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  1. I reaally like the colour on this one, I can't quite work out what it is though... Got to love sellers putting in "Was running perfect until laid up 10 years ago" - for me the levels of reassurance offered by this declines dramatically as the sentence progresses. Thats Strata Grey....more of a metallic olive drab than grey really
  2. Applied sparingly on a rag and it'll be fine...trust me I'm a doctor
  3. Hi Trig.....regret I'm no expert on these paints.If your seats have been painted,I have no idea if you can paint over that.I have only ever used Vinylcote ,which dyes them rather than paints them.I guess if they have been vinylcoted then you can do that again and simply dye them another colour.I have no idea if you can paint over paint...if you see what I mean. I was thinking ,if you wanted to return the seats to original,I could offer some already blue bits and the rest another colour,which you could then dye blue to match.I know Vinylcote went bust,but Woolies do it now,and it works well. If you want to keep the front seats,I would suggest trying perhaps some thinners and see if the 'paint' comes off...then you could get it all off and repaint it.If its dye...it shouldn't come off and can be dyed again.
  4. Hi Trig...just to say if its of any interest to you,I have a secondhand blue XL seat base for the rear and a new cover for the back of a front seat(its not perfect though).I would have a pair of XL/GXL front seats,and the rear upright,but not necessarily all in blue...too many seats in too big a mess...and not enough time to look. You're more than welcome to them if you wish....I'm not a million miles away from you,and best of luck with the car !
  5. Your headlamp rings are (pretty certainly)Cortina Mk3 GT or GXL ones...that go on the ally four lamp grille...regret cant tell you which side,but they are handed
  6. Have had the misfortune to come across some of these mindless morons.Its beyond me to determine what sort of perverse gratification can be derived from destroying something thats lasted for forty years.And the excuses that are applied to them...I'm sure its nice to think only the 'beyond saving' ones are raced,but truthfully they dont care if its saveable or not,and the rarer the victim the better.And dealing with them...forget it .Once tried to save a Cortina 3 GT from the track.One owner 43,000,2 door.The twat was over the moon to think how many folks would have wanted the car and how disgusted they would be to see it trashed.Refused my money for the interior on the basis he intended to burn it once he ripped it all out.Another Mk3,this time a 1300 base,original...not too bad.Tried to swap that for a really bad one and some cash to save it.Scored an own goal ...my mentioning it was rare..fate sealed. If they cant steal it..they'll lie through their teeth to the owner who thinks he selling his pride and joy to someone who'll look after it.I'd like to go banger racing in an Austin 3 litre...with a couple of dozen of these w*nkers tied to the back bumper....
  7. I would...I already have one ironing board I dont use.
  8. Absolutely ! The only thing slower than my 1.8TD...with of course all the aerodynamic qualities of a fridge freezer with the door open
  9. Blanket advance apology...gratuitous anorakking to follow...Indeed Europe did have 1100 cvhs...you could also choose a 950 crossflow for your Escort 1 or 2All Taunus 1,2 and 3 used the Pinto 1300...crossflows were never available.....especially popular for the likes of France etc where you got clobbered for owning a big engine,either for import duty or road tax or both....which is probably where all the (Pinto) 1600cc Mk2 Grannies went,although that must have been an improvement on the 1.7 V4 fitted in a Mk1.Crapis kicked off with the either a 1300 crossflow or a 1300 V4 as least displacement option...didn't get the Pinto 1.3 till later on.Unless I'm hugely mistaken (always a possibility)a Mk3 Cortina could be had with an 1100 crossflow...but not here,probably for export only to those markets deemed not clever enough to handle the complexities of an overhead camshaft.
  10. Thats not bollocks...its true ...a Mk4/5 Cortina estate is in fact a Taunus 1 estate shell from 1970 on.This brown Taunus is a Taunus 1 (not a Mk3,a 3 is a Mk5 Cortina),1300 ohc must be from Italy originally.Well spotted...where is it ?
  11. Bumbers...superb !What about 'seals' ?'Got a pair of seals for my car mate ?' Last I heard a seal was indeed an aquatic mammal,usually found basking on a sandbank in The Wash,waiting for the next reasonably priced mackerel to come along...Excellent site by the way...haven't laughed so much since Not The Nine O Clock news finished.......
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