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  1. I don’t mind mods too much but not a fan of stupid statement stickers. As above the ‘Because such and such’ one is mince. I saw a Volvo the other day with something like ‘SWEDISH METAL’ on it. There is an S Max going about locally with sun strip that says ‘ST POWER’. I assume it has a 2.5 turbo. It looks like every other S Max. Kind of ruins the subtleness of it.
  2. I got a cheapy set of LED headlights for Xmas. They are plenty bright but don’t project well and the alignment is all to pot. I meant to put the old bulbs back in for the MoT. When I dropped it off I mentioned the old bulbs were in the glove box. The tester just said as long as they come on it is ok! Not quite sure that is following the rule book.
  3. I don’t think that is the right place either. I can’t remember where it is but I’ve been a couple of times years ago. Website says: Kames The Kames track is situated just off the A70 in Muirkirk, East Ayrshire. It is 13 miles west of junction 12 on the M74 and 10 miles east of Cumnock, 9 miles west of Strathaven. Kames Motorsport Complex Furnace Road Muirkirk KA18 3QQ
  4. I played a waiter on River City years ago and my sister’s garage was used as the murder scene for one of the main characters. Those are the only two episodes I’ve watched! I’m always surprised it isn’t axed.
  5. I reckon that G wagon had been wrapped red. I thought I saw a bit of silvery grey when the door was open.
  6. I think you are close to a perfect car fleet there. Sporty drop top, interesting classic and a luxury cruiser. Does you wife have something practical? At one point I had an MX5, XJ6 and my wife has a diesel Civic. That was getting close to perfect. I also love your garage.
  7. Yeah, full garage, doing MoTs as well now. They have a body shop as well. He would pass the headlights as well.
  8. What about SOS in Falkirk? I got an MoT on my Civic there today. They welded both my MX5s. First one nicely and all painted. Second MoT standard. He does older cars and has a rolling road for tuning.
  9. That seems excellent value.
  10. There were some clever cuts of Paddy in the car starting to apply a tiny bit of opposite lock then cutting to an external shot of a full on power slide. It was the same with the old presenters and can still spot it on the Grand Tour. Low angles so you can’t see the driver. There was an old Top Gear test with a grey M3. There was a great power slide shot but the windows had obviously been tinted in post production editing to hide that it wasn’t Clarkson. Shows how cinematic they want it, getting stunt drivers in to make the star look good.
  11. @cozmcraejust watched the video. Really enjoyed it. The production was excellent and engaging. I’m desperate to go to Driftland, Crail or Knockhill to watch something.
  12. Love it. Looks great.
  13. Jeek and Rennie leaving seemed a bit of the blue but you never know what is going on in the background. I mind a few years ago a few rumours there were secret plans to extend the track to try and make it a full size circuit.
  14. I was meaning since Jeek and Rennie stopped running it in 2019.
  15. I’ve lost track what is happening with Driftland these days. Who is running it now?
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