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  1. Austin Allegro Peugeot 308 (so you can't see that stupid gaping mouth)
  2. Dave's right to consider moving to an up to date version of software because of the need to keep one step ahead of cyber vandals and criminals who try to break into servers. The latest version will have patches for known security problems. It's asking for trouble sticking with an old version of software on the Internet even if this is the central theme of an auto shiter (my car's working great, I'll keep it as it is).
  3. Having owned autos and manuals for 30+ years… With a torque converter autobox, provided the engine is reasonably powerful (2 litres or more) I think the cost difference in fuel consumption between auto and manual is negligible. Far more significant is the cost and inconvenience of replacing a broken clutch cable or worn out clutch plate in a manual. The autobox only needs new oil when it gets to 100k+. Either manual or auto can sh*t itself at any time due to faults. A small engine auto needs to be caned to get reasonable performance, hence the higher fuel consumption. In my 3 litre V6 the engine is turning at less than 2000rpm pretty much all the time around town thanks to high gearing and decent low-end torque so the engine is hardly working and not burning up too much fuel due to speed. More significant on fuel consumption is the effect of starts from cold as the engine warms up and sitting stationary in traffic queues. Auto is far superior in reducing tiredness in stop/start traffic and from a safety perspective where you concentrate on what’s happening on the road rather than controlling the clutch and gear stick. If the petrol engine car was invented today it would only be sold with an auto box. No-one would even consider the absurd level of interaction & co-ordination needed with a manual transmission which belongs in the first half of the 20th century.
  4. That green Corvair in the last pic looks VERY tasty.
  5. The pics display for me now. That Allegro is great. Totally grim in its brown plastic-ness and gaps where there would be goodies in the heady heights of the 1300 super deluxe. Well preserved.
  6. Sorry to see you’re planning on getting rid of the car after coming so far. It’s surely just one problem left to fix before it starts running. But it’s your car and if you’re fed up with it….. Leave it a few months and come back to it when your mojo is back up again. My suggestion for what it’s worth is to get one of these endoscope cameras: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Waterproof-5-5mm-7mm-6LED-USB-Endoscope-Borescope-Snake-Inspection-Camera-Scope-/331778675968 Take each spark plug out in turn and stick the camera down the bore to see what’s happening while you turn it over by hand. You might need the mirror attachment to see “sideways†to look at the valves. You can check the timing of the moving bits and see if a valve is stuck. I used one of these to sort out a horrible plumbing / blockage problem at home and they’re pretty good with built in lights to see in the darkness. PS. PhilA’s comment about the distributor cap being fubar sounds a good possibility.
  7. Well bought. Spent more than this to fill my car up with fuel last week. Not a variant I can remember seeing before so I'd put it in the "Cars you didn't know existed until recently" thread.
  8. £900 is a bargain compared to what a Ford or VeeDub from the same era would cost given the scene tax.
  9. Applaud your efforts in getting this old unloved car going. It's one thing to fix a working car that's just broken but you've got a much harder task - to get the car going from an unknown state where who-knows-who has mucked it up. You can't trust any bit of it to be working. When you've got it running (and you're almost there) you'll feel so much better. And everyone on here is willing you on even if we can't stand alongside and cheer in person.
  10. 406V6

    1982 miniMetro L

    Just found this resuscitated thread. I bought a new MG Metro - A reg - in 1984 and there certainly was a problem but it may be a different variant to the one mentioned. Some tw*t in the factory decided to save money by deleting the baffles in the fuel tank. This caused the fuel to slosh around when running along and sometimes it could end up dripping out the breather pipe on to the filler cap and out on to the road. The problem was never properly fixed but it was dealt with by fitting a new huge long breather pipe that went right up into the B piller. The volume of spilt fuel was never huge in my case so I can't say it would cause a car to spin but it was dangerous having fuel drip out. The Metro was a super little car to drive except on motorways where it was undergeared.
  11. Great find. Thanks for posting. I watched this loads of times back then and haven't seen it since. It made such an impression that I could remember the music before hearing it again on the video. There was another trade test film where a family in a Moggie traveller were travelling in foreign lands. The moggie broke down (surprise) and they got it fixed at a nearby garage.
  12. Just been watching TV Cops on Channel 5 tonight and our esteemed shiter was one of the stars. Pursuing an Aldi which failed to stop, then interviewed about the chase afterwards. Fine material for anyone who loves watching those Police Camera Action programmes
  13. Some upper range models of the 406 have the ZF 4HP20 autobox. Certainly the V6, The Peuegot V6 will readily give at least 30 mpg on a run. Keep a look out for the relatively rare 407 V6 petrol although the tax will hurt
  14. Mine's a third gen for sure. Firebird flavour please (or should I say flavor). Third Gen Anorak mode on: I'm pretty sure it's a Berlinetta model, identified by the slots in the front panel and the emblem on the B-pillar. The Berlinetta had the 2.8 litre V6 as standard and the 5 litre V8 optional. The Iron Duke 2.5 litre 4-cylinder was only available in the base model so this can't be an Iron Duke if I've correctly id'd it.
  15. Admittedly not much of a concern for shiters until 2028 when the cars are much older and have come down in price but the £40k list price limit for the lower tax is a problem if you want something interesting - by which I mean having a decent powerful smooth refined waft-o-matic engine. These days there's not much interesting that costs less than £40k. They all seem to come with 2 litre tractor engines and who will want one of those in 2028 ?
  16. If you were describing the same symptoms on my V6 I would say coil packs. As it's not a Peugeot then the spark system sounds the culprit - coil packs, leads or plugs.
  17. Thanks for the alert. One of the few programmes these days I like to watch and absolutely loved my GTE 25+ years ago. TV is set to record (a fancy modern job that records to an external disk drive).
  18. I was given an experience voucher which could be exchanged for any of a range of experiences. Reading the small print I found you might get a lap or two in any two or three of Aston, Aldi R8, Ferrari something-or-other or Datsun GTR. It would be all over in a half hour. Some of the alternatives gave a lot more. In the end I drove (in turns with a couple of others) a 90-ton diesel locomotive up & down a preserved railway line. Great fun, more skill needed than you might think and I got a whole day’s worth of experience.
  19. Velour-tastic. Love these 80s Vauxhalls. Get it bought.
  20. When I saw Victor in the title I was hoping to read about a 60s or 70s Vauxhall. This red one looks rather more luxurious.
  21. It does. Totally transforms the driving experience (I drove a few 405 1.6 manuals when they were new). Also no rusting on mine.
  22. Brand new BMW 1-series with black leather seats and rock hard sports suspension on finance ? Or an Aldi A4 in silver with black everything inside and an even harder sports suspension ?
  23. The BL dealer in Maldon was Houldings (might have been Houldings & Son). Bought my first new car from them in 1984. Great to read about all these Marina enthusiasts who love their cars but I don't care for them myself. When we're talking BL chod I prefer the fwd stuff - 1100, Allegro and Metro.
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