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  1. Maybe put a post in the for sale section to see if anyone that hasn't read this thread is interested?
  2. Congrats on retirement, at least you have a couple* of projects to keep you busy!
  3. I bet that Skoda will be popular! I had one as my first car and would l love another so will deffo get a ticket!
  4. After owning an Octavia VRS estate for 5 years when it came to replace it I ended up with another one! The black one was on 213k and needed too much doing for me to justify spending on it... Plus I wanted a newer car!
  5. I fancy popping up there one day as it's only about an hour away. Looks good though!
  6. I would have been tempted to leave it outside after that!
  7. When I got my Beetle back together I had to change the dynamo 4 times! The one it came with was faulty so I fitted a spare that I had. That didn't work either so got one off a mate which also didn't bloody work! Was fed up by this point so bought an alternator conversion kit! I had to take off the bracket the decklid hinges bolt to to get the fan housing high enough to get the fan out but by the 4th time I was quite good at it! The fan nut I used an impact gun to undo.
  8. Good to see progress on this bug. Seen a lot of Beetles with wiring that looks like this, you will probably find a lot of redundant wiring in there!
  9. I tried to watch it but fell asleep halfway through! Don't think I will worry about catching up with what I missed
  10. I saw that one at the weekend! It's a South African import. It's got a 2.6 5 cylinder engine! 😮
  11. Love the new wheels! T5's are the same stud pattern as BMW aren't they? I always fancied a set of those 5 spokes you had on the 335d on a T5
  12. Good luck with the sale! What are you going to get to replace it?
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