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    Cheezey reacted to Gerrymcd in Barrheid Fleeto.. red alert.   
    24 hours later and still no leak, so I'm calling it fixed.¬†ūüôā
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    Cheezey got a reaction from motorpunk in My shite new books - "SUPER - old, odd, interesting, obscure and abandoned filling stations".   
    Have you tried Printforce? They do single copy digital printing and shipping as well. If Amazon works for you it might not be worth the hassle. Maybe if you were going to supply shops or sell at events.  
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    Cheezey reacted to Andyrew in Motor Industry Graffiti   
    I once had to take photos for a "how to" instruction manual for a contract at my old job,  a small gps unit that would often fail on the equipment we produced. It was a step by step guide that could be sent for people to use for assembling the replacement part on site. 
    Expecting the person i knew who was writing the manual to pick up on them and have a chuckle i had taken the photos but in the background i had placed various items.  A handful of set Screws positoned so they spelt various words like "kill me/tits/cock/balls" on numerous photos, also a workmates bare bum cheeks perched upon the edge of the table just slightly out of focus.  A good 10 or so photos like this. 
    He never clocked it, and thus a manual with a pair of arse cheeks and rude words was emailed to the customers. 
    Ohh how he didnt laugh.
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    Cheezey reacted to Tepper in So Tepper, do you want the minibus then?   
    Spent a bit of time on the bus today. As readers of the previous instalment will know, the reason it's come to be in my possession is a tiny bit* of tinworm. Mainly this:

    Which, as bad as it looks, isn't too much of a worry as I've got inner and outer sill panels on hand. Before I got stuck into this, I wanted to have a quick look at a minor bit of rust behind the rear bumper. I'll let the pictures tell the story.

    That whole panel was rotten from inside out, which was a nice surprise. So I've been cracking on with that, fortunately most of it can't be seen once everything's back together but I'm still trying to make a halfway reasonable job of it. Replacement panels are available but they're £90, so instead I'm bashing the roof of an old C15 van into shape with a vice and a scaffold pole. It would be quicker if I could make the panel in one piece, but I was limited today by the width of the roof section I'd cut out of the C15. Will try to pick up some more sheet steel from somewhere so I can make the rest of it in one shot. Today's result:

    Not perfect, but hopefully solid for a few more years.
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    Cheezey reacted to yes oui si in The new news 24 thread   
    Finally got the audi wheels on. 
    I liked the steels, these work much better:

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    Cheezey reacted to Pete-M in The new news 24 thread   
    This week I finally decided to buy myself an R53 Cooper S.
    Spent quite some time looking for one with the spec I wanted, and finally found one with all the bits I was looking for - leather, climate, nav, cruise,  xenon, chili pack, sport suspension, pre-facelift, Cooper S only colour (Electric Blue). 
    It is bloody good fun. The R53 Cooper S is 20 years old next year. Don't see many like this anymore. 
    Only modifications to it are R56 rear trailing arms (stronger), non-runflat Bridgestones and polybushes. 

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    Cheezey reacted to catsinthewelder in Cats clapped out Cars   
    I've not had much tinkering time lately but a bit of a OMG the modern is broken last week* saw me thinking that I really should get another car working.
    2 things I needed to do were ordering a clutch kit in either 180mm or 200mm and moving the Bollox Rover off the only flat bit of concrete** nearby that will hold a engine crane.  Part one had me tearing my hair out the other night and still isn't done.  Part 2 started today as they were resurfacing the only road up the hill so I couldn't go out unless I wanted to be out all day.  Prevarication obviously happened first so by 11am I'd sorted out a new broadband deal and done my tax return and it was time to get on with it.
    Every wheel was solid despite me unseizing a couple of them recently.  In turn each was loosened (breaking a 19mm socket in one case).  Caliper beaten hard with a hammer, squeezed in a G clamp, a little brake fluid released then the jack handle used against the wheel studs to lever it into moving.  After a couple of hours I had a car I could push to and fro, marvelous, is the engine seized?  5th gear selected it will still push to and fro, cool will it start?

