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  1. trigger

    Ebay tat

    That is lovely!, and £1295 doesn't sound to bad to me nether.Your nether regions? There liking it too!
  2. trigger

    Ebay tat

    That is lovely!, and £1295 doesn't sound to bad to me nether.
  3. Sounds like a fair deal to me!, You know the car so you know it been looked after and I bet it will outlast the Citroen.Plus it's the perfect shed puller!
  4. I would say yes as it has DAB at the top and Digital Radio at the bottom, Bargaintastic price! I could do with one of them for when i'm up my trannie...
  5. Looks like the job a good un! Can't see the problem...
  6. Got a shite photo of a shite car today, D-Reg Yugo 45 at my wife works muti-storey car park. Tidy old girl (The car, Not the wife) as well, Don't remember the last time i saw one.
  7. I had to laugh, I left a comment taking the mick out of the 'challenge' and told them to look here http://www.plymouth-dakar.co.uk/ to see how it's done properly, And now they have deleted the comment!
  8. Just spent the last 2 hours on this!, Thought I'd do some random Shite spotting but my result have been very poor. Found this though! And a BMW 5 series
  9. Had to change the headlight blub once on my old Focus, That's a sod of a job too, Think it was the O/S one, You can't get you hand behind it to see, Managed in the end to do it with a mirror, Bloody nightmare.
  10. Doesn't suprise me they got a ST24 £200, The dealers don't want them, I've taken mine to a few garages lately because I'm after a change and most of them have only offered me £500 for it, And mines a mint 80k version which cost me £1850 last April.
  11. Cheers, It did get a bit boring tbh but i enjoy the comments i get so it helps!.I like the stats you get with Flickr which are now live, I've had someone on a Reliant SS1 post pictures of the test I've scanned afternoon, Funny to see the view count go up!.
  12. They are a great read, I brought them all of ebay last year for £20 to sell on ebay as i had 100's before i sold from when i was younger and made good money. Trouble is i enjoy looking at them to much so haven't got round to doing it yet, So doing the next best them and uploading them to flickr. Here's my collection... And here a few more i have left from when i was younger, 100's of old Top Gear, brochures and Classic cars mags in here! Thanks for all your comments by the way, It's help motivate me into restarting to scan them again.
  13. Ah! You have found my scans then!I've got hundreds more of them in the garage which i need to scan but after moving my pc downstairs i stopped doing then.I've got piles of what car and Motor magazines as well as the Autocar mags all from 1983-1988, nearly every weeks worth!
  14. trigger

    Too low?

    You want low... God knows how he drove it to the show?!
  15. trigger

    Ebay tat

    lol, Yeah i did spot that as well, Could be a world of pain!
  16. trigger

    Ebay tat

    This one sounds cheap, But need a starter motor, Looks proper nice inside though. XG30
  17. I bet there is a bloke in Japan crying in his porridge over that Mini!
  18. I saw a family of 10 on one of these bad boys in the Philippines last year!
  19. Well spotted that man, My cock-up sorry!, Still, by all accounts this one is a 1990 Turkish model, Just looks like a Mk5 with rubber bumpers to me. Is that Mk1 Orion rear lights i spot on that?!
  20. I've been waiting for an excuse to post this for ages! From Autocar 1985. Think i have even got the 1985 Motorfair program in the garage as well.
  21. trigger

    Ebay tat

    How many years is it since the rolling exemption was canned? Must at least 10 I looked at this last year, wasn't very impressed.You done well to find it, Have you seen what category is listed under "Cars, Parts & Vehicles > Cars > Land Rover/ Range Rover Also listed in: Cars, Parts & Vehicles > Classic Cars > Volkswagen"
  22. Here is one of the later Taunus, Looks a bit strange! I saw this eariler German version at a car show last year, Won car of the Show, Just look at that interior! It worth looking on this Argentiean site, http://www.clubtaunus.com.ar
  23. That is wrong on soooooo many different levels! [/url]
  24. Just discovered this Cortina/Taunus Fastback on Flickr, Never even knew they existed!, Made in Argentinia around the early 80's, Looks alright to me! Reminds me of the Mk1 Granada Coupe.
  25. It's only the 1.4 version, But don't be fooled, It still flys and handles like a go-kart, I'd like to try a 1.7 version to see how that compares.Only problem i have with it is that at 5ft 11 I'm a bit tall for it, I bang my head on the bloody A post everytime i get in it and the low A post is also a big blind spot when looking right at roundabouts.
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