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    trigger got a reaction from Partridge in The grumpy thread   
    I've uploaded a number of old videos including that Cortina one which is very hard to find but the BBC have took a dislike to it, If i reupload it again my account with be closed. .
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    trigger got a reaction from Partridge in eBay tat volume 3.   
    Cor! That's a smart looking Escort!
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    trigger reacted to RedSparrow in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Frig me, I've just zoomed into that photo and realised you are actually browsing this forum on that Compaq!
    You must be some kind of genius.
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    trigger reacted to PhilA in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    Reading AutoShite on ComputerShite.

    20130801_142718 by renault9gta, on Flickr
    Fixed up a 1983 Compaq "Luggable". Now all I need is a big brick of a cellular telephone, a Cavalier with a Bon Jovi tape in the AM/FM and I'll be set for life.
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    trigger reacted to Conrad D. Conelrad in 'The Dealership' Tonight at 8pm on C4..   
    Is this a reflection on the people in it, or the people watching it?

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    trigger got a reaction from retrogeezer in 'The Dealership' Tonight at 8pm on C4..   
    Great, a program full of sniffing, twatty South Essex car dealers, I'll be giving that a watch!.
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    trigger got a reaction from davidfowler2000 in 1997 Fairway Taxi   
    Regardless of all that I can't imagine you losing any money at that price, It's worth 200 rubs if only to reenact this photo.
    Fairway 2.7 Silver Black Cab Road Test 1989 3 by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr 
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    trigger got a reaction from Leyland Lawrence in 'Twas 30 years ago today.......   
    I'll just leave this here then.

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    trigger reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in Doblo clutch misery   
    Heres a tale that will appeal to shite spanner twirlers.
    Decided to fit a new clutch in my Doblo van this weekend as I'm driving it to France next week and if I manage to enlarge the size of my plums 40-fold I'm going to hopefully A-frame home a serious lump of shite with it.

    Got a new clutch kit from Euro car parts, £90. I had visions of getting it all to bits to find they had given me the wrong parts (the usual scenario) but that didnt happen fortunately. Most other stuff went wrong though.

    Its actually not too bad a job in theory, a lot more straightforward than a Mk4 Astra! No subframes or owt to come out and I am lucky enough to have one of these support beam thingys which are quite helpful on clutch jobs.

    i actually got it all to pieces in about an hour and a half which was amazing, at that point it all started to go wrong. So wrong that i gave up on the pics as i was getting too stressed. Heres the sequence of events from this point.
    1) Attempt to refit gearbox.
    2) spend approx 45 mins lying on my back trying to get the flipping box to engage on the spline and mate up to the engine. i got it as far as getting 2 bellhousing bolts in but it would not go the last inch even with them quite tight so in the end I dropped it back out again.
    3) inspect the clutch for 'centrality', decide its fine and have another crack at fitting the box.
    4) after 10 mins of swearing it goes 'click' and slots on. BO SELECTA!
    5) Start doing up the bellhousing bolts, then spot the thrust bearing still on the garage floor.
    6) Drop the box again, crying.
    7) Fit the thrust brg then attempt to fit the box a third time, this time after about 10 mins my arms turned to jelly and I couldn't lift the damn thing anymore, just don't have the strength. Admittedly I'd eaten a only poached egg on toast all day, not a great diet for hardcore mechanicking.
    rig up some sling thing on the engine crane and lift the box in
    9) wrestle on for 10 mins, then the box clicks home.
    10) start reattaching stuff.
    11) attempt to refit the NS driveshaft. It has swung down while the box was out. I got it out in the first place by swinging the hub outwards after disconnecting the strut from the hub. That does not give enough 'outwards movement' to get the shaft back into the box, so i have to now take the hub right off.
    12) undo the nut off the lower balljoint. About halfway out it gets mega stiff and the taper pops free with the nut still stuck on the thread. Now i can't get the nut off no matter what I do, couldn't jam the taper again even with jacks under it and all sorts.
    13) decide to grind the nut off.
    14) successfully grind the nut off, but make a hole in the outer CV boot with the grinder. Brilliant.
    15) remove the shaft completely and decide to fit a new CV boot from my garage mara's stash.
    16) establish that the only way to get a new outer boot on the shaft, is to remove the inner joint and boot and slide the new outer boot along the shaft. The inner boot is some odd arrangement with an integral bearing (the boot stays still and the shaft spins within it as you drive)
    17) Remove the inner boot from the shaft, damaging the bearing in the process. MUTHAFUCKA!
    18) fit the new outer boot.
    19) fit the old damaged inner boot as i have no spare for that.
    20) refit the driveshaft and continue reassembling the van.
    21) fill the gearbox with oil, inevitably finding that oil pisses out of the now-damaged inner boot.
    22) Get the van back on its wheels at 10 pm (started at 1pm) and drive home leaving splats of oil everywhere i go.
    23) order a new innner boot from euro car parts the next day (Monday). Discover on collecting it its totally unsuitable.
    24) order a new inner boot from CES the next day (Tuesday). FORTY QUID FOR A CV BOOT.
    25) dismantle the driveshaft again tuesday night, fit the new inner boot, reassemble, notice there is now a hole in the boot over the lower balljoint (now an MOT fail).
    26) ignore it and drive home vowing to sack off these old motors and get a VW Phaeton TDi.

