiators in the mid-noughties was much more excited about being spotted on a petrol station forecourt.
  5. I saw Penelope Keith drive past when I was waiting for a crossing to change. I hope Una was nicer. (She knew I was staring and she blanked me).
  6. The definition of a fall out seems to have changed too. Threads are being locked now because "we can see where this is going to end up". That's wrong IMO. Let it go to shit. Most people will back off, people who like the argument will argue and perhaps someone will flounce. It's only going to affect other parts of the forum if people let it. And that's the perfect time to bring out the warning/ban hammer.
  7. I like the open forum. So that cancels that out. Who chooses? Apparently loads of people like it and use it. Nobody has to read it and pretty much the only time it spills over on this side is when a non car topic is locked or deleted on the *non car* forum.
  8. These posts look much more effective in the mobile version. Like rubber stamping.
  9. I had a dream. I was at the Llandudno junction place. Looking at some crap old car. Then I saw a brief glimpse of an invacar on a forklift. Went to take a sneaky pic, got caught by a guy sweeping. Thought I was in trouble but actually he went and got the boss who was open to chatting. The four were kept as spares cars for a fifth and not for sale. She opened the boot* and got champagne out. Hth Thanks for polluting my brain!!!
  10. The first time I drove an Allegro, it was the fastest car I have ever driven. Still is.
  11. This guy presents a fair and impartial view on the pros and cons of increasing car ownership... Some cracking street scenes in Oxford.
  12. This is similar. It's actually the gum that's inflamed, the tooth hasn't fully erupted. I read up and saltwater washes or antibiotics should clear it up. The dentist told me last time if it happened more than twice I would have to have it out. I hadn't told him that was about the 7th time and this one probably takes us into double figures. I don't really trust them as they told me about desperately needing a filling in another tooth. This was news to me so I declined. This urgent filling has never been mentioned in the 3 year and 2 x-rays since. I smell a scam.
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