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  1. Looks good! Glad you managed to sort it. Its a ride height I like as it's still comfy and useable
  2. Makes a change from rappers using Range Rovers etc!
  3. Excellent update, its good to see it running and driving. Must be a real morale boost.
  4. I had a V5 Bora, sounded lovely and went well enough for me, did like a drink though!
  5. The journey is part of the adventure! I am never in a rush when driving the camper as there's no point. It will cruise along at 55ish all day apart from when you get to a hill! Sometimes get up to an indicated 70 when overtaking but not for long. I have a cb fitted so when in convoy with my mates it relieves the boredom!
  6. Good work saving the Focus! Looks better with the new front end
  7. Took the camper out for a drive as hardly used it this year. I didnt get very far as I have a sticking front brake! That's what lack of use does to a car! Now it's cooled down i can drive the couple miles home and have a look at it.
  8. Wow! That brilliant! Who on here wouldn't buy that for that money!
  9. I quite like it! But then I drive a vw bay window! I love driving my van so I wonder how it Compares?
  10. It has the same slider as mine, and mine is an L reg too. I think they changed in 74. I thought it looked OK until I saw the chassis pics! Roof gutters look OK though so just the standard bottom 6 inches to replace. Has it got an engine and interior?
  11. Gsf sell Morris straight 30 oil, that's what most aircooled Vw's use
  12. That disc is fit for the bin! Would not recommend using that at all as its now weakened.
  13. That interior looks like a nice place to sit! Well bought
  14. I sometimes Coast when on a long journey in the vw camper. Not for fuel economy but sometimes to give the engine a rest!
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