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  1. Good progress! As said above it's a crap time of year for working outside so good to see you got on with it!
  2. It's mad to think that my "late" beetle is 50 years old! Good to see some more progress on yours!
  3. They looks great on it. They don't look as good on my Skoda but I am a fan of simple 5 spokes... They are easy to clean as well!
  4. Are they 19's? They look huge! I have that same style wheel but 18's on my Octavia
  5. I love it! What did it look like with steels on?
  6. Or like when I say to someone I have an old Vw camper they ask if it's a split screen! Edit to get back on topic- I love a horizontal speedo!
  7. As a temporary "workaround" can you use the door on the other side instead? Good to see it home, but not so good that you haven't been able to go for a drive yet
  8. I am thinking about a smoll cheap to run car for the Mrs to use, as her Shogun Sport is soo thirsty! She doesn't want to get rid yet as it can tow the horsebox, but we have only towed it once this year!
  9. Nice! V8? I will keep an eye out for it around Plymouth!
  10. Great job! Looking loads better. Now just the other side to do! Found any more holes yet?
  11. Good to see it being used. I love seeing old cars used for "normal" activities! Last weekend I used my camper to transport a couple of 8x4 sheets of Plywood, and will be doing a tip run this weekend in it
  12. Good pics, I went there a few years ago and it doesn't look like it's changed much! Some nice roads around there to be in a Porsche!
  13. Love the MG! Get rid of the Beetle (1 random please) and use the proceeds to sort that out
  14. Good work! It's great to see you getting stuck in. It's really satisfying once you have replaced the rot with metal.
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