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  1. In Feb 1991 I had to choose a company car. As always there were rules. In this case you could choose any car up to an on the road price (not list price) which somehow depended on your salary. I forget how it was calculated. Anyway, I was allowed a car up to £14k. I could go up to £14,500 if I paid the extra myself. My choice was a Calibra 8V (couldn’t afford the 16V) with no options in plain white which cost somewhere around £14300 via a broker. It was a good car apart from the headlights which were shite. Not particularly accelerative but a good cruiser. The only problem I had was various scrotes trying to nick it although they didn’t succeed. I had a crooklock type thing on steering wheel and brake which actually did its job. Temporary car before the Calibra was ready was a Rover 214 GSI saloon which was perfectly OK apart from being a bit undergeared.
  2. 406V6

    Spotted - 2021

    Here's my first spot for the year - a Supra Turbo. I first saw it being driven locally about a month ago then it appeared parked on the street near home and hasn't moved for several weeks. In the flesh it looks better than in the pics. Even has a 90s-style car phone inside. It must have been garage kept over the years but won't stay like this if it's continually stored outside. One day I walked past at dusk and noted that the lights were on but not popped up: presumably the owner forgot to switch off. He will have a shock when he returns to a flat battery. Occasionally I see old cars (25+years) being driven around here but it's rare to see one parked.
  3. Top marks for bravery taking this on. According to the Howmanyleft web site, around 500 of these on the road, down from 800 a decade ago.
  4. At secondary school in the 70s there were a few cars that stood out. Headmaster Mr Fanshawe had a late 60s Daimler 250 V8 (Mark 2 Jag equivalent). In retrospect I realise that he had spectacularly good taste. Also lived to over 100. Metalwork teacher Mr Gulliver bought a brand new L-reg Moskvitch estate in poo green/orange. Hated woodwork teacher Mr Danvers had a pale blue C-reg Rover 2000 The first VW Golf I ever saw was a light orange coloured example owned by English teacher Mr McCullum. Physics teacher Mr Gravestock had a white Escort Mexico Biology teacher Mrs Batts drove an orange Triumph Spitfire
  5. Fantastic work. On the subject of coolant I know the problem as the water round my way is liquid rock and needs a descaler in the house. A tip to get scale-free water. If you have a dehmumidifier or know someone that has, the water collected in the drainage tank won't have any scale as it's come out of the air.
  6. Agree with you, yes, the ride and handling balance of the 406 is very good indeed. It's one of the factors that has made me keep mine for so long. In the interest of educating other members of this esteemed forum, though, there is a modern non-shite car that equals and possibly even betters it but at a price - Porsche Macan with air suspension on the right size wheels
  7. 22 cars in your garages ! There's a great thread on the blue forum - who's got the best garage. You must be one of the top contenders for the best garage(s) on Autoshite. Well done.
  8. A work colleague of mine has one of these with the GDi engine for 15 years or so. This engine had a reputation for coking up with some solid stuff (excuse my lack of detailed knowledge here) and his needed work several times.
  9. Excuse the nit pick - various Peugeot 407 models, the 607 and the last Citroen C5 had the diesel V6 but not the 406 which only had a petrol V6. The article is pretty thorough with some cars I'd not heard of before.
  10. Fantastic set of garages. I thought a house with a triple was well served. I'm still trying to get my head round how all those garage spaces relate to each other and the front of the house. Will be great to see some more pics when the building work is done and the cars are in.
  11. Three, all road legal. - 406 V6. No longer a daily and driven when I want to enjoy it or park somewhere that an anonymous car is a bonus - i3S. Used for all short journeys and by Mrs 406 V6 - A modern that I won’t admit to as it’s not sh*te I’m amazed by Ron’s Cortina collection earlier in the thread and his huge new garage. We need pics.