    Fresh battery, click 
    Fucksake, where's the jump leads?
    Connect Focus, click.         Click.                  Click.                Etc 
    Beat starter motor repeatedly.       Click 
    Try leads in a different place.           Click 
    Try leads directly onto starter solenoid.   Click,. What about the other bit?  Sparks, many sparks.   Click 
    So I gave up and strimmed the overgrown bit near the house.
    On the plus side it is now mobile and some dash wipes I found inside made the steering wheel and gear knob 1000% nicer to use.  Not sure where to go with it though.  Anyone want it?


    * Symptoms including, locks playing up (far more than I initially realised), brake fault light lit, car not knowing the temperature, indicators not working etc.  Caused by my daughter dislodging a big bundle of cables from the fusebox which was easy to fix once I worked out what was wrong.
    ** I recently found out that there used to be a corrugated iron garage here till it blew away in the wind.  
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    Cheezey reacted to MrGTI6 in Biohazard cars you‚Äôve bought   
    Not sure whether you'd describe this as a bio-hazard or not, but I have one that springs to mind.
    A few years ago a mate went on holiday to Spain and ended up staying there for a few months, leaving his Fiesta on his parent's driveway.  They wanted it gone but neither of them could drive.
    He asked me to deal with selling the car and in return I would keep 10% of the selling price. It was a fairly new Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition worth about £10k at the time, so I jumped at the opportunity.
    I headed over to his parent's house one evening to collect it, and once they'd located the keys and the logbook, I was finally on my way after a quick jump start. I drove it to my then-girlfriend's house a few miles away. Went out to it the following morning with the intention of taking it down the car wash and snapping some photos before advertising it online.
    Upon opening the driver's door, a load of wasps flew straight at my face and I could see dozens of them buzzing around the inside the car. I then clocked a massive wasps' nest the size of a football (probably bigger) on the headlining above the offside rear seat. Just standing next to the car made my skin crawl and I'm itching now just thinking about it! Although it was dark when I'd driven it the night before, I have no idea how I never realised.

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    Cheezey reacted to Tommyboy12 in Austin Montego 1.3 Estate - Mini Engine Rebuild   
    John O'Groats? Completed it mate.

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    Cheezey reacted to cort16 in The new news 24 thread   
    I rolled this old XJ6 seat and various old bits of chair I had in my lockup into one thing. 
    it's very comfy .

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    Cheezey reacted to Saabnut in Saabnut does a kolleckshun - Live   
    HXM will hopefully make it into the shed soon, but there is a queue for the ramp!  
    Quick update on the 'vert mainly for @marky-mark Investigated the EML and had a poke around under the bonett but could see nothing amiss. It appears the boost/pressure hoses are the originals but could not find anything obvious. Plugged in the Tech-II  but nothig showed amiss, so cleared all codes. This put out the EML (I expected it to return instantly but it didn;t). A run up the drive and back and the light stayed out and the tickover returned to normal with no hunting. Since then I have covered 100 miles and all is good and normal power has returned.
    I can only put it down to going into shock on leaving the built up area and being allowed to stretch its legs. All now appears fine, time will tell, but I am very happy indeed with the car.
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    Cheezey reacted to St.Jude in Dollywobbler / Autoshite Funerals   
    I can't be the only one who thought DW had died and this was a thread for his funeral arrangements?
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    Cheezey reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    Much better!
    Over spray everywhere but what a difference it makes to have it all in blue and the headlights refitted.

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    Cheezey reacted to DoctorRetro in The Doctor's travels through time. This sucks   
    Hmm. ūü§Ē

