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  1. Is that phrase a Land Rover thing?!?! I saw the exact vehicle you are describing with a sticker saying that earlier! The sticker made me mentally tell him to FRO.
  2. I vaguely mind someone on retro rides having that a while ago. Edit: found it http://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/98884/re-holden-kingswood-mad-hilda
  3. I saw a clip somewhere of Chris Harris saying he has shipped the Renault 4 back and is restoring it.
  4. I like that the garage roof has been designed with a Princess in mind.
  5. Well over ten years ago a boy I worked with had an identical one of these that he got from his in-laws that lived in Aberdour. Could it be that be returned it to them?!?!? For about a week he didn’t realise it was boiling it’s battery every day driving in and wore a mask to drive it.
  6. This is my old one. 2.0 8 valve auto. Think it is 11 years since I sold it. Nice car. Far prettier than similarly aged cabrios.
  7. It is coming up to three years since I got this and was wondering if the gearbox ever got fixed. I sold it to @Insideimsmiling ‘s friend. I image searched the reg number. Looks like it’s been taken to a few meets and one of the images is on a dating website.
  8. I think James May had a very similar car as his first car. My dad had a 1.9 one of these and had a headache with the carb. He followed it up with an Ascona B 2.0 which he stuck a Weber on. How roadworthy is this one?
  9. I won it from FOAD but charity roffled it pretty much immediately. Catsinthewelder won it. Lacquer peel picked it from me and it was relayed to its new home I think. I think it was reviewed by Dollywobbler en route. I think Catsinthewelder had plans for it. It needed an exhaust and windscreen.
  10. That Senator is very nice. Great colour and wheels. I’m very smitten.
  11. Cheezey

    Gearbox in sump

    How odd. As was waking up there I was thinking about A series engines and trying to list in my head everything they came in.
  12. I walked away from a few ‘aye, definitely nae rust’ MX5s a few years ago.
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