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  1. I really liked the Ford Maverick we had, same as a Terrano, hard to find one that isn't completely rotten though! We now have a Kia Sorento - that could be an option? Not sure how good off road it is as we only got it to tow. It's also difficult to find one of these that isn't Completely rotten either!
  2. How about an engine swap in the Herald?
  3. So how many of us were looking on ebay for cheap SLK's?
  4. dave j

    MOT Exempt

    My van is mot exempt, I took it to my mates garage to book it in anyway but he told me to save my money! We Still put it on the ramp and ran through all the tests he would normally do and on the brake tester so I am confident it is all OK. Will do the same this year too. Been tax exempt for the 12 years I have owned it so have saved a fortune!
  5. Epic collection trip! When people moan a car is too far away they can be directed to this thread. Would have been good if the trip was 7 miles further though
  6. That means you need to buy a Skoda Felcia to fit them to!
  7. I bet that seller was shitting himself waiting for a knock on the door from you demanding a refund! I bet his phone was turned off!
  8. I am staying home for new years having a couple of beers, but mostly comforting my dog who hates fireworks! They have started going off already! 🙄
  9. What a place! I wonder how long some of those cas have been there
  10. The delivery will be parts for you to service it! 😂
  11. I guess fuel economy on almost anything will be bad compared to the Perodua!
  12. Looks really good cleaned, especially compared to those modern ones!
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