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    Bus Shite

    Station Approach, Sayes Court Road and Chipperfield Road, St Mary Cray, 1982 and 2024. The northern entrance to St Mary Cray station is just off to the right of the picture. The tower block has disappeared and an awful black post has appeared.
  2. martc

    Bus Shite

    We bring raw materials in by bulk carrier which return to the other side of the world empty so any opportunity to utilise them would be jumped at by the owners which I guess is what's happening here.
  3. Finished Moskvitch 400-420K chassis at the MZMA factory, 1948-1949 . These will be passed on to body builders to make vans, pick ups etc. Approx 2500 were made.
  4. ZIL-MMZ-555 dumpers, GAZ-21 cars and high-speed cars GAZ-69A 4x4's, being exported from the USSR to Romania at Ungheni station on the Romania-Moldova border, 1968.
  5. Crosby Street, Soho, Noo Yoik, 1978.
  6. All modernz look the same.
  7. The lorry is a MAZ 504B.
  8. Aren't these Berliet Stradaires brilliant?
  9. A Knox tractor - lot's of info here - http://www.landships.info/landships/softskin_articles/Knox_Tractors.html
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