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  1. I hate those clips! I haven't got the right tool for them so have struggled a few times. A few times my neighbour who is an RAC man has come over and done it in 2 seconds!
  2. Have you checked the sunroof drainage tubes aren't blocked? If the seal leaks water should still drain out I would have thought?
  3. A mate of mine has a really nice caravelle, I know he was trying to sell it last year but don't know if he is still advertising it. Its a light metallic blue lwb 2.5. I can ask him if it's available if you dont get the one you are looking at on Saturday I remember it wasn't cheap though!
  4. What's your budget? There is a vast difference between a rusty 1500 quid builders van and a 7 grand shiny one. Caravelles are rarer than vans so they are usually expensive! I regularly drive my brothers 1.9td camper and its slow, I had a go in a mates 2.5 tdi panel van and it was much quicker!
  5. Excellent work! Those repair panels looks brilliant. Too bloody cold to be working outside though
  6. I think we have all made silly mistakes in the past! If you hadn't have put it on YouTube I wonder how long it would have taken you to realise!
  7. If you want a real bargain there is a Rover 100 on Ebay for £3495...makes this one look a bargain!
  8. Looking good. I have the same welder and it's pretty decent.
  9. As long as the paint isn't ruined underneath it! I wouldn't mind a Lupo one day
  10. Great work on the Acclaim! Can't wait to see the pictures of it all complete and back on the road!
  11. Great news! Just need to find 2 more wheels now... 😂
  12. Low - not being able to go to any car shows High - got my Beetle painted! 😎
  13. Re: the Matiz heater. Has it got a pollen filter? If it has and it hasn't been changed for a long time that can affect the output from the blowers. I had this on a mk4 Golf and changing the filter made it much better!
  14. That photo could have been taken anytime in the last 30 years! What time did it arrive?
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