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    morris_ital_lover reacted to shellac in Truck Shite   
    Just to update the lorry in my profile pic
    Woodhead Run 2014 by fryske, on Flickr
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to mercrocker in Cars that look the same   
    Good game!
    Speaking of Volvo 164.......


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    morris_ital_lover reacted to tooSavvy in Came close to losing a luton   
    Calendar Shot 2015.....

    Err, a mite unsympathetic.... methinks 
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to Pillock in Truck Shite   
    And last week it was on the M40 because I about crashed the car trying to get a decent look.
    It had a "Euro 5" badge on the side. Given the clag it was kicking out, that was 100% wonderful bullshit.
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to Wackeldackel in Truck Shite   
    Stuff like this (the scraper has a v8 up front and a v8 at the back, and then the bulldozer with the turbo spooling its tits off) is the reason my old man and his pals are all a bit deaf these days...
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    morris_ital_lover got a reaction from Nibblet in Mayfair Lady   
    Good work.
    I think this picture shows the autoshite dream (albeit minus a couple of Tagoras!!).

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    morris_ital_lover got a reaction from inconsistant in Mayfair Lady   
    Good work.
    I think this picture shows the autoshite dream (albeit minus a couple of Tagoras!!).

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    morris_ital_lover reacted to Conrad D. Conelrad in Giz us a tug! (The recovery truck thread)   
    Knock knock!
    Who's there?
    Not your big end bearings anymore!

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    morris_ital_lover got a reaction from Charlie Croker in Shite in Miniature II   
    Facepalm moment as I can't remember the bran but I've managed to pick up a plastic 1/32 Volvo 144 which was originally made for Volvo IIRC... tis mint but enitrely useless to me.
    As for shite toy firms, Majorette were a classic, they always fell to pieces My renault 5 that I bought in 2000 fell to pieces instantly, 8 year old me was very very unhappy!
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to Bobthebeard in The new news 24 thread   
    Mauritius wasn't short of Dodos until the 17th Century. Bet one of Clarksons ancesters used to drop them out of hot air balloons or something...... "Haha .... Plenty left... The public love* me doing this kind of stuff...Hahaha"Bet the dinosaurs went the same way. Top Gear killed 'em all for a laugh*

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    morris_ital_lover reacted to Mr_Bo11ox in OMG RATLUK - Where are they now?   
    Did that 'Asrat' (its painful to type it never mind say it) have some sort of 1970's hi-fi 'install' in the boot? I have some vague recollection about finding it quite funny if so.
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to HillmanImp in OMG RATLUK - Where are they now?   
    This 'look' has been around for a few years now. I am wondering how the earlier cars have fared?
    I have found this blog from 2008. (http://motoringmad.blogspot.co.uk/2008_10_01_archive.html)
    On it is this 924 EYX 441V is showing as having no MOT since November 2007 and has not been SORN'd since 2009. Not looking good for it. 

    On the same thread is this Disastra:

    It is on SORN but has been out of MOT since 2010. I am actually shocked that its not bean tins yet! Its probably sat on someones drive bringing down the house prices. 
    I have now looked at this thread from Autoshite only a couple of years ago. http://autoshite.com/topic/11291-autoshite-ratted-mg-focus
    This Rover MG 'Focus' is amazingly still on the road, taxed till Jan 2015 and MOTd until July next year:

    The number plate for the owners other car seems to be on a Mazda 3 now.

    This one below pictured by Trigger is also SORN but has been out of MOT since 2011. I think the owner needs to let it go.

    I have no idea when this was 'modified' but this Passat has been untaxed since Nov 2013 and had no MOT since April this year. 

    The reason i thought it worth mentioning is the comments on the site. http://www.yourcarisshit.com/cars/they-call-this-the-rat-look/
    This mildly RATLUK Golf was posted on the Golf GTi forum in 2008. 

    Its on SORN but will have been out of MOT for 4 years tomorrow. 
    This caddy has been out of MOT since 2008 and untaxed (and unSORNED) since November 2009

    I can't make out the car next to it to check. 
    This Mk3 Golf have been without T&T since 2008:

    This one has been off the road since October 2008 too:

    However most of these cars are dirt cheap crappy cars to begin with. What about the more valuable cars?
    This Mk2 Golf GTi would probably be starting to be worth some coin now if someone had not started to RAT it. As it stands its been out of test since July 2011. 

    This Van which seems to be from 2009 has been out of test from April 2013. Hopefully someone is doing the descent thing and making it look good again.

    MK1 Golfs make good money these days. I wonder if the owners of these ones regret Ratting them?
    On SORN but been out of test since May 2012:

    No MOT since 2011:

    I am not saying that any of these cars would have lasted much longer anyhow, I have no idea but the general outlook does not seem good for them. Okay the owners seem to be keen to keep hold of them but they do not seem to stay 'legal' for long?
    And I know this last photo is not RATLUK but I found it whilst looking at photos on Google and I think its sodding brilliant. 

