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  1. Eastern Europe car heaven! Wartburgs, both early and late, Trabants, a rear engined Skoda and (I think) an early IFA F9 in the background. I've died and gone to "a socialist paradise"! Look at those workers' flats; perfect.....
  2. The Current view, courtesy of Googlemaps:
  3. That Fiat 500 is to DIE for!
  4. I thought that was a shopping centre......
  5. That must have been one of the earliest Subaru dealers!
  6. I shall watch that piece of road with interest in future.....
  7. Yes, I agree the front 3/4 angle has a distinctly Moskvich look to it, but the rear panels are too big, so my money's on the Opel, too.
  8. Spotted at the end of my road this morning. Full Ghia specification and a (wait for it) cassette unit, which must be in working order, given the loads of cassettes all over the seats! It seems to be a decorator's workhorse.
  9. Is that a Moskvich 403 in the middle? That's a Wartburg 311 next to it and a Renault Dauphine next to that. Great!
  10. No 34, Frith Street, junction of Old Compton Street, Soho is currently a branch of Balans Café. Somehow I don't expect there are any Vauxhall Veloxes parked outside....
  11. Taken from a badly shaking dash cam, this is an early BMC Landcrab (with the strip of lights, as opposed to the clusters) on a transporter going clockwise round the M25 yesterday evening.
  12. Bloody hell, the car in front of the Minx is a Wartburg Knight! Beat that for a rare spot!
  13. Is the lower picture that of a Jowett Javelin? There are shades of an early D.K.W. in there, too. I.F.A. cars of that era were almost identical, although less common.
  14. The words "Lidl" and "style" are not often seen in the same sentence..........
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