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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I've just heard the Fiesta has come to the end of its run-for ever! They're great little cars and knocked the Metro into a cocked hat! I'll miss them!
  2. I'm not at liberty to disclose the precise location of this vehicle, and I discovered it quite by accident, while delivering some parts to a mate's garage. It really needs to be rescued, although there seems to have been some work done on the engine, with new plugs fitted.
  3. I've added this. Although not strictly a picture of a "shite" vehicle, it's from a "shite" road.... This image was originally on the Motor Cycling Club's "News Of The Week" site, so my thanks to them for this.
  4. Spotted at the end of my Avenue yesterday afternoon: I initially thought this might have been a "cherished" plate, but on refection, perhaps not....Unless the driver owns Stapleton Tyre Services......
  5. Out and about in Cannock over the weekend, visiting family. While adjourning to a local Tesco store in order to purchase some "human cooling liquid" (A.K.A. Staropramen lager!) I spotted this: not sure I know quite what it is: Later on I went for a stroll and found this Honda, that is rapidly becoming a fixture: But, best of all, was what I espied at the Watford Gap service station on the M1. This is a real beauty, and, to add to its irony, the owner had parked it as close to the electric charging points as it would go-brilliant!
  6. I had the opportunity to have a meet N19 this afternoon & we discussed many Autoshite related matters. It was good to have a chat and to see the new Ford in the flesh. Thanks, mate!
  7. 30 Years working at Heathrow and I can confirm this analysis.........
  8. I found these two while on my peregrinations earlier today in north Watford. The Hillman Hunter's been there for AGES......
  9. I've always thought our "left-hand running" stemmed from the need to draw sword; most people, being right handed, would draw their sword using their right hand, to defend themselves on their right side. Of course, this might be an urban myth.....
  10. If I'm correct the Fiat next to the red Fiesta is a Fiat 600D, which was a sort of "grown up" Fiat 500, with a larger engine and body, but still air-cooled and unbearably noisy! I read there was an Abarth version-blimey, a real 1960s "pocket rocket"!
  11. I know a few of them.......Oh no, wait a minute.... Escorts in London....Sorry, another double entendre...
  12. U.L.E.Z. compliant Ka?
  13. Looking forward......
  14. Sorry, my typo-it's Murton, near SEAHAM. I should add that all four of us popped into the local pub for a "few jars" yesterday evening and I must confess I could not understand the barmaid, her accent was SOOO strong! Another local had to "interpret" for me! This is real County Durham; lots of disused old mines everywhere and I was told that the final scenes of "Get Carter" were filmed on the coast very near to here-WOW!
  15. My current wife and I have been away in Northumbria for the weekend & booked into a B&B near Seaton. My wife spoke to the owner, who explained her husband's "a bit of an odd-ball car fan", to which she replied "don't worry, my husband's probably worse!" This is what was in the guest house car park: When I expressed "some little interest"in his vehicles, we came to a mutually beneficial arrangement", that being we received two nights free B&B and I tuned the Daf 44, 46 and Kalmar! Saturday, in glorious sunshine, was spent swapping carburettors, cleaning jets, checking timing and replacing points & condensers and tomorrow will be spent adjusting belts-a perfect, if completely unplanned weekend! My current wife's struck up a friendship with the the owner's wife and spent the day in Durham, shopping. All in all, a winning weekend for al!
  16. Spotted in my local B.P. this morning-very lovely!
  17. I'm no expert on the workings of Diesel engines, but as I understand it they're more economical if left ticking over for short periods of time, as opposed to being switched off and then re-started. It's something to do with a "dollop" of diesel fuel being squirted into the engine all at once on start-up, as opposed to an extremely small amount being used when the engine's idling. I'm probably wrong, but I feel I've read or heard this somewhere....
  18. What's the car centre-stage in the first picture? I'm thinking a Simca, but I'm probably wrong!
  19. THAT'S MY OLD WARTBURG! May I ask where it is now?
  20. Yer, that there car's a Wartburg! Proper job!
  21. You have a point there. My late grand-father and father ran an electrical retail business in Bideford and were enthusiastic supporters of Sir Peter Cadbury and his plans-not least since a good local T.V. franchise would encourage sales of T.V.s! KERCHING! Oddly north Devon (but not the rest of the county) had the relative luxury of tow I.T.V. franchises; Westward T.V. from Plymouth and (as it was) T.W.W. (Television Wales and the West) from Bristol, which was transmitted from South Wales. I appreciate I've gone "off piste" rather here, so will take my anorak from under the pile of coats in the spare room and take my leave......
  22. Westward T.V. was established by Sir Peter Cadbury (he of the chocolate fame) and it was a great company, with an interest in the local area. T.S.W. (Television South West) who gained the franchise in 1982 were never as good at the local stuff.
  23. Anyone spot the express train in the background, hauled by 2 class 25 locos? I'll get my anorak and leave....!
  24. I may walk by and inspect the progress.......
  25. As Central London is becoming! We were in Shaftsbury Avenue on Wednesday, to see "To Kill A Mockingbird" (bloody good show, by the way!) and saw quite a few "more mature" vehicles running about. We're in again tomorrow to see Henning Wehn's latest one-man show "It'll All Come Out In The Wash", so I'll remember to take some pictures! .....Of the cars, that is!
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