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  1. Winnah! Yep love the IoW. Will be going back soon.
  2. Yo, moar boring updates. The under bonnet stay catch onnthe 407 basically broke off long before I had the car so lifting the bonnet would have the bonnet stay catching on a pipe or something so I needed to sort this out. I looked for one on eBay but no cigar. So a rummage through some plastic bits and bobs I had, I found a couple bits that might be of use. Off with the broken bonnet stay catch. On with the bodge: The new bodged bonnet stay catch is held in by the semi-circled flared-end that I squeezed into the hole where the original catch used to live. I also thought I had repaired the passenger side electric window, but then the switch decided not to work again. So, back to square one. The blowers in the 407 blow out warm air. It made it a tad uncomfortable driving up from the IoW so that'll need looking into very soon. Also, I discovered that the passenger door actually has its original check strap, but it was buried in the door. The problem is, attaching the check strap to the door pillar as the hole in the check strap is smaller than the hole in the door pillar and getting behind the pillar doesn't look easy. Hmmmm..... Whilst in the IoW I chucked some newer original wheel trims onto the roffle Micra as the white originals were looking a tad past it. Before: After: Although the original white trims were OEM, the white paint was starting to really peel off. The Micra barely gets used. When I saw it, it needed a good wash and the tyres re-inflating plus a good run which I gave it around the island. It looks tidier than it actually is. The steel wheels are quite rusty and need changing at some point and some of the wheel arches need rubbing down and repainting. But as its Ma_Sterling's car now, I'll leave that up to her.
  3. Wow. I'm honestly so sorry to hear this ☹ My condolences. RIP Spartacus
  4. Nice! I've been to Blairgowrie a couple of times, it is a nice little town.
  5. I'd be interested in a pack of thise world taxis if they are still there?
  6. Where is this road? It looks.like one of those semi-abandoned roads you see on the likes of sabre-roads.co.uk or whatever. Looks like it was a main road at one point. Peugeot 205s are great in diesel form. I drove one up to Newcastle some years ago and it was an ace little thing.
  7. Hmmm. Thats as wierd as the "thing" a couple of years back here in the UK when body panels like bumpers and bonnets kept getting stolen off Vauxhall Corsas. Just had my first covid jab today and not looking forward to tomorrow when I might 'feel' it.
  8. Hey! I'm interested in the above quoted if they are still available? Only thing is, I don't get paid until the 28th so not sure if you are happy to wait until then?
  9. Spotted near Bewdley the other day a 1989 F-reg Grey Audi 100, all original. Looked like a daily rather than a show queen. A few days later a Black Alfa-Romeo 164 possibly M or N reg passed by my front window (I can see down the high street)
  10. I have a 1/18 Peugeot 205 GTi. It currently resides at Mother_Sterlings house. I think its a Solido model bought from TK Maxx I think. It was many years ago when bought.
  11. Glad you liked the Celica Supra @Dick Longbridge The pop-up headlights pop up when the front suspension is pressed down on. I think I bought it as a job lot with a Corgi Black Mercedes 190e-16. I thought the Toyota was an unusual model. Here is a few more from my collection. I have more but they are carefully packed away and I am working at the moment.
  12. Loving the Pug content. Got my own Pug fairly sorted and I am becoming quite enamoured with it. Like the seat change, its something I'm considering. I've always liked the fluted leather of big Peugeots. It reminds me of the seats in my KV6 Sterling. Its definately on the list but maybe at a later date.
  13. Nice! I live near Kidderminster so Wall Heath isn't far from me. Its a delightful little place but used mostly as through route into Kingswinford/Dudley/Wolverhampton. When I did the swap, I went for a little walk around Wall Heath. Ma and Pa Sterling had friends in Kingswinford back in the late 80s and early 90s, we lived in Telford then ans used to use the rabbit run quite often.
  14. Yep, indeed I did. Are you local or did you get the info by a bit of detective work 😉
  15. Wow. I've done stuff to this car and most of it has been fairly easy 😮 Last pay day I bought a bumper finishing trim and a wheel to replace the odd rear wheel. The bumper tag was a bit of a faff. It was cheap for a reason. However, I managed to get it on and there (hopefully) it'll stay. I rarely get out these days and get bored of sitting at home. I no longer have use of a driveway but have found a small enclove I can safely keep the car, although other people know about it so its a bit hit and miss if I get a space there or not. My drivers door has always clicked twice loudly when opening. I thought I needed a new check strap. Then a few days ago whilst messing with the car I looked a bit closer at the door check-strap and noticed one nut was very loose and another had gone awol I tightened up the one nut and noticed the clicking had become very quiet, so I checked out the size and saw I had a few similar sized ones, so I put it onto the bolt and tightened it up. Door opening and closing is now very quiet. Today I set about changing the wheel. The garage where my other cars are stored borrowed me a jack and breaker bar because I don't have a jack and my breaker bar is stuck in one of my cars now behind 2 massive locked gates. Whilst there it met it better, sportier half: Off with the old: And on with the new: I must admit, were almost there in making this car as good as I can make it and I am beginning to be quite enamoured with this car. It's a boring everydayer but the work I do to make it better makes it feel just a bit nicer. I've enjoyed making it better than when I first got it. Jobs I've done so far: • Refurbish keys (still need a button selector for one key soldering on) • Bookpack, manual and new service book bought. • Changed tyre at front (previously a slow-ish puncture. • Front lower arm bushes done, no more clunking when moving off from standstill. • Wheel tracking. • Rear bumper finisher. • Rear matching wheel with a good tyre fitted. Next on the list to do: - Service - Sort out passenger window (switch is intermittent) - Fit passenger side check strap - Change remaining rear tyre - Finish refurb of remaining key - Fit a better steering wheel So, still a bit to do but certainly now in much better and useable condition.