  12. In case you haven't seen it already, some useful diagnostics here: https://www.fordwiki.co.uk/index.php/Handbrake_And_ABS_Warning_Light_Troubleshooting#The_ABS_Light_Stays_On
  13. Thanks again to Mr & Mrs 6C for hosting us in the FoD. I called round in the afternoon and it was great to meet people who were only forum usernames before. Plenty of others have put pictures and reports here which give a good view of what happened yesterday. Had a good old chat with Mr 6C and was honoured to be given a ride in the Gamma to collect a battery for the Jinling. It’s a lovely old thing (the Gamma I mean) with a blue velour interior that looks as good in real life as it does in the pictures. It’s the first Gamma I’ve seen for years and nearly 30 years since I last rode in a Lancia (H Reg Dedra). Definitely the first time my 406 has been parked next to a Gamma. And I learned what a variator pulley is when Catsinthewelder fixed the Jinling. Mrs 6C did some fine work on Lightbulbfun’s Invacar and it was good to meet Mr LBF too. Eventually the Invacar was started and the engine sounded very healthy although with fair amounts of the characteristic blue smoke. He was belting it round the field, clearly enjoying his purchase. Top marks for enthusiasm. Nice talking to Slowsliver about the early Mondeo (one of the forum threads I always keep up to date reading) – hope he can get that ABS fixed. Lastly another pic of a load of cars in the field. Superb weather and a very enjoyable afternoon thanks to our excellent hosts Mr & Mrs 6C. Highly recommended !
  14. I have pukka PP2000 but, sorry, I won't be at FoD so that may not help
  15. I’ve been driving a brand new modern non-shite petrol-only vehicle (whose name I won’t mention here) that effectively has coasting built in. When driving along at higher speed (50 mph and higher) and taking the foot off the gas the revs drop to tickover and the autobox disconnects drive. There’s no engine braking when it does this. When you get to electric cars there are all sorts of variants of engine braking, better known as regenerative braking where juice is put back into the battery. On some cars you can vary the strength of it, some not. Regarding the original question I would just ease off and let the engine management do its thing rather than change gear into neutral.
  16. Lovely old car and great to see the sympathetic way you're approaching its restoration. You're fortunate to have a garage and there's plenty of space around it compared to wide modern cars. A little concerned though about the garage roof which looks like it might be corrugated asbestos.
  17. Great to read about the 605. Always a rare car, especially the V6 and now very rare. Only 37 605s currently registered according to How Many Left, not including SORNs. In the rear ¾ picture above the 605 looks like a strange combination of 405 and 406 enlarged by 5%.
  18. The official Peugeot site is: http://public.servicebox.peugeot.com/pages/index.jsp You’ll need to change the language to English using the drop down box at the bottom right of the screen and also register as a user.
  19. [Anorak mode] I remember it being launched in 1975 and Wikipedia says 26 March 1975. This was as the 18/22 series, not a Princess. It was relaunched as the Princess in September 1975.
  20. I remember in the late 60s having a short ride in one of these. I sat in the back with the other kids and my overriding memory is that the back seat had completely collapsed so that we were almost sitting on the floor. Odd that the dash is painted white while the outside of the car is grey. Repainted ?
  21. Based on – D-pillar curve, position of fuel filler, front indicators and repeater my vote goes to a 406 estate. [anorak mode] At first I thought the wheels look like the standard offering on a late model (2002-4) but they’re slightly different[/anorak mode] See pic below nicked off a web site
  22. Phew. With fortunate timing and a good decision to get it MOT’d well in advance of expiry the 406 V6 passed first time on 10 March. Emissions were a bit tight and might have been game over if it had failed. 20th anniversary of me collecting it when new coming up in two weeks. Now I must disconnect the battery as it’s not going to get used again for weeks, if not months. Any local journeys will be electron-powered in the i3.
  23. I’m sure I remember reading back in my teens an Autocar or Motor road test of the Chrysler Sunbeam with a 1 litre engine (928 cc) and automatic gearbox. It was one of the slowest cars of its time tested by the mags. While 1 litre isn’t especially small in a little hatchback, most of the power was sucked up by the gearbox. Having said this I can’t find a mention of this model in a google search. Any Talbot experts able to confirm ?
  24. 15 out of 10 for nabbing that shot of the Hindustan Contessa. I can't recall ever seeing a shot of one out in the wild. One for the FE Vauxhall lickers to get really excited about.
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