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    Mad Cyril reacted to Austat in eBay tat volume 3.   
    My apologies if I upset you. I guess I have negative associations with banger racing due to the continuous use of Granada MK1/2s in classic meets. I don't despise banger racing all together, but the classic meets & pre-1970 stuff I find quite depressing, because yes you could argue that the cars used were rotten in some areas, however most of the time they're not rotten beyond repair, poor structural integrity isn't something you want on the Oval. If they were rotten, there are still some body panels that could be donated to car clubs as you say but instead are welded together and smashed on the oval.
    About "bidding higher", it's impossible for me to save anything as I live in southern Australia and I'm currently preparing for end-of-year exams at the moment, but there are other people who would to have better accessibility to restoration projects. I'd like to get a driving license so I can have a motor of my own, but I'm to busy preparing for upcoming exams and other assessment tasks. I'm very happy that I joined the AS community as it's helped me establish solidarity with others who are interested in underrated old cars, whilst all my school colleagues isolate themselves to do study like I'm doing at the moment, so I apologies if I've upset you, I don't want to sour the connections between fellow AS interlocutors. 
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    Mad Cyril reacted to mat_the_cat in Korean Cortina - the coolest Stellar in the UK?   
    I was up at 0730 this morning ON A SUNDAY to check the gauges! Happily they hadn't moved, so I started to feel a bit more confident. I had to go and drop some supplies round at my father in law's this morning, so couldn't make a start on actually filling it with refrigerant until the afternoon.

    First step was to connect it up, and purge the air from the yellow hose by allowing a little gas to escape.
    Then start the engine, and flick the switch!

    Nothing would happen at this stage, as the trinary switch would not be closed until the pressure builds up. Open the BLUE valve to allow gas into the low side of the system: 

    Hmmm, something isn't right. Pressure should be higher on the red gauge, if the compressor is working. No sign of liquid at the receiver drier either.

    A bit of head-scratching and poking around with a meter revealed that I hadn't put the compressor fuse in the slot, and with that in place the revs dropped, and things started to happen!

    I'd placed a temperature sensor in the air vent, so I could monitor what was going on. With some excitement I watched it drop to just below 9 degrees C! 

    As intended, the twin fans did not cut in straight away, but only when the pressure required it. It seemed to stabilise at 40psi on the low side, and 200psi on the high, so I disconnected it so I could go for a drive.
    It's difficult to describe the culmination of several months work, and many years planning. I'd actually been planning AC even before the engine swap, as I find it really does make a big difference to my comfort level. Suffice to say I had a large grin on my face as it was noticeably cool getting into the car (ambient of 20 degrees C).
    I was hopeful of getting the vent temperature down a bit once on the move, with more airflow and the compressor spinning faster. So, what did I get down to?

    I'd call that a fucking RESULT! It all seems to work better than I could have imagined I may need to do something about the drop in idle speed with the compressor on, but Edelbrock do a solenoid for that very purpose.
    Obviously I've got to put the dash back together, and I still need to fit the evaporator drain, but I'm well chuffed!
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    Easy fifty quid M9.

    Who's coming down the Pit Stop for a fry-up?
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Take me out tonight
    Where there's a jet wash and a Tesco
    And they're near Longsight
    Driving in your car
    I never never want to go home
    Because I haven't got one

    Take me out tonight
    Because I want to see people
    by the traffic lights
    Driving in your car
    Oh, please don't drop me here
    Because it's not my home, it's the
    junction, and I'm welcome no more

    And if that bird from by the till
    calls the old fucking bill
    To get put back in side
    is not such a heavenly way to die

    And if a ten-ton truck
    Kills  My Toyota Auris
    To die near Moss Side
    Well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine

    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
    There was a light and the fucker's gone out
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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from LightBulbFun in Nurburgring track   
    It was an experience.
    Not one I'll be repeating but we got through it unscathed and with unsoiled gruns.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Waderider in Car insurance - Auxillis Limited   
    A late update.
    I had the car repaired via the at fault drivers cost, At a Volvo approved bodyshop.
    I changed insurance to a more moral company - NFU.
    Car still with me with spangly fresh paintwork down one flank.
    Only issue is the odd trim noise from the door trim at the impact zone - turns out the trim clips aren't even available direct from the Volvo dealer - I tried - bad form Volvo.
    Moral - avoid ambulance chasing bastards
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Cavcraft in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Meanwhile, in Vosa's 'Overspray Detection Unit', it's time for the months of hard work to pay off.

