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  1. That looks great! Really shows off the dish on the wheels
  2. If you did get rid of 1 or both, that would mean space for 1or 2 more cars at the unit... What would you get! The fact you have taken these 2 on means they still exist, they could have been scrapped or deteriorated even more if left outside for another winter so you have saved them. You may have time/skills/space/motivation for them one day. And look at the exposure these 2 forgotton cars have had!
  3. I might put some in the camper as the headlight bulbs are like candles!
  4. Thanks bud, will have a look when not on my mobile. Streetview for my house is way out of date. It shows my old Seat Toledo on the drive that I sold in 2010!
  5. Yeah, good to see it getting some attention! I quite like that blue!
  6. A brilliantly written update! Don't leave it so long next time, even if it's a boring update your words will make it far more interesting than I could!
  7. Good to see it being worked on after all that welding!will be good to see it mot'd and on the road again
  8. The mot on my camper ran out in 2018, I check it over myself regularly and have a mate who is an mot tester check it over on the ramp and brake tester. Since I got it on the road in 2008 it has gone straight through 10 consecutive mot's! 😁 Will look at getting it checked over again this summer. Hardly used it because of Covid though, think I have done about 200 miles this year, and half of that was 1 Weekend away in September!
  9. They all survived intact! I really enjoyed that episode, and love the 323i!
  10. Have you looked at it today? Is it as bad as you thought now you have slept on it? Must be gutting after spending out and doing the other work.
  11. Looks much better with the silver wheels! I used to own one in the same colour but I lowered it and put alloys off a newer Passat on it
  12. Bet that was a brown trousers moment for the welder! One thing I am paranoid about when I do any welding
  13. It's come up well! Not my colour choice but it's all one colour now and it's a bit of fun with a cheap old car.
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