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    Mad Cyril reacted to cort16 in 28 Days Later - The Ghosts of Longbridge   
    A few years back I went to visit an old  creepy as fuck theme park in the states. I wasn't really there illegally I was part of a team looking at a re-generation program for the area, which had been hit hard by the closure of a larger local steel mill. The plan was to knock it all down and build some small business incubator units, a retail park and new cinema.
    There was a bit of local opposition so wrongly or writely we started spreading rumours out to the local media about the park being unsafe and possibly haunted (it was creepy).  To be fair it went a bit far and a few of the security guys (local hicks) scared the shit out of a few people trying to break into the park. As a result  this team of whistle blowing hippy type turned up in their scened up hipster van and started digging into the story. It was a wee smart arsed fat lassie, a stoner and his massive dog and a tidy but dippy girl and her gay brother. The pesky bastards uncovered the whole thing and I got in big trouble. The whole re-generation project was cancelled and now the area has a massive drug and un-employment issue. I hope they're happy!
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Tayne in 28 Days Later - The Ghosts of Longbridge   
    I think you've confused reality with Scooby Doo.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to The Reverend Bluejeans in 28 Days Later - The Ghosts of Longbridge   
    Not surprised. Did any of it go on his face?
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    Mad Cyril reacted to D Spares & Tyres in French shite - Is it shite for them too?   
    I lived in Brittany for a while
    There is a vast difference in what the French and British want in a car..
    Where's 'we' will panic and either spend a fortune or get rid when there is a warning light on or it doesn't lock or something else trivial, as long as it moves then they will just keep driving it
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    Mad Cyril reacted to artdjones in French shite - Is it shite for them too?   
    The motor market is run a bit differently in France.France is much bigger than England and more rural.In the UK and here in Ireland the manufacturers have carried out a ruthless consolidation of their dealer networks.They want huge dealerships spread far apart and housed in enormous glass gin palaces that cost the earth,all for the sake of corporate identity.That means most small towns don't have a manufacturer's agency anymore.As England is fairly thickly populated this may not be too much of a problem.
    In contrast,in France every small town has an official Renault,Citroen or Peugeot garage,often quite small,with a two or three car showroom.Most of these dealerships seem to be long-established,unlike the UK where dealers change franchises regularly,often because of manufacturer inspired consolidation as mentioned above.The huge , unchanging dealer networks give the three French marques an advantage.If you were buying a new car there,you would probably prefer to go to the local dealer and be able to cycle back from dropping your car off for a service,rather than driving 80-100km to a strange town and hanging round all day waiting to get your car back.And the chances are that the local dealer will be a French one.Probably the lower costs help these small dealers too.If you don't have to borrow €2m euros to build a huge showroom and stock it then your labour rate will probably be the equivalent of £40 per hour rather than £100 per hour.So a complex 10 hour job will only cost £400 labour instead of £1000.The mechanics will be familiar with the cars,unlike the average A***** C**** Citroen or Renault mechanic,whose garage only took on the franchise 4 months ago.French people maintain their cars better than the Brits,partly because you are liable for faults that develop after you sell your car ,evenif it's a private sale.You can't just unload your troubles onto someone else via Gumtree.
    Having said all that,my experience is that the only manufacturers who make generally reliable cars are Japanese.French cars are no worse than German ones for repair costs.The only difference seems to be that owners don't mind spending £7-800 on their Audi,because high residuals mean that the Audi keeps a lot of its value.A French equivalent doesn't merit spending the money,in its owner's eyes,because it's only worth 30-50% of what the Audi is.Personally,the worst cars in our family have been German.
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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from MarvinsMom in French shite - Is it shite for them too?   
    The most reliable cars I've owned have been French or British.
    The least reliable have undoubtedly been German.
    We should perhaps ask a similar question about the Germans/German shite but I'd imagine they're too wrapped up in their gullible advertising bullshite bubble to face anything approaching the truth (much like 90% of Brits).

    (Is it obvious that I've had a rough day?)
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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from eddyramrod in French shite - Is it shite for them too?   
    The most reliable cars I've owned have been French or British.
    The least reliable have undoubtedly been German.
    We should perhaps ask a similar question about the Germans/German shite but I'd imagine they're too wrapped up in their gullible advertising bullshite bubble to face anything approaching the truth (much like 90% of Brits).

    (Is it obvious that I've had a rough day?)