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    morris_ital_lover reacted to PaykanHunter in The Oldest Shite Still in Production? (Uninterruptedly)   
    Well I believe it was 1969 or 1970, and yes the pick was only available in Iran. Also South Africa had it too, it was a slightly different from the Iranian version, and I tend to believe that the engineering was done back in Rootes. 

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    morris_ital_lover reacted to vulgalour in 1981 Austin Princess - [expletives removed]   
    Look, working dials!  The glare is standard Princess fitment.




    A very lovely chap came out with a dalek and sorted the suspension out and relieved me of some hydragas pipes.  He also managed to get the carb to run a bit leaner and the engine to idle a little better and diagnosed the timing being just a gnats off hence the occasional lazy firing.  A quick tweak and we'll have the car running absolutely superbly.
    Fitted a driver's door mirror but not a passenger one as I haven't all the bits to do it.  Doesn't actually need a passenger mirror for the MoT as the car predates the requirement.  Looks so much better now and rides much nicer too.  Hopefully it won't sink.

    Few more items off the list which is now as follows:
    Brake bleed - able to do this now I can get a jack under the car.
    Earth chasing to resolve lights issue
    Throttle cable to replace, existing one now sticking
    Exhaust blow to resolve
    Swap good tyres on
    Power steering pipe leak to resolve
    Rebound straps to reattach/check/replace
    Renew thermostat and overflow bottle caps
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to Jon in Horopito! NZ's most famous scrap yard - Revisited (twice)   
    Anyway, I finished last time still inside the 'museum' part (quite why it's called this I don't know, since almost everything's for sale). A quick look out the window gives a taste of things to come:

    Making my way downstairs, I see these lights but sadly it's as near as I got to seeing a whole one. I'd love one of these but it'd have to be a basic one; the sporting models do little for me.

    Downstairs in a dingy corridor was a door from an old truck commemorating the 1981 film of the same name, shot at Horopito. I've since watched it and am glad that it happened to be on TV and I didn't have to spend years tracking it down, as it's not that great.

    Out into the light of day and I'm disappointed at how low the winter sun is, making it not only difficult to take photos but even look at some of the cars. Oh well, at least it was dry.   

    I had to go round to the front to work out this crusty wagon was a Simca, though I knew I'd seen something special.

    Next up, a more common Antipodean wagon, an Aussie built Chrysler Valiant. A CJ model I think but I'm still trying to get to grips with the coding of Oz cars.

    Great to see a model I don't think I've ever seen on the road or at a show, a Hillman Californian (?) I assume from the mid-50s. What struck me though was how large it looked next to the Fiat 500, as I'd never really considered the earlier models to be a Cortina sized car for some reason, possibly because of the cutesy styling.

    At first I was concerned that this Datsun Bluebird was the complete and very solid one I'd seen 3 years before. Thankfully not! 

    Rather used Mark 1 Cortina estate. Probably still attractive to the type of people who think 17" rims would look good on it.

    This was next to the Cortina and equally bad/impressive. Can't identify it but the American styling yet small size makes me think it's a Simca? I've been in NZ too long - even my written sentences are ending in a question....

    I seem to have subconciously taken lots of photos of estate cars up to this point, even though saloons far outweighed them. Here's a fancy pants Fiat (2300?) I saw back in 2008 and took a snap of then (saves you scrolling up the page)


    Great colour consistency by me there. Not a lot's changed at the front, other than the detritus on the bonnet. I'm surprised to see those natty chrome side window vents are still there though. Also, the yard owners seem to have cleared some trees, most likely to house more junk. Nice one lads! 

    However, the back seems to be returning to nature somewhat and I can't work out whether it was like that or not last time.

    Another estate, though this time even I can identify it as a Hillman Super Minx:

    And finally for now, though the car didn't do much for me, I saw a good photo opportunity and took it.

    More to come later. Many more.
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to C1am in Coming out   
    I've been lurking on this site for over a year so have decided to take the plunge. I've had a few choice* cars over the years - started off with BL stuff - two Metros, Mini, and a Morris Ital (2.0 HLS auto no less), which was happy as long as you drove in a straight line. Then I moved onto Datsuns - 120Y Coupe,  160J SSS Coupe, 100NX Coupe. I also had a Citroen Visa with a crunchy gearbox.
    I don't know anyone on the site, but RatDat did buy my SSS Coupe about 15 years ago after it had been written off. My last car was a Rover 45 Diesel which again was written off (I don't make a habit of it), but I now see from the DVLA site that someone has put it back on the road. 
    Present transport is a 1995 W202 Mercedes C180 which has been in the family since new. 
    I've just started a new job, but am unfortunately now in a "Company car forces sale" dilemma as the business rules say its too old to use on company business (despite being about 10 times more comfortable than whatever Eurotin I'll be given). 
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to Conrad D. Conelrad in eBay tat volume 3.   
    The blue and white sticker says "Watch my rear end, not hers!"

    It's good advice. 

    You know what else is good advice?

