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  1. Rover 75 LWB - £1400 b.i.n https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224937561124?hash=item345f52cc24:g:xV0AAOSwaX1iQFlt
  2. Fantastic Trig. Another clean old vehicle saved. Nice one. Will also be watching this with interest...
  3. Nice. I like the Fluence. I wouldn't mind one, is it an Irish import? They weren't sold here, bloody loads in Turkey though. I'll have a go at car identification. From left to right... LR Freelander Citroen C5 (the one I brought back?) Peugeot 206 convertible LR Discovery (Previous off-roader one?) Vauxhall Meriva Peugeot 206 SW (Blue) Nissan Note (partially hidden by Disco) Honda Insight? (Silver car partially hidden by Renault) Renault Fluence Porsche Boxster Fiat Punto Vauxhall Astra Mercedes E-class or CLK Coupe?
  4. Is that a Renault Fluence in the back ground in front of the Porsche?
  5. 605 V6 FTW £1500 b.i.n https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144400475882?hash=item219ef066ea:g:ZkMAAOSwD~xh~83-
  6. I've had 2: Peugeot 406 A buy and sell thing. I actually quite liked it. Wouldn't mind another. My 407 which is my current daily: Not the most exciting car but one of the most reliable cars I've ever had. Took it to Brussels. Had a couple of new tyres and will get some rear tyres on payday. I think I've saved it from whatever fate was around the corner had it not come to me. When I got it, it was unloved, creaky, the keys came in bits and it rattled, it was almost destined for the scrappy. Now its had new parts chucked at it, keys refurbed, car generally cleaned out of all dust and sand as I think it had been used as a builders van at one point, trim replaced and/or repaired and now it runs like fine clockwork. Heaters are shit as they have the flap issue and the crappy orange screen fades in and out. But those things don't bother me. So long as it drives and is fairly reliable, it suits me just fine.
  7. Just watching this actually as its part of the Crimewatch UK May 2002 episode. I checked the DVLA site, not taxed since 2002 so I reckon it was stolen and sold on the continent or stolen for parts.
  8. Got this recently. 1/18, exactlythe same one I test drive when they first came out:
  9. When I was back doing trade-plating, the company I worked for had a policy of keeping us away from home during the working week to keep the miles down. Generally, you were only allowed to stay somewhere en-route between pick up and drop off with a few miles extra to go off route to stay somewhere if need be. You'd be paid an overnight rate to keep the car and find somwhere to stay. As most other guys liked to pocket the cash, they'd often sleep in cars. One evening down in Stevenage, I tried that. I had a Peugeot Bipper van for the night. At the time I was too wet behind ears and poor to realise I could have phoned the out of hours office number to get somewhere to stay. So my only alternative was to kip in the back of the van. Worst.night.ever the van had a caged membrane between the cockpit and rear of the van. The van was very short so my 5ft7 frame couldn't stretch out. The back of the van got VERY cold in the night, almost like a fridge, the bottle of water I had next to me felt like it had been in a fridge. I couldn't sleep properly, woke up a million times and eventually, I just ended up driving to a all-night petrol station to go to the toilet. Tried it again a year or so later. This time in a Mercedes E-class W212 saloon. I had the smaller back seat folded down and fitted the rest of myself in the boot. It was Ok but not the best, I think I managed 4 to 5 hours.
  10. Yo, Not exactly "Motor Industry" but graffiti nonetheless... Some 10 years ago when I was younger and fitter, I worked for a distribution company contracted to a site in Smethwick. Most it involved spending hours on end in the back of a trailers slowly filling it with boxes. The backs of the trailers were extremely dusty (blowing your nose after working in there saw quite a lot of black stuff infused into your nose greenery) but the battered trailers also sometimes provided entertainment in the forms of the graffiti others working at the HQ or other places these trailers were left at. Please note, I'm not responsible for any of the graffiti. Enjoy... This one below still makes me laugh for some reason 😆
  11. Nah. Personally it's bigger than that. It's a quest to own a certain make of car. I wanted to treat myself. Today there had been several requests of interest in my Peugeot, but all requests fell flat on their face. Every single time I make an effort to buy that certain make of car, it falls flat on its face, I'm too slow, too late, too poor or the circumstances just block my efforts. It's been around several years that I've tried and got absolutely nowhere and someone else gets to enjoy that car. I thought the Pug, being newer and worth a bit more would give me some leeway. Clearly not. I've kind of reached the end of my tether with it now. Fuck it. I'll carry on with the boring 'an car' Pug. At least its anonymous.
  12. Sigh... Seems like selling/swapping the Peugeot 407 is more work than I can be arsed with. Even similarly aged Citroens seem to gain more interest. I think I'll honestly just keep the bloody thing until it blows its engine and scrapped. Several attempts over the last year at punting it have all failed. So fuck it. I'll keep it. Not having a go at anyone in particular. Just the circumstances are a tad repetative and midly annoying now. First world problems and all that.
  13. Never been much of a wheel trim man myself, although I do like original wheel trims on a car. Aftermarket wheel trins can get tae fek. When I had my Zafira, I went out the way to buy the exact same wheel trim as the rest of the originals on the car: Many years ago, the wheel trim on Ma_Sterling's Blue Micra flew off never to be seen again. I actually went to the Nissan Dealer in Birmingham to buy an original after scouring the roadsides and finding nothing. The scrapyards then weren't quite as full of later facelift K11s as there would be today. The replacement roffle Micra came with these desperate things: And I must admit, the colour looked great, not too out there but still fairly original looking. It's a shame they didn't have lacquer to keep the paint on. I recently replaced them with similar original items with thier original paint: My Rover 820e has some pretty rare wheel trims: I also have a similar set I planned to fit if/when I am able to put it back on the road.
