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  1. Not one of my spots but from a local Facebook group. Never knew they did a 2 door!
  2. I have a rusty Sorento too! Had to weld the rear crossmember and inner sills before the MOT this year. My rear axle brackets are ok but the rear axle itself has rusted so it leaks oil so it will need a replacement axle at some point. The rear body mounts look a bit crispy on mine so not sure how I am going to be able to fix them...
  3. I have a tdi estate vrs as my daily driver and i think its great! That's the best colour too
  4. dave j

    Renault 14 Madness

    Nice! Glad to see you didn't give up the search, and thanks for coming back to update us!
  5. Living the dream right there!
  6. Paided! As above it didn't like copy and paste so once I actually typed it in it worked!
  7. Having some issues with PayPal at the mo, I put your email address in bit it's not working? Will try again tomorrow
  8. I loved the fact that rolls Royce wouldn't lend them one, even they are embarrassed by it! I liked the off road look on the Allagro though!
  9. You could see if the seller wouldn't mind waiting a couple weeks for collection? Would buy you some time
  10. I left a note on their windscreen suggesting they change that tyre asap, wonder if the note will just get ignored!
  11. Saw this tyre on a car parked next to me yesterday. It was a 13 plate c max. Scary to think people drive with tyres in this state!
  12. Bloody hell! What a shame but as you said at least you didn't crash. Is it fixable or proper fucked?
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