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  1. Take posession of a maxi AND keep it on the road for 40 years?You'd get less for murder... I drove a 1750 with twin carbs once, it was disturbingly fast... I "smoked" an E30 BMW off the lights!
  2. wilko


    I always do whatever I want with my cars and I couldn't give a monkeys what anybody thinks about it.If it gives some people pleasure to preserve them as close as possible to original then good for them, but that shouldn't have any bearing on how I chose to own/enjoy different ones!With a fair number of "originality freaks" in the world, it suprises me that more of them don't club together to preserve a collection of vehicles that it isn't practical for them to own as individuals, if that's what tickles their fancy - a bit like railway enthusiasts do with steam engines!
  3. Were the limos all 2200 like that one? The only other one I've ever seen was also a 2200 and was banger raced in 1999.
  4. wilko

    Farina saved

    Really straight old cars getting wrecked in any way is a shame in my book, but each to their own. Going down the path of condemning somebody as a "KNOB" or a "TWAT" is not that far away from turning into one of the old moaners writing in to car mags to complain about people modifying classics, or to complain about banger racing etc... & as far as I'm concerned, if you can get that upset about waht somebody else does with a ton of old metal they legally own then you need to get a life. No need to repeat yourself again, I get the message, I just disagree.
  5. wilko

    Farina saved

    Yes it was your "knob" comment I was referring to - if somebody owns something then they can do what they like with it in my book.It seems a little strange to me when people resolutely don't want to see a car back on the road, but it is suprisingly common with old cars, and often for emmotional reasons - especially when somebody dies and their family has to dispose of their cars and can't bear the thought of seeing it on the road with somebody else at the wheel.Theres loads of old giffers trying to sell rusty heaps unlikely ever to see the public road again with "NO BANGER RACERS" in caps at the end of the advert, despite the fact they are likely to be the only ones who will pay for the car - I don't mind that, by the same token, if somebody decides for whatever reason that they would rather their car got raced than restored, I am also quite happy with that too.
  6. wilko

    Farina saved

    What a knob!It's that ^ attitude that gets on my wick as a racer - your car, your choice: my car, my choice.Having seen any number of "it's going to be restored" projects that fester away only to get scrapped when they are too far gone for anybody to get any joy out of, anything I owned which I thought "fit for racing" would go to one of my friends who would race it - which is exactly where my £350 Laurel went when it eventually let me down by dropping a valve. If it was worth more to somebody to restore, I'd sell it for restoration, as it was, I swapped it for a mk2 cortina shell.Whatever other people do with their legally aquirred possessions is not for me to say.
  7. Now then...I'd like to see all the journos have to run & write about living with a 20+ year old car that costs an absolute maximum of £999 including MOT & tax. This would be called "the 3 figure rule".Next, I'd like to see lots of campaigning to up the pre-73 cut-off. When it started, this was for cars over 25 years old, restoring this as a 30 year rolling rule (in line with some european countries) would put us back to 1980, and mean in 3 years my Acclaim is tax free - woohoo!I'd like to see a section called "Impractically Classic" which would be about spending more than the value of a condition 1 car on keeping one going - first feature could be Austoshite hero China Tom throwing thousands of quid at a semi-shagged out 90's V12 jag.I'd also like to see stuff about driving old motors that is actually about driving them & bans words such as "surge", "burble" and "waft".
  8. wilko

    Farina saved

    Most Farina folks are pretty decent - I've dealt with a lot over the past few years as I have raced a few farinas & used to mechanic for a bloke who raced loads & ran them as road cars as well.They tend to fall into 2 camps - banger people, and non-banger people - even with the latter, I only ever met one who was a proper eccentric annorak type - we used to call him "mr bumbag" 'cos he always wore one! He owned oxford & cambridge estates and an oxford saloon - he drove a 45 mile round trip up to our banger yard once to get a "genuine" bolt for his alternator, but he wasn't a bad old chap at all.The most tragic waste of farinas I ever saw was the early ones that were "plate raped" - we got a black A60 cambridge saloon in once as a bare shell, the plate dealer had MOT'd it, got the plate, then sold all the trim, chrome and running gear and then passed the shell on to us, it was mint - steel wings and no filler, a real waste of a lovely car.
  9. wilko

