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  1. So how does that Swiftcover nonsense work when it states they don't give you the paperwork?
  2. I'll throw in a heater box valve for a BMW 2002 etc. £186.24
  3. Bastards, what do I do with the binbag of prize tickets I'd been saving?
  4. Doesn't a certain Mr J Clarkson own a Sega Rally machine? IIRC the arcade machine Ridge Racer could be bought with a real Mazda MX5 connected to it working the steering and gears. I wonder what happened to the car when the game went out of fashion? I suspect the one in the Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield is still there. Bet it's £2 a go or something stupid too.
  5. I was just using what i could get for free. An old cookery stock pot would be about right I think sizewise once I've got this working.
  6. 00 is 25-28mm - Land of The Giants. 15mm, 1/72, Games workshop stuff.
  7. Degassing the RTV silicone for things like this: you can see the bubbles in the mould. Inturn degassing the resin cast from the moulds to make bits and bobs for these: The figures 15mm high... Oh and i made those sandbags by hand too. Just a kitchen table enterprise.
  8. Cheeky rascals. It's my version of this: Which is on ebay for a stupendous £1042.23 So far mine's cost me £102.71 half of which was for the vacuum pump. And a bit of time annoying the neighbours cutting up a calor gas bottle - can't get rid of the smell they add to gas so discarded, then a stainless beer barrel fished out of a hedge by my neighbour which is far too big so the third "flask" is a pub co2 bottle which is a little small but will do for now to see if it works ok. I've some bigger diameter bottles I can collect tomorrow for free which would be better.
  9. I'd spend the two hours there and back armed with just a camera before agreeing to anything, then you'll have a better idea what it's like. It's easy to miss alsorts when you have your heart set on a particular car. Far better to have a bunch of pictures to look at in the cold light of day as it were.
  10. There's a proper Disklok on Ebay - £39.95 but it's in your area so you can save the £8.99 they want for postage. Item number: 260678725426 My Bmw's only got 3 wheels at the minute but I've still got one on it as a big "keep off".
  11. Safe as houses. Guy in the brown T Shirt is the exact person I would imagine if anyone said "scene".
  12. Not too bad, I fear you were still a bit too giddy with the "gas pedal" though.
  13. The Dynarod orange fades like crazy.
  14. Reversing (200-203)200 Choose an appropriate place to manoeuvre. If you need to turn your vehicle around, wait until you find a safe place. Try not to reverse or turn round in a busy road; find a quiet side road or drive round a block of side streets. 201 Do not reverse from a side road into a main road. When using a driveway, reverse in and drive out if you can. Crash into them.
  15. I hired a van the other month with an expired licence. The woman noticed but thought it was that month so expired on the second day, rather than it being a month out of date... She called someone who must have said it was ok after I gave her a total load of bobbins about sending the form off already. I'm refusing to pay £25 for nothing, just another stealth tax foistered on us under the carpet.
  16. Regarding jobs to those looking. I don't think that there's any kind of link to qualifications/cv's for a lot of jobs out there with things as they are. I applied for loads of general stuff and heard nothing back from a single one. I'm technically self employed but with ebay fees and people wanting stuff for xxxx all it's not ideal so I applied for a part time cleaning job with a sister company to my old employer. I was straight with the boss I saw and told him I'd never done cleaning commercially etc. I've got the job (yet to start as place isn't built yet) because the girl in HR knows me so put something on the note with my CV. Don't know what but that was all the guy needed to know about me so threw the other 30/40 CV's into a drawer... those poor sods never got a call or interview. I am convinced with a lot of jobs it's not what you know anymore but WHO you know. Further to that I've applied for a full time job as I know a guy who already works there.
  17. [sheffield-SE-Freecycle] OFFERED: Subaru Justy owner's manual, meersbrook, s8Wednesday, 13 October, 2010 my car went to scrap but I still have the manual in case anyone wants. Recycling this weekend Bet it wasn't really scrap...
  18. Claypole

    eBay Bellend?

    And I'm pretty sure you'll not hear from the second chance offer too... people just think you've shilled the item up.
  19. http://sheffield.gumtree.com/sheffield/31/66905331.html I'm sure the car in the video is different to the one for sale.
  20. If I see some on a car then you can do what you like and I'll just look on and keep my distance and let you get on with it.
  21. Creosote. Painting a bit of spare fence today to make into a place to stash my wheelie bins. Might paint the garden fence tomorrow if it's fine just for more creosote, I love it.
  22. Louis Theroux - while gurning and asking his usual inane questions - visits Lagos and finds corruption and violence - no shit sherlock. I'm glad I'm not paying some kind of compulsory fee for this garbage.
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