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  1. Now £350, out of ticket and a gnats whisker away from the oval I'd have said, poor old thing. Someone save it, please. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/379408483128885/ Trust me, the oval isn't a good idea. Mine had very little rot, and still folded up like a Coke can.
  2. I didn't go home in it, but ended up in the back of one @ Mildenhall one night when I messed with the armco in a rotten Mark 5 Cortina. Ever the concerned brother @outlaw118 didn't leave the queue for the on site chippy.
  3. and its 90 fucking grand
  4. "Never been welded" - but it's going to need a metric fuckload now
  5. Bin there done that with Skoda vrs x3 there is a Volvo commection
  6. I was thinking Norwich was far enough.....
  7. I've got the horn for this, anyone want to buy an Impreza - seriously? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1229412
  8. Is that the one with Unskinny Bop on it? Dreadful. I bought it new too.....
  9. @1duck There you Chuff
  10. Hey @DavidB & @1duck both of those should have gone in the eBay Tat thread, this is mainly for massively overpriced old shit...if that Marina was £4000 not £400 it'd qualify for instance. (As it also could go in the "Just scrap it" thread)! The "bargain" bit in the title is meant as sarcasm, and had it been written now, would have had the obligatory asterisk. ? Keep on shitin'
  11. Just found this photo of my ALFA....IT'S A MODERN, BUT BEING italian and automatic AND diesel, it probably qualifies....
  12. reading the advert made my eyes hurt. My spelling isn't the best but there's no excuse for this; and the banger racing community - well some of them- are always wondering why they've got a bad name as knuckle dragging halfwits.
  13. Forgot about this, bought last year as a project for me and Nev_Jnr. MG ZS 180 Trophy Yellow
  14. Last pics for now, the car that I kept the longest, and one that a number of shiters will remember from Chumley. My C43. As fixed by @KruJoe, leered at by @chaseracer @alcyonecorporationand probably others. She's been sold now, I couldn't justify having a C43 and C63 so as the 43 needed a few bits doing (welding and paint) that are out of my comfort zone I sadly sold her to someone in the AMG fanpage./club.
  15. Another day, another Merc, ex-private Ambulance, owned by an insurance company for "European recovery". Had absolutely mental miles on it so it was cheap. kept for 6 months, sold at a profit to a bloke at my local car wash who was going to drive it home to Bosnia.
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