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    The majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. Thanks a lot!!


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  1. Why am I thinking early Vauxhall Cresta PA?
  2. I think it's "Dominion" fuel, which was around after WW2 until the late 1960s.
  3. I've just watched the YouTube clip about George Turnbbull, which I thought very interesting. I've been to Korea and their attitude to everything seems to be far more collective (in a non-socialist way) than ours was. I suppose the effects of a devastating war in the 1950s would make them feel their backs were against the wall a little-hence their desire to "get it right". The comments about the shut gaps was indicative of B.L.'s failings in the 1970s, when the joke was that there were 2 things on earth visible from the moon: one was the Great Wall of China, the other being the door shut gaps
  4. Thanks, LightBulbFun, your thoughts have helped. There's no voltage regulator in the circuitry or wiring, which might explain the way it's set up. Thinking about it more (beats counting sheep.....) I've worked it out to this: the two wires running from the gauge to the tank are connected to 2 sides of the electro-magnet inside the gauge and to either side of the float, which is in turn earthed via the tank, to the car's frame. When the tank's full of petrol the float rises, so more current passes through the wire connected to the "full" side of the gauge, moving the needle to indicate this. As
  5. I removed the petrol gauge, as it was constantly reading "full", only to find it's a strange design, with an ignition live feed and TWO wires going back to the tank, which in turn is earthed to the car's chassis. While I had the gauge out of the car I checked it, using a 12 volt battery; with a live 12 volts to the "+", I earthed the other two terminals in turn, which produced a "empty" for one side and a "full" for the other, so the gauge's working fine! I can't fathom out in my mind how the float's movements are reflected in the gauge's movements, though. Maybe I'm thick, but all the gauges
  6. Yup, just read the epic story of its arrival in this green & pleasant land. This IS a amazing adventure!
  7. Do you know anything of the car's history? I ask as the car bears a Devon registration number, where I grew up!
  8. Not really a Christmas collection thread any more, but things have nevertheless been progressing. The ignition key barrel and key have been returned to me, duly repaired and I've fitted the barrel back into the car's dashboard. Pragos, an excellent Czech source of classic Skoda parts have supplied a new fuel pump, which I've fitted and confirmed that it works properly. I've also disconnected the electric fuel pump that the previous owner had mounted on the engine bay inner wing, although I've yet to remove it. The car now runs happily with petrol being pumped from a 5 litre can, via the new pu
  9. Given the part of the registration we can see, I can't help feeling an eccentric Vicar would just love popping round to his (or her!) parishioners in that!
  10. This looks like a scene from an early 1960s black and white cops and robbers “B” movie, with lines like “blimey, mate, the rozzers are coming-better jump in the Rover and ‘op it quick! Leave the gear in the van!”
  11. Following this thread I’m reminded of a really old joke: ”How many condoms can you make from a car tyre?” ”365, if it’s a Goodyear………”
  12. I bet that Moskvich 427 was his pride and joy! It was probably the first new car he had bought!
  13. So, that's why I can never get my wheel bearings to sit properly...........!
  14. I'm a huge aficionado of all 1960 and 70s T.V! The Van Der Valk series are superb, with much Daf action on them. Having watched the complete box set recently I can confirm not only Daf action, but quite a bit of Simca 1000, numerous early Renaults and copious V.W. Beetle activity as well! "The Champions" T.V. series features some great 1960s car chod as well, including a red Skoda Octavia (of which I have one!) and a Volga estate car, as well as that lovely Alfa Romeo already mentioned.
  15. Dear fellow Autoshiters, I need a bit of help with the Skoda Octavia, well, its keys.... When I bought the car I was given a set of keys, consisting of an ignition and a door key; both keys were worn, so I sent them to a specialist company in Brighton, who cut a spare set for me, and posted them back, via Royal Mail Special Delivery (how many of you know which way this is going now...) Owing to the Coronavirus situation, Royal Mail no longer collect signatures to confirm delivery of the package..... BUT, on this particular day I was at home, recovering from my Coronavirus vaccine injectio
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