  16. Sharpies are pretty good pens. I recently bought myself a silver and bronze pen (I actually bought the silver one and the bronze one was included thankfully) I like add some detail to a model car to make it look more realistic if colours to lights/trim were not added. Hence the Silver, Bronze and Orange pens. Black and red were already part of my arsenal. The Toyota above originally had bronze/gold stripe down the side but this had worn away over time. So the bronze sharpie brought it back. The Jaguar side pillars and MG Maestro front grill should be silver (albeit, the Jaguar pillar should actually be chrome) so these are my efforts. Its adds a bit more realism to the cars. I'm especially pleased that the colours don't rub off easily like gel pens.
  17. I'm interested in the black tyre-less car in this pic. What is it and how much?
  18. Some new additions to my fleet of model cars: First off the Matchbox Super Kings Mercedes 190e 2.3-16: I picked up this specific one in white because in the mid-80s as a kid, my dad, Fatha_Sterling bought me one at a local shop Telford where we lived, in fact, there exists a photo of my Dad holding me up in the shop and pointing to the cars on sale then when we were buying that very model of car. I don't know what happened to my original 190 but I remember it being white and I had for a very long time, way into the late 90s. But by that time it was very playworn and very worse for wear, I think I recall the front window being very brown and brittle. I think I may have painted it red at some point (?) Anyway, this was for memories. I set about with the sharpies to make it a little more realistic. Range Rover 4.6 HSE or 2.5 DSE: A purchase from @Datsuncog Nice detailing but the passenger looks hilariously shocked and the driver looks fed up 😂 1/18 Aston Martin Vanquish: This is made made by the Beanstalk group. What attracted me to this model was the lower price and details such as the numberplate: Its actually quite detailed but overall I can't help thinking that there is something missing model in the overall look and feel of it. The roof comes off with much ease, this is something seen in many other examples. However, the finer detailed bits and bobs on this particular model make it more than enough to join my growing fleet of 1/18s.
  19. That is indeed correct. I did loads of stuff to that car and in the end someone just drove into me trying to pull a u-turn without checking their mirror. I kept it for a while after thinking I coukd try and get it sorted but alas things got so tight I had to sell. The best and most enjoyable car I ever had.
  20. Oh dear. I had one id these and loved it. It was cruely taken away from me one day 😢 First dibs?
  21. Yep! Sorted out the door. No more clicking for the check strap! All it needed was one nut tightening and another added and tightened. Silver nut at the bottom is the newly added nut. Silent door opening and closing now in motion. Wheel has been unwrapped, cleaned and put into the boot. I haven't got my breaker bar so will grab on my next day off and swap the wheel over. The tyre on it is almost like new but one of those craply named 'Goodride' tyre. Its a lot better than the one on the incorrect alloy which is starting to crack along the sidewall.
  22. Hmmm. I might* be able to sort out the clicking check-strap on the drivers door of the 407. Out of interest I was looking at it yesterday and noticed that one of the 10mm nuts were missing and other was very loose. I tightened up one with a handy 10mm spanner I keep in the car and the closing and opening the door was much quieter. I have some spare 10mm nuts so will try and fit one after work. Edit* Replacement wheel has just arrived: The tyre is better than one currently on it. Sadly the badge is missing but I could probably grab one off the current wheel or something. Its not important and can wait. This means I can take the car for a wash too on my next day off.
  23. Boring car stuff. Bit by bit I am returning or repairing stuff on the boring modern Peugeot 407. Rear bumper has always looked like this: So I bought a trim piece in the right colour. The cheapest one in the right colour had a bit of paint damage which I didn't really mind given the cheaper price. It arrived but had a clip holder missing and a holder tag. Ah well, whatever: Now, the bumper has previously been damaged in the area which explains the missing trim piece, no biggie, but fitting the piece was easy, too easy that it'd easily fall off given a big jolt. I need to find a way of keeping it on permanently and discouraging a fall off. There is really nothing behind the clip to keep the piece on apart from some flimsy plastic clips of which one has already departed. Also, I found a matching alloy and was offered the alloy via eBay for lower than the asking. I didn't take the offer as I hadn't been yet paid. By the time I had, the offer had ended and I sent an offer explaining I'd just missed it but seller didn't reply and the listing ended, so back to the search.
  24. I put 1 as I only count 1 "legally on the road" as it says "available for use" some of my cars would be "available for use" after some money and time spent on it.
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