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  1. My Newly purchased shite
  2. as for the modern vehicle, i am swapping plates at the entrance road, they will not have a clue i am sure a 2008 with an s reg on it!! :)
  3. And i am sure it will piss the knobs off on the mercedes benz stand !!!
  4. Thanks for the comments chaps - the mpg isn't a MASSIVE issue, but the lpg will help, once I've got it sorted. This won't ever be a daily - I've got the company pickup for that, but also won't be as sacred as the C43. Apparently you lose a bit of power and mpg to the lpg system, but powerwise, I think I've probably got enough spare..... for now.....
  5. @Mr Chaseracer - If Outlaw bribes me/ offers to do menial jobs, he can bring it to a AMM meet and you can inspect it.... and given the fact that I change cars as often as some people change pants, it'll probably be for sale soon.... not decided if it's a keeper yet, just something I had to do! @ Gareth - Hmm, wasn't aware of that option..... (clicks on google....)
  6. Well, there I was, idly scanning EBay whilst at work, considering what to fill the gap left by Miss_Nev's recently sold Clio, and how to spend the money I've not got yet for Mrs_Nev's Corsa VXR ( on ebay search Corsa VXR Arctic!) and I found a Mercedes E500 for what appeared to be a good price. (Despite the fact apparently I have "too many" cars) I consulted my tame Merc-licking mechanic, and he advised the what's and wherefores of the model, I rang the seller, and asked all the right questions, and a deal was done. "Do you want a deposit? I can't get there till Saturday afternoon?" "No, it's fine, we'll keep it for you" You can guess the rest. Fucknuggets. So the search was back on. I'd made an executive decision that it had to be saloon shaped as Nev_Jnr and Outlaw - who would be my most regular passengers - are both big lumps, as am I, I've already got an estate flavoured Alfa 159, and I fancied another V8 to compliment my C43 which some of you will have seen at the last two Chumley shows. So, armed with a list of options, an AMG merc - E55, E500, BMW/Alpina 5 series, Audi S8, Vauxhall Monaro (yes I know AVAS and it's a coupe) and possibly a Quattroporte. My tame mechanic gave me a list of stuff not to touch "with a stolen cock"........ So obviously I bought one off that list. I'm having problems posting pictures, but the ebay listing is on the TAT thread, it's a 2003 Jaguar S Type R, V8 supercharged goodness. I'll post more if anyone is interested, but suffice to say, it's bloody quick, and with those non-standard pipes, it's loud. Jobs required - not many - LPG system needs a service, and the heater seems to be stuck on, and it's really hot in there.
  7. Nev

    eBay tat volume 3.

    Something bad* might have happened.....
  8. Nev

    eBay tat volume 3.

    This seems like a really good* idea.... Jag S Typre R on Dinosaur farts for £3250. WCPGW? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jaguar-S-type-R-4-2-supercharged-V8-2003-facelift-model-LPG-converson-/292276247247?hash=item440d059acf:g:DOMAAOSwmgFZzs0d
  9. get your fat arse out of bed at 6....
  10. I'll have one please, will pm address - will be there with Outlaw and a couple of passengers. Cheers
  11. I'm racing at Arena on Monday, busy Sunday, need to spend some time on "issues" on the Lightning Rod. Will remind Outlaw this is on
  12. Excuse my French... but FUCKING HELL YOU LEGEND That's all.
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