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    The majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. Thanks a lot!!


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  1. Blimey, 40+ years of being in and around Dafs and I've never seen this before! The rear light clusters are from an early 750cc Daf, but beyond that I've no idea! Any more information ? Please PM me!
  2. Just a short update on my Skoda Octavia. During the last month I've not had much opportunity to tinker with the car, but the D.V.L.A. have come up trumps again! Having successfully managed to bring the old registration number "back to life", I sent the new log book back to Swansea with a covering note, explaining that the engine is a 1221cc one, not the 1089cc one, and also asking for the date of first registration to be altered to 28th August 1961, as opposed to the 1984 date. I sent a copy of the original beige log book as evidence of both these changes and within a fortnight another new log
  3. Brilliant! A Daf 33 estate car! These were never sold in the U.K., though.
  4. If memory serves (35+ years have gone under the bridge....) they both bought them from dealer in Westpole Avenue, Oakwood. I've been through a few jobs since then.....
  5. ABSOLUTELY 100% They sold B.P. petrol, if memory serves.... I worked almost next door to them, opposite the old nick, over an undertakers (sorry about the pun!) We frequently viewed bodies in metal coffins being unloaded from their "collections" van, but we had been warned about this when we worked there. A minicab firm also operated from the same building and their drivers used a load of 1980s chod, including 2 guys (Father & son) who both used new Ladas as minicabs, reckoning they were sooo cheap it didn't matter if they fell to bits after a few years. They didn't.......
  6. Ah ha, I worked north of the North Circular, in Fore Street, and the postcode was N9, the northern part of Edmonton, not N18, the southern part.
  7. I worked on Fore Street, Edmonton in the 1980s, but I don't recognise that view at all..... That said, I recently drove back around where I worked (first time I'd been back in about 30+ years) and I don't recognise it now either!
  8. Mine arrived yesterday-brilliant! Thanks!
  9. Nothing in north London...yet! I want to go Scoobying in the snow!
  10. I'm loving this thread and wish I could add some pictures, but, as like many other garages, most of my memories have vanished under swathes of flats, supermarkets and other "more profitable" buildings. The garage where I trained, Bideford Motors on Torridge Hill, Bideford is long gone and probably suffered a drastic decline in petrol sales when the "Atlantic Highway" (A.K.A. the A39!) opened in the late 1980s from Barnstaple to north Cornwall, diverting 90% of the traffic from passing through the town. I remember opening the forecourt at 7am on a Saturday morning during the summer months
  11. Thanks for your comments, LightBulbFun! The procedure was meteoric in speed, especially as I sent for papers over the Christmas and New Year! I joined the Skoda Club via their website and, using the details supplied by the D.V.L.A. as to whom I should contact in the club, called the guy on 23rd. December. He advised me to post as much corroborating evidence as I could to him; this included pictures of the front, back & sides of the car, together with the original beige-coloured log book and bill of sale from the original garage. I also enclosed pictures of the original plates. I posted the
  12. Just a short update on my Skoda Octavia: I had applied to have the car's original registration number re-issued by the D.V.L.A., and I'm pleased to say that, thanks to the help of the Skoda Owners' Club, I received the necessary paperwork today from Swansea, confirming that the number has been changed. I'm looking forward to replacing those awful white and yellow plates with the original "raised" black and white ones, complete with the hinged one at the front, to facilitate the starting handle!
  13. I must be brain dead! It's a 44, NOT a 55! I feel my membership of the club slipping away! The car looks like a good one and a 44 is an air-cooled one, so a GREAT little car!
  14. That's a late Daf 55! Daf 55 cars were sold in the UK until "K" registrations, when the first Daf 66 cars were offered for sale. This 55 bears a "L" registration, meaning it probably sat at the back of a showroom and was sold off cheaply, to make room for the 66s I'm in the Daf Owners' Club and will mention this car there.
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