    Farina saved

    Should do a good £400 to a banger racer if it's solid & running, which it clearly is - stupid money to smash one up, but they dominated the racing in the late 70's and early 80's and are iconic cars in banger circles.I have raced a few myself, but will never smash up one that is economically restorable. They are lovely old things to drive, I'm a big fan - excellent save!Does the illuminating badge on the front grill still work? That's one of the coolest things about Wolzy farinas!
  10. What's been peeing me off recently is the private sellers.If I'm buying a £1000 car, I don't expect any warranty worth the paper it's written on, so I don't expect a huge price differential between the sort of car dealers who operate in the £1000 car bracket and the private seller - I'd expect the dealer to want £1000 for a car that came from the auctions at £800 or less, I'd expect a private seller to want maybe £900 for the same motor.I am considering buying a BMW E46 - I've been looking at cars in the £6-8k bracket. Since I trust my instincts on buying cars, I would consider buying privately.HOWEVER, I'd expect a dealer offering a car at £7k to have card payment and credit facilities, to offer a warranty of some description, have trade plates so I can road-test the car etc... I would expect a private seller to have none of these things. SO, I'd expect to get a better price, 'cos I'm taking a bigger risk - ultimately I'd expect to get a car that is a year newer and/or 10k less on the clock and/or a better spec than the equivalent bought through a reputable dealer at the same price.Most people selling E46's privately seem to be putting them in at "dealer money". Maybe it's just me, but if I see 2 IDENTICAL £7000 cars, one at a decent dealership, one private, I'll buy from the dealer as at least I'll have a bit of comeback if it blows up next week...
  11. I once lived next door to somebody like this but worse - he actively let rats into his flat. I bought an air rifle and reguarly shot rats the size of squirrels crawling round the bins right outside our front door in broad daylight. He would shout at me when I did this.I don't mind people's "eccentric" behaviour - if they want to fill their garden with old cars, bikes, washing machines etc... or, as one former neighbour did, cover the outside of their house in billboards with carefully written and utterly barmy conspiracy theories painted all over them, but trust me, living next door to a rubbish horder is truly unpleasant.
  12. wilko

    Wakey wakey!

    Lovely old barge - looks well in that colour as well.Original or restored?
  13. Sadly, the Izuzu 3.0 V6 has a tendency to become terminally ill and spit it's cylinder liners out - cars having 2nd and 3rd engines fitted under warranty are not uncommon!
  14. wilko