  14. Boring update: The Peugeot has always had a poor heater. As the days are now very warm I booked the car in for a look into the blowers system as when in the IoW, despite me setting it to 'cold' the heat that came out of the blowers rivalled that of an oven 😡 The AirCon system was topped but made very little difference. Then a larger machine was used, again, very little difference, there was cool air which made a difference but not bitingly cold as I would have expected. I didn't have to pay for the job as little difference was made. Looks like its something either expensive or very difficult to sort. Fucking annoying. My BMW was the only car I ever had that had functioning Aircon. Spotted this rare honey in the carpark: The Peugeot is due to go back for a rectification to the passenger side check strap. There is one attached to the door but it needs a bolt.
  15. This is great. Love for the unloved. The spirit of Autoshite. Especially as the these Mazda/Fiestas are so rare. Its at that point where its clean enough to do a good clean job on it but old enough to be worthless so makes it all the better that its being given a second a chance. Will be watching this with interest!
  16. Some spots from the last few months: Isle of Wight: Bromsgrove: Kidderminster: Worcester (?) I don't think it was even abandoned, just a little unloved, but it stood out to me: Tamworth but only on Google Maps (during a seasion of boredom at work). I intend to pop up there for a bimble in one of my rare occasions of having spare money, time and fuel in my car:
  17. Ah! I was on France at the time. I remember oddly, they had a 1987 Daimler Sovereign in grey. It was up for something like £2k then a week or ao later it was shoved to the side of the garage for £250 so I guess some sort of engine or gearbox failure. I've taken quite a few photos over the years as the shops by there were my locals. Fun fact: There was also a 2 episodes of Boon filmed by there in the late 80s using the corner shop and the other local shop resepctively.
  18. That is literally right next to Ma_Sterling's house. If you'd varried on walking straight to beyond the trees, you'd eventually have seen a Mk1 or Mk2 Rover Sterling parked at the side of the road. Windmill motors used to sell a lot of classics and repair cars, but I think the owner wound up the company to retire and rents out the premises. Whoever runs it now occasionally sells a cheap car or two. It definately isn't as it was years ago.
  19. Here a couple of MGBGTTEEGEEBEEGEEEMs: One is a Matchbox 1.43 and the other a Hongwell 1.43. I must say, apart from the grille and wheels, there is really a lot that seperates them. In fact, the Hongwell has cheaper wheels, a bit more plastic chrome, a cheap looking numberplate and er...thats it... its nicer than I thought it was going to be and thus stays outside on display with with GT. A Smart 1.18 idea? Now this is a really nicely detailed Smart. The body panels are actually plastic and removable of you wanted to change the colour. Non of this stripping back paint and re-painting (yaaa boo 😛 😂) The interior isn't overly detailed but its nice all the same and definitely fits in with the rest of the car. Its a nice unusual 1.18 that I am happy to have added to the fleet.
  20. Yes, there were 2 I think. A silver W126 300SE (?) and later a W202 C-Class that Onslow once drove. I keep thinking there was a W124 but this might have only been seen on a driveway in one or two scenes.
  21. I remember when Hyacinth forced Richard to take a test drive in a Rolls Royce without the selling dealer who got caught up in a phone call. The dealership used in that episode were Lancaster Jaguar in Northampton NN1, now Guy Salmon.
  22. Big fan of KUA myself. Just like you it was a televisual comfort blanket for a while for me too. I've been to both houses in Binley Woods for Hyacinth and the Daisy's house in Stoke Aldermoor. I remember the Hillman well. As I've since seen a few similar examples laying up on driveways/in bushes. They seem to be the car to keep but not very well 😞 Got these from some online sites. The vehicle details for CKV 326K are: Make: HILLMAN Model: AVENGER 1500 G LUXE Engine size(CC): 1500 Date of Liability: 01 11 1989 Date of First Registration: 02 06 1972 Year of Manufacture: Not Available Cylinder Capacity (cc): 1500cc Fuel Type: PETROL Export Marker: No Vehicle Status: Unlicensed Vehicle Colour: GOLD 17 years on the road wasn't bad going back then. Seeing as KUA was made in Coventry and the area where Onslow and Daisy live in Stoke Aldermoor is about 4 miles from Ryton-on-Dunsmore where the old Rootes factory was, so I am guessing the Hillman Avenger was a local car all its life.
  23. I won the Lovejoy Morris Minor on the Miniature Tat for sale thread. Paid and it got delivered today: You may see the arse end of a Mk2 Cav behind the box. The reason for this is; take a close look at the printed picture of the actual Lovejoy Morris Minor on its box... I've had a closer look at the car itself. The box is almost like new apart from a small damage crease in one corner. The over-riders and mirrors have never been fitted and I don't think its ever even been outside of its box. I'm in 2 minds whether to actually fit this stuff on or leave as is. Admittedly I did have to glue the box clear plastic window back on. But thats all done now.
  24. V40s are the best. Great load luggers without being too large in a sense. Fatha_Sterling had one which I occasionally drive around Brussels. I'd have a V50 estate if I was looking for a car. But I'm not.
  25. Yes. My Peugeot 407: Some of the other alloys I've seen for the 407 do have a centre cap but some particular alloys don't.
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