    Go on lads, atta bastard

    Who wants biccies? Do good boys want biccies?

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    Mad Cyril reacted to Stinkwheel in New shitter. 1982 Citroen VISA.   
    Oh, yes, I know Ken. Makes the most excellent 2CV chassis.
    He’s a really good guy.

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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from twosmoke300 in EuroCarParts - It's a Discount Jim but not necessarily as we know it.   
    If that's true then I'd buy one with pleasure.
    The place I used to work for changed from flogging Varta (which are Bosch in a different colour) to Yuasa and we saw our warranty cases more than half instantly.
    I initially thought they were daft to change from Varta but they were definitely proved right.
    I'd buy a Yuasa over most things now (although things could have changed since I suppose).
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Andyrew in EuroCarParts - It's a Discount Jim but not necessarily as we know it.   
    What on earth?  
    Well , on the plus side the other terminal stayed on 
    That's a positive . . 
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    Mad Cyril reacted to sierraman in Shite in Miniature II   
    More companies should take a leaf from their book. 
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    Mad Cyril reacted to HillmanImp in eBay tat volume 3.   
    It says in the title FFS

    Yeah? Its one, of them innit. 
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Skizzer in eBay tat volume 3.   
    True, but not as weird as binning a Jaguar XK straight six and chucking in a Diesel truck engine out of a mid-1990s Nissan Patrol FFS.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    "Is that him, Batman?"

    "Let's see... bundles of envelopes and ballpoint pens, cheap silver plate jugs and Hitler biographies. It's him alright."

    "Hmmm... using my Batvision contact lenses, I can see he's trying to flog a boxed Solido Parisian bus for £25, even though it still has a €4.99 price sticker on it and it's not particularly rare."

    "Urgh, the sicko!"
    "Let's go dispense some justice, Robin!"

    "Yaaargh! It's Batman!"

    ("Here pal, how much is on this big oul cow?")
    "Shut up! My nemesis has arrived! Err... the big gold cow, thirty five quid."

    "You're going to sting that citizen for thirty-five quid? That cow's made of bloody fibreglass!"

    "Say your prayers, Giffer!"

    "Errr… Batman, I'm not really sure what you're doing to The Giffer with that big gold cow is appropriate for a show mainly aimed at children and young adults."

    "He brought it on himself. Lock him up."

    "Um... alright..."
    "Anyway, Robin and I are off home... It's hungry work fighting crime, and I've just scored a bagful of diecast tat to look through."

    "Yeah, so that's a half and half with curry sauce... large prawn dhansak with pilau... peshwari naan... coupla vegetable samosas... what, a whole friggin' hour for a Deliveroo?!"
    "Tell them to stuff it, Robin, I'll stop off at China Kitchen instead."

    "Gee, Batman, what a day. I don't think The Giffer will be giving us much trouble again."
    "Nope, Robin. Not until they manage to remove that cow, anyway."
    "So what did you get?"
    "I'm glad you asked me that.. because crime might not pay, but decent diecasts come to those that persist."

    "Aw FFS, not again..."


    "You really are a bastard at times, chief. Can't you just try to find your slippers yourself?"

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    Mad Cyril reacted to Bren in Picasso restoration.......a tale of idiocy and citroen fun   
    The bad reputation is unfair - most of them bought by a certain type who think maintainence is not a requirement.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Bren in Shite in Miniature II   
    I think most modern cars should be put in clay pits and buried.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    Sooo… way back in May last year I had a bit of a diecast clearout, partly because the Terrible Gooner Twins both died and left me with no transport, and partly because I badly needed to refocus a collection that had long since got out of control.

    Once again, I'm very grateful to those shiters who dug deep and enabled me to exchange my assorted tiny tat for cold hard cash - enabling me to rebuild my somewhat shattered finances, and hopefully gain themselves some diecast jewels with a little bit of humour on the side. And also to those who participated in the DaveNumbers Memorial Diecast Tat Roffle, raising £135 for the overall AS donation fund.
    The process of paring down the collection kind of boiled down to the Marie Kondo 'spark joy' philosophy - holding each model and trying to work out exactly how I felt about it (yeah, that took a while).
    Some I felt very little for - they were so-so charity shop finds I'd almost immediately thrown in a box; eBay job lot surplus; new Hot Wheels I'd bought in work with staff discount while bored, to roll them up and down the Halfords parts desk.
    Others were more complex - models I'd damaged and poorly repaired; models I'd rashly exchanged for something I should really have kept; cars that for one reason or another held a negative memory. Weird stuff, but about 90% I was very sure of what I wanted to do with them.
    So you've seen what went... and maybe it's time to consider what remained, and why.
    And it probably starts with this one:

