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  1. Thats a shame about the Volvo, I remember seeing it on the Malone Road before you bought it and it was majestic, glad to head that the Rover went to a good home!
  2. Good to see you back - I seem to remember you picked up a nice old yellow Volvo 240 and a mint Rover 800 back in the day, are they still in the fleet?
  3. Its doubly impressive given that they (Chinooks, not Volvo 240s) have been flying over my house for years and they always come in a mysterious shade of blue that is in actual fact green....
  4. LOL I think thats done just so the directions are crystal clear over even a dodgy radio connection or such As Lightbulbfun says, it is because they have to stay in contact with the control room where they'll be making the decision whether to continue the chase or not and having what is pretty much an old Nokia to narrate with means that the audio quality often isnt the best...
  5. I just have Partridge's voice in my head describing the Rover 800s luxurious leather interior when I see those seats....
  6. Is that a Mk1 with a facelift grill on? Something doesnt seem right about it.
  7. Watching This Country on the Beeb and there's been some brilliant chod in it including a Volvo 940 and a minty Nissan Bluebird - the latest episode even has an Allegro Vanden Plas in the background. Surely there must be a shiter involved somewhere in the team behind it.
  8. When I was out in California ove the summer there was plenty of uber rare British cars out and about with British plates on that had been shipped over for the Pebble Beach concours event but I don't think they really count as being 'proper' wandering cars seeing as half of them would have been put on a plane and back in blighty before I was! As for foreign cars in the UK, there's a chancer one road over from the 'rents who has a Holden Monaro on Queensland plates and has done for a couple of years, I doubt he'll get challenged as Thames Valley Police never challenged the lad driving a Honda
  9. I can remember being a right old useless little shit on the internet back in the day but it certainly has got worse. Now I've grown up and I am selling models on ebay and elsewhere I find myself inundated with stupid messages clearly written by kids, the last one on ebay wanted me to hold the item for a month after he had won it on ebay so he could pay for it. Unsurprisingly he had plenty of negative feedback from sellers who he had never paid but luckily he never bid which saved me the grief. I think the essential problem is that the age of people using the internet is getting lower and lower
  10. Ah right, that is fair enough and a shame to lose a RHD one, I thought it had been the Russian car. I doubt May had much of an impact on the stunt at all.. Just a token bit of childish antics thrown in at the end.
  11. I really liked the show, it was pretty informative and funny... As for the Riva, it was a bit of a shame but its not like Russia is short of late model LHD Rivas.
  12. The owner of that espace must be a French Colin Furze...
  13. Unfortunately true on both accounts. The PSNI are relatively crap at community policing but after watching them dealing with the flag protests as well as the constant background bullshit from every shade of dissidents and big mouths over the last 18 months I've nothing but respect for what the average peeler out here. Speaking of NI, this weekend I finally leave the place... It's been an amazing experience and the people I've met have been absolutely smashing but I was made an offer I couldn't refuse so now I'll go home and never be referred to as 'that english one' ever again. p.s. I'm pr
  14. Probably worth adding that this'll be the reason for the grin... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-26984920 Seeing as he was one of the ones who lost the civil case over the bomb, his chances of being released aren't looking too good. The only shame will be when pig-shit thick idiots start calling for his release from 'internment'. Together with the recent arrests over the Jean McConville murder, its good to see the PSNI nicking some of the bastards who must have thought they'd got away with it by now.
  15. Oooh, those looks lovely. I just bagged a 1/32 kit of a Mazda Savanna GT the other day, it is winging its way over to me right now...
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