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  1. I always love the look of that 205. If the A3 had a private plate you could tell me it was a 2015 and I’d quite believe you.
  2. Have you tried Printforce? They do single copy digital printing and shipping as well. If Amazon works for you it might not be worth the hassle. Maybe if you were going to supply shops or sell at events.
  3. That’s a curious thing. Many, many years ago a colleague had an earlyish Cooper S that broke a rear trailing arm. We thought it was because he handbraked into a kerb in the snow a few weeks previous. I remember having a headache at BMW as what they wanted to order was different to what was on the car. Had to find one on the forecourt to look at. From memory the original was cast and the updated was two layers pressed in a U.
  4. I could just PM but curious if I can guess. Any clues? I’ve had this a few times where garages have had my car for over a month.
  5. A friend of mine had an identical Focus in blue. He has a newer Focus now but always says that his older one was better and his ideal car would be a brand new 2003 1.6 Focus again. When my wife says Coalsnaughton it sounds like ‘coal-snot-on’.
  6. I don’t even understand David’s last message. It is the ‘toll m8’ bit I don’t get. Is he saying ‘mate’ or are they charging to drive from Glasgow to Edinburgh now? He is away in the cream puff because you didn’t reply straight away?
  7. I had a 1.8 S five speed and a 1.8 Sport six speed NB, I preferred the five speed box. I felt the sixth gear had been tacked on and messed up the rest of the nicely placed gears of the five speed.
  8. I was just thinking the exact same thing!
  9. Dunmore House and the mausoleum across that field in the forest are worth a nosey. I got engaged at the pineapple.
  10. Spotted this when I was out with the dog.
  11. Spotted whilst out walking the dog.
  12. I spotted these when out walking the dog. The mk3 Escort was one of those South Africa pick ups.
  13. When I’m on the train from Gatwick I sometimes notice an American car specialist in an industrial area. Absolutely no idea where it is though.
  14. Looks familiar https://www.autoliftproduction.com/en-gb/autolift3000
  15. Thanks. Unfortunately that is a very old photo. Crazy to think the car was probably only about 8 years old at point. Like a ‘13 plate now!
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