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    trigger reacted to barrett in Classics on the Common, Harpenden - 31 July 2013   
    Good stuff, my first time at CotC after the Simca engine disaster on our way there last year. Day started off pretty good with this random occurrence when buying some oil in the morning

    heralds! by barrogance, on Flickr
    ...but sadly the curse of the burgundy 1960s saloon car on the M25 struck again, with some major clutch slippage causing an amusing* kangaroo type motion as the prop struggled to transfer any power to the diff. I deemed this probably unsafe for motorway driving (even by my low H&S standards) so decided to bite the bullet and call the nice man with the yellow van

    Just got back thanks to Mr.AA at about 12.30, 5 hours or so after leaving Harpenden. Drove GC back to his and then back home, car seems absolutely fine now of course. Have to drive to work in it in a few hours as there are no other working cars on the fleet at present. I'm pretty sure everything is going to be fine.
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    trigger got a reaction from Cavcraft in The grumpy thread   
    She made him change all the light switches in the house and her mothers...
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    trigger reacted to Mash in 'Twas 30 years ago today.......   
    Got mine - although it was registered on the 2nd August!

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    trigger got a reaction from Lankytim in 'Twas 30 years ago today.......   
    I'll just leave this here then.

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    trigger reacted to Marathon Man in What Magazine suits your needs the best?   
    I find that my copies of "Mayfair", collected during the late 70's from various park bins, laybys and obliging newsagents does the trick!
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    trigger got a reaction from cort16 in The grumpy thread   
    My mate frazzled himself a couple of years back whilst wiring up his living room light switch, when he switched it on he got a zap that blasted him into the opposite wall. Luckily he was ok but he had to walk around with a hard on for the rest of the week.
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    trigger got a reaction from worldofceri in The new news 24 thread   
    I spent a few hours repairing the poorly repaired damage on the wing of the Civic yesterday.
    My 1976 (1974) Honda Civic 1200 by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr It's really hard to tell in this photo but the old filler at the front of the wing has all crazed and cracked and the paint was the wrong colour as well as the arches being all dented and misshapen so I decided to make a quick repair to temporary tidy it up, it went a bit better than expected.   I filled and reshaped all the arches and painted it with some aerosol i got made up at the local motor factors, the repair is spot on but sadly the paint colour is a bit of a naff match, it's too yellow, but it will have to for now, sadly i didn't take any photos of the filler work as i wasn't expecting it to come out so well!. Also on the way back from taking a quick look at local show this afternoon I nipped in to the Honda garage in Colchester, i had a quick word with the sales manager who said i could take some photos of the car next to a new model, the sales manager was most impressed with the car as he hadn't seen one before and couldn't believe how much different it was to the new model!. My 1976 1st Gen Honda Civic and a 2013 Honda Civic by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr My 1976 1st Gen Honda Civic and a 2013 Honda Civic by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr My 1976 1st Gen Honda Civic and a 2013 Honda Civic by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr My 1976 1st Gen Honda Civic and a 2013 Honda Civic by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr
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    trigger got a reaction from explosive-cabbage in FOR SALE: LADA NIVA 1.7i 'OLGA' See Page 8   
    This is just brilliant! Hats off to you lads!
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    trigger reacted to Wilko220 in Smith Electric Vehicles and general Milk Float tat   
    In tribute to the closure of the Transit factory...

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    trigger got a reaction from Banger Kenny in CDW27   
    I used to have a Mk1 Mondeo, a 1996 N plate 1.8TD GLX, It had done 120k and only cost me £350 of ebay, I must say i did really like the car, it drove excellently and was very good on fuel, sadly the bumpers were a bit tatty as were the arches, once i got bored my uncle bought it of me a year later for the some money I paid for it and ran it into the ground over the next two years before scrapping it.
    I saw this one at the science museum in London recently, I'm not sure what spec it was but it was LHD with front fog lights but what looked like LX spec and a rare colour.
    20130707_171357 by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr 20130707_171502 by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr Early Mk1 Ford Mondeo by Trigger's Retro Road Tests!, on Flickr 
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    trigger reacted to Richard in The grumpy thread   
    I'm glad he did, because there's a £30k bill in the post for putting that bastard song in my head.
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    trigger reacted to CreepingJesus in The new news 24 thread   
    Now this is why I have Green Flag: they follow me to Asda in case anything goes wrong...

    Well, one of them does anyway! 10/10 sir.
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    trigger got a reaction from Justin Case in Another local car show photos, West Bergholt in Essex   
    I made a flying visit to the classic car show in West Bergholt yesterday afternoon, I haven't been for a few years and there was a few interesting trucks and cars that i haven't seen before.
    I'll do another photo dump and let the photos do the talking.



















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    trigger got a reaction from Wilko220 in If you like a P6 you're gonna hate East Enders   
    If it is they made a good job with those chrome bumpers.
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