    My automotive core: MB55, the 1981 release of the Matchbox Superfast Ford Cortina MkIV.
    I think I can remember choosing this car myself, from the display case in McCulloughs in Bangor. I couldn't have been older than three, maybe only two - it's a very dim memory (and yes, I appreciate it could be entirely false but it's one I cherish nonetheless).
    I loved this car. I don't know why, but there was just something about it. The deep metallic red paint was similar to the real life Ford Jupiter Red which looked so good on them. The numberplate was correct for the year - RSH88T (although seemingly fictitious). It went pretty much everywhere with me - hence the state of it.

    I pretty much always had a diecast car in my pocket as a child - and beyond - and although that car varied from day to day, it was more likely to be this one than any other.
    Not only has it lost much of its paint, but if you compare it to the example picked up from last week's tat stall adventure, you can see that it's kinda changed shape too.
    I don't know when exactly it lost its A-pillars, but the windscreen only fell to bits in the last few years, to my great upset.

    The shape change is probably because I tend to carry it like this, often reaching into my pocket to give it a quick squeeze for reassurance:

    And, over the years I've carried it - through 11+ exams, GCSEs, A-Levels, graduation; through funerals and, most recently, at my wedding - it's actually moulded itself into the shape of my hand.
    I've shaped it, maybe as much as it's shaped me.
    The Cortina was my dream car, so it's probably no coincidence that one of my earliest automotive lusts was a knackered MkIV Cortina in Jupiter Red, dumped down the side of a rough-looking house in John Street Lane in Newtownards. It was appalling rusty - yet I spent several years, from about 1991 to 1994, convincing myself that this car was eminently restorable...

    Until one day, it was gone. Just like that. I have no photographs of my first true love. Goodnight, UKS249T.
    It's also probably no coincidence that my first car was also a Cortina, albeit a MkV (there were no longer any MkIVs on the road locally by 1997)...

    In fairness, XOI was probably no less rotten than UKS - just that someone had thought to slap black Hammerite over the rusty bits. Cunning.
    Although in later years I bought another Cortina that was slightly less advanced as an automotive colander, the red-hot desire had worn off a bit.

    I really liked NJW605X, especially when it wasn't conking out every twenty metres or so, but ten years had passed since XOI and in a way it felt like trying to get back with an ex. 
    I also have the Vanguards Mk IV which looks very like UKS, in the right shade and with the black vinyl roof and everything, and that's a fitting tribute in a way.

    (library pic)
    But the little Superfast representation has remained. It'll never be restored: it is what it is.

    One day I'll splurge out on a mint and boxed example, and display it alongside 'my' version - and maybe, in a way, that's what a lot of this tat hunting has been for.
    I've recently managed to gather some slightly better examples of some of my childhood toys, and putting them together side by side to compare does give me a surprising amount of pleasure.
    So yeah. There's probably some more tiny tat autobiography to come, I'm afraid...
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    Mad Cyril reacted to crapcarcollector in Greek Island Shitorama   
    In Kefalonia today. Loads of shit still about, but this passes as a quality repair....

    Still, they went to the effort of painting it....
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    Mad Cyril reacted to richardmorris in 19 Years of Tin Snail - Back to normality   
    My friends Jerry and Gita are going in his Burton kit car. Red, British reg. say hello if you bump into them.

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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from Skizzer in Shite in Miniature II   
    Made by Sharna according to '78 Argos catalogue.
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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from bunglebus in Shite in Miniature II   
    Made by Sharna according to '78 Argos catalogue.
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    Mad Cyril reacted to Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    ^^^ Top detective work!
    Interesting that the pedal car in the '78 Argos catalogue is registered 'WAM123S', while Bunglebus' example was 'WAM123V' - Sharna must have updated the decals each year to reflect the latest registration suffix, which is a pretty nifty touch that my junior inner pedant would have appreciated.
    £16.95 in 1978 works out as just shy of £96 in today's money, so a pricey enough toy.
    I had a Range-Rover styled pedal car fitted with AA decals and an amber flashing light... can't find any pics online, so I must look out some pics of it, too. Not sure who made it.
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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from Tenmil Socket in Shite in Miniature II   
    Made by Sharna according to '78 Argos catalogue.
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    Mad Cyril got a reaction from Datsuncog in Shite in Miniature II   
    Made by Sharna according to '78 Argos catalogue.
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