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  1. Didn’t it take that long to get it to starting becoming profitable?
  2. I religiously watched Top Gear every Thursday at 8.30pm. I love watching the old episodes on YouTube. It would be amazing if you could get them on YouTube.
  3. What Do you have a link to your channel? I have a Go pro I’ve never used, a couple of not ancient smart phones and my wife has a few bits of camera equipment I could borrow. I think she has one of those flexible jobby mounts somewhere. I’ll have a look at that editor. I might be able to use my work Adobe Creative cloud sub for editing videos. I edited a holiday video a few years ago using the Apple Movie software on a Mac and it wasn’t awful.
  4. The SECC means the motor show to me. We were probably there at the same time! I remember the Proton badge. I vaguely remember getting a big red lolly from Lada or Proton. I think this has pushed me on to try a bit of YouTube.
  5. Glad you like them. Unfortunately I don’t have any Sierra brochures - a bit too early. There were obviously loads for sale in the 1994 Autotrader I had a flick through. I’ll have a think about the best way to share what I have. It isn’t just brochures, branded carrier bags and other tat like pens.
  6. I was putting the Christmas decorations back in the loft earlier and grabbed a small handful of my brochure collection from the end of a box. My wife has started selling some odds and ends on eBay with some success. I thought these might sell ok. I sold three or four of them many years ago but never did any more. When my wife saw them, and knowing me, questioned whether I’d be better just keeping them and enjoying them. I acquired these from either Scottish motor shows at the SECC or contacting manufacturers. Top Gear magazine in the nineties listed a contact number for every manufact
  7. I had a Mk4 Golf GTi 1.8T years ago. It was a 1999 and must only have been 7 seven years old when I got it. Nice thing to drive. I liked the dash and the seats (it had proper badged Recaros). It just fell to pieces around me though. Both front window regulators and cup holders went. Loads of niggly things. Quite a few big garage bills. Never failed to start or left me stranded though. I fancied modifying it but never got it to the point of being ahead of the problems to do that.
  8. I’m trying to recall the story. Was it pretty much that someone said a Land Rover with a particular reg(similar to the above) was owned by their Father then about two posts later someone else claimed the exact same thing?
  9. Ah. Get some stickers made and really confuse people. Was BMC Bathgate just lorries?
  10. Whenever I see this thread title I always wonder ‘is it really called a Mini Bathgate?’.
  11. Classic photo location for car pics. I think a dealer even uses it for all of their adverts. Both of these E30s are lovely. A set of BBS wheels and some slightly lower springs aren’t anything that can’t be easily reversed. An old friend had a few E30s. Always nice to drive. He had a roughish 325i touring with a sport body kit he bought cheap from a shady trader. Never seen another like it since.
  12. My first MX5 was originally from Isle of Man. It was a ‘99 with a correct T plate but showing as first registered in 2002 when it first came to the mainland. When it was written off(a good number of years ago now) the insurance company offered a much better than expected settlement. It was my Dad that suggested this was possibly due to the insurance company thinking it was three years newer than it was based on the registration date.
  13. That has been for sale for years and years. I can’t remember a time when it wasn’t listed on eBay.
  14. I had planned on going to Crail as they had a track day on a few weeks ago but was unable to on the day. My helmet is still in my passenger footwell. Seemed excellent value for £35. I’m tempted by the trackscotland day as well. £120 I think it is. If I have to cancel last minute like I did with Crail it is a bit of a £120 bummer though.
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