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    Cheezey reacted to reb in The new news 24 thread   
    Had a phone interview for yet another WFH customer service job yesterday, then a second interview today, just had a call to say that I've got the job! It starts on Monday!
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    Cheezey reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
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    Cheezey reacted to Mrs6C in Peugeot 309 rescue thread. Sills done!   
    Things I have found useful when welding, especially outside:
    1. Pure wool blankets make good protectors against sparks landing where they shouldn't and starting fires. Wool doesn't catch fire. You should be able to find them secondhand in charity shops still or online. Just check them first with a smouldering match, to make sure they haven't been coated in something flammable!!! Otherwise buy yourself a fire blanket and use that. You can get them at Screwfix, on the internet etc.
    2. Wear ear muffs. Weld spatter down the ears isn't fun.
    3. A long sleeved, biker-style leather jacket and welding gauntlets are good protection for your upper body. Another wool blanket draped over your lower body will protect your legs. Wear jeans and leather workboots and make sure your jeans go over the tops of your boots... wear pure wool socks as well.
    4. Keep a squeezy bottle of water around to squirt on any small flames that appear anywhere, a bucket of water to throw over anything medium and a fire extinguisher for anything worse. A mobile 'phone to hand for a 999 call if it all goes horribly wrong is a good idea too.
    5. Old commercial carpet tiles, like the kind that go into computer server rooms, are fire-resistent. Carpet-side in, they are great for forming enclosures around things (use duct tape to join them together on their outside edges) to stop air draughts blowing the gas shield away from the weld and catch weld spatter. You can bend or fold them and wedge them into spaces to stop stray sparks getting past and of course they can be used again and again.
    6. Get the metal as clean and shiny as possible. The cleaner the metal, the easier and better the weld.
    7. If you are joining one panel directly on top of another, clamp the two bits together as tight as you can. Leave no gap or your weld will blow through and not fuse teh metal.
    8. Rest your trigger hand on a block of wood of the right thickness  to keep the torch tip at the right distance from the metal and slide the block along the work piece as you go. You can focus on operating the torch instead of trying to keep the distance constant. You could use a dowel or broom handle too, like a painter's mahl stick and slide your hand along it.
    9. Get the earth clamp as close to the metal you are welding as possible and make sure it is atttached firmly to good metal.
    10. Welding in short bursts with time in between helps to keep things cool and minimise distortion. Tack metal together with even spacing and fill up the spaces, going round each one a bit at a time in turn, until all are done. It is possible to work with really thin metal this way.
    11. Clean off your welds with a wire brush afterwards to get them clean and free of soot. Dress them with an angle grinder and/or file as needed.
    12. Paint the welds on both sides (if you can get at both sides!) with a rust-inhibiting primer such as Finnegan's No. 1 as soon as the welds are clean and dressed to the point you are happy. They will start to rust very quickly otherwise, especially as we are getting into the cooler weather.
    Good luck! The car is lovely, so well done for taking it on. I hope the above tips will be useful for you.
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    Cheezey got a reaction from DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    I don‚Äôt even understand David‚Äôs last message. It is the ‚Äėtoll m8‚Äô bit I don‚Äôt get. Is he saying ‚Äėmate‚Äô or are they charging to drive from Glasgow to Edinburgh now?¬†
    He is away in the cream puff because you didn’t reply straight away? 
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    Cheezey reacted to Andyrew in Pain, Safrane and misery : Special treatment   
    @Six-cylinder has spice hut. I have my photogenic tree. First farm yard driveway drive complete.  With the rear caliper pipe clamped off. 

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    Cheezey got a reaction from seacow in Found My Childhood Car Collection!   
    I was just thinking the exact same thing! 
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    Cheezey got a reaction from Lacquer Peel in The new news 24 thread   
    Dunmore House and the mausoleum across that field in the forest are worth a nosey. I got engaged at the pineapple. 
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    Cheezey reacted to Six-cylinder in Supernaut's Cars: 323 + 205 = 528   
    Not everybody gets a chauffer driven Renault Clio!
    It's hallo from him and goodbye from me 323i.

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    Cheezey reacted to Tepper in I have done something silly. C6 content.   
    I've just bought this. Came up on FB marketplace just down the road from my unit, couldn't say no! Do I need it? No. Will it cause me grief? Almost certainly yes. Is it a big majestic bastard? Absolutely. It needs a few bits and pieces doing, including spheres all round and some warning lights supposedly caused by an ABS sensor. My Lexia won't talk to it, so that's the first order of business. Wish me luck!

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    Cheezey reacted to DodgyBastard in FOAD's fleet   
    I was invited along to a private event today.


    It was loads of fun and nobody was seriously injured. I wish I'd known it was happening sooner as I would've kept the BX for it...
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    Cheezey got a reaction from uk_senator in Lazy spotters thread   
    Spotted this when I was out with the dog. 

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