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  1. I’ve taken out insurance a couple of times with Direct line and cancelled within the two week cooling off period. Usually they take twenty quid or so then I get a refund a wee while later. Last couple of times it’s only cost me about a fiver for a weeks cover.
  2. The tailgate on the Skoda is also looking good.
  3. That Merc is nice. All the better for being auto.
  4. I vaguely mind seeing a trailer for program about a magician. Kind of David Blaine style. His transport was a light blue MG Maestro.
  5. I think my roffle of the 220 forum slag was the last £2 raffle. Even then I only got £112 odds for charity as people didn’t do the friends and family option on PayPal.
  6. Suzuki Wagon R pop top proper camper. I think this is great. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F264320246270
  7. Cheezey

    BMW 320 coupe

    The man's an animal!
  8. Cheezey

    BMW 320 coupe

    On those wheels it's a really great looking car. I was hopeful of winning it. That said I did fancy trying to paint it 1992 BTCC colours. Maybe for the best I didn't win it. Safe journey home.
  9. I occasionally used to go to the cattle market one many years ago on Tuesday night. It moved to the Marches car park for a bit. I wonder if it is still on.
  10. I had assumed that ship had sailed many years ago for bargain buys on eBay. I bid about £700 recently on a diesel MG ZT. It finished with me as the highest bidder but reserve not met. My wife mentioned Facebook has loads of cheap stuff for sale now. The last couple of times I tried Facebook again I gave up within ten minutes.
  11. I recently bought a Jazz cheap from a woman at work. 'It's a 57 plate, I'm just going to scrap it'! It needed a good clean, a heatshield fixed and some new mats. After that it looked great. I then advertised it cheap and it sold to guy needing a good car within a couple of hours. Within a few hours I had 15+ calls, messages and emails it was that cheap. I enjoyed doing it and was happy to pass it on cheap again. A bit like Pete and Dud's affordable forecourt in the modern section. I fancy doing it again and was going to go to an auction on my week off next week. I looked on the websites of auction places in Glasgow, Livingston and Bathgate(I think). Looking at the fees for the private buyer it didn't seem like it was worth buying at auction for sub £1000. Anyone got any auction tips for sub £1000 in central Scotland? I can understand now why a tie up with a bigger dealer is so important for a smaller trader for stock.
  12. PayPal website is being pish on my phone. I'll give it a go again later, failing that turn on the computer tomorrow.
  13. We could do a roffle bid. Tenner each to create a bid of £590. If we win the auction then the winner of our roffle gets the model. Even if we don't win we can always just donate the money.
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