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  1. 1 hour ago, fairkens said:

    Clean pants needed


    ETA - owner should definitely be on here. I was behind him in the supermarket queue. He:

    1. Wore a lot of brown;

    2. Bought almost exclusively tinned food; and

    3. Paid in cash, down to the correct pennies.


    EPIC!!! This ticks more boxes than there are in a Sainsbury delivery! I would willingly surrender my Subaru Forester if I could drive that!

  2. 22 minutes ago, Barry Cade said:

    Didn't even get time to get a pic, but spotted a Fiat 500 Giardianetta being towed on a trailer by a Saab 9000 Carlsson!

    On a rarity scale of 1-10, where 1 is "common" and 10 "rare", this vehicle is an 11, without a doubt! I only ever seen one in the flesh, although I do have a "Motoring Which" report from January 1963, which said it was economical but slow, and uncomfortable, although the sliding roof was a great feature for summer days. The "suicide" doors, that were hinged at the rear were considered very dangerous, particularly as they kept flying open...... 

  3. 13 minutes ago, N19 said:

    Tank ordered last week, hopefully will arrive soon.

    The old one has been rinsed out as I'm a little paranoid about a metal tank of vapour being an explosion risk...


    Existing, perfectly working, fuel sender has been recovered for fitting in to the new tank


    Whilst the tank was off, I took the opportunity to clean up the bottom of the spare wheel well and a couple of patches above it.




    Much easier with the tank removed, so when the new one arrives it can go back on to be forgotten about for another 40 years. 

    Mondeo had an MoT yesterday and sailed through. 5,991 miles in the last year.

    Focus had some hesitation when moving off at low revs. I decided to have a look at the spark plugs.

    excuse the photo, clearly close up focus (groan) is poor on my phone's camera, and this was after they'd been cleaned up a bit, one (2nd from left) had furry deposits and a burnt electrode. Can't have helped!


    I fitted 4 new plugs, which kindly came from Ben's stock passed over when he sold me the car. The engine then was mis-firing, which was concerning. With assistance from a passing @Andrew353w , a little head scratching, worrying and only a minor injury, I discovered one of the plugs to be almost entirely closed up - that's what happens when you fit things whilst not paying attention and thus not checking them! 

    I hope your hand is O.K! Clean up the injury and dab some TCP on it, just to be sure. As you say, it's so often the "bloody obvious" that's the problem! Good to meet again and I'll keep an eye out when I pass that way, which is almost daily. 

  4. 43 minutes ago, Richard_FM said:

    It was a mixed bag in Austria because some parts had better road connections with Germany & drove on the right.  It wasn't until the annexation in 1938 that all of Austria switched over.  It was a similar situation in some of the other former parts of the Austro-Hungarian empire.

    That sounds like a complete nightmare! I suppose there weren't that many vehicles around during the 1930s, so maybe not too bad! 

  5. 41 minutes ago, N19 said:

    Starter motor picked up this morning. Reconditioned by Unit Exchange in Borehamwood, who as ever provide a first class service including obtaining an obscure part. If you're anywhere nearby, I thoroughly thoroughly recommend taking any starters alternators etc to them.


    I, too, would strongly recommend this company for refurbishing starter motors, dynamos and alternators. They've sorted out numerous items for me for many a strange and weird car, as well as more conventional stuff for customers of mine.   

  6. I've come late to this thread, but would just like to add that my Xantia, an earlier one that yours ("M" reg) was simply the most comfortable car I've ever owned. I did over 250,000 miles in it, including numerous trips all over France. Believe me, these cars are built for French Autoroutes and for transporting industrial amounts of wine from French vineyards to England (customs regulations not withstanding!)

    I've an off-side fog light unit that's yours for the postage, and a drive shaft (I'll have to check which side) if they're of interest. I fitted air horns and yellow French-style H4 lamps to mine, to give it that "French" look. Mine was an automatic and benefitted from regular ATF changes, so perhaps a gearbox oil change would smooth the changes? I used a firm in Cambridge called Pilades (I think) who are Citroën specialists to change the spheres & L.H.M. when necessary. ALWAYS use the genuine L.H.M., as it really does work better!  

    They're truly great cars, with a HUGE range of over 400 miles on a full tank and my automatic returned over 40 M.P.G. on a run. If you need more information on their strange eccentricities, DM me!  

  7. 3 hours ago, uk_senator said:

    (I worked here, twice)


    And I used to buy parts from them! Later they became a Land Rover dealership. Now a block of flats! My daughter lived just up the road for a few years, in a flat above a curry restaurant called "Tandoori Nights":-small world!  

  8. 2 hours ago, Garythesnail said:

    You are somewhat missing the point or being a grand-dad...... my daughter 's given up with me:rolleyes:

    Yes, you're right! I read somewhere that parents love their children, but are in love with their grandchildren! I agree, it's a s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y different relationship.

  9. 3 hours ago, martc said:


    Clarnico Sweet Factory made candied peel, progressing to marmalade, jams and sweets. The trading name was formed from the surnames of Clarke, Nicholls and Coombes.
    At the height of their success in 1899 they employed 2,000 people at their factory making sweets and boxes. Clarnico was sold to Trebor in 1969.

    Thanks you for bringing back a family memory! My Grandfather used to keep a bag of mint clarnicos with him and it was treat for me to have one when I saw him! It's fummy how these memories stick with you, even after some 60 years! Somehow I can't see my daughter allowing me to give my grandson a mint clarnico-too much sugar! 

  10. 3 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

    Absolutely did not expect to encounter a Suzuki Mighty Boy while out for an evening constitutional yesterday...


    MrsDC was quicker with her phone than I was.

    Unfortunately it's at too great a distance to make out much detail, but I assure you, it was!


    Deffo not a cut-down Metro, despite appearances.


    Rear 'sail' trims shown here were optional/ removable.


    Only sold new in Japan, Australia and Cyprus, and even then only in fairly small numbers - so what one was doing in Carrick on a Tuesday evening is anyone's guess.

    I'm lovin' this little thing! "Mighty Boy"-a great name for a tiny pick-up! If memory serves, Reliant produced a Robin pick-up a few years ago, named the "giant", which was perfectly designed to slide a pallet onto its rear space. I suspect its weight limit may be easily exceeded, though.......

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