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  1. The first car I have recollections of was my dad's Mk1 Capri 1300. It was red and on a G reg. This got traded in for a Capri 3000E in light blue but I recall him having the bonnet sprayed mat black. We went to Scotland on holiday in that car and I was just saying to wifey the other day as I was securely strapping my two daughters into their car seats that my sister and I (aged 5 and 2) were just plonked in the back seat of the Capri back then,no belts, safety seats etc. and off to Jockoland we went!
  2. An absolute vision of loveliness!
  3. I always enjoy seeing these period photos. Cheers.
  4. I know there was a thread on here a while back about steam trains and there was a fair bit of interest in it. For southern based steam fans there's a chance to see a train running from London to Swanage (Dorset) for the first time in many a year. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/dorset/7969743.stm
  5. I picked up a then new girlfriend once in an absolute mint Mk2 Granny. She thought it was horrible. Needless to say the Granny outlasted the bird.
  6. A fabulous find! I once Bangered a 1400 Pony, most fun night I ever had on the track. I was laughed at when we rolled into the pits but ended winning the £200 DD! I was out with Volvo's, Granadas and the like too. I will scan a photo in when I've got time. Continuing the Pony theme, back when I working for Royal Mail, a chap had a 1600 LHD example, that he's bought brand new whilst living in Canada and shipped it back to the UK when he came back to live. Had it right up until the end of it's life.
  7. Jason A

    Shite Trip Out

    Terrific selection of pics, cheers for posting them.
  8. Jason A


    Dashes aside, what fabulous steering wheels on some of those cars!
  9. Don't know if you were ever really in the poop ayd old boy. It's just that any mention of the word Banger racer on here is generally followed up by something like this 'if the stuff they play dodgems with was made of wheatabix, they wouldn't get in it. mindless.'Which is about a moronoc a statement as can be expected.Nice picture of the Koala by the way. Almost makes the pikey, thieving scum in me (another ignorant perception of someone who's spent a great deal of his life involved in ovalsport) want a cuddle with the cute little thing.
  10. Never in my life have I seen an XR2 Banger raced...
  11. Just been reading the thread over on Ovalchat. £1000 reward being offered:"any info please ring Andy Pitts on 07954578884"
  12. Lavenham's in Suffolk I think.Nice postcards from a golden age of park where you feel like it and not have to pay. Blackforest looks lovely by the way, anyone ever been there?
  13. The book makes excellent reading, though I doubt if the film will make Spanish cinemas somehow, so I'll have to wait for the DVD, which will be compulsive viewing with all that shite in the film. Agree with what's been said about the inaccuracies, shame. Best part of the book for me, was when he was in prison here in Madrid, and was being transferred to another prison in Spain. Howard and the others prisoners asked if they perhaps might have a beer, so the guards stopped the van, went and bought a few cervezas and everyone had a leisurely beer, while the helicopter circulated overhead!Great piccies by the way, the Wolseley 16/60 did it for me
  14. Regie, there is such a place as Cordoba, it's a very beautiful old city. I'm planning on spending Easter there. Good idea Pete. but you know, an Austin Cambridge or Morris Oxford's rightful place is Eastbourne. A Wednesday night in August in fact. Windows out, painted up, 'Mouldy Old Dough' over the tannoy ...
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