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  1. Just re-read this thread from the start. Love the fact you bought a van just for the wheel trims! I learnt to drive in a metallic blue K reg Pride 5 door. I am sure it had white walls too! 😎
  2. Good to see it mot'd again! For the badges, could you replicate them in vinyl? Not quite the same, but will be a lot cheaper!
  3. Looking great! Has yours got the luxury* of single speed wipers? My 71 has. I have got a passenger door mirror as I needed to replace the passenger door so figured it would be safer to have a mirror. I also have 2 sun visors - didn't know they only came with 1. A previous owner must have fitted the other but they don't match!
  4. I just lost a race in my Mini to a Skoda Rapid!
  5. Similar to mine! Although mine is still being rebuilt. Mine is a 1971 1200
  6. Sounds like a crappy day! I bet he was hoping as you travelled a long way you would have taken it anyway. Was this off ebay?
  7. That's a real shame to see, kinda lived up to the title of the thread though - big liability! Dare you get another C6?
  8. I reckon keep it on the same channel, you may get more views that way, even if they don't like it! Imagine the comments from some of your newer subscribers that have ev's when you are talking about some old chod! The MG zs eV lot might even like the Rover!
  9. Fingers crossed for her test! I had the wipers pack up on my old mk3 Golf and had to replace the wiper stalk
  10. Better to spot it now and fix it in summer than to use it through another winter and let it deteriorate further, although still annoying!
  11. Not a good start! And as you bought the parts a while ago theres probably no chance of a refund/exchange
  12. That roof looks nasty! I bought a 318i once for a pint of lager! It was rotten but for £2.25 it was OK... Sold it on for £50 after doing nothing atall to it. Mind you that was about 15 years ago
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