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  1. There's been a massive photo dump of pictures uploaded on the ACA Polonez, it's a bit frilly! https://ukbarnfinds.com/2023/09/27/1988-fso-polonez-e37-emx-photo-dump/?fbclid=IwAR2Vfq1-gwUj-WgX4yIn1Kwf5WX4na-iSRBrn-QbPGK9_kzFnWo7iYSsd_s
  2. I've been helping a mate prep this hunk-a-love for auction. What a magnificent beast, 1974 Opel Commodore 2.8 GS that was registered new in Bury St Edmunds and spent all its life in the area, straight six with two twin choke carbs and a stainless exhaust it sounds amazing and goes like the clappers! We've been through it fixing a few small faults and mostly cleaning and polishing it and it now looks stunning. I've got the option of buying it but it's a bit big and juicy for me realistically. His Horizon is probably of interest also, that's going to auction too so I gave it a quick wash and hoover, it's a 1500 automatic with power steering and only 33000 miles, it's not my bag if I'm honest but it's a nice enough old thing.
  3. I had a sit in the beige Marina on Sunday and I can confirm it's every bit as immaculate as it looks in the photos in real life
  4. I come across as a giggling fuckwit but I was proper nervous and awkward about it all.
  5. The same mate has been buying a lot of cars lately, I bought my Mondeo of him which he also bought in the auctions, one of his recent purchases was this 400000 mile TX1 taxi called Purple Haze, it had a petrol engine fitted and a LPG conversion a few years back as part of a government scheme, it was my first time driving a taxi, it's a right giggle but I can't imagine doing that kind of mileage in one! It was last used for the Queen's Jubilee on Pall Mall so he's currently getting it so he can use it for taking his boy to school in! Another one he's bought is this beautiful 1980 Volvo 345 DL with only 39000 miles, it's been of the road since 1993 so it's a bit of a project, I quite like it though, the colours nice too.
  6. My mate talked me into doing a YouTube video with him yesterday on a 2CV he's bought in auction, I've watched it tonight before it goes and could stop cringing! I'm just giggling and chatting shit all though it 🙈 It's my first proper experience with a 2CV, and shall we just say, they are an interesting car, especially this one which belonged to some well known Italian Motorsport artist and been held together with ducktape.
  7. Oh bollocks, just looked back and it was posted last month 🙄
  8. Look at this that's just popped up on Facebook! Registered the 4th March 1993, 2 weeks before they official got sold!
  9. Also i put the Golf up for sale yesterday as I need to free some money up and I'm not keen on taking the kids out in it with lap belts, and this summers weather has been wank, I'll probably get told it's too expensive but I've seen loads which aren't as nice up for £13000+ and you've got to start somewhere! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134705543270
  10. So there's been a change in the fleet again, the Dolomite has now sold back to the original owners other son I got a message from the other son who i bought the car off asking me when i come to sell it his brother who like to buy it back, a price was agreed and a massive 3 months later i got the full payment... don't ask, it wasn't agreed to take that long but it's sorted now. Meanwhile a mate of mine who I've been helping out a lot fixing and playing with his cars bought a immaculate Mondeo ST200 at the East Anglian Car Auctions after i expressed an interest in it so i paid him what he gave for it, i had to wait 2 months until i got the money and space from the Dolomite sale but last Thursday i collected it from him, he even put a years mot on it for me. It started life as a BT Fleet managers car in Cambridge for the first 2.5 years and 66000 miles before being sold to a chap near Norwich who has owned it for the last 21 years and 33000 miles. It clearly been garage kept and rarely used as it's immaculate par a few stone chips on the bumper, these ST's have all rotted away as the water gets trapped under the bodykit but this one's like new still, I spent a few hours Saturday polishing it and the Imperial Blue paintwork is mint I don't suppose I'll kept it that long as it's a bit modern for me but at the moment I'm really enjoying driving it and hearing that V6 bark and it brings back memories of the ST24 i had back in 2007ish!
  11. I'm told it's the Jaywick Chevy
  12. The second is now posted.
  13. My mate got asked to film this amazing 'garage' find recently, he's now uploaded the video, it's definitely worth a hour of your time to watch
  14. trigger

    Renault 14 Madness

    More photos of that white TS on Facebook
  15. trigger

    Renault 14 Madness

    This was a spectacular sight at the FotU, after me announcing on a post on Facebook that I didn't know of any RHD ones left this comes along and makes me look a twat!
  16. trigger

    FOTU 2023

    I didn't know that was you! I got you in this photo then And @catsinthewelderunfortunate breakdown was captured on camera
  17. trigger

    FOTU 2023

    Yes I'm pretty sure it was same car that was parked by the toilets one year... it had press car written on the plate and it was parked with the judges personal cars and by the Hagerty merchandise stand, make of that as you will
  18. trigger

    FOTU 2023

    Another fantastic day and got to meet many forum members again miss aload of you too... 🙄 I was escorted up this was beige delight belonging to @Brodders, here he is washing bird shit off it at Brampton Hut services Loads of people are moaning about the queues in but we got there at 9.15 and was driving in at 9.30 but it was super busy I had a few grumps about the show, mostly the large number of cars that i personally found either too exceptional or just damn right completely out of place at the show in my opinion, Is a Ferrari 348, a DeLorean, Porsche Boxsters and a new McLaren really unexceptional? i managed to dodge a bullet being the winner of 2019's show that i wasn't asked to go up on stage and speak to the public about my experiences like some of the others previous winners, i left that to the 'social media influencers' to enjoy But other than that and all the bastard wasps it was a great day and the Orion was faultless! I've added all my photos onto facebook, hopefully the link works?. https://www.facebook.com/media/set?vanity=dockertrigger&set=a.10159839807632087
  19. trigger

    Man Down

    Sorry to read of your loss Bob, my condolences to you and your family mate.
  20. I'll have to ask my mate what the score is, it's no bigger just something I was wondering. He's bought several cars recently at auction in various states of repair and I've been helping out doing little jobs on them and teaching him how to use a polisher etc, he bought a F reg Volvo 740 with 436000 miles for a laugh which turned out to be a cracking car with the most ridiculous service history, the previous owner must have been a dealers nightmare going by the amount of complaint letters over trivial things. He bought a Nissan Figaro for £1600 with a years MOT that's had £1000s and £1000s spent on welding in the last few years too, people are mental.
  21. I said it was probably a daft question! I did wonder but I won't risk it as it's obviously not worth the risk
  22. I've got a bit of a random question, my car insurance covers me to drive any car that's already insured but with the owners permission and 3rd party only, like many people, does that cover me then to drive a car thats on a traders policy? Basically a mate is dabbling in the YouTube world and has been buying lots of different cars and stuff and I've been helping him out fixing them and pointing at them etc, all his cars are on a trade policy and he uses trade plates, would I be covered to drive them on my insurance if I needed too? Probably a daft question? I was going to offer to take this Singer he's just bought back to mine to mop it but wasn't sure if I'm insured to drive it
  23. Sadly that one's no more
  24. Still for sale with a bollocks description https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/225649366532?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=qvWWlGSHT-S&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=BC8qa6LGTzW&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
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