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    morris_ital_lover reacted to trigger in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    A friends wife has just been round, my friend died of cancer a few months ago and he told his son, jokingly, before he died that when he's old enough he'll buy him a Aston Martin.
    When my friend died her son asked her if that meant that he couldn't have a Aston Martin now, she's been looking for some AM wall paper to cheer him up so emailed them at Warwick explaining the story and asking if they sold wall paper, they have got back in touch offering her and the children a VIP day out at the factory with food and drinks and a tour of the factory as well as sending the boy out a present.
    How bloody nice is that of them!.
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to dollywobbler in Modern banger racing   
    PT Cruiser bangers? Brilliant! At last. We can all be friends!
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to trigger in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    I've just been reading a story on that scrapyard finds facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/6015764254/
    A family member of a chap who's dying of cancer with just days to live asked on Thursday if anybody knew the whereabouts of a white Sapphire Cosworth that this chap used to own, apparently it has sentimental value as it was the car he got married in and how that he's dying he wanted to see it one last time, amazingly within a couple of hours a friend of the current owner saw the post, loaded it up on a trailer and had rushed it to the hospital.  
    Absolutely amazing stuff, It's so good to see something so heartwarming from a group normally full of arguing and bitching.


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    morris_ital_lover reacted to hauserplenty in Polishing a (Willys) Jeepsturd   
    It seems that the chod gods have smiled on yours truly. I now have a job restoring cars, the first of which is a 1950 Willys Jeepster. These were noted for their agricultural simplicity, (like driving a tractor, and not much faster than one) and the fact that they had no rufus. Or windows. Or power-anything. My mission: Wire it up. From scratch. With some factory manuals, an aftermarket wiring harness with unclear instructions, and the occasional wetware update.
    That said, "No, really, they're great cars!"

    "I would if I had the money" etc. This shot is from the third day. Thanks to Eddyramrod of this parish for the AS sticker...I soon realized I'd need to relocate the wiring harness. I'd also have to ID all the wires front to rear, and pick all the usable* parts out of that blue tote.  I remember that this day was also spent partly on removing the heater core/fan assembly which lives in that grey steel box on the firewall. Interestingly, the gauge cluster goes in the center. But first I gotta get it all strung up. There will be new holes in the firewall soon, for the choke/speedo cables, and the rest of the harness:

    MAD SHADOW PUPPET PHOTO SKILLZ! No turn signal parts have arrived yet. So now it's a matter of getting the gauge clusterfook all strung out, and the headlights workable, if not actually working (which is better, of course.)

    4DADONK, we have here the lovely* and talented* Willys Hurricane 6 cylinder engine. It's such an F-headed design I almost* wish they'd bring it back. Methinks I will need to download a few more wetware updates, in the form of a firing order first of all:

    No, your eyes do not deceive you: it has but one belt. Power nothing. And an old-skool generator FTW. 6v too, for extra unobtainiumness:

    Feckme, where do all these wiringz goes? Jusslookit all tha pretty colors!

    Getting on with it. The gauge cluster is now wired in according to the destructions. Which means it's gotta be wrong somewhere. I'll be checking it against the wiring diagram later, to prove my hunch correct:

    About a week in, starting to take form:

    "If ya need parts, here's our donor car:"

    My other car is a :

    This is from 2008 when I was working as an alarm installer. It was the DaimlerChrysler era, and I seem to remember* the European changes to the electrical systems on these.
    *mostly I remember cursing...in German. Or trying to.
    Updates to follow...we now resume normal service.
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to vulgalour in What makes you grin? Antidote to grumpy thread   
    The fabric was stripped from the roof before a fibreglass shell applied to the frame after a few parts were removed.  The frame itself was actually knackered, twisted in one place and a couple of broken components rendered it little better than scrap, something we didn't know until removing the fabric.  After crafting a basic fibreglass shell, filler was then used to begin the process of smoothing it all out.
    It actually worked really well and didn't weigh any more than what my brother began with because of the frame being lightened.  It also meant the frame could be straightened just enough to make it seal properly and all the mounting points worked as factory intended so the roof could be removed fairly easily with two people or very awkwardly by one.  It was a cracking idea.  He spent a good amount of time on it making sure it was right, sought advice from a couple of local boat builders who advised on materials and techniques that would and wouldn't work and was quite happy with the result which was weather tight, didn't leak or boom and was pretty good at making the best use of the heater.  The plan was to leave the hard top in the garage in the warmer months with a small fibreglass parcel shelf cover to keep it looking tidy but of course it never got that far.
    Sadly, after the Golf got stolen by the world's most stupid theives and rolled down the road into a neighbour's car, my brother lost a lot of love for the little sparkly floppytop and could never really gel with it again.  There was a bit of a hoo-hah when I found he scrapped it but I do understand (if not agree) with his reasons for doing so.
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    morris_ital_lover reacted to pshome in The Queen goes Autoshite   
    Senegal makes Smarand's under licence from Iran... will be hard for Austria beat such a prestigous operation.
    And they made this steel Mehari with a jeep nose, the end of the Haflinger?

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    morris_ital_lover reacted to inconsistant in The Queen goes Autoshite   
    If I was the Queen I'd put on the biggest hat my butlers could find and threaten l'incident diplomatique by refusing to get off the plane until a Matra Rancho appears.
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