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    The majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. Thanks a lot!!


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  1. If the registration number had been "427" unstead of "437" it'd have been worth a few pounds to a Moskvich owner, as that's its model number!
  2. Sorry, have I missed a trick here? I didn't realise there was a specific part of the forum for sale items.
  3. I've been away from this site and am currently having a big tidy-up of my lock-up, which has revealed some parts bought for my good old Citroën Xantia, which I sold before last Christmas. If anyone wants or needs a genuine Intermotor 12613 coilpack for one of these cars (and it might fit other Citroëns!) please get in touch either via this forum or by email on: andyrooen5 [at] aol [dot] com They're on Fleabay at £35, so let's half that and call it £17.50 plus postage? If no-one wants it I'll give it a week before I Bay it, but would rather help the Autoshite community first! Any more info needed-get in touch! It's good to be back!
  4. Oi, Jackytwoshoes, I didn't know you were on Autoshite! As you can see, the little Daf 33 makes regular appearances here! How appropriate that you are my ONE THOUSANDTH post!
  5. Had a few in there during "the Troubles"! GREAT bar! Not been back since, but perhaps I ought to.....
  6. I've seen both of those clips before and love them! My little brother was born at the height of the 1963 freeze and my Mum went into labour at home. Dad managed to get her to hospital JUST in time, having battled through snow covered roads, in a 6 volt 3 speed Renault 4! What with those skinny tyres, spongy suspension and almost non-existent power I reckon my little brother was a VERY lucky little baby!
  7. Now sold. Placed on the Evil Bay in the end. Surprisingly a really nice guy came up from Tottenham to take a look on Friday evening and bought it! £250 changed hands and I shed a tear! Sorry, but one becomes attached to certain cars, and this is one of them. I feel it's gone to a good home anyway! By the way, Subarus "like a drink" don't they! Are they know for their thirst of the unleaded wine?
  8. In answer to an earlier question the "green stuff" was checked last November (2016) when the 4 suspension spheres were changed. The 2 auxiliary spheres were deemed to be serviceable. The work was carried out by DS Workshop, of Potters Bar, well known DS and hydro-pneumatic Citroën specialists.
  9. Sorry about the pictorial absences-the internet collapsed yesterday and only bounced back this afternoon! Pictures WILL be here very soon!
  10. Dear All, My beloved Citroën Xantia's going up for sale, for no other reason than I've bought a Subaru (stop laughing!) and I haven't the space to park both! So, here goes: 1994 ("M" reg), 2 litre automatic 8 valve engine, with 202700 miles on the clock. M.O.T. to March 2018, 4 good Michelin tyres (the spare's also a Michelin, but more worn than those on the car!) it's white, with electric windows, central locking, electric sunroof which ALL work! (No, they REALLY do!) Meticulously serviced for the last 8 years by me, with oil & filter changes every 5,000 miles and plugs and air filters changed every 10,000 miles. A.T.F. drained from the auto box every 5,000 miles & topped up again, so over time the A.T.F. is completely changed. Cam belt done in 2015, since when the car's about 20,000 miles. Fitted with a JVC D.A.B. radio and yellow headlamp bulbs (which can be removed, if requested!) New alternator, battery and fan belt in 2104. The bodywork is in good, but not excellent order. There are a few rust spots, but nothing in anyway critical. It has a tow-hitch, with all the wiring and it all works. £400 would secure this car to your driveway. It could be adjusted in a downwards direction, subject to the removal of the radio-it IS a nice one! I DON'T want to E-Bay this, as my life is worth more, so I offer it to the Autoshite community first. Please email me if you have any questions on: andyrooen5 [at] aol [dot] com The car's In Barnet and viewing is welcome! It's done about a dozen trips to France and has never missed a beat!
  11. Andrew353w

    T charge

    Back on Autoshite after a long absence (Sorry, mates!) and this was the first thread I hit! Living on the outskirts of north London this would affect me, were I to drive into London. I feel a point has been missed throughout this discussion (& I apologise in advance if I've missed anyone raising this!) I take it everyone wants the air pollution cleaned up in London, regardless of what they drive. O.K., so that's a given. Some of the earlier evocative black and white pictures show buses running through the smogs of London and this was cleaned up in the 1950s by the Clean Air, which worked well. The problem behind the T Charge is that it seems to be a method of using pollution to make money for the Mayor, NOT to get rid of pollution! Imagine turning to a polluting factory in London in the 1950s & saying "you shouldn't be polluting the air, but bung us a few £££ and you can carry on belching out your polluting chemicals". Sounds wrong to me! In short, the polluting vehicles need to be BANNED, not seen as a cash cow for the Mayor! Forgot to add: my 1972 Daf 33 does NOT pay the T charge, but my 1994 Citroën Xantia DOES.....
  12. Thanks for all your thoughts! I'll investigate things & report back soon......
  13. 100% agreed, but how long will it take for the use of a hand-held mobile phone to be judged in the same way? Less than 20 years, I hope (and pray!)
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