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  1. and we still use inches for wheels, yet mm for tyre width
  2. What is this for? I just found it lying in my scuttle panel trim, and am a bit paranoid it looks like the type of tool you'd use to pry a door open with
  3. Only one I've had was a G plate 1.8 LX estate in red (or rather, pink). Proved ridiculously reliable, taking all sorts of abuse and never once breaking down. Finally died after I realised the MOT had run out several months prior, then told it was completely rotten underneath.
  4. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282858021525?ul_noapp=true
  5. https://www.gumtree.com/p/vauxhall/vauxhall-astra-show-car-highly-modified-/1286916801
  6. Dad took me for a ride in his nearly-new Mondeo and was showing off the voice control system. The process is thus: Set temperature What temperature would you like? 21 degrees Would you like to set to 21 degrees? Yes Setting to 21 degrees. Yep, that's definitely easier than pressing a button a few times.
  7. Henry Ford decreed all Model Ts should be painted black because they'd all appear that colour anyway on contemporary newsreels.
  8. when I worked there I remember selling plates that look like it was blanked off. Not sure what's worse, trying to advertise you had the poverty spec radio or no radio at all
  9. Still give you more living room than most London flats
  10. Ok, but only if you lay the tenner in front of the van and watch it get grounded out on it
  11. All the ones I've driven won't let you take the key out though
  12. It would have been less than 3 years old. But I've never heard of an automatic you can switch off when not in park?
  13. Someone I know had to have several months off work, apparently after being run over by their own car. Seemed a bit far fetched, but it can happen and with potentially fatal results. But today they were telling me the details of said accident, which caused my BS alarm to go haywire. It was an automatic BMW (don't know which type, but it would have been a Motability car so nearly new) that they state was left in Park but the electronic handbrake failed and it rolled back. As far as I know, this would be impossible. Even if the handbrake did fail, I've never heard of a parked automatic jumping out of gear, not to mention it would have then also had to build enough momentum to have knocked them down and gone over their back. They say BMW investigated and found no fault and they can't afford to take legal action. So is there any conceivable way this scenario could happen?
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