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  1. That’s who I got drive shafts for my Civic from recently. Couldn’t get them from Euro car parts or anywhere else local. Honda was well over £400. Got them delivered in under 24 hours for £130 the pair.
  2. A lassie at work used this recently. She had a year old Sandero Stepway though. A trader that bought my father in law’s car from me last year and all of the car buying services, including Arnold, all offered roughly the same book price. Then she noticed the +£500 thing on Arnold’s website. She booked the first appointment and the car was away an hour or so later. Still took a fair hit on a year old car but the extra £500 took the edge of it.
  3. Och, don’t worry about it. Happy to pass on my luck finding them.
  4. Forgot to include this Range Rover in yesterday’s picture. @Split_Pin did you see my offer on the News thread? Free if you want them.
  5. I must confess I spent five mins there checking the prices of them all on eBay. I just wanted to make sure one of them wasn’t a limited run by Faberge or something. I reckon if I’d sold them all individually I’d maybe get £100 with a bit of luck. Edit: there is a Range Rover fire service as well not pictured . @Split_Pin I’m happy to pass them on to you if you’d get enjoyment from them. Send me your address and I’ll drop them off some time.
  6. The boys working there were encouraging me to grab a few as they would get their jotters if they did it. Different to the time a few years ago when I got a a bollocking for trying to sneak a Chopper out of the bike section into my Dad’s Vectra!
  7. I didn’t photograph the others that are there.
  8. If you get yourself to Denny dump sharpish they might still be there. Left hand side of the metal skip. No problem on dibs. Need to give my Dad a proper look.
  9. Just liberated these from the dump in Denny. Couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of all the others in the metal recycling.
  10. I need to start coming along to Scottish meets. Where was this one?
  11. Great story @Daviemck2006. Sounds like it would be worth it for your laddie to get the welding done, put it back together, valeted and go from there. A friend of friend came go karting with us for my 18th. It was a bloke called John Collins with a heavily modified green 406 coupe - related?
  12. That is very frustrating. I’m not familiar with either of those garages. Do you think it might have been a shite new cat put on before? I’ve heard before of repro cats only lasting an MoT or two. I can’t really think of anywhere else to use. I’ve been using SOS in Falkirk, they are usually working on a few older cars at any given time.
  13. What you want from a garage: 1. A good job 2. Good customer service ie it gets done promptly and some communication 3. Fair price I always find you can only ever get to pick two on that list. My wife’s car goes into the dealer, a good job, great customer service but expensive.
  14. I find garages/blokes in sheds in this area frustrating. Tried a few and I’m never 100% happy with the experience. Which garage is it with?
  15. I’m about to do my first track day at Knockhill on Wednesday 28th. Really looking forward to it. I went round the Nurburgring a few times years ago. I tried to set up a private hire of Driftland for a bit of fun but it all got a bit complicated and not great value in the end. I’m keen to try doing one of the Crail ones as they seem good value.
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