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    Mad Cyril reacted to MiniMort in I wish they still made.....   
    Citroen 2cv (and yes, I know it's a cliche)
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    Mad Cyril reacted to richardmorris in eBay tat volume 3.   
    How long have you got?
    I still have a nervous twitch from owning mine for 6years.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Taff in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I seem to recall bumming a stripper in Vancouver called Magneta Tarragon 
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    Mad Cyril reacted to garethj in What is wrong with design Engineers ?   
    That would be me, it's been my job since I graduated in the early '90s so way after the 1986 deadline.
    I've done a fair bit in the automotive industry, worked for first tier suppliers, aftermarket suppliers and still have lots of friends in the automotive industry so I know a bit about it.  The constraints are many, accountants is a good catch but if anything is to blame it's probably engineers not being good enough.  Not a popular opinion to hold in a room full of engineers, I can tell you.
    If you can justify making a component or system stronger then it will be done, if you can't stand up to a bloke in a dull suit and matching tie who's "run the numbers" then you'll get walked over.
    The other problem is there's a huge variety of abilities in the industry, the same as with any other job.  Compare your best schoolteacher with your worst, the best medical care you've experienced with your worst and that's what design engineers are like too.  Throw in the fact that loads of people like to meddle so any manager who can put up a shelf thinks he can tell you if your component is strong enough and it's not a great place to be if you can't fight your corner.
    There are lots of processes and systems in place too, these are to catch the fuck-ups but (1) they can't catch them all, and (2) they can stifle creativity if you're not careful.
    A bit of a long post but the truth may be as simple as the factory is already buying in 20 metric tonnes of the other fasteners and they can save a lot of money, money they'll spend in adding Bluetooth to your car horn or Xenon indicators - whatever they hope will sell more cars.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Junkman in Shite in Miniature II   
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Pete-M in Halfwit Goes 200mph Probz Thinks It's A Larf   
    200 mph is a bit quick, but it's not the speed that is the problem.
    The ability to travel quickly from one place to another was the main advance the Industrial revolution gave us.
    The UK is lumbered with its idiotic blanket 70 mph limit because of two things. The Daily Mail going mad about AC Cobras being tested at 170 mph on the M1 in the early 60s (when the average car was barely capable of 80 mph), and a non-driving Labour transport minister introducing the blanket limit "as a temporary measure" during a fuel crisis.
    I've driven thousands of miles around Europe where the limit is more often than not 81 mph on the motorways. It is as safe as any journey in a car can ever be. My head didn't explode upon setting the cruise control to 80 mph, or to 130 mph in Germany.
    Doing 130 for hour after hour across Germany is a nice way to travel. More relaxing than doing 70 here because European motorists have a lot more lane discipline than the UK does. It's the dreadful lane discipline in the UK that makes our roads horrible to drive on, not people speeding.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Nyphur in Shitecycle - Free to a new home...   
    Either way, it'll be filming some hooters.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to anonymous user in Shitecycle - Free to a new home...   
    Is that what they call it now?
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    Mad Cyril reacted to forddeliveryboy in In general, what do you most dislike about modern cars?   
    This is the usual fdb long-winded post. Ignore everything below, just say what you don't like about modern cars.
    Or read this if you really want. For me it's a lack of suspension on many modern cars. I detest the overweight problem too, as I do the general lack of engineering refinement even in more expensive machines - everything seems to rely on electronics and brute force to make things work. A modern Jag is a good example - crap ride, some with 4 cylinder inline engines and a feel of over-design yet lack of consideration to fine detail, which Jags tradtionally had, no matter how cheaply they were made. They don't even look much to my eyes.
    But it's the lack of suspension which really pisses me off. It's yet another sop to both fashion/image and those who think they are good drivers. Where I live it's a serious handicap - the 5 or 6 miles to the nearest main road have poor foundations, poor surfaces and are full of twists and turns. Get on the main road and if you wish to make swift progress, it also turns bumpy above certain speeds. When a car's body and chassis follow the wheels up and down too faithfully, it grows unstable at a lower speed than one which allows the wheels to move freely. Watch any successful rally car.
    Shallow-as-a-property-agent sidewalls transmit almost all higher frequency bumps to the suspension, which is so often over-stiff, so it's less able to maintain a constant pressure on the road - what does that mean? Less grip and stability. Travelling at speed on anything other than a motorway is bloody uncomfortable as well as less stable. Perhaps few people drive surreptitiously and properly quickly any more, so it doesn't matter?
    I've driven a 45hp Renault 4 recently and it was a master of making good speed over a variety of roads. There was no lack of cornering ability round faster corners - a particularly fast 90o bend with a smooth surface and no undulations was quite relaxed at a speed at which a Focus begins to grow fidgety, though not from a lack of grip. In the dry. In the wet, the little French machine from the 50s was unmatched by most modern motors for its serenity through corners, whether bumpy or not. The tyres moulded themselves to the road, the suspension was honest enough to deflect to the cornering forces and instead of unloading the inside tyres, the suspension actually allowed the body to heel. Result, within reason (it wouldn't work on a racetrack), there's more grip.
    What have we achieved from an owner's perspective in 50 years, over the better cars which were being made in the 50s and 60s? - superb Renault 4s and 16s, various Citroëns with a logic and perfection of engineering which bettered the best aircraft technology, spacious BMC designs which make modern stuff look like dungeons, MGs which made you grin, Saabs which were simple, tough, fast and refined, Volvos which were more faithful and honest than your dog, Jaguars which even the French coveted, Italian cars which rendered anything German totally irrelevant, as well as setting female hearts racing, Rovers which instantly and unquestioningly raised your social status two notches by being so decent and well-mannered, and not least the deep sense of satisfaction to own and use something from Murrica.
    We've improved crashability, which is more likely to happen in a car with poor visibility and which induces general boredom. We've lost a tactility, the deep desire to own or much affection once purchased. Add to that beautiful sounds and smells and not least, fine suspension and ride. But we've electronicked the points so servicing can happen never, if you wish and the exhaust is officially cleaner. Fords and Vauxhalls have got relatively good, better makes have gone to the wall or been bought by crap makes and made less good, but way more pricey. No surprise then, that this forum is so lively.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to LC Torana in eBay tat volume 3.   
    I'll assume that differs from the original somehow.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Lacquer Peel in bora. any good?   
    Miserable cars for miserable people.
    They have a veneer of build quality, but scratch beneath the surface and they are built worse than any French car.
    It is only £300 though, and that engine is veg friendly.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to dollywobbler in Two 1953 2cv's for sale   
    Aye carumba! Yup, exciting is the word. I'll take the saloon. I'll just bodge it onto my current 2CV's chassis. That'll be ace and won't upset any purists at all* I shouldn't think.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to HillmanImp in BMW 120i M Sport Hatch 2007   
    FTFY. Like all modern cars they are designed for that 1% of the time you might want to drive it like a dick making the other 99% an absolutely dreadful driving experience
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    Mad Cyril reacted to cort16 in Recent ridiculous rubbish: J69's ramblings, Anglia, G1 Honda Insight   
    Take note dollywobbler
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    Mad Cyril reacted to MarvinsMom in Talk to me about Saab 9-3s   
    funny isn't it, GM and SAAB, or for that matter Ford and Jaguar share platforms then the pub experts will whine and whine, moan and groan.
    but if one of the dirty hun does the same thing, no one bats an eye lid.
    always liked SAAB as they were very much their own brand both technically and stylistically in the olden days. and the world is now more dull and boring without them.
    i would much rather have a scab inplace of some germanic turd, no matter what.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Skizzer in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Ralph Nader says they're GR8 FOR DRIFTIN.
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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from Lacquer Peel in MG ZT 260 v8 - Mustang Rover BMW - Mad Mix!   
    This guy drives one, honest (I've driven it).
    It looks excellent with the 'Vote Green Party' posters in the windows.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to steve_earwig in xantia estate hdi reliable motoring?   
    I've got some 406 wiring loom here, there are a lot of yellow wires in that, probably because they're all joined together.
    I'd have thought if the injector was stuck open the effects would be fairly apparent, high fuel consumption, even white smoke. I've not come across it though.
    HDi 406s started appearing before the facelift in 1999 when the 2.1 disappeared and was replaced by the 2.0 HDi 110. 1.9 TD's seem to have been carried on right up until the facelift but a '99 2.1TD is a rare beast. The prefacelift HDi didn't have a DMF and the car wasn't multihexed so this would be the one to go for if you don't mind the millions of catastrophic failures HDi's apparently suffer.
    Well, I seem to have been lucky so far but I'm sure the next time I drive my HDi the engine will fall out and the electrics will catch fire and only then will I realise I should have bought a Passat because they never go wrong.
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