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  1. Is that the one with Unskinny Bop on it? Dreadful. I bought it new too.....
  2. Nev

    ebay 'BARGAINS'

    @1duck There you Chuff
  3. Nev

    ebay 'BARGAINS'

    Hey @DavidB & @1duck both of those should have gone in the eBay Tat thread, this is mainly for massively overpriced old shit...if that Marina was £4000 not £400 it'd qualify for instance. (As it also could go in the "Just scrap it" thread)! The "bargain" bit in the title is meant as sarcasm, and had it been written now, would have had the obligatory asterisk. 😁 Keep on shitin'
  4. Just found this photo of my ALFA....IT'S A MODERN, BUT BEING italian and automatic AND diesel, it probably qualifies....
  5. Nev

    eBay tat volume 3.

    reading the advert made my eyes hurt. My spelling isn't the best but there's no excuse for this; and the banger racing community - well some of them- are always wondering why they've got a bad name as knuckle dragging halfwits.
  6. Forgot about this, bought last year as a project for me and Nev_Jnr. MG ZS 180 Trophy Yellow
  7. Last pics for now, the car that I kept the longest, and one that a number of shiters will remember from Chumley. My C43. As fixed by @KruJoe, leered at by @chaseracer @alcyonecorporationand probably others. She's been sold now, I couldn't justify having a C43 and C63 so as the 43 needed a few bits doing (welding and paint) that are out of my comfort zone I sadly sold her to someone in the AMG fanpage./club.
  8. Another day, another Merc, ex-private Ambulance, owned by an insurance company for "European recovery". Had absolutely mental miles on it so it was cheap. kept for 6 months, sold at a profit to a bloke at my local car wash who was going to drive it home to Bosnia.
  9. When my mate Lumpy decided to emigrate with his folks to Lanzarote, he asked me if I'd like his one family owned, no expense spared E320. The deal was done, number plate transferred, and I began to daily it. Got a postcard from him after about two months, "Having a great time, really missing the car, glad it's gone to a good home, I know it's being looked after". Yeah, about that....
  10. Short termers..... you know when you buy a car, and it just doesn't feel right? Both of these come under this heading, the ST was bought for the Mrs, within 2 weeks someone had keyed it and nicked the wheel centres, kept a total of 3 months, and the Focus... bought cheap, and as soon as my private plate arrived, I wanted to get rid.
  11. Skud Missiles - VRS frenzy The chronological order went Red, Black, Yellow, Black....I think....the Fabia was bought for Mrs_Nev
  12. A day licence and the offer for someone else to build a car was sufficient for me to un-retire and go and have some fun* at Dover Raceway a few years back. Mk3 Escort 1100, not suitable for scandinavian flicks, likely to bust engine mountings if piloted by an idiot. All the things that should have been said to me beforehand. Oh well. It didn't rain.
  13. A picture of two out of 3 of my Lightning Rods; the light blue one was bought pretty much ready to go. The rooves get painted according to your points, white, yellow, blue, red, then various variations on red, stripes etc, and in some cases you'll get a gold for becoming Top Dog. I started with the light blue on yellow, and after two meetings progressed to blue. First "blue" meeting was the European championship, (which is like the USA World series) couple of drivers from Holland showed up, and a few from Incarace and Spedeworth promotions. We decided to go and have a practice on Saturday, the old girl was flying. Went out for a final blast to scrub in a new pair of front tyres, whereupon one of the pistons decided that it'd had enough and exited through the block. It was 3.30pm, the car was loaded onto the trailer, and as I had a prior engagement that I REALLY couldn't escape (B-I-L's wedding) I threw myself on the mercy of my "crew" (The aforementioned Fester, @outlaw118 and my favourite apprentice from work). They then proceeded to remove the borked engine from the Rod, then strip off the head and ancillaries. They then whipped the engine out of a written-off Transit that we'd bought for Big Van Bangers, strip that, put my spare head on as the original couldn't be trusted, stick my carbs, cam and manifold on, and plonk it into the Rod. They finished at 4am. When I got to the yard at 9.00 they admitted that they'd had some chemical assistance and still hadn't been to bed, instead choosing to wash, wax and detail the whole car..... After a 3rd in the first qualifier and a fourth in the second, I got put 3rd row inside for the final. The rebuilt lump was properly grumpy at low revs when cold, however once I got a few laps in all was well. During the final, I overtook the 4th place bloke round the outside after some "rubbing" and set off for third. The leading 3 were having their own little battle and slower than me, so didn't take long to catch them. Fortunately (for me) the second place driver went for a rash move up the inside and outbraked himself and ran wide. collecting some expensive looking damage from a back-marker. Yay! Up to 2nd. The leader had buggered off into the distance by this point - Mark Liszowski, great driver - so I was content to just defend. Alas, a back marker span in front of me; I went to the outside, and 3rd place bloke went inside, and I lost the place. 5 laps to go, and I got right up the chuff of Mr 2nd place - his car was damaged from the earlier incident, and smoking both from bodywork rubbing and oil burning. I kept the pressure on, tried inside, then outside until with the last lap signal I decided that 3rd place was better than nothing, in a car with an engine that cost next to fuck all, behind a legend of the sport and a money-no-object car, so I got 3rd. Then went up to red roof in the space of one meeting. I "retired" at the end of that season as I fancied doing proper circuit racing, and the soccer team I was player-manager for took up too much time. Oh, and I had kids too.
  14. as for the modern vehicle, i am swapping plates at the entrance road, they will not have a clue i am sure a 2008 with an s reg on it!! :)
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