    But Pete, just think, if nobody buys crap cars built to a price, we'll have nothing to get excited about in years to come!?The cheapest car you could buy new in the UK was once the FSO Polonez. It was probably one of the most shoddily built and outdated as well, all things considered. Would I own one...?...in an instant!
  15. Opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one and they sometimes stink!Lets face it, other than stuff with terminally terminal design issues like early BMW V8's, 3 litre dizzler Saab 9-5's and the like, which are to be avoided unless you are an ardent gambler, most 90's onwards cars are relatively samey and not that much better or worse than equivalent choices in all honesty? The fact SWMBO just got a 206 started a mini "oh how awful 206's are!" discussion recently, but are they really? and Corsas too?Rest assured, whatever you might buy, there will always be those trotting out the alternatives, this will always involve Japanese & German alternatives to whatever you are considering. Strangely, the only engines I have ever had to rebuild in order to avoid economic ruination were German and Japanese, but you can't beat them, apparently!
  16. When I lived in Liverpool, everybody used to drive live a loony on the main 2 & 3 lane roads road the outside of the city centre - I even saw a clio on it's roof opposite the Liver building in the middle of the morning rush once!
  17. I had the "are drivers getting worse" chat with a traffic cop the other day - he reckons not, I'm not sure?Thinking back to when I first started driving in 1995, me and my mates all had 80's cars - 205's, mk2 Fiestas, Renault 5's initially then moving on to Sierras, Cavaliers etc... which have no modern safety features other than a collapsible steering column & are both faster and weaker than many 60's and 70's cars.We (well certainly I) used to drive like complete lunatics from time to time - speed cameras and traffic patrols were pretty much non-existant round our way - when I drive down the same roads now, I cannot believe the speed I used to drive them at. I can still be a bit of wally from time to time, but nothing like how I was back then - there is a road with a corner which these days, I will lift off for if approaching at 60mph and not in a rush, back then I would take it with my foot nailed to the floor at about 95mph. In those 80's cars, I'm fairly sure one mistake or twist of fate at over 70mph would have killed me - I was very lucky to grow up enough to see that - ironically, I had a clean license until I was 22. You'd simply never get away with 4 years of driving like that now without aquiring points or a ban.On the other hand, driving like a pr!ck in cars without ABS, traction control etc... and then moving on to racing on the track has at least given me a good appreciation for grip & road conditions - when I get in a modern car with a lot of people, it's usually how they drive in greasy or frosty conditions that startles me - a lot of them barely seem to drive any differently to how they drive in dry sunshine, and that scares me.
  18. Ah, I thought it was him at Ally Pally. Didn't realise it was you too! Yes, guilty as charged - I was very impressed with that Suntor you had at the time! I have still got the Riley bonnet & front panel - somebody from COOC was supposed to pick them up and never did - I rescued them from the rain, but they are kicking about at a mate of mine's place in cheshire at the moment!
  19. Yes, that is superb!A P4 100 was one of the most likeable cars I have ever driven
  20. Thats a familiar name. Sure I've met him, maybe at the Peterborough BMC show.You may well have done - he had an A55mk2 and a series V Oxford on the road for years and regularly goes to that show - you also met both of us at Ally Pally - it was myself & Mick who picked up the "Pimp my Riley" Oxford from you - Mick later raced it at Standlake in Oxfordshire - there was a serious quantity of filler it it tha fell out when it got a knock - the passenger side was really hanging!
  21. They might like you to think so, but judging by the names they've used, at least 2 of them are only "involved" to the point of watching the racing and being a teenage pain in the ass on various banger racing forums... You'd think wouldn't you - Mondeos make ridiculously strong bangers. I disagree - side impacts are worse - a 40mph side impact that just misses the A-pillar is more likely to be fatal than 2 cars moving at 40mph colliding head on. A mate who ran a big scrappies used to get the severe & fatals from the police compound to weigh in - some of the side impact ones were horrific.
  22. I was chatting to a Polish mate at work a few moments ago - her dad sold his last 125p (shagged out but still driving) for the equivalent £1.65 about a decade ago!Apparently still plenty about and plenty cheap - I am seriously considering flying over & driving back in one She tells me last time she went home by road, they drove it in one go & it took 22.5 hours.
  23. I've been trying to visualise the end result of grafting together a Rover P4 and some kind of "cc" flippy roof recently - I think a P4 would be utterly fab as a pillarless 2 door cabrio - 206 and 307 are likely to be cheap as chips in another 5 years so maybe I'll even get to try it!The missus works for a large Ford dealer, apparently they have had a lot of leaky roof problems with the Focus CC's - my suggestion that she tell customers "if you want a car that never leaks then buy one with the roof actually fucking welded on!" did not go down very well...
  24. WTF!!! £2.40, they cost £2.55 in Bath!m0rris I can't belive we are discussing Cappucinos on Autoshite..... I quite liked Peter Simpson and Nick LarkinYes, how dare we discuss coffee - I saw a Talbot Solara recently! Nick Larkin always struck me as more of a bus nut than a car nut - a mate of mine called Mick Cotton often used to run into Larkin at bus rallies; Mick & Nick shared a passion for BMC farinas & old buses - the difference being, Mick's pair of roadgoing farinas were slightly overshadowed by the record breaking number that he raced in a 20+ year banger career - I don't think he ever introduced that topic to the conversation, seeing as Larkin tried to have the racing of old cars completely banned at one stage The thought of the two of them merrily chatting away about Leyland Leopards has always amused me...
  25. Hows about this for an idea.... "THE GREAT AUTOSHITE ANTI SCRAPPAGE SCHEME ANTI BANGER RALLY RALLY" Instead of picking up a mk1 mondeo that is unlikely ever to break down, giving it a "zany" paint scheme and driving it in a "zany" manner to somewhere in nice predictable Western Europe, then scrapping it and flying home, we do the total OPPOSITE... ...fly to somewhere with loads of rated SHITE, buy some, and drive it home to KEEP. Let's fill the country up with eastern block shite instead of driving our shite to Italy & scrapping it! Hurrah! I bet it would really piss the goverment do-gooder clots behind the scrappage scheme off, and that would be superb - how about a few protest laps of parliment on the way home in Trabants et al running on 2 star petrol mixed with potato vodka and belching smoke